La roche posay lotion

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La Roche Posay Derm Class | Vlog

2 410 views | 25 Apr. 2018

Make sure to watch this

Make sure to watch this video in HD Quality, Enjoy!!

P R O D U C T S:

La Roche Posay Effaclar


Most items can be found in your local Target or La Roche Posay website.

Thank you so much for your support && for watching XOXOXO


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Dana Benson

I'm glad the products are working for you. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that just bc it costs more, doesn't mean it will always produces the best results.

La roche posay lotion

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I tried La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra for ONE WEEK!! (this should be illegal...)

15 828 views | 1 Aug. 2020

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Jonathan UK

Your putting in way too much product on your face for a moisturiser.


What’s your whole skin routine? Do you have a video on it?

SHINee fouzia

The price is high and the bottle is small. My mom accidentally threw it away because she thought the bottle was empty ??

Tabarak Ghafer

Your skin looks soooo good kinda jealous ??

Souhanda Reda

I was literally gonna order this tomorrow ? then this popes up

Ryan chow

You look like Bianca del Rio, in a nice sort of way.

Ivan Bulić

Why you dont try Vichy products? They are so good!!!

celeste krysthel


chic yibo

Could u try the nivea sensitive sunscreen (without fragrance)


I love la roche posay products

Aaron Bear

i hate this cream, it’s expensive and didn’t do anything lol.


I've started using this,im very sensitive and dry and get reddness on cheeks,for a long time the only moisteriser I can apply has ingredients that can block pores,and I have time flesh colour spots,and tiny red ones.so far I'm liking this,need alittle gose a long way,and dosent aggravate my reddness pretty sure I've mild rosacea. I haven't had anymore breakouts either. At first a chemical smell,but wears off quick,the tolerant soften ph 5,5 facewash has same issue.that's a nice one to,it is ma tidying t first,but after abit it's more dewy,I tried lrp tolerant riche moisteriser and it burnt,it has niecamaid, I can't use anything with it

Maja GirlPoWER


Basak Erturk

Yaaaaayyyy ??



Darian Lepe

Sis you're GLOWINGGG

Soukaina Mkhairi

Just why are you using the chica-cicaplast as an everyday moisturizer :') It's prescribed for mild burns, after laser treatments etc ...

Andrea Perea

Lot of sugar = aging
Stress = aging
Bad diet = aging
Alcohol = aging
Makeup wipes = aging
No sunscreen = aging
Bad vibes = aging
Matt's existence, face, & videos = AGELESS

Dominique Siwulich

God ur so funny, u could watch u all day :) love u!!!❤

Ellie Keeble


Beauty Wow

Oh my god your skin is Soo oily I am cringed

Hans Angelo

sodium hydroxide should be illegal


Why is your face wet




You so crazy!! Lol!! I'm OCD so I wash my hands before I put on my moisturizer, etc. Can't help it. But it's' more beneficial to me.

Maja GirlPoWER


Anton Jii

Matteo, try the some drugstore eye creams! Obiusly with good igredients?.

Raya Xx

La Roche ? strikes again

imane gemi

Try la roche posay sunsceeen anthelios dry touch 50+ ( the one that has a green line )
It's amazing frangrance free and it doesn't leave white casts

abdul aziz

ure glowing girlllll

Raven Bongcawil



Io adoro la linea toleriane?

The Skinopedia

I can see something in ur right nostril ?

Maresha P

Why every time I start thinking about a product , he suddenly does it ???. I literally just got my mom this today


Ur skin is looking amazing ❤️

lala al

Its honestly overpriced for what it is :(

Manu Ela

I love this Moisturizer. My Skin is a sensitive Bitch ?and this is so good. It makes my skin so relaxed. I have oily acne prone skin. I dont like this fancy Creams that burns on my skin and brake me out and this from La Roche Posay is so simple and good, perfect for sensitiv skin. The Price is high thats true! I ordert it online with % ? than its cheaper ?


