Should you shower in the morning or at night

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Should You Shower in the Morning or at Night Yes

7 views | 22 Dec. 2017

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Should you shower in the morning or at night

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9 Things Experts Don’t Recommend to Do Before Bed

502 932 views | 3 Jun. 2018

A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep recharges your system, lowers stress levels, promotes weight loss, and even makes you live longer. Some popular pre-bed habits most of us have can deprive you of all that. If you want to fall asleep easily and get enough of healthy sleep every night, you have to follow some simple but very effective rules.

Even though we tend to think that working up a good sweat at the gym will only help us fall asleep faster, that’s not always the case. The trick here is to finish your workout 3-4 or even 6 hours before you go to bed.

You can have some water in the evenings, you just need to experiment and find your perfect amount. The National Sleep Foundation states that, in general, most people sleep well through the night after just an 8 oz glass of water before bed. Try to limit naps to 20 minutes because longer naps require you to wake up from a deeper sleep. As a result, they'll only make you feel groggy afterwards instead of refreshed.

Working late increases the chances of you spending the next few hours lying in bed thinking about all your tasks. Instead, clear your mind, create a plan for tomorrow, and write it down. You won't be at your best if don't get proper sleep, so put everything away and relax.

Be extremely careful with pills, especially prescription meds, since they can have all kinds of effects on your sleep. Some cause drowsiness while others can make you super alert. This is especially true of antidepressants. Painkillers also don’t contribute to healthy sleep, so use precaution when taking them before bed.

Many people think that a hot bath contributes to good sleep, but that's just one more popular myth. The truth is that it's a change in temperature that helps us fall asleep, not the hot bath or shower itself. And the higher this temperature difference is, the more we want to sleep.




#9. Exercising 0:33

#8. Drinking water 1:21

#7. Napping 2:05

#6. Being engaged in creative activities 2:55

#5. Using electronic devices 3:42

#4. Taking pills 4:36

#3. Feeling nervous 5:25

#2. Taking a hot shower 6:33

#1. Sleeping with pets 7:24


-Finish your workout 3-4 or even 6 hours before you go to bed. If you hit the sack right after you’ve hit the gym, your awakened body won’t wanna sleep.

-If you drink too much, you’ll be running to the bathroom throughout the night, which means you’ll wake up with some lovely bags under your eyes in the morning.

-If you wanna sleep well all night, save naptime for between one and 4pm. To get the most out of daily napping, sleep at the same time every day and nap for no more than an hour and a half.

-If you draw, write, or play an instrument, your brain will be extremely active and concentrated. So if you find that your creativity is keeping you awake in the evening, you're more likely to stay up all night and feel completely exhausted and sleepy in the morning.

-The “blue light” emitted by computer and phone screens significantly affects the production of the hormone melatonin, which regulates your sleep-wake cycle.

-Unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise, it’s better to take any type of medication in the first half of the day.

-Try to deal with anything that evokes strong emotions from you at least an hour before bedtime. If everything feels too chaotic, try meditation.

-If you take a hot shower for longer than 10 minutes, which most of us usually do, you wash off your skin’s natural oils. And the more frequently you take hot showers, the worse it'll be since it dries your skin out, making it more vulnerable to irritation.

-The pets’ sleeping position can affect their owner's sleep quality and health. Plus, your pet’s dander and fur can cause sleep-disturbing eye and skin irritations, even if you’re not allergic to animals.

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Christine Navarro

Nap no longer than 20 minutes. Nap longer than an hour and a half. Makes sense.

Lauren Carricato

Who else is watching this at 1:AM cause they can’t sleep??

water bottle



I have a cat who can sleep for hours on end
I once had her sleep next to me during the day, for the entire day. It was ridiculous.
Sometimes she’ll sleep in my room and actually sleep with me through the entire night
And sometimes she likes to wake up in the middle of the night and wreak havoc
I don’t hesitate throwing her out my room when she does that though.
But with her you just never know.

My other cat likes to sleep on top of you
If you’re on your side she’ll lay down on your side or hip
If you’re on your belly she’ll lay on your back. Etc.

