Organic vegan makeup

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REVIEW | 100% PURE (All Natural, Organic, Vegan Makeup)

18 466 views | 18 Oct. 2015



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» BLUSH - "Strawberry"→ http://goo.gl/ny2Q2b

» EYESHADOW PALETTE - "Pretty Naked" → http://goo.gl/WF6NIX

» WHIPPED BODY BUTTER - "Mangosteen" → http://goo.gl/MQQhnm

» LONG LASTING LIQUID EYELINER - "Dark Chocolate" → http://goo.gl/gPuwkp



» CAMERA | Canon T3i

» CAMERA - VLOGS | Canon ELPH Powershot 110HS

» CAMERA - VLOGS | GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

» MIC | RØDE VideoMic - a professional grade 1/2" condenser shotgun microphone

» LIGHTING | 2 softboxes → http://goo.gl/s71NW3

» EDITING | Final Cut ProX


Keywords: all natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, makeup, cosmetics, green beauty, sarah tran, sarahhtrantv, 100% Pure Review, blush, eyeshadow palette, body butter, eyeliner.

Makenna Zambory-Daphnis

Why do you still wear that shitty ass unnatural liner then love? You're gorgeous and it's so much better for your eyes ^_^


just found out about all the lead and other contaminants in lipstick and eyeshadows, etc.. super paranoid now, gonna try this brand out!

Aiman Steele

What colour lip are you wearing in this video ? Thanks :)


Loveee mangosteen! Their coconut lime is also one of my faves :)

Bella B


Rosalinda Devine

Thanks for this helpful video :-)



Richard Dang

I'm a guy and I love this product. Sarah Tran is the best at reviewing stuff even for guys like me!

The Minimalist Ninja

I just started using their concealer and looove it! its got a really lovely texture to it. I was tempted to get the blush as well but since I rarely ever were blush I figured I am gonna pass. lovely review!! ps: I didn't had a spray bottle at home so I put my ACV into a silicone bottle and it works so much better than pouring it into a cup! I need way less ACV and I can distribute it a lot better. thanks again for the tip!! :)

Althea Alabat

Love your videos, new sub! I have the 100% Pure eyeliner but in the Black Tea shade and at first I didn't like it because it started to peel (especially in hot weather) but I gave it a chance and ended up liking it (just not in extremely humid hot climate) and I agree, it really is long-lasting! It's pretty impressive for it being fruit-dyed!

Poppy Princess

Thanks for the info!


New subscriber!! Hi! I was just wondering, did they send these to you to try out? And if so, how does that whole process work?

Joana Marques

So excited to have found your videos, I'm looking to use more natural products and stop using shampoo. Thank you so much for the awesome content!


wow those eyeshadows are so pigmented for being fruit dyed!! :O

Audrey Natalia

Are they all organic & non-toxic?

zainab azam

Thank you for the info, great video :D :D What are you wearing on your lips? I couldn't stop staring at them, haha!!


I love the coffee bean eyecream!! It smells like the cookie dough x cupcake :p :p
and I wanna try their mangosteen body cream too! Oh and their fruit pigment makeup! there's too much I want to try them all! :D

Yoemely Rosso

Great video.. First one and loved it!!


Hello! Do you happen to know if this brand is Fair Trade as well? For instance, where is the product/packaging made and/or assembled? Thanks and great video!

Linda Tran

Are you Viet?


I have the strawberry blush. I love the color and I use their white peach foundation, for those wondering.

han in van

wow that eyeliner is impressive!!

Vivian L

So pretty! Has anyone told u that u kinda resemble Goo Hara?

Organic vegan makeup

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High End vs. Drugstore Vegan Makeup | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

202 837 views | 12 Mar. 2018

This week on Beauty With

This week on Beauty With Mi, Mi-Anne Chan does a full face of high vs. drugstore vegan makeup. She tests the expensive and the inexpensive on how they wear throughout the day. Watch the latest episode to see what vegan makeup products hold up!