I cant even get there toraline line


Hun, your to much!! I just absolutely adore you! Thank you for the laughs and sharing your thoughts! I'm going to get this for my daughter she has eczema and hopefully this will work for her! ~hugs~

Jackelyn Espejo

I loveeee this video ❤️❤️


I tried La Roche Posay acne cream and I got 2 as much acne after...?‍♀️

Rodrigo Pinto

Pls review the inkey list Q10 Sérum?(Is kinda like a moisturizer??‍♂️)

Survi Sanjana

Your skin is flawless ?♥️

Nabby Studio

lololol la roche poos-ee .. u r still gay, we know that

Mignon Alverson

This moisturizer is for dry, sensitive, and rosacea sufferers. Rosacea folks don't like heavy moisturizers. ?

Ioana Dragut

Who else waiting for matt to blow up

dark princess

I use this only for my dermatitis

Riko Alamalz

The bottle is so small :( i would need to buy new every week

Nikita Hauzel

I love matteo in blue shirt?????????

Sana Ishaq

What's your favorite dewy moisturizer

o cr

Omg..so weird

Pria Andrew

What is your sunscreens that wont clogged pores in the nose?

Hans Angelo

9:34 omg

La roche posay lotion

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Dry Skin & Eczema Treatment | La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Moisturizers

26 273 views | 5 Feb. 2019

If you’re looking for dry

If you’re looking for dry skin care solution and eczema treatment, watch this video on La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Moisturizers.

This video was sponsored by LRP


Chris Tolbert

javlogs you are the best

Tiffany Blackmon

Where can I purchase this my daughter has it to and I need some of it for her to treat it and get it better

Coco and Coreyona

Omg...this is EXACTLY what I needed thank u auntie...I'm definitely going to get this

ItsOfficially TT

Hey Javonne. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. And this is a perfect video because my sis has eczema. Also I wanted to ask if you read my email? Thank you. ?❤️

Jayla Coler

I have eczema ima have to try this

Myshel Adara

How is ava doing?


I need this skin care products in my life

Myshel Adara

HI javonne I never watched so much of anybody videos in one day . you are so amazing and I want to ask you if I can change my youtube name to I love javonne.


Hey love you so much


Girl did yiu see my ig post ? ? i was just talking about this bc my skin is sooo inflammed


Your hair is cute ???

kimberly jackson

I have eczema! Interesting

Gold Mark

In mere Two times of making use of this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it), I have witnessed pleasing benefits already. These earlier months I have got this particular illness and recently been making use of prescribed steroid lotions and creams but have not treated the thing that is pestering me till I tested out this guide. I`m feeling way better right now. .

Skye S

Early again just came from school❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chloe Maddison

???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

The tria Show

So I just woke up I had a dream that u text me I was so happy and we met I had a dream that I was then yo step daughter

DatBhadBihhh!! !!


Anja Dinah

Great vid javonne ???

Julia Gаna

Since I was in my teens, I already have this particular eczema, even after I reached my Twenty years of existence I still have this skin rashes. The rashes still remained following asking several dermatologists and also applying various proposed products which have only a temporary result. My last option was to consider this eczema guideline. In a month of using the guide, my illness had remedied and never ever had this skin rashes all over again for several years already. Google can be used to get this guide, it calls Kαmden Koladoz

Joy's Ol Skool Toy Review

Hello. We have dry skin so bad. We may check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Kaka Clark

Small youtuber I’ll take any support

Taiese Williams

Hey Javonne thanks for Sharing I need some need Skincare products because my skin is Sensitive

Kristeen Davis

I see this video was a year ago but do you and your family still use these products? And did they clear up her eczema?

Mangox Slimezz

Hey love your videos and family ❤️??

Jr Jetton

Hey girl love your videos and also I'm first

Yesits Ki


Tameka Renee

Thanks sis ❤️

Kalandria Bolden

Haven’t watched the video yet and I’m excited! I have eczema too!