Madison Cawthon

I have my phone set to shut off the blue light at night.

Anna Banana

It’s 11:30 and I’m watching YouTube lol

Hasib Khan

Okay,time to sleep now i didn't sleep for 15 hours ...

Black Princess

I'm watching this at 2 in the morning

Alexandra Chakirov

Meanwhile i am watching this right before bed

Jesse M

This was in the ‘cats’ category...CATS!

Aisha Baloch

I sleep after watching TV

Jessie James Sambilad

Me I nap at 2:00 pm after 1:40 going out of school and I wake up 6:00pm

Rajie Krishna

I am wacthing this before bed

Hana Adel

When you sleep at 5:00 am because of quarantine


Raul Garza

A VERY GENERAL question regarding youtube, why am i always asked to like the video and subscribe to it BEFORE I view it? Huh!

•Sh!dow D!řķnesš•

9 wasn't true


Howly cow i AM the 13 thousands liker


i shower at night is that bad

Eli gameing


Rosie' s world

Hi nice people if you really want to use your phone before bed juts download an app called twilight and the Effect will be less affective
Really hope i helped if I did leave a like

Mr. Sentan

Wait, so when can I do it? You’re always going to sleep sometime in the future!

Eliza Hunning

They also have another video called "exercise 8 minutes before bed" Do I exercise or not? Make up your mind

Xander Collier

"Save naptime for between 1 - 4 pm"

School: Am I a joke to you?

Emma Kling

Best way to clear head before bed is to write down feelings and thoughts.


I get melatonin prysrybd

Mansa Swag

8:58 is super duper funny

Anthony Anthony


Yoshi :D

Me: *Takes a shower and clicks on this video before bed while drinking water*

Valerie Aleman

Lol its 2 57 pm and im drinkink water and watching on my ipad lol




Wait when it says feeling nervous... you can't really help how you feel

X_Sushi rolls_X

My cat moves less than I do so I end up kicking her...then she gets up at like 3 o'clock in the morning and meows at the top of the stairs or scratches my floor really noisily and wakes everyone up

Nikoloz Suladze

Clickbait ???


I have a sleeping hacks its to watch ur vid to get smart!!

daniel frm bfd

I blink alot of times before going sleep

Meera Malhotra

Wowww I do all of these


#9. Exercising 0:33
#8. Drinking water 1:21
#7. Napping 2:05
#6. Being engaged in creative activities 2:55
#5. Using electronic devices 3:42
#4. Taking pills 4:36
#3. Feeling nervous 5:25
#2. Taking a hot shower 6:33
#1. Sleeping with pets 7:24

Iapn Johnson

Not eating any sugary snacks before going to bed


My reason is youre videos -_-


Yeah I'm still taking a shower in the evening. I am NOT waking up earlier just to shower in the morning


im currently watching this on 1:33AM i just finished taking a bath for around 1:11AM...


When I drink water I always go to the bathroom before


3:42 no I use snapchat

tom. greece

I don't even workout

Maritza Nunez

Who else actually watched this before bed.......because I did ?

Edit-I also took a nice warm shower

Daniel Robinson

So i cant watch your videos before bed????

Veronica Acuna

Bright side : dont drink water at night
Me: hear drinking water

Mythical Aj



Alexa!...Play 0:37 - 0:42 on a loop.

toys. andmore

I have to take my pills after dinner

Ramses Lara

I fap 4x and I'm asleepike a baby ?

Jenna Schison

My body is weird. At night if I drink water, the second I drink it it goes out the other end

Itz static

Listening to music???

Pk Yizzy

Listen to calm music before bed or while in bed it always helps me get a good nights rest and in the morning I feel so good because I got a good nights rest


So you are saying if I drink a large cup of coffee, I don't have to go to the gym? :D :D

Rowdy Roddy's baby

my cat helps me sleep and warm showers

Communist Dog

Peww lol no fapping good.

Soroush K,Persian

Pew.. I sleep ? mostly 3 or 4 am! ?? i know not good thogh.. Damm my phone dont leave me be?? ??

Desucof K

No farting before bed...

