Type 1b hair

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1B hair «forced» || violet subliminals

30 939 views | 16 Dec. 2018

this is the start to my

this is the start to my “hair types” series! i’ll be doing 1A - 4C bc all hair types are beautiful ❤️

°1B hair is like “normal hair.” at least that’s what it is considered to be. it is completely straight, but not too thin, and not too thick. always use sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners as well as silicone-free. for this hair type i recommend washing every other day. but it all depends on how oily your hair gets, etc.°


this sub includes:

°Mini booster

°Permanent results


-1B hair texture

-completely straight hair

-1B texture for old & new hair growth

-new hair growth in seconds

-no tangles, frizz, or damage

-soft hair


-drink lots of water

-listen at comfortable volume (where affirmations are inaudible)

-headphones are recommended

-no frequencies or binaural beats

-you can listen overnight

-i don’t use negative words like “don’t”, “no,” etc

-all my subliminals are unisex unless said otherwise

°song: °



°my requests are open! (req box)°


― Melyssa. ッ

i can download It?

janys tv

ima try this lol

— hopeii

I went from like 3b hair to 2b-2c hair in a week I 100% recommend this

Nicole Bastien

How long would it take for 3B hair?

i am A Moonght

I'm 3c/4a girl,and i don't like who my hair look cuz i did he big chop :"(

Kim Yeontan

I have hair closer to 1B but i have curly hair on my bangs cause i have a bad habit when i was a kid cause i always kept rolling my hair and let it stay for hours even while im playing and i keep doing that for a year and now i really have a bad hair on my bangs but i can hide it but everytine i hide it my hair was like theres ball on my hair cause it kept forming ball and now it kept messing up cause that extremely damage hair was short so it messed up, will this work?

The Girl

How Long will it take for 4c hair

grace the bee

oh my gosh this works


I have a 1B hair since birth, it doesn't seem good as it looks ?


I currently have 4b rn and it feels like someone is BLOWING on my headdd.!!!

Christen Dandridge

I am so grateful for this thank you so much luv 111??


I will try to update whenever I see results!

Current hair type: 2B or 2A

My hair is pretty thick and a bit wavy it looks half straight. so anyway!

-I'm listening right now in 2 February 2020 8:23PM. I feel like someone is straightening my hair and my hair just feels hot like someone is blowing it.
-Hey y'all it's February 4th and I do see a few results my hair looks a lil straight I will try to straighten it with my fingers while there is hot sun




So I'm starting at around 3c-4a hair!! I'll come back if I see results aa

Okay I'm back two days later, I don't usually listen to boosters but I wanted to give them a try today and my hair feels like it's loosening as I listen omg, my hair is a full on 3c now hehe


My hair and scalp feels weird, almost as if it was someone blowing on my hair

Edit: this worked so fast omg

not a soft bb

Will 1A and 1B hair subliminals clash?


I really want bangs to cover my forehead, but bangs just don't work with my 3b/3c hair. I'll update once a week. Wish me luck!


I have in braids, and my parts are so soft and silky! // <3


How many times we should listen to it?

elmo poopy

I’m going to update so here are my results
I also have wavy hair and my hair type is 2C
Day 1: Still listening
Day 2: My waves were getting a little bit straighter
Day 3: Ok so I washed my hair cause I needed my hair to be clean again and my waves were like almost going away

love and hate nostalgia

ur subs work best for me <3

halliloya maboki

imma update , ill listen with no booster

current hair type : 2a with 2b roots.

wish me luck <3

27.11 : so nothing major happened, but i kinda noticed my hair is less frizzy.


Will it help if I put on a wig that has 1b hair?