Products Used:

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick in Shell $46: http://fave.co/2DlFpha

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Light Neutral $29: http://fave.co/2DjQeR5

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand $6: http://fave.co/2HrvCZo

ColourPop No Filter Concealer in Light Neutral 15 $6: http://fave.co/2FNxHBY

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder in Light Medium $35: http://fave.co/2HrPQ5z

Pixi Flawless Finishing Powder in Translucent $22: http://fave.co/2FK0qHH

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Light to Medium $68: http://fave.co/2HqTWup

Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Bronzer $5.99: http://fave.co/2HqiHXH

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love in Your Love is King $26:


e.l.f. Powder Blush Palette in Dark $6: http://fave.co/2FILJF0

Jouer Powder Highlighter in Citrine $24: http://fave.co/2HtpRdF

Pacifica Ice Baby Mineral Highlighter $12: http://fave.co/2FO8VSl

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $22: http://fave.co/2FMCSSu

e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in Pearl $2: http://fave.co/2Hokuwz

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Dolce Vita $53: http://fave.co/2FKVq5v

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in Board Shorts $5: http://fave.co/2FK0B5P

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in Lil’ Boat $5: http://fave.co/2HqgifG

Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick in Panther $30: http://fave.co/2HqfJCy

Pixi Lash Line Ink in Black Silk $14: http://fave.co/2FMDdoe

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Mascara $14: http://fave.co/2Dlu1lt

Ilia Satin Cream Lip Crayon in Tainted Love $24: http://fave.co/2FK1IlV

ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Still Crazy $7: http://fave.co/2Hqg5ZU


Explore the craziest trends, most unique treatments, newest products, and strangest subcultures in the beauty world alongside Refinery29’s very own beauty writer, Mi-Anne Chan. We dare to find and try the fringes of beauty — for better or worse.


Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. http://refinery29.com/


I Tried This Terrifying Facial


I Tried This Insane Bubble Facial


I Dyed My Virgin Hair For The First Time





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Follow Mi-Anne Chan on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mianne.chan/

Veggie Every Day

This is awesome! I struggle with finding good vegan beauty products. PS your glamour dolls link isn't working ... thought you'd wanna know :)


highend on right

Helena Walker

you didnt put in the discription about other things found in makeup to make it not vegan. Could you help a sister out?

y yg

your nails are FreAkiNg adORabLE

Isabel Krueger

Tarte has a bunch of vegan mascaras

nick orange

which concelear was better ?

Gabby X

Loved this thank you!

Jahaira Faber

I’ll subscribe because you perfected the captions!


More vegan and cruelty free ? I don't know how people can be so cruel and use makeup tested on animals ?

Olivia Krause

I think the drugstore side looks a lot better.

Sorcha Byrne

High end mi's left


I am confused.. she said there are not many vegan high-end vegan mascaras, but many tarte ones are :/


Body Shop and Lush have some great vegan makeup!

Anthony Law

Hello ? Come and try our new Vegan & Cruelty free makeup and skincare! We manufacture in small batches to ensure top quality. www.ALCSCO.com ?

Sweet Butterfly

Mellowcosmetics are a cruelty free and vegan company. They sell makeup products. Get your first product and use the code MELLOW15 to get 15% OFF.

The link:


j money

guessing left side (your right) for high end!!!! before watching the full video!!!!
edit: Holy shit???????????????????????? i was wrong!


I wont ever buy any more high end make-up. My Makeup Revolution palette is much better than my Urban Decay palette

Rose Hale

Left high end

R and L

Thank you so much for this, loved it!! ? Also, I own that same shade of Colorpop lipstick lol!


just scrolled through all the comments hoping to find the name of her nail polish; please, someone help me out! it is so freakin cute!!

Amy Mifsud

You’re right side is high-end and your left side is drugstore am I correct

Kimberly 84

Do you not use a primer, Or did you just do it off camera?!??

Kealy Ny

I don't understand your hair.


Yeees, I LOVE THAT YOU USE VEGAN/CRUELTY FREE PRODUCTS! Makeup gurus should learn from you! Just suscribed! P.S: You’re GORGEOUS!


