Mixing permanent hair color with conditioner

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Color Application tutorial | Ion Color Brilliance for beginners

73 411 views | 13 Jun. 2019


Hello everyone,

Today we did a single process color on Debra we took her from a 6N to 3IR I hope you guys enjoy and I look forward to any feedback as I am a cosmetology student this is the way I learned to do a color application.


Thank you,


after you watch this video click the link below to watch me go from purple to blonde


From Black to Orange


Materials used in this video

- Ion color brilliance permanent color/ dye

- Ion sensitive scalp 10 volume developer

- Color Bowl & Brush

- Clips (preferably plastic)


- choice of shampoo & conditioner

Ratio 1:1 or 1:1.5 in most case

-Starting with 40g or 1.4 oz of permanent hair color (if your hair is longer than Debra's you will need to double or triple amount)

- Add equal amount of developer to bowl and mix!

- Apply color to pre section hair starting with back of the head

- For light going darker appl from root to ends

- if coming from dark going lighter apply 1 inch away from scalp to ends then return to ends once scalp complete

- Process for 45 minutes (follow direction of brand you purchased)

- shampoo 2x's then condition let sit for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse

- style as desire!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays tutorial dont forget to subscribe!!




what if i don’t have a scale

Maggie Sands

How do you know when the color has oxidized? I am new to this.

Mixed with Marcy

Hey the sound in the video was deleted for detailed tutorial please click https://youtu.be/QVzHzfmWjmg

Hannah Bodley

I have really long hair so I need 4 tubes of dye. How much developer do I use and how do I Measure

Mixed with Marcy

1:1 ratio whether measuring in grams or ounces You will do the same amount for example 80grams of color + 80grams of developer (more common in permanent dye) if your dye has 1:2 on the box you will mix 80 grams color + 160grams developer (common in semi/demi permanent in this video I used 40grams+ 40grams sometime it goes a lil over but that's okay you just don't want to over dilute color. Hope that answers any questions you may have.

Amber k.

I was wondering if one bottle of box hair dye is usually enough for my hair. Should one tube of color be enough? Thank you for your help!

Maggie Sands

Thank you.

lia ت

does salon care 30 volume developer work too?

vanyeliz cha

Hi! So my hair is currently maybe like a level 7 (very very light brown almost blonde) I’m trying to go a little lighter. What ion color and developer do you suggest?

Acidic Jerk

Hey i hope you see this, i only want to bleach 2 little tiny strands of hair. I got the supplies but i don't want to use all the quick blue powder and all the devolper, do i have to or no? Or can i just use a very little amount just to do 2 little thing strands?

N Perez

What if I pre lightened and dont want to use any developer, will the color see till deposit by itself?

Nia K.

What do you mean by hair levels?

Denika Locke

Does it have to be 10 volume developer?

Madvisualz Ent

Hi so yesterday I bleached my hair and it came out orange and I have a red permanent ion dye can I dye it or what do I have to do? Like will it come out red or?

Monica Ant.

I have short brown hair and planning on buying 30 volume developer and medium ash blonde hair dye and do you know if it will work ? Or do I have to bleach it ? Which I don't want to damage my hair?


Can I use a different brand of 10 volume developer?

Esmeralda Medina

I bought the same toner and color but in brown, once I mix the toner and color together will it turn brown?

Keller Flanagan

what did you mix at the beginning? i happen to have the exact same developer and color, and it’s my first time dyeing my hair. was that conditioner + developer at the start?

Ariadna Luevano

I have to mix the developer with the color tubes?

Jacynda Minor

hey girl, the instructions always say to color unwashed hair, but you’re the 2nd pro I’ve heard that says apply to clean hair. Can you elaborate on that please and do you consider it clean if it’s washed but has hair oils and leave-ins in it? I have crazy thick wavy and coarse hair and I have to use all manner of taming agents after I wash it. I typically put some combo of olaplex #6, ouai rose oil, Moroccan oil, igk mistress, etc.
also will having used nizoral shampoo make anything weird happen? It’s for Malassezia or itchy scalp.
also- man my hair is waaaay longer than it’s been in a long time and I truly don’t know how to go about the physics of applying color, it is so much easier when it’s short but now I don’t know where to start, where to clip, etc. . it’s barely past my shoulders and I’m going for the look in my pic here again, from blonde all over to a split between red and blonde. I’m starting with about 3 in of light auburn virgin hair and the ends are blonde. The front is a damn mess but I’m doing something to tide me over until I can see someone and afford to pay them, this is really long but an attempt to be thorough. Here’s what I am hoping is a functional link to an image of my current sorta deal

kirsten vankirk

Hi, I bleached my hair with 10 developer and the cream, now will it hurt my hair if I do developer and color?