Dismn 26

I​ sleep with my dog everyday

lisa Beharry

I let my dog sleep on my bed all the time it makes me feel safe


I DO use technology and do about 25 pressups(proper ones) and sometimes get a shower and I’m fine.

This Is Heaven

I disagree with #2. I take a hot shower for about 15 minutes 1-2 hours before bed and sleep like a rock. It's only a bad idea if you take a hot shower RIGHT before bed since the body has no time to cool off.


My sisters cat sleep only 9 hours a day


Note to self: do not watch YouTube in till 5 am

Anna Banana

I’m the YouTube at night person

Abdullah Ahmer


Tanmay z

You missed one thing i.e. thinking about your bae

Vell Baria Official Channel



#2 is actually wrong. Taking a hot bath or shower might initially increase your body temperature, but once you get out into the cooler environment your core temperature actually DROPS to a lower level than where it was before the hot bath. The lower core temperature then helps with the quality of your sleep. It's recommended to take a hot bath or shower 60-90 minutes before bed.


4:32 the men's shadow looks like Donald trump ?????

savanna maynard

I have bad insomnia

Shirley Duva

i use liquid meletonin and im only ten years old do you think liquid meletonin is ok for me to sleep

Xiaodong Zhang

Dood I can’t even sleep an hour when I take a cold shower


I’m watching this at 8 am and I haven’t slept alight

im dumb but

Why do people use skipping ropes for exercise why don't they just jump up and down

Daily Meow

I roll around so much my pet can't sleep sometimes

Sanjo Kumar

0:52 bright side also uploaded a video (do this 8min before bed and see what happens in a month).


After exercising I always sleep....because I’m so exhausted

Christine Lee


S Santangelo

Naps should only be 20 minutes and then stated napping should not be more than an hour and half. Maybe make up your mind.

Michael Franzsolo

What’s up with those legs in the thumbnail though lol

atul k

Plz make a video on causes of early baldness in mens...how to cure it....

Zach's Dog

These arent true. I do everything this video dose and i sleep great than ever

toys. andmore

My nanny sleeps with her cat and won't stop no matter what you say

Prathamesh Misal

Doing study for exam at night cause some thing or not

Tasha V

I dont think anyone that comes to this video will take any advice away with them.


okey i'm going to start doing everything that you said i should do...BUT I'M GOING TO TAKE MY PET NEXT TO ME NO WAY I'M NOT GONNA YOU'D HAVE TO PAY ME AND I'D STILL SCAM YOU BY LYING

Kara Hoyte

I enjoyed that

Franchesca Allona Julian

Wait is that Gabriella Quevedo???!!

Mayuran Moodley

Tea will do it


???????!!! 0:35

Christine Lee


Mary Kennedy

Phone turned off at least 3 hours before going to bed. Calls can wait until morning. It's only 8,9 hours. Interrupting your personal time for yourself. Keeping you on phone, COULD be for hours telling you about their issues. "Oh! Can you believe it? Aunt (whoever) isn't baking pies this year for family reunion!" Get what I mean?

John Dave Dacalos


Riana And Her Gucci Belt

Another tip: Be happy before going to bed and be glad on everything great that you did for the day, and rest would be more rewarding.

Far Cry

Dont go in any bath with flowers and your laptop in ?

Jenna _362

I’m watching this before I go to bed ?

My Favorite Things

I always take showers at night and never have sleeping problems.


YAWWN good morning it's 10:01 AM
Minutes later
Stares at screen

Should you shower in the morning or at night

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Morning Vs. Night Showers • Debatable

2 662 892 views | 22 Jan. 2016

"I sweat profusely when I

"I sweat profusely when I sleep. I'm a very sweaty man."

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Distorted Reality

Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


Woman Showering

Fuse / Thinkstock.com

Good looking man under shower

.shock / Thinkstock.com


GeorgeRudy / Thinkstock.com

Girl at the shower

Choreograph / Thinkstock.com

Woman Taking a Shower

Hoby Finn / Thinkstock.com











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Chopin Fanne

Why is everyone so extra about it like chill


I shower at both...