Cozy Tea time

This sub is amazing my hair type changed in 4 days I went from 4b/4c to 3c


Subliminals are the reason i drink so much water. when i don't listen to subliminals i become constipated
i'll try to update bc its quarantine glow up time
my hair is 2c and butt length
25/03/20: i started with 2c. i listened for 30 minutes
28/03/20: i didn't listen for 3 days
29/03/20: i have been using this method for a bit and i think it works. just download pictures of your desires and make a vision board/collage/slideshow and listen while watching or you can imagine yourself with your desire. and my hair has been in a bun bc i don't want to keep looking at my hair for results


I will listen this sub and I'm very confident, let's tryyyyy


I love my strait, long, healthy, 1b hair
I love my strait, long, healthy, 1b hair
I love my strait, long, healthy, 1b hair
I love my strait, long, healthy, 1b hair

Jocey Jos


Kid Koala


d3ad1y 1di0t

Day 1:im not using a booster right now I don't know why... Its 2 in the morning, I'll update around 3 pm when I wake up and brush my hair my hair was z little less frizzy than usual and it looked just a little more straight.
Day 5:my hair is a lil less frizzy
Day wtvr:so, today my hair was a lot less frizzy after I got out of the shower and dried but it was a lil more straight tho

Nina Lovely

i have staright 1b hair lmao :P
my hair is 1b long staright hair

AWM man

Mu hair is like 2a - 2b not sure but my hair beagnn to turn into 1b thx? (Iam a guy)


Can i pair this with another 1b hair sub


will we get hair like in a video ?

Type 1b hair

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My Straight Hair Routine | Reese Regan

73 706 views | 26 Feb. 2017

my voice is super nasally

my voice is super nasally in this video i'm sorry i think i'm getting a cold

and a little disclaimer: my hair is already naturally straight and about medium thickness, so if you have curly or super thick hair this may not work exactly for you! this is simply a routine on what works for me, and as you can tell i use minimum products and heat on my hair. i also don't need to hear, "oh your hair is a mess, just look at mine!!1!1!!"... i get it all our hair is terrible in its own ways. just letting you all know :-)


↪ tresemme heat protection spray: http://www.ulta.com/thermal-creations-heat-tamer-spray?productId=prod2111184

↪ it's a 10 miracle leave-in product: http://www.ulta.com/miracle-leave-in-product?productId=xlsImpprod6481230

↪ remington straightener: you can find one at target for like 20 bucks lol

I hope you all enjoyed this video and have a wonderful day!


stalk me:

△ instagram: @basicallyreese

△ twitter: @reesereganyt

△ tumblr: www.happyd4nce.tumblr.com

△ snapchat: reeseregan

△ blog: www.reeseregan.blogspot.com

△ pinterest: @basicallyreese (search ‘Reese Regan’)

(wow I have a lot of links)



▲ What camera do you film with?

- Canon Rebel t3i

▲ What editing software do you use?

- Final Cut Pro X

▲ How old are you?

- 17




comment "omg what's that in the background?!" to freak ppl out lololol

Chowala Aamina A. R. N. 55

Can u plz show as this makeup routine which u have done in dis video PLZZ I loved ur eyeshadow plzz

Caitlin Sharkey

Updated everyday makeup routine please!! or whatever look you have on in this bc it is so gorgeous!

Abby A

my hair is just like yours OMG

ShyAnn A

ya know i have so many problems finding hair care vids for my naturally straight hair, like yes curly haired people i'm lucky i don't have to spend hours straightening my hair but when i wake up my hair isn't pin straight and sleek anymore so i have a hard time figuring out how to maintain my hair without re washing it which makes my straight hair supppper dry. need more naturally straight hair girls making videos on there hair care!


Why am I watching this even tho I have curly hair

agent 312

I have straight but a little curly hair in the front but in the back, it super curly

Aaliyah Rivera

Plzzzzz do a curly hair routine

Hilary Lai

You are so pretty ??

Rosalie Galli

her videos aren't fun and happy anymore they're all tiring and boring

↬ IsuryGa♡

CURLY ????????????????


omg your hair is so pretty...try the argan oil leave in oil by ogx nutrients it's amazing!!! (and vegan I think$

Rebecca Ringwood

song in intro???!?!


your eyebrows i can't ????


