Old mature woman

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49 year old lady in mini dress chatting with you | Just chatting with viewers for a catch up.

892 809 views | 26 Jul. 2020

This is just chat with you

This is just chat with you in one of my short mini dresses. Talking about anything really. No point, no direction with this upload so don't expect to much. Relax and chill with curvy mature woman.

This channel is called: Fun with Donna and David

This is a cruise channel but there is no cruising going on so we talk about other stuff.

Her name is Donna, 49 year old crazy wife and I'm David, same age and as loony. I hold the camera and on the channel all we do is try and make you smile and remain positive.

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i love your darling dress and wonderful smile


PS: I love your big gorgeous smile ?

Фрол Сафронов

Самый сок ???

Ivo Dalla Springgiastolla

Girl, so beautiful.

Miguel Anguel Moral Ramón

Woooomm sexy ???

Peter Garrett

Hi if I call you a bloke Will you meet me not that I would your gorgeous bles you

jamaican wash

Oh yeah baby! I just love that pretty red and black print dress! Donna you are way too pretty and fine for words!!!

Paulo Roberto Pinheiro

Tá lindona muito gata tem muita lenha pra queimar beijos

Jorge Enrique Moreno Ortiz

Bella y sexy!!!!!!!!!!

Jorgito Hernandez


somendra jain

U r so beautiful hot

Efren Alberto Rodriguez Perez

Esas Damas siempre son como los buenos vinos...Deliciosas...una de ésas me voy a beberrrrr...pronto...xD

Paulo Roberto Pinheiro

Desculpe o erro depois continuaremos a nossa conversa sobre lenha estou muito atrasado beijos

vidas traknys


Daver Salazar

She's nd she's hot

James Delaney

Looking good 4 sure

Fabrizio Grandi

Spero che il tuo compagno non si arrabbi ma, solo tu, mi fai sognare. Kiss????

James Cook

Honey you are a very beautiful...veryyy sexy lady...

Chris Sanchez

I think you look good

Paul Walker

You've got the figure for it.

Horochi Maru

U sexy

Miguel Gaitan

Beautifully donna!

Владимир Иванович

Sisi super

Hbib Anebi


Pierre Chazal

Amazing thighs !

Julius Molnar

Unscharfe Aufnahmen. Schade!!!

Brian Bowden

David your wife is hot af, luv you guys vids...

James Lyons

Hey Donna all the love in the world baby if you need if you need someone I'm here call me at area code 864-358-4267 South Carolina

Juan Manuel Orozco

amo voce

Tyrone Hollis

You guys are funny keep up the good work

Sandy Fernandez

Veri veatifuul


Wow she's beautiful.


Hey sexy Donna how are you today

Roland Jones

Hi Donna! Kudos, tight hugs, hard kisses and a prosperous 2k21 to you. You look super radiant, adorably beautiful and an explicit sight to behold. Love it all baby.

Manish Chhetri

Nice to see your video..both great work..maam look soo young n nice maintain body shape..

Jamir Pickett

David is her husband right just making sure


Donna If your a bloke, i'm freakin gay...! lol

Jose vacaa


Severino Rosario

Hi baby is beautiful


She's a very attractive leggy woman. If you're on social media you'll always have some idiots on your comments depending on different reasons. Most of them are jealous, stupid and unhappy people, some do because they are just ignorant and bored - they just wanna spoil the party. Stay as healthy and good looking as you are.

Grey Skull19

It’s kinda sad, that some Ladies think when you hit 40-45 years old, your “Sexiness” is gone and you should dress more “Appropriately” for your age... I say ......”Raspberries” to that $|-| !+!!!... ???

Julian Perez

Las personas que no son sinceros de verdad que no merecen un saludo adios

Charlie Fraser

love the dress

Aaron Whitaker

Wow and she still looks good OMG awesome

Franco Renzetti



Ça chauffe Dur Dur : Vive les 49

Carla Roseane


Jesse Rizo

Oh Donna where can you be...... BEAUTIFUL !!!

Jorge Morales

Estas muy hermosa ??

Mario Millares

Sabes las mucho i no ases nada yo no voy a pagar por k tú ables mejor no agas videos ati te pagan para k agas videos no para k ables I tanbien te pagan para k enseñar lo k tienes abajo de tu vestido i te estoy ablando con respeto

Péter Balogh

Azign dejól nédzelki

sham_blore sham

Hi Donna
I am from India your very cute dear have a lovely body very young lady

Ihsan Khan

plz whatsapp number give me

Jorge Riquelme

Que linda sos respondeme el comentario

David Clark

You're absolutely gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxx

Luis Miguel Garcia Camacho

Estas super bien muy juvenil te amo bbbb besitos.