〽Blooming Fields〽

Just do morning and night... ?

Cuitlam Cuautencos

In the summer, I shower both in the morning and at night.


I'm literally here bc I'm debating whether I should shower right now or not. it's 6:36 am and I usually shower at night lol

Susana Buzzard

Lol I work in a hardware store I get dusty and sweaty .. night shower!

Michelle William

Most night showers I know smell sooo bad ? like if your gonna shower at night do it properly


My hair needs me to shower in the morning. It's very picky. If I shower at night and then try and brush my hair in the morning it gets flat when it's normally bouncy and fluffy.

Blue Assassin 24

I take both,a cold shower to wake up and after a long day take another shower at night

Iman Khan

I love the feminist girl ?


Night showers cause I’m not an a n i m a l who gets their sheets filthy cause I know some of y’all morning showerers don’t even clean yourself off with a wet cloth after a long day of walking in other peoples germs and public restrooms ?


It's not debatable or optional, shower before bed is a must for personal hygiene


Wait what’s a shower?

Fritz Ubugan

I shower both nights and in the mornings. I scrub during nights because i have s very oily skin.. and i only a do a quick shower during mornings to freshen and wake me up.

Caren Ktm

Team morning


For whatever reason showering makes me tired so it’s good for me to shower at NIGHT so that I can eat, shower, and go to bed peacefully but in the morning I’d be tired all day that’s why when I went to school I always slept in class cuz I showered in the mornings


But why the sexism

_O O

I take shower and drink coffee all at night ???


am I the only one who likes showering in the afternoon if I’m not busy? Otherwise I shower right after I eat dinner, so not really night, more like... evening

The secular humanist

Am I the only guy who showers in the evening.

Cowta Playz

Morning for school
Night if weekend or summer

Ti chronic

Going to bed without a shower. Disgusting.

Jacob Gonzalez

I mean I could do both but I mainly take night showers cuz of sports, I can see both sides of the argument but for me cuz I’m all sweaty from practice I wanna clean myself up b4 bed

Quirin M.

If you work outside like a farmer you have to shower at night because otherwise the dirt will be in your bed.


Night Bath > Night Shower

stinky fucking fat miserable burger king bitch

the people who take night showers look cleaner djndjsmjsdkmskmkmmkmk


im team both. i take showers at night but when im very sweaty i will rinse off in some ice cold water in the morning

Priscilla Brenda

As an Indonesia i do shower in the morning and in the night

Justin Maish

I do both but most of the time I shower at night

George Not Found

I take 2 showers. One to wake up (cold) and one to make me fall asleep. (Lavender soap, and a warm shower)

just singing


Michelle Marie

I shower at night cause I can wash away the dirt and grime from my job and it helps me sleep and I know I'm clean when I sleep and i can spend less time getting ready in the morning and I dont sweat after taking a shower and I sleep with a fan on

Adam Parks

Why showering in the morning is better:

1. “Showering in the evening keeps your sheets clean.” Sleeping is an inherently filthy activity. Whether you go to bed clean or not, you will end up filthy because people sweat in their sleep, drool, and form mucus in the eyes. Additionally, the fact that people sleep in beds is worse because it means we are allowing bacteria to stay pressed against the body for several hours. Showering at night doesn’t suspend these processes from happening while you are asleep.

2. “Showering in the evening prevents you from dealing with wet hair in the morning.” Sleeping will always mess a person’s hair up, so it’s going to have to be tended to in the morning anyway. It is actually easier to tidy the hair when it’s wet as apposed to dry and tangled, and drying it is not difficult with the use of blow dryers or towels.

3. “Showering in the evening allows for more time in the morning.” This is true, but don’t forget that time is still lost in the evening, and even if you don’t care about the time lost in the evening, recognize that the extra time in the morning will be of low quality. It will be time spent groggy and tired, where as a shower is a minor sacrifice of time for a major increase in the quality of the morning.

4. “Showering in the evening helps you relax and fall asleep.” This effect only occurs when you shower ninety minutes before bed and at a warm (not hot) temperature. That said, you should be able to fall asleep without a shower, and needing a shower to fall asleep indicates a larger problem. (However, I believe this is the strongest argument for evening showers.)