I subscribed to your channel and love it you should go to a Korean spa and Lucy should do 5 days of self care or 5 days of insta makeup??

Erika America

Good experiment ?


Cero waste makeup pls!! PLSSSSSSS!!

Zoë Morris

left is high end

Jennifer D'Ambrosio

I think both sides look great!

Linda Zhang

Please do zero waste makeup next!


This is the first video that comes up when I search "vegan make up"
How are independent creators supposed to compete with content form companies who have access to high production values.... I come to youtube looking for a more realistic vision of reality where not everything is "perfect" all the time... I guess this comment is more directed at youtube but the more the site favors big companies, celebrities and infulencers...the further I feel we drift from reality.... it creates unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of life....

Madeline Rodriguez

A note about e.l.f.! all their cosmetics are vegan but not all their skincare is! Be aware!

Christina Miller

Thanks for the video! I can't believe how challenging it can be to find GOOD vegan makeup. As for high-end mascara, get your hands on some Caution Extreme Lash Mascara from Hourglass. I was skeptical because it's not waterproof but after wearing it all day yesterday without any smudging at all, I'm nearly convinced. I say "nearly" because I haven't subjected it to the sobbing uncontrollably test yet, lol.

Morgan Gam3Girl

high end on right side?

Jose The Human

I liked the video, however, I would have liked to see a bigger variety of brands.


Your skin looks so amazing

Janice L

Would you share the brushes you used in the video? Thank you!

Amy Mifsud

Your leftist high end and you’re right side it is drugstore

Tunet Jordaan

Left! I use Vegan body wash, deo etc.

Kel McGowan

I like the eyes. Very pretty without being too over the top.

Claudia Anahí Guiscafré

Vegan Makeup is better ?

Lisa O

BTS by Too Faced is vegan :)

Anna Wessman

I actually thought that the left side was high end too. Both look amazing though! <3

The Yellow Girl

Honestly I think that when she says a foundation isn't full coverage, it's just cause she doesn't apply enough?

Ella Hall

this fella...

nat & tim

What nail polish is that she wearing!? ?

Lex Martinez

I wish you've would've done some more research because some of those brands have parent companies that are not cruelty free and your feeding into the monster. Cruelty free and vegan kind of go hand in hand.


What nail polish are you wearing?? Love it!!! Love the whole look too, btw, you're awesome

Amy Mifsud

I guessed correctly


Can I ask where your compact mirror is from? It’s the perfect size mirror I’ve been looking for everywhere! Would help a ton, thank you ☺️

Allyse Francis

Right (viewer's view) is high end

Ashley Lynne Cleveland

What about tarte?? All of their products are vegan im pretty sure!!

Beatrice Franks

I love your earrings mi-anne! Where are they from? ??x

Carolyn e

I hardly consider Pixi to be a drugstore brand anymore considering their ridiculously high price here in Canada. Love their Glow Tonic toner but seriously; $20 for a mini and $38 for the full size. Yikes.

Paloma Lopez

Yasss finally vegan related stuff?? animals don't deserve to be used for beauty!! Or anything.

Kaash Kaash

Loveee the hair color!!


I’m trying to switch to vegan makeup.. anybody fully vegan brands?

Jessie Pyron

talk about your hair color please

Ashley Griffith

Wow no Kat Von D? Genuinely surprised lol

Samantha Rausch

PLEASE MAKE DRUGSTORE MAKEUP VIDEOS. Most cannot afford high-end or even online brands...

Amy Mifsud

You’re left is high end
And you’re right side is drug store

Gidget VonRocketbütz

I wish you'd have looked into GD & their joke of a Lisa Frank Kickstarter before you gave them some free advertisement.


Got it right!

Nicole B


y yg

First of all can I just say, your nails are FreAkiNg adORabLE.