Robert Garza

Hi donna u are so pretty in that mini skirt. I am a mini skirt girl also.

Michael Wain

Hi donna you ok ?

david azevedo

Beautiful woman sensual and sexy

vidas traknys


Duane Stephens

If you were only closer..⚘???

Grey Skull19

If you don’t like what you see... Why are you watching? My opinion?... Beautiful Lady.???

Paulo Roberto Pinheiro

Gata depois continuaros

Ron Jorgensen

Absolutely beautiful lady you’re one lucky man

Jose Luis Gallardo

You look good baby

Peter Lejewaan

great Woman wat Is her backname?

Robert Mayesiii

Donna.. You look great. Have a safe blessed christmas.??⛄??.

arturo zubiate

Una mujer bien dotada!

Peter Lejewaan

Dear Donna How Lovely?
when you said I Love every single one of you
now I Hear That I Love You even more

eric olivo martinez

está muy buena niña

Vadakkayil Pramod

Do sexy.??????????

Dave Manygoats

Your very beautiful ?

Normand Auger

tu parais pas 49ans plus jeune jolie corps et que dire tes seins mmmm

Fun With Donna and David

Patreon, Patreon, Patreon, it's great you know. Loads of exclusive content. You like this content, you'll LOVE Patreon

Paul Brooks

Send this person a pair of glasses, your a sexy beautiful women, primary sexual attraction.

Miro Araujo

49 year ??


Hi Donna, can you please DM onFB messenger please. I want to ask you something but not on public YouTube comments. Thanks Larry

Gig 2feet

Soooo fine ?

C Dkhar

Wow! So sweet and lovely

Corey Smith


Mihaela Bitanu

Veri veri gud sexi

Hbib Anebi


Christopher Branham

Awesome body omg

Peter Garrett

You look better than most 20 year old sod the negative views your gorgeous ? lets see more


Gorgeous sashay

Orlando Norambuena Morales

Hermosa mujer me gusta todo lo de ella ??????

Indalesio Boutet


vidas traknys

Veri Sexsi ???

Ishmael Stevens

I love your English accent I'm in love with your voice God bless your English accent God speed thank you Jesus A M

Roger Doger

Hello Donna I have to say you don't look 49 more like 35

Just Ray Carson Pro Wrestling Channel!

Amazing work each time ?

Rachid In

Je t'aime fort ta beauté tu as une belle beauté

Richard Brackett

Donna is a BEAUTIFUL Women. Enjoyed your video.

Jose Martinez

Looking so beautiful

Ioan Mone

Que Boa

Ihsan Khan

i love you

Σαββας Μαυρομματης


music guy


Bob Serna

You have a good body for your age

luis Arias

Quiero besarte manda mrnsaje

Old mature woman

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SHE'S 82 and HE'S 39 - A 43 YEAR AGE GAP?!? [Hattie Retroage]

2 588 588 views | 11 Aug. 2019

***Be sure to subscribe to

***Be sure to subscribe to see the update***

Self-confessed cougar Hattie arrives in Florida to spend her first weekend with 39-year-old John, who has only ever dated older women.

You can follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/3jsofficial/

Jose P I

It is boring, if they want to do it do it privately need not be in social media.

Jimmawork urgessa

Life is a choice.So,I can’t judge any one.

Selbastine G momin

So cute to old.

Rubina Cajigal

She's amazing!

Lerm's Vlogs

Love is blind ages doesn’t matter that’s only a numbers..

Richmond Justice

This real love or opportunity love☹️

Lynette Francis

They look good together but I think he would be rather like a player

Rika Thabah

Tymmen katne dang kwah samla te la kut ??

Pravin Vaghela

Am interested


"Jezebel' spirit " teaching and seducing sexual immorality

miguel rodri


Bongani Manyatsi

Love sometimes

AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic

The guy doesn't want to be homeless.

Lynette Francis

He is fat nasty man she is a lady

פנטום היחיד

I recall a Yiddish song in this version:
"Achtsik zi un firtsik er".


So, the point is they never contact each other again after meet in person. My boyfriend is 20 years older than me, and we been together for 6 months

Mariola Loboz

Oh baby ...I can see your pension soooo clearly ! I love you to pices! Love love my baby

Linda Thorpe


yasser nice

I am 33 years old. I would love to marry a woman older than me. I want a woman whose age starts from 45 to 55 years old.