5. “Showering in the morning is too difficult because I am tired.” Getting up and not showering is no less difficult than getting up and showering. In both cases you have to get out of bed and walk somewhere. Whether it’s to the closet or the bathroom doesn’t make a difference. Additionally, the shower will at least end that state of grogginess.

Sophia W

I shower in the morning and quickly rinse off at night... the happy medium

M. Tsaqif Wismadi

I shower twice a day, at night and in the morning.

Takumuto - Kun

I take morning,afternoon and night showers


I take morning and night during the week but weekends I gotta admit I only shower once a day

Ju N

i really like the girl with red clothes

Amanda Freitas

In Brazil we usually take at least 2 showers a day

rowan rose

i have curly hair (a lot like sara's actually!) and if I shower at night and then sleep on it my curls turn out all flat and frizzy at the same time, so I hAve to shower in the morning or i look like a lil tangled ball of yarn...


Your supoosed to do both its not that complicated.
Source: im filipino

Рози Роза

1:32 That joke was painfully executed


who tf feels tired in the morning anyway? if you take shower in night, you'll still be fresh and clean in the morning.


“Have you heard of sleeping beauty”
“That was a fairy tale”
“Yeehhhhhhh that’s also the story of MY LAIFE”


Take shower at night is cool after late gym workouts also when you sleep naked also it won’t hurt to take a shower in the morning to shine

Maria Mehdi

I am team both it's so hot where I live

Michael Smith

There are literally arguments because of showers

Lord Explosion Murder

How about afternoon showers?

felix romano

People don’t shower in morning and night weird


No debate for me. I do both. And most of Filipinos.


Why bring your dirty body to your bed?

Chill Florist

You lost me at sexist

anthony hoang

Always showers at night because you’re dirty idc how clean you keep yourself during the day, then shower again in the morning if needed. Don’t be hoping on the bed dirty with Cho nasty azz ?

David Angeles

I shower at noon

Addyisca T

I can't take morning showers because if it is cold outside my hair will freeze


Why should you take night showers?:
1. After a long day, you’re dirty, so take a shower and then get in your comfy bed feeling all clean
2. You won’t have to go to bed feeling dirty after all day
3. If you’re trying to get to work or school, you won’t have to take a shower or blow dry your hair, wash off, all that, because you already did that a few hours ago

Collin Im


Kageyama's Wife

Why tf you gotta bring sexism in this?


You're just going to get dirty later in the day

Diana Bhadbabe

I go both ways it dispense

Nmk Jhgh

I'm honestly ashamed of being a woman because Britney is one

Vanessa Comanse

Ppl are frckn wierd... especially if you work all day and then come home and sleep in your bed dirty thats so gross. Its called washing your face in the morning and your not suppose to wash ur hair everyday anyway ..and who sweats that much at night? Get better sheets and a fan?? ??

luke k

I’m team I’ll have a shower in the evening because I can’t be asked to wake up earlier just to get to school on time.......

Ben Romer

I do both sometimes I take showers in the morning and sometimes at night it depends on what I’m doing when I take night showers it helps you sleep and relax in the morning when I do it wakes me up so I’m both

goonganya boonpun

i shower, morning and night because you dont want to get in bed having outside dirt and poop particles in your bed. Morning also just to wakeup and get fresh.

Sike Spiegel

I shower when I'm dirty

anayaa !

reasons to shower at night: you don't get your sheets dirty. you get to wind down for the night. it's pretty relaxing. plus hot nighttime showers hit diff when you're sick.

reasons to shower in the morning: make you smell good after sweating at night. helps you wake up.

reasons to not shower at night: it can wake you up more. may take longer.

reasons to not shower in the morning: can cause you to wake up earlier.

just take a shower when you wanna/need to take one lmao .

Jackson Bivens

If I haven't or barely been outside (unless I've been rained on), I'll shower in the morning wait until the next evening. Other than that, I've always shower at night. I personally feel like it's better for your hygiene.