Samantha Rodriguez

no bs i thought the left side of her face was drugstore cause it wasn't as pigmented and pretty

suzanna elizabeth

ATTENTION! if anyone wants to try some fantastic Vegan and Cruelty Free makeup, skincare and nutrition products then I'm your girl! well, if you live in either UK, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Canada or US. I run a business as an Independent Consultant alongside Arbonne and effectively we like to lead healthy lives and inspire others to do the same using products that are good for you and your body in order for it all to work properly through a 360 mind, body, skin approach. we believe in holistical healing in the sense that temperamental skin could be as a result of a badly functioning gut, or that a lot of mental health illnesses can impact you feeling physically uneased for example. we are a B corp certified company which only 3100 companies in the WORLD can claim to reach the standards which certify this. Arbonne is the future of premium, vegan certified and gluten free products which, you, just like me, can earn money from!

shop my link at: @t

if you would like to join my team or are interested in a path to living a healthy lifestyle with your income and business supporting you... contact me on instagram at @suzannaelizabeth

if you read this far... see what you can do on the other side of fear if you just reach out. cus this time it just might change your life.

Mia Jones

I’m so confused is the drug store stuff supposed to be vegan or high end

Estelle Ripple

I was right the eyeshadow gave it away


Left expensive right drugstore


22 dollar powder doesn’t sound like a drug store

j vall

Wannabe buzzfeed

Spicy Yellow Pickles

Can someone give me a list of full foundation drugstore products (foundation, setting powder, primer, setting spray, concealer, etc) that make your skin look like skin but flawless and not cakey?

Berenice Meza


Ellie Bows & Sparkles

Stop ? I thought the right side was high end ? I am shocked! ??

Ana Torres

I actually also thought at the beginning of the video that the drugstore side was the high-end one lol


I have definitely 3 phases of wearing makeup that all happen within the same day:
1. Fresh very clearly makeup
2. Mixes with my oils, natural look
3. Oils take over and I’m a shiny melty mess ?
But also like, I love Mi-Anne I watch AAAALL of her vids but such a change in tone when talking about the expensive vs. drugstore makeup, like so much shade at the drugstore makeup??


Do you use any vegan products? Comment them below! :)

Megan S

Thank you so much for this video!!

shauna burton

Elf makeup is vegan and awesome! cheap, pretty and easy to find

Kristen Johnson

New sub! Love your personality!!

Lizel Garza

Your so cute and so informative!!!?

Erika Puentes

Mi! For the drugstore setting powder, please please please try Cory Airspun Loose Face Powder! They sell it at drugstores (I got mine at Walgreens) and it’s AMAZING. It compares to the high end and there’s many beauty gurus that use that for setting powder! Hope you try it!

Taylor Chase

Yay, for vegan and cruelty-free beauty! ❤❤



avery riojas

holy guacamole your so pretty!!!???❤️

Kekeli Gohoho

I guessed right! I knew straight away because the high-end eyeshadow looked better :D


As I'm starting the video, I'm guessing your left side is high end. It looks better, the shadow is is more pigmented and the foundation looks smoother.

emmy fleur

Thank you so much for doing a vegan make up tutorial! :)

Carrie Ann Saltsman

Im working on switching completely to vegan makeup and skincare! I suggest the tarte mascaras for a high end option


Where did you get your gorgeous rainbow handled brushes? I need them! ?

emma forti

Why did the girl have that champagne bottle tho??

Dazed & Confused

Very pretty. Right side?

Emelia Cooley

Tbh in the beginning when she asked us what side we thought was drugstore and what was high end I thought her right side was the high end! It looked so good, if not better than the high end! (At least to me lol ?)

Emily Mckenzie

Toofaced is cruelty free

Super T

I just knew the drugstore makeup was on the right side! Its a little bit lighter

Laura Bengtsson

The right side is High end?

Zohora Jabin

If your conscious about what you put onto or into your body then check out www.syedazohorajabin.arbonne.com to understand what is good for your skin, guts and body. This websites helped me understand that I need to be careful with products to use and not to use to avoid damage to the skin and health problems.