Your editing skills give me life. Honestly, so goooood.

Allie Elizabeth

I loved this!!??


Hey Reese lysm! Do u have any tips for straightening your hair before bed and keeping it straight over night?❤❤

Wendy Testaburger

I've been looking everywhere for hair care for naturally straight hair. My hair is a bit straighter than yours.. Would you ever consider (or have you already done) a video showing what you do to wash it, etc?

vianney michelle


Eva Karen

thank you for playing selena gomez music!!!!!!!! also pls do a curly hair routine

Kristen Myers

im late , i forgot to do this but #livestreamfam ? team julie

Samantha Martin

My hair is straight and little wavy


I have a question. What does it mean when someone have dead straight hair coming out of their roots but have wazy hair at the tips? Like not full on wavy just like a inch or two and they have really long hair. Is it normal?

Reem Almusa

Can you do a makeup tutorial please on this look?? it's stunning I love it


when you have curly hair so it takes you 2 hours to do your hair #curlyhairprobs

Meliza E

I would really love if you did a curly hair routine. Our hair type looks about the same. Can you do one with a flat iron? I love your videos!

Ameera Hiro

That's not frizz that's volume your hair is perfect

Hannah Johnson

ew lol

Sofia R.

Omg what's that in the background?!

Amy Zhong

Love this video and you should do a curly hair routine!

Dianna Hernandez

tutorial on this makeup look! Please :)

Grecia Perea

Curly hair routine

Fatima Chavez

Having straight hair is a pain in the ass everyone thinks its soooo easy its not?? your hair gets sooooo flat and ugly and looks like your hair has no volume and it DRYS SOOOO BAD


how are you going to do a curly hair routine if you hair is straight?

Tosin Agbi

I have an afro but I still loved the video Reese! your hair is so nice ??


running your hair through the straightener and then seeing how straight the hair got was so satisfying for some reason lol

Nikki Kato

I love you Reese ?

Zion Roberts

I love your highlights soo much and it soo pretty

Sephrah Frederick

you're so lucky, it takes me like 3 Hours to straighten my hair :(

Sophie Bower

You are legit soooo stunning.

Samantha Oriole

my hair is naturally straight too and people never understand why I straighten my hair

Angela Lonigro

I loved this video! My hair is just like yours, but a little bit thinner and it would always get so fricken frizzy! ? So making this video was very helpful, Thank you! ❤️? You should definitely make a curly hair routine. ?

Maddie Densford

can you do a curly hair routine?

Aminah M

Cut your hair shorter

Gimbly Daredevil

Yes! Would love to see a curly hair routine, and I love your videos. Are you doing accounting by the way?

Puja Majumder

you look really good .... love you sister

Meilani Gracia

morning routine


what colleges have u applied to

Valentina Crisosto

lovee your haiir!! please do a how i curl my hair video!! love youu


I love watching Reese's channel grow! do any small YouTubers want to support each other? x

Elif Nur Akkuş

360 Degrees is low?!??!?!?!?!!!


curly hair routine pleasee

Sophie Martin

I usually watch curly hair routines since my hair is thick n curly but I thought it would be nice to see what other hair types routines are ((:

Mariam Rizvi

how many times did you stick your tongue out lol

Briana Whittaker

I have that straightener it does the same thing to my hair makes it super shiny and silky


Do a Curly hair routine :)

belen M

you are so funny haha <3

Safa M



A curly hair routine would be really helpful!

Fowzia Younus

do a wavy hair routine beach waves

123abc Ray Me Fa So

Do a how to curl your hair video

pauline toulet-blanquet

one tuto makeup please it's very beautiful

ranbow colour

why you showing your toung ??


Curly hair routine please!!!!!

Riley Vasquez

Do a curling hair video please???

Belle M.

What's the song that you use in the outro?

Ella Rosé

I have curly hair why am I watching this


The intro was cute ??