Hakim Paul

l'm here looking for a responsible woman to Live my life with and someone who is really honest and trust worthy to me I believe that the solid foundation to a long lasting relationship should be built on trust, truth, honesty and loyalty and i am very happy that we both have it all and the interest of mutual feelings in both partners will bring about understanding I'm 28 years old and me on hangout gmail [email protected]gmail.com

koepang nuna

I'm 25 and still single, but it's okay because I believe my future husband hasn't bron yet,❤️

Andy Milanakis

That man lie about his age

Nina Sofia


Sweety Bali

I think old ladyRich smile and guy lazy
She is spunky and nice
Very beautiful lady lots of love both ❣️❣️ very chulbuli lady

Andrea Hathaway

She is socialite gorgeous ?

Jiell Wilson

Lol ?

xxx yyy

She must to be very reach?

Kuldeep Kuldeep

India pungb 75290 16371

Светлана Старадубова

Сколько не совсем здоровых людей....Бабушка слегка.... извините, ебанулась )))

Grandma Rose

To be fair, she looks 65 and he looks 55 so it's only a 10 year age gap.


I guess there are no kids in the future...

lil poohbear

she can do better...WAY better

fatima gonzalez

No no

meunier charles

Am searching someone how I will be happy in my life

Summer Cats

Ew that is so sick?

avika swu

Old should retire

Paul Grant

Am looking for a good woman for a relationship that can lead to marriage.
Am Paul from Ghana...... 38 years of age and a trained certified pharmacy dispenser by profession.
[email protected]gmail.com

A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice


jocy gold Muscat

Age doesn't matter ???❤❤❤

Charles Clark

Damn weirdos

Marie carmel Edouard

What a woman .. she's all that !!! I believe he's too old for her, she deserves a younger and more sexsi man.

joyce trepagnier

I love her spirit. Live it up!!! You, as a matter of fact, all of us need uplifting spirits like yours.

Susan Borja

The 37 needs a motherly love.. ?

Isolieta Dolar

age doesn't matter ..

Maureen Flovers

That guy next to her does not seem to be fired up about anything.he seems thoroughly bored.Hattie has more energy and and is a better physical and mental condition than him.

music notes


Jithu Shinu



I also want to be in love... Awaiting the right male partner... ?

Vannesa Greenlen

A man around my aged,dating a woman,old enough to be his grandmother.pretty gross.

Kristy Caminero

All I see is money Lmfaoo

Caren Campbell

Shes so old and flabby.


You can follow me on IG also: https://www.instagram.com/3jsofficial/


why is everyone praising hattie, shes kinda insulting, she fat shamed her man. yea she's good lookin but shes a jerk

Mariola Loboz

l put huge insurance on lover boy and go for boat trip....and only me return.....lol

Jaishema James


Andre White

What a bored man?? ???? he's acting like he's ashamed of her. I questioned why did he dated her ?

coco p

he looks 82 no her

Clarissa Bernadette Toledo

Hahalha i hope i cn find too..age doesnt really matter??

Ron Summers

The older you get the closer you get in age. I know this for sure as my father (92) and I (67) are more like buddies now.

Fred Cary

Please I need a personal chauffeur if you in new york and can drive please text me (469) 598-4889

Isabela Guzei

She's 82??? No way... She looks so good!

Amelita Santos

Me im find..lover oldman..

Bongani Manyatsi

I dont need any man close to me anymore,dont trust any one but happy for those who each other

Li’ Li Tea-Time

She is thick tho

Carolyn Kimani

Waiting for my soulmate

Jane Wittmer

Hallo madam if you don't like him let me know he might be a man for me thanks and have nice day

Mary Hoath

Good on you Just be happy being together though Yea'y

e.h lee

he is so in love with that granny so he didnt pick her up at the airport... not respectful...

Kimberly Nguyen

As long as you are happy

Crispina Bermisa

What? Oh No!

Disha Rao

And I'm still single seriously ?

Samantha Conn

Umm..... By about 4 min or so in I get why this dude only lucky with much older ladies because no one id gonna put up with how he started treating her. I'd be done. PEACE OUT ASSHOLE. He's such a whiny, temperamental person. ? yuck.

Caren Campbell

Old and sick

Gagnon Humberstone

She's to young for him .
He looks so old

Miranda Van Rossum

Purple lips???