Samantha Carbonell

Was anyone else confused when she said she couldn’t find a high end vegan mascara but then suggested that we buy the smash box full exposure mascara?

Organic vegan makeup

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My Minimal Everyday Makeup Routine – 5 Minutes – (vegan / cruelty-free / organic / natural)

49 146 views | 15 Jan. 2020

this video is sponsored

this video is sponsored by squarespace. for 10% off your first purchase, go to http://squarespace.com/jennymustard and use offer code jennymustard at checkout.

who says we can’t look chic and trendy without covering our faces with a ton of makeup using a million products ?

in this GRWM video i show you my cruelty-free, organic, 100% vegan, minimal, and natural go-to makeup look routine !

using only 5 products and 5 minutes, this look will leave you feeling fresh and hot, whilst still being cruelty-free and kind to your skin !

i talk about:

- get ready with me !

- my minimal and natural go-to makeup look !

- cruelty-free, vegan, organic and kind to skin !

- quick, easy and hassle-free routine !

- only 5 minutes ?

- only 5 products ?

- my favourite, long-time products and brands !

- from human being to marble statue ?!

- the MOST important makeup product ?

- no mascara ?

- wild eyebrow effect ?

- eyebrow trends !

- naked eye elf creature look ?!

- how to make lipstick stay on forever ?!

products i use:

- hiro concealer, spacebalm shade 02 - https://bit.ly/2uKnZwg

- inika bronzer, baked mineral bronzer shade sun beam -https://bit.ly/2Ra2FYw

- inika highlighter, organic cream illuminisor shade gold - https://bit.ly/2FIYn4X

- elf brow & lash mascara - https://bit.ly/2FKS6G7

- b. cosmetics lipstick, b. matte shade raucous - https://bit.ly/36PpAz1


check us out on instagram !

@jennymustard - https://instagram.com/jennymustard/

@themustards_ https://www.instagram.com/themustards_/


shop our organic t-shirts and tote bags: https://themustards.co/shop

subscribe to our podcast on

itunes : https://apple.co/2DR2lpF

spotify : https://spoti.fi/2BAGuUJ

acast : https://www.acast.com/themustards


buy my book SIMPLE MATTERS here:

US: https://amzn.to/2IJpJrA

Uk: https://amzn.to/2JuyIBB

DE: https://amzn.to/2MgpYg8



subscribe to my channel :


check out our second channel THE MUSTARDS : http://bit.ly/2BQIp5D


love // jenny

#GRWM #minimalmakeup #makeuproutine

Pro Crastinator

Her mouth is towards right a little, no?

Martha _

Du är så fin! Längtar tills min hy är fin så att jag kan skippa foundation och puder ?? Är tyvärr inte tillräckligt bekväm ännu, men det ser så fräscht ut med endast lite smink.

Sabrina Fedossi

Muito linda a make!!! Vou usar! Beijos ?


I love seeing how used all your makeup is, feels like we are getting very sincere reccomendations and the look turned out great!

Johanna Rahardt

I'm also a mascara skipper ;)

Lucy Holmes

If I don’t curl and use mascara, my lashes hit my sunglasses ? ?


I return to this video to coach me through my morning routine over and over again! I am so pleased that I found you and David with your lovely videos!

The Impossibly Holistic Girl

Gorgeous!! :')

maja veluscek

You are so beautiful without make up! ❤ from Slovenia

Bernadine Pena

I've adopted the no mascara look for awhile now. Your beautiful, love your look. I can't find a red I can wear attractively ?

Jud Blü

I love your attitude and how you always support women to empower themselves ❤️


You should try an eyelash lift, it lasts for almost 2 months and looks really good without mascara ?

Janet Morgan

I use just a swipe of mascara on my upper eyelashes! I feel it makes my eyes look more open and awake without feeling heavy or overdone. Also love a splash of bright lipstick to make a day feel special!

Alli As Always

You are so inspiring. And a queen. ???

Nicole S Ng

I love the bronzer on the eyelids idea. Also love your lipstick I am really lazy with lipstick ?