Ecks Dee

I have really curly hair BUT it gets on my nerves when other curly girls say that we have it so hard, straight haired people have no struggles. Sis what? Their hair might be thinner so hair ties are a lost cause. Styling is so hard because it keeps falling. Flyaways are annoying. And don’t even get me started on the tangles and knots. Curly haired people like to complain that their hair is wayyy more tangled. Which, yeah. Mine can get mats. But bruh, tangled straight hair with knots.... imagine tying a barbie’s hair into a knot and putting it through a wind tunnel. Soooo easy to manage...

ingrid gonçalves

pls do curly hair routine

Sarah Ghafar

I love u so much

Courtney Fineran

Please look into cruelty free cosmetics

Sobia Bi

360degrees.. wow.

Tagelasfia Rania

White people are lucky having a very straight hair like that, sad for my self:(


Love you reese! (People with straight hair have it so easy! Lol)

Kirsten The Potato

I also have naturally straight hair but I only have to wash my hair to get my hair soft, shiny, and perfectly straight. It's maybe because I use certain hair products.

Anna Hansen

omg what's in the background?!



Kimmy Latisa

can you please change the last backsound?it's really bored to heard

Allison Castillo

DO A CURLY HEAD ROUTINE ?. Your so pretty by the way ! ??

Brooke Montalvo

this video was soo helpful! my hair is so frizzy. and yess! curly hair routine!!

Laurie Sloan

Hiya, this process seems to be very tough, there is a quite simple method. Visit google and search: "Blast4beauty". You can find wide range of new ideas to increase your beauty.

Juliana Bablak


Anna Linde

Can you make a curly hair one too ?


Omg what's that in the background?!

Irene Nam

You're so gorgeousss

Frida Rentería

I have straight hair and I do the same things you do because it turns frizzy after I take shower and then I go to sleep

Kara Troutman

PLEASE. Do a curly hair routine because my hair will not curl at ALL

Ana Raquel Novoa

I have straight hair but is shoulder long

Solène R

360 ? My straightener only goes to 230


Do you ever fart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please reply back!


Updated room tour?

Tina Nguyen

Can u make a makeup tutorial inspired by this makeup look in the video? I really love this look tho??

Gwayne Neverida


Caitlin Pigott

??❤❤?? bae forever xx

Josie Asencio

Reese if your getting a cold I hope you get better soon anyway your hair is so beautiful I love it?❤❤

Selena Dou

aww Selena Gomez and Zedd- I want you to know?? You're gorgeous and really inspirational Reese! Love love love ?

Lauren S

omg your hair ???please do a how I curl my hair video please ily ❤

Kiranpreet Kaur

omg what's that in the background?

Felicia Florenza

pls do a curly hair routine soon <3

Sydney Palomaki

You should do a makeup tutorial soon!

Type 1b hair

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❝1b hair❞

64 674 views | 31 Mar. 2019




_1b scalp hair, follicles, type, that looks perfect on you, that's perfect all the time, that compliments your facial features

_your scalp hair grows at your ideal speed and transforms into 1b type

_manifest ideal hair color, volume, thickness and length

_all of your curl patterns become straight

_your hair gets straighter every time you listen to your favorite artist, watch youtube, blink, talk, laugh, smile, breathe, write, type, shower, take a bath, brush your teeth, look at someone you love, get ready for school

_get rid of dandruff, messy hair, frizzy hair, split ends, grey hair, dirty scalp and damaged hair

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧


hi! here's an updated straight hair subliminal bc the old one sucked and my formula was shit back then ?