Thomas Stark

And then there’s me who takes a shower in the morning and at night

Nika Kocbek

Or you could just shower at night and in the morning?


night showers are superior because after a long day, you want to wash off all the grime and dirt, also because i personally am not a dirty sleeper, i dont drool and stuff, but also, i know that some morning shower people would say, "well at least i dont start my day from my dirty bed" but think about this-you wouldn't have a dirty bed if you washed your sheets consistently and went into bed clean

Yannel Tapia

Night showers are better.

Fairy Peppa

Ok wtf do y’all do that you worry about having a dirty bed? I get why athletes, people who live in Florida/Cali or construction workers would feel that way but wtf?????

Brethzier Aleroes

Just take showers, when you are stinky, dirty, and filthy...

Megan Baker

plot twist.... they all shower both in the morning and night

Benjamin Rhee

I have to get dirty on day, and that is why I am night showerer.

Liv M

I'm for both

JD Vera

In my country (The Philippines), this debate is laughable. We take 2 showers a day, minimum.


I live in a country where people taking a bath in the morning and take a shower before go to bed. I'm shocked when I read comments that they go to work not even showering or they go to bed not cleaning their body. Maybe it depends where you live or what's normal in your country. But I'm not comportable if I didn't shower twice a day. And I can assure you that my hair and skin is healthy and not dry.

Meluleki Ngwazi

So its true some of you guys just get up in the morning brush your teeth and go about your business with your Nastyselves. Normal ppl bath twice a day with gentle soap

You Tube

i just do both

Q Tobatch

I for some reason I feel horrible after a shower in the morning so I take showers at night because I feel all warm after and go into bed all happily

Aaron Flick

Morning for me.

Kumkum Parihar

you have a weird faucet.

Edward Ayala

It’s so annoying when those two women try to use feminist arguments to back their case, “as a women were told that our value comes from physical appearance, gotta shave my legs because of men, oh I gotta look presentable in a male driven driven society so I can be respected” like stfu you literally find any way to showcase that men apparently always oppressive women when in really it’s not true at all, your fellow women are the ones who set these apparent beauty standards, women are way harsher on picking a boyfriend and setting beauty standards for men, gotta be super tall, strong, muscular, can’t do or say certain things cuz it’s offensive, who tf ever says that your value only comes from physical appearance ?‍♂️ physical appearance only matters in terms of attraction to the opposite sex, not your overall worth, a lot femenists only think that because they try to turn to turn everything against men and whine and complain about everything

Emma Dunn

I shower,

In a bathroom ?

River Stark

Go into the shower at 11:55pm and come out by 12:05am


If your doing heavy/intense long work have a shower man, before you get in bed .... 1000 count bedsheets don’t deserve this punishment

CJgamer2008 - Gaming Videos, Animations and More!

I take Night showers!


People who showers at morning, afternoon, night: pathetic

P For Puppy

yo i do both..

Jocelyn Eke

Why are morning showers better for men? Heard no evidence. Why are night showers better for humanity? No evidence.
I got this timer at an environmental fair. They said get your shower to 5 minutes. Less water use saves a resource


Don’t understand with people morning shower except their fresh . No other reason.
Don’t you think that start the day you meet so many people , you work on the desk! You have so many activities curling the day and go to bed with your sticky armpits and sweat.

Tamara Ali

Shower twice a day...

Andrew White

I’m in the middle, I shower right after I come home from work, but not usually right before bed. That way I feel clean while I’m relaxing from a long day at work and because I’ve exerted way less energy after work than before I also feel clean going to bed and clean enough before work the next morning. The cycle repeats. ☺️


I take a shower in the morning and afternoon around 5 PM because I live in a tropical country which is hot everytime and everyday so yeah lol.


It’s 1 am and I kind want to take a shower. Should I do it? I have no idea.

Fries Arise

It's the first time in my life I knew people from outside my country only showers once a day. no, I don't think I'm a "lazy person" mom!

YourBoy Bigfoot

How bout showering in the morning and night

Michelle Marie

I shower at night this way in the morning I dont have to worry about feeling clean when I get dressed, as an adult I shower at night after work, but in high school I used to shower in the morning

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