Hella Moonlight

5 min??? That would take me 15


I also team brozer for eyelid!! Can't find the products in my country... I wish I could have all..

Sentis A

Wow, You look amazing, especially with no mascara. This look really suits You. also the lipstick! I am actually jealous about Your lips, because I have thin lips and I look weird with any lipstick.

I almost never use mascara. Yes, it makes my eyes look bigger but it is really showing that I have makeup on. I don’t fancy this look right now (I used to wear mascara almost every day, like 3 years ago). Now I stick to the BB cream if needed and highlighter.

Lots of love from Poland

Jolien Peeters

This is such a realistic routine! Thank you!

Alessandra Bonizzi

i always skip mascara, i find i look better without it, my eyelashes also grow straight out like yours so it’s a pain to keep them curled. i sometimes only do bottom lashes for a cute doll-like look

riet rouvrois

Very pretty, Jenny! ?
Thanks for the tips. I love your Inika bronzer. I find it really hard to find a natural looking bronzer. Most of them are too orange or have lots of glitters. X

Rose Dawson

hi Jenny. mascara and lipstick are a must for me. I was wondering if you could do a video about your favourite lipsticks?

Zanahoria Love

wow I think I will copy that! I have never thought that after watching a makeup video in my life. Its also cool to know that we have a similar skin tone so I can "copy" your products (and they hit my criteria such as curelty free and organic :) ) I personally do not use mascara because I do not like the feeling on my eyes, but a little skin something enhancer would be lovely

Ariya Sing

No mascara! For daily looks i skip it too, i just tight line my upper lids and curl my lashes. Looks way more natural and theres no hard or heavy feeling from mascara :)

Linda Yue Jin

You look more grown-up after makeup. I don’t think I can skip colouring my brows though


Blush rather than bronzer for me always

Judith Bustos

Love love love th video! as always amazing Jenny :)
It would be very interesting if you do a video with hairstyles for lazy/not very good at doing difficult things on the hair...


my lashes are kinda straight too, but I do prefer some mascara and don't like curlers instead lol, the curl never lasts. I'm blonde so the tips (more like last third) of my lashes are pretty much invisible and I kinda like my long lashes. The mascara just reveals those last couple mm's


You can take mascara out of my cold dead hands


I skip a mascara too!
If i put a mascara and not use a fixator spray - after 1 hour or 2 I'll have my undereyes all grey. I was trying to find a good mascara, but i think it's about the shape of my eyes and lids because it happens with all of them. Anyway my eyes decide also to release tears every time i go out soon in the morning (wearing mascara or not) so all in all I've decided it just doesn't make sense to me to use it.
Now my makeup consists of: a bit of concealer or foundation only in the center part of my eyes, blush and highlighter on my cheeks and eyelids, eyebrows done with a bit of browpomade or shadow amd coral-red lipstick (sometimes pink- beidge). That's it!

Purple Worm

i just wear bold lipsticks. nothing else. too lazy for mascara - unlike lipstick mascara isn't fun :D

Ashir Shrivastava

You look so lovely with or without makeup! <3
I've always loved your orange-ish eye makeup look. Could you drop a video of that? How to make your eyes pop based on the eye colour?

Jenny Mustard

no mascara or a shit ton of mascara ??
what's your style ? xx

Pamela JL Alexander

oh if it's only 1 element of eye make-up, it is ALWAYS mascara, but I don't curl. I think I need a special tutorial on highlighter and bronzer. My mom thought that anything other than concealer and a bit of powder was too tarty or clownish--which I supposed I'm grateful for now because it's helped keep my skin in good shape. But as a result I didn't get the early training in highlighter and now worry about looking like I've just escaped from Halloween. . .I see the potential, but: mystified :)

Angela Tsai

I love how used up and clearly well-loved your makeup is. Reminds us that we don't need piles and piles of makeup. Adore this look and that lip color!

kyl exitos

Love your tips. It saves money and time. I don't wear make at work but I will apply tomorrow. I am sure I will look more polished, am I right( more like statement less than a question :) )!