❝how much water should I drink?❞

a lot! I'd say at least 2 liters a day ☽

❝will people remember me without results?❞

yes, unless you use remembered results subliminals (I recommend sushibcu's) ☽

❝how many times I should listen?❞

as much as you can, but I'd recommend at least 3 times a day ☽

❝can I trust you?❞

yes, I started this channel to make subliminals for myself and I will never include something bad. I'd never want to hurt anyone, not even my enemy ☽

❝when will I get full results?❞

it depends on how often you visualize, listen to the subliminal, drink water and use other methods ☽

❝do we have to use earphones/headphones?❞

I think you should, just to make sure that all of the affirmations get into your subconscious mind ☽

❝if I speed this up, will it influence the results?❞

no ☽


— wish you were gay - billie eilish (music box)



Selah Calderon

Day 1: I feel a bit feel little tingles on my head, and some of my curls have turned into 3c curls so thats cool.

mochi ࿐ྂ

my desired length is shoulder-length & my desired color is my current hair color! ?‍♀️


can i listen overnight ?


girl this works sooo well! i have a playlist with about eight subs total with all of the subs im focused on using for my ideal self, and i listen to it overnight, and i listen to it on shuffle, so this video only comes on every so often. literally after one night my hair became so much softer and manageable, even my mom was aking what was up!! this is literally magic.


Is it okay if i use it with other 1B hair subliminal's?



bae suzy

This works so fast

Andy Sixx

Will this clash with anything?



Delva Kurd

-1b jet black hair?

top at the red light

I have 1b hair. I have 1b asian hair.

Look at me I'm so quirky

Can i watch youtube videos while this subliminal is playing?


Why do I feel my hair moving, FEELS LIKE A GHOST JUST TOUCHED IT.


thank god its downloadable argh

Sinthea Mim

How will I know if it worked?

// sunflower.mp4

hi, please comment your results ?
they inspire me to create more subliminals and could inspire someone else to use this subliminal too - luna 01/12/20

gothbunny .x

is it permanent?

- angelcore

This works so well! I listened to it 10 times yesterday night and today my hair was more manageable like- also, my curls are much looser! I have 3a-2c hair and I didn't use any booster.


This subliminal works like a charm!! Thank you so much!!

CallYoyo Whayyap

I’m a guy, can I use this? Or does this only work for girls?

Lisa Yas

Is this permanent?

you can't see me

I just have a question, can i listen to this while working and speaking by messages ?

Megan Mc.

I’ll be using this with a couple other subs
Current hair texture: 4c
Goal: 1b (obviously)

Day 1: my hair is currently in a blow out (I’m getting it straightened for my birthday) but it feels soft I can’t tell if it’s because of the blow out or this lol.

Min Yoon Gin

I read the description of the video, I heard the video... u got my subscription! I truly trust u and I truly Kobe your work <3
Thank uuuuu a lot
I’m gonna keep listening this and later I’ll tell u my results ???


Y e s


So I listened for about 4 times yesterday and I washed my hair today and omg, my hair was almost tangle free and it was so quick to dry too. I already have 1b hair, I just want it tangle free and really easy to manage. My mom also didn’t nitpick how clean I got my hair which means it was clean already


thank you so much i'll be using this

jungkook x me

ur a blackpi fan...ewww


This worked extremely well tysm

**Toast Valley**

Can you make 4c my sunflower pls


i heard wish you were gay and i was in literal tears ?

Look at me I'm so quirky

How much times should i listen?

Xx Brooklynz Gachaz xX

I luv Billie ??



Miss Rosewater

I want black 1b hair

Sucré_ Rose

I want black long hair

Cricket cakez subs

Current hair is 4b goal is 2a
Day 1:it's 9:42 am imma listen until 10:00 am

ʚ strawbewwy ɞ

what is 1b hair? google is too confusing


Hi have a question , does it work for someone who speak French and also does it work on 3c hair or 4a hair ?

CallYoyo Whayyap

Just to make sure, This is a 1b hair texture subliminal?


how many times are the affirmations repeated?

Shikia Mcmillan

Y e s


Thank you sooooo much! I really hate my curly hair, people are laughing at me because of it, so really, thank you very much
(my English is not very good ?)

Jisoo and Jin stan

Pls do sing like jihyo her Vickie is so gooood especially her nobody performance in sixteen

-yoongi piola.

omg this works so good:) sorry for my bad english.♡

dylan mae

I'm going to use this when going back to school but first I need to lose some weight lmao