Amber Hamm

How much Developer do you use with 2 tubes I'm going to dye my rose petal soon I just got the Developer today in nervous and never used it before

Girlygam3rr S

Will it be ok if I use 30 volume developer instead of 10?

Kathryn Soles

I have the jet black with the 20 vol. Developer I have black hair currently and naturally I have brown hair I am new to this

Alondraa07 Gg

What happens to hair if we don’t use developer ? Just the tubes


Do you apply this to dry hair, what if you haven't shampooed in 10 days? (had eye surgery)

Rita Soriano

Does the developer bleach your hair?

Mixed with Marcy

want to know what type of hair dye to use watch this video https://youtu.be/IU-Mu5Se984

Oliwia Tomczyk

I just dyed my hair red with manic panic the color wildfire and my hair is like a gingery red and I really like it but I want something permanent. and I was planning on to use the ion red permanent dye , so what do I do? do I wait till the color is faded and what developer do I use?


I have a medium length hair do you suggest using just one box of hair dye(ion) with a developer or two boxes of hair dye??


Is the developer necessary if you bleached your hair light blonde?

Jennifer Hufstedler

So I bleached my hair, then colored it platinum chrome and came out blonde- (it was purplish brown). It’s been almost a month and I’ve colored it blond since then it looked brassy. I have the ion chrome color I want to go almost platinum- but I don’t want to bleach it although I have some dark roots now. I bought the toner, purple color additive but it’s not T19 or something. Would this work?

Amber Lynn

A few months ago I got my hair done at the salon and I went a really nice ginger color but my color has faded out a bit and my roots have grown at a little I don’t want to pay to get my hair done professionally and I kinda want to do it at home because it’s fun lol with that being said I have a few questions. I’m thinking about mixing the colors 5r (light brown red) and a little bit of 7RR (intense red) do I use a Developer with this stuff and will it lighten up my roots enough to have an even color because I really don’t want to have to bleach my roots. Side note my roots are like a dirty blonde color. :)

Jimena Amezcua

Hi! I tried bleaching my hair yesterday and then dying it emerald using ion brights colors. Didn't come out like I wanted, I'm looking for like a forget green color on my hair. Can I mix the permanent emerald with a semi-permanent blue without developer?

Mixing permanent hair color with conditioner

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Diluting Hair Dyes

50 092 views | 8 Oct. 2011


"I'm the


"I'm the Rehab, You're the Drugs"


Things you'll need:

-mixing tub (preferably not mettalic)

-application brush

-hair dye (any color, any brand. Only for vibrant colors)


Make sure your hair is previously bleached if it is not a light blonde to get the vibrant/pastel color. Happy dying! ^w^

Note: For the purple I diluted the Raw dye and added the Pink Fetish by Splat to make it more vibrant. You can use this too or just buy the Lusty Lavender from Splat.


conditioner without silicone or things with cone i've heard works better :)

Andrea BH

I saw this and said this video is so 2010. I checked the date and said yup, 2011

Hanner 1228

So I tryed diluting my splat aqua rush and it wanted to clump up in the conditioner. I use treseme? Is there a trick I could do?

Streetyouth 36

can you dilute splat hair dye???

Carolina A

Can u use this for splat 30 wash


I miss 2011 :(

Ashlie Lozano

I want like a baby pink, and the only dye I use it Splat, so if I add conditioner to Pink Fetish, would it turn out baby pink?


work it girl xD

Courtney Tovey

I have pink fetish and lusty lavender in splat hair dye, but it's not diluting properly. It turns all flaky! Please help!


conditioner is conditioner itll fucking work ;)

angelica wolf

I want a color like this but darker, can I just add black hair dye too it? and just mix it? or would that mess up the whole thing??

Amy Mondragon

2020 anyone 0-0

Meow Ahh

I am trying to dilute my splat hair dye for my cosmetology doll. I heard it doesn’t last as long if you do this but I don’t normally wash the dolls hair unless I put hair gel in her hair. This is my first time bleaching and dying her hair so hopefully it turns out well

Mixing permanent hair color with conditioner

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Can I mix permanent hair dye with conditioner?

75 views | 30 Jul. 2020

Conditioner Hair Dye •

Conditioner Hair Dye • Can I mix permanent hair dye with conditioner?


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