Janice Sztabnik

Been waiting for this, thanks Jenny! Just loving the first lip color, its soo beautiful in every way- can you share that color too?

Scarlet Baxter

Only own blue mascara, I never really feel the need to apply mascara cause I actually like how straight and black my lashes already are. I do find blue lashes rather fun though ^_^

Vera Langanke

Love the Elf-eye-look. Will try it?

Kaylin Michelle

love the naked eye, especially with red lips. Defs don't need mascara when you rock the red lips (which is like everyday right because it gives you magical powers)

Lonely Flower

I find mascara too feminine for me ?

Zoë Way

I love your channel, attitude, style, tips, life views and all the rest but I am disappointed you cut your hair! I don't mean to offend and it looks great but I was hoping you were going to grow out this amazing, long mermaid hair and I was using it as inspiration because I have similar hair to you and have had great difficulty managing my patience. I haven't heard you talk about it yet although I may have missed a video but I am curious how you feel about your haircut because I am tempted all the time to cut mine. PS, I love your quick makeup routine. Mine is very similar but I always wear loads of mascara!

Isabel Herrera

I find difficult to use the curler, I hurt myself ?


You look gorgeous ??✨

Lene Kaufmann

Jenny, you are so beautiful with or without makeup. ??
Loved this video, thank you for the inspiration ?

Tanya Ushakova

You are so pretty and young without makeup:)


love it!

Deborah Hayes

Fantastic! Love the brand references!

Caroline Livino

love the minimalistic look on you! I always use mascara, but I have really short lashes as well, haha ?✨

Celestial Mage

We ?? applause ??everyone ?? Best thing said in 2020. Thank you for being awesome ❤️

Taly Rachel

omg so cute i’m glad to see this because i hate wearing a ton of makeup but now i have an idea of what i can mix up with what i do have to feel extra cute on days i do want to wear some


Among all the eyelash lifehacks and treatments i found one perfect for me - getting them dyed with henna
Much cheaper than all the liftings and definetely cuter than extensions

Apart from that, I feel that you've just converted me to using bronzer
great video, warm hugs!

steaming pile of garbage

Love the message of the video and your makeup style, you're very elegant


I skip mascara and have done for years now, unless I go to something special. I wear glasses and oh boy is it annoying when they constantly rub on the glass and smudge. No thank you, naked all the way lol


Love your new haircut!

Julie Turner

Beautiful makeup look.

Mariangela Cafagna

OMG you're so beautiful with this short haircut and no make-up on your face :D It feels like you're 16 and I am not kidding!!

Pınar Keleş

I do not use mascara at all. Maybe 5 times a year or so. I just curl them and that's enough for me. I really do like to use blush and lipstick everyday. And concealer .. you are so pretty with or without makeup jenny :)

Mell Melada

I needed this! Perfect for a lazy girl like me, thank you!

Rebecca Ritzén

Vad använder du för typsnitt i dina videos? De är så fina och simpla!


I wear lipstick everyday. It is the best. Coloured lips are the easiest way to complete an outfit


In the 80s we had to use white eyeshadow instead of highlighter! At least the world has improved in that arena

Amber Eller

I ? a good simple makeup routine.


Hej Jenny!❤️
Jag har sällan mascara!!!?

Mån-fre när jag jobbar så vill jag inte ha mycket smink för ska ju bara till jobbet. Tycker inte det behövs en massa smink.
Må-fre brukar jag ha ett mineralpuder för att täcka där det behövs, bronzer, ögonbrynspuder och något på läpparna. Fransarna brukar jag också böja bara.
Sen tycker jag det är kul att sminka sig lite mer på helgen men mest om jag ska gå ut i helgen. Är jag bara hemma känns det onödigt att sminka sig. ?

stephanie santos

i really appreciate you saying that you're lucky to have nice skin! i've always had relatively clear skin (a little on the dry side and sometimes over-flushed, but never had acne) and i always felt bad when people would ask for my skincare routine because like... it was just moisturizer lol i feel like yes, good eating habits, exercise, and a skincare routine can help, but a lot of having clear skin is just luck and genetics. a lot of influencers won't admit that and it's so annoying


i kind of wish i had somewhere to go tomorrow to try this look lol i guess i can just try it anyways!