Jasmine Simpson

I have eczema and was hoping to get that but I heard you say it had oatmeal in it & sadly I’m allergic ??

Lenniece Smith

I have eczema. I’ll try anything once. Had eczema since I was a kid. Where can you find the products?

Tamika Raymond

Hey can baby use these products too

Shanina K

Hi auntie.

Queenree 100pooh

Missed you sooooooooo much

mrsjoneslovinglife jones

Get gurl hey I have very dry skin need something like this tfs

YoFavv Princess4L


•Rhian• •Ariana•

Hey girl

Nicole Perez

just watching to support, love u auntie ❤️


Thanks I got eczema this helps

Alyssa Scott


The McCollum Show

Thanks for the review I will have to try this product.

Hillary Rodriguez


Laylaytheartist AJ



Love this video

Tanesa Boyd

I like that


I love the way you guys uplift my spirits when they are down.❤️?


I don’t even have eczema ? but I’m watching this

Sanai Lathern

how wa me your day auntie ??

Samora Meertins-George

FIRST AT 5:30 pm 2/5/19 !!

Nurul Husna

you are so pretty

doshi.phoo. TV


What not 23

Your daughter is so cute! ?

life with trinity

first love you

Chariah Harrison

Thank you for posting you make my day better so much!

Zharia Haggins

You better get those sponsorships girl! ??

Destiny swift

Your my favorite YouTuber I watch every post period

Mia Jackson

Love it!!

Mel Channel

I came across this unique eczema manual two winters ago when I had been experiencing a really undesirable eczema episode on my hands and wrists. My fingers ended up red-colored, itching, very dry. This is an effective guidebook. I wasn`t out of the hassle of wrapping my hands, thanks for this guide. You need to utilize this. I just researched Google to find this tip, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
every good wish

Tevin Graham

Hey auntie bye auntie


Thank you for this video, it's exactly what I was looking for!
I've been trying to decide which one out of these three I should buy and you showing them close up and explaining the differences is super helpful!

Xica Chanel

Hands down the only lotion that has ever cured my dry skin was lipikar colloidal oatmeal eczema cream.

Iam princess Meme

My mom brought that same stuff home a couple days ago for me to use and I used it one morning and by the next morning my eyes was swollen shut and my face was very itchy also irritated not saying it will happen to any of you guys just sharing my experience with this face stuff ! Also I have really sensitive skin and I thought this was gone be perfect for me ??‍♀️


I need some of that facial moisturizer

Shaquita Jones

Thank you Javlogs I have eczema and this will help for me ?

Yesits Ki

Love ya clicked on dis asap

Vicki Cameron

Thanks for the tip/information on eczema!! My daughter also has it!

Tracie NotStacie

I due experience dryness in the T-zone I will give these products a try.

Loves Slime Shop

Love you javonne you feel love me family to me

candyloop 300

I have eczema it sucks but thank you i have them in the same spot niyah has her


Rhyan has eczema when she was younger. She had a bad outbreak one summer and we went to the beach for vacation. I noticed her spots started clearing up. I thought it was from the salt water, but the dermatologist said it was the sun.


i clicked REAL fast ?



Sierra Matlock


tylee hall

First ?

Na’Shiyah Taylor


Janiya Hill

Thats looks made u glow

Ally ‘


Aaliyah's channel


Princess Ty’ana

Love your hoops?


I also have eczema

Blessed One

Yes, ma'am. Need those products! Thanks for sharing!


Keep it going get that coin sis ?❤️


Thank you ? I'll switch from eucerin to this

Darian Williams

I'm at cheer/dance pratice rn and dropped everything (aka pom poms) to watch this vid. I hope I don't get ISS (in school suspension)

branielle anaria

What do u use for your background

King Films Avakin

Nice video

Aleecia’s Life

Love the background

Samora Meertins-George


1hue _

Never been this quick before!!!!

urijah Maayanii

I need some of this

Pr3ttyvibez. Kayy


Journi Mckinley

Hey auntie