Raised scar treatments

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Scar Treatment at Richardsons | Improve your hypertrophic Scar

3 489 views | 13 Jul. 2020

Injecting kenacort into

Injecting kenacort into the scar is an effective scar treatment option for selective hupertrophic scars. In this short video, you will see just that. What treatment is best depends on the type of scar, size is the scar, age of the scar and the location too..


Shahid Eqbal

Kenacort injection! Is it 10 mg or 40 mg! Kindly explain dilution too.


hi sir .. my face is asymmetrical my right eye is higher than my left eye and my jaw are asymmetrical as well . is it possible to get both these problems fixed in one surgery ? and how much approximately will it cost since I am from a different country

Md Aadilhussain

Sir my chin area scar is hypertrophic and after worng stitches then make scar on my chin area how to remove this scar and also 6 year old.

Raised scar treatments

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Treating A Hypertrophic C-Section Scar

13 751 views | 1 Aug. 2019

Hypertrophic scarring is a

Hypertrophic scarring is a difficult problem to treat and often requires multiple modalities for best results. In this video, the scar is initially treated with the Frozen C for anesthesia and collagen remodeling. Afterwards, the Genius, a microneedling RF device, is used to break down the scar and remodel the collagen. Next, the 1550 Fraxel Dual laser is used to cause additional coagulation and scar improvement. Finally, the Healite is used to calm the skin down, hasten recovery time, and improve results. Multiple treatments will be required.

FrozenCice CureVoya

The Frozen C loves this video @FrozenCice www.FrozenCice.com #FrozenCice #FrozenC

Hailey Marie

What would these procedures together cost?

jonny htx

What city your located

lora hans

Thanks a lot for your informative videos..can I ask about your preferred way of managing papular acne scar of the  nose and chin..Waiting  your kind replay.

The Plastic Life

Looking forward to the before and after video!

Raised scar treatments

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CRYOSHAPE-for the treatment of keloid scars

8 690 views | 17 Aug. 2018

Learn about the clinically

Learn about the clinically proven, FDA cleared for the treatment of keloid scars used by Dr. Greene in Seattle at the Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle.

Learn more at https://advanceddermatologyseattle.com/skin-color-keloids-raised-scars

Advanced Dermatology and Laser Institute of Seattle

Steven Greene MD, FAAD

4915 25th Ave NE #207, Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 402-4797

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Romeo msfg

any after video/pics?

Susana Jimenez Seay

Does this procedure work for wall chest keloids?


had this done in Birmingham, Uk a year ago. removed about 70% of the scar. it has remained small since no sign of it growing again, it swelled up pretty damn big after the procedure.
took a while to scab up then eventually it fell off now im left with a small keloid behind my left earlobe, i would recommend cryoshape to anyone who is interested.
it didnt fully removed the scar for me but im happy with how it is now, i could do a repeat procedure but theres really no need as the keloid scar is "dead" and hopefully wont grow back.

rajesh saraf

Is this treatment available in india, mumbai ...pls guide if possible