Love this routine! I would add also a bit of blush and a toned eyebrow gel. Done! ?

Justine Mętrak

I never skip mascara because it highlights my long lashes and is one of the few things that I genuinely like about myself, also I like getting compliments on them lol but generally my makeup routine is very similar! You inspired me to do red lips last year and I’ve recently found the perfect lipstick too :)


You look amazing!

Valeria V

Your eyes! ❤️


You look so fresh and nice :) I have no nice face as yours, so I need more foundation, but I also like this type of makeup. I use less bronzer (lighter shade) because I look weird with bronzer on my face. Mascara is a must, I love it, but I use it very lightly, just to darken my lashes a bit.

Grace Prokopchuk

I love how you point out the things about yourself you like! As a younger person, seeing women appreciate their beauty is so refreshing!

Tania Torres


F 0 X Y

I NEVER skip mascara. I put soooo much on bc my lashes are non existent without them lol and mascara makes such a HUGE difference to me. Makes my eyes pop

Louise Melander

Herregud va gin du är utan smink, chockad!! <3<3<3

Svetlana Barrow

Why so much bronzer?!?! It doesn’t look natural.


i love skipping mascara! the natural look has been my favorite for a few months now


Love that lipstick brand! My day to day red is the same brand. At the moment I just fill in and brush my brows, put on some shimmering gel eyeshadow with the finger and some lipstick. looks fab, my skin can breathe and it only takes a few minutes as well

Zinzi Bam

loving this clean minimal look

Heidi Kemp

Mascara... My BFF :-) Nice video! Thanks.

Mikołaj Bittner

I love glowy look, I'm waiting for my highlighter palette for fair skintone!

Allison Dienstman

brilliant love it! - so beautiful and fresh

Chyei Chyei

My go to everyday makeup: Mascara and lip stick. And a good skincare routine.

Estelle Scordellis

I only wear mascara on special occasions but always wear blusher.

mrinalini devi

I wear a red lipstick too all the time. Amd never wear mascara... and it looks cool. Love love love.


Either bright/dark lips or mascara/eyes for me!


I'm gonna try this look tomorrow!
Personally my essentials if I'm wearing makeup are:
Vaseline as highlighter
A nude lipstick that a tiny bit darker than my natural lips
That same lipstick as blush
Eyeliner if I have the time

Emma Bauer

can we just talk about how insanly beautiful you are without make up? ?

Ace Hardy


Яна Кьют

Beautiful Jenny, the makeup is really minimal and natural! I also prefer it for my problem skin :)


Step n.1: be naturally beautiful.


I learned so much within 6 mins! Thank you Jenny for making my morning routine so much more efficient, yet with a beautiful result!

Kris R

My products: concealer, highlighter, minimal eyeliner, brow pencil and a lip balm. Lipstick if I'm going out. Loving that minimalistic approach, no fuss, no extra money wasted (: I thought I had to wear a mascara when I was younger but I hate taking it off so I opt out for a liner instead. IT lifts my eyes and I don't have to fuss with it!

Hans Sueño

gorgeous Jenny! love the simplicity!?❤️

Zaza Marie Sophie

Can you tell me which product you use for your lips before you use the lipstick? I'm searching for a good treatment to take care. Really like your Videos and every inspiration, Jenny ?

Yar Winter

And remember - the best minimal makeup routine, is no make up at all ?

Sakura Moore

best vid everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monika Willow Matic

I skip mascara 8 out of 10 times these days


I always skip mascara these days. So i am digging this look


My routine sounds similar. I skip the concealer completely, though. Instead I use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate my eyes and facial expressions a bit more. I also like to go for a fresh and rosy lip :)