Bongani Manyatsi

It's not good at all when the woman is older than the man


Now, every child can tell to their parents who are saying they are running against time to get marrued at age 25, ' my partner is just being born '

Justice Empire

Hattie is a vibrant and free-spirited woman. She's too much for the men she picks up. She has everything in life to enjoy in a sustainable level.

Leruo Segalo

Ps5 secured

Ania Tacson


Neilybugg N

That 82 year old lady actually looks good

Fatima Hernandez

Yes he's 39 because grandma is taking a lot of he's energy away

one one

I want to puke.

Komang Bawathy

Hai how are yau mis

Amir Bhatti

Oh no

Prasad Dil

Ayubowewa ? ?????


00:26 ????? he felt so happy aftee kissing her

Bongani Manyatsi


Li’ Li Tea-Time

I like the way she repurposed the weighted ball, ALSO LADY why you being mean bout his age dang.

Ben Dover


Li’ Li Tea-Time

Bingo night HERE I COME ?

Seema Hooda


Jane Wittmer

Hallo good afternoon you can write no problem

Martin Ligawa



The ending. What he say about her mouth being open?

Theo_오파 Hyung

Hattie was on doctor phil

Mitu M

She feels 39 and he feels 83...?

rosa zumeta


Crystal Webb

This is so fucking sick ?.

Hennie Koster

Live and... let live, their relation is their business.

Old mature woman

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Royal Caribbean Wow Band shown by 49 year old | Older woman in monokini

158 995 views | 27 Nov. 2019

Royal Caribbean Wow band

Royal Caribbean Wow band explained. At 49 year's old in a monokini (muscular mature woman) explaining the WOW band. We do thing different on this channel so please check out the other videos on this channel. Check out the link for supporting the channel


I'm on stars.avn.com/deeanddee

This is a very short video which explains the Wow band and how it works. The wow band is available on the Royal Caribbean ships. From our understanding this can be only got on the first day of the cruise. The wow band is very useful, and enhance your holiday so you don’t have to carry around your Seapass card all the time.

Not all videos need to be long, some straight to the point on how stuff works on Royal Caribbean.

Please check out the other videos on our channel and see Donna in action.

Hit the thumbs up, thank you in advance

Follow us on Instagram: funwithdandd

Free access on Onlyfans.com/funwithd

And onlyfans.com/morefunwithdee

And TWITTER @DavidFunwith

Pinterest: FunwithDeeDee

Reddit: u/Funwithdandd

TikTok: @Funwithdee

Savrrone Kinney

Nice blue swimsuit

James Mcneill

Turn around

reinaldo perez

Estás divina Ricota para amarte por.minutos kiss

Donald Bendel

All I can say is WOW you make that one piece look spectacular and I volunteer to rub lotion on you all day long ?


Wow, you look absolutely amazing in that swimsuit and heels. Definitely a head turner!


Donna has the perfect body!!!

Naythan Ashburner

Sweet swimsuit love that one ???

Fabrizio Grandi

Che bella sei. Gran fisico. Kiss??⚘⚘

Jebru inc


PRR-GG1 Old Rivets

Not quite as good as the a Princess MedallionClass equivalent. Getting on/off is included in their ability, as well as Contact Tracing for upcoming (Covid) sailings.

Abutalha Abutalha

So sexy highheel red mule shose

James Mcneill

Great boob's and body

Artist Formerly Known As Just Ray Carson



Little Kitty for that suit

Joe Morales


Patrick Kobolt

That blue bathing suit looks fantastic on Donna. ...and the yellow band goes very nicely with her blue suit.


i could not finish this video......but i did finish.?

Rachid Nehas

Hello you are beautiful lady i like your body wonderful ?????

rex rexo

Wow I like ur body show more

Lori Csipor


Net Med

Toda la vagina marcada jajajaa se pasa de verga la prieta

Leo Simmes

nice earrings .

Juanito Bernal

Un encanto de mujer presiosa ??????

Thad Miller

Damn Donna, you’re absolutely gorgeous!! You’re the best looking 50 year old woman I have ever seen in my life!! I sure wish I could find myself one like you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

arturo zubiate

Hermosísima y encantadora!

Nicola Follone

Not only the band is wow

Artist Formerly Known As Just Ray Carson

Just amazing ☺️

Steven Kusar

you are looking very wow

John Pennock

You are very sexy and gorgeous love you very much

Abdo Abdelazez

u just make it more sexy ?

Zorro Borro


Peter Garrett

I would never get the blues seeing you in that swim cosy nise one

Eddie Browne

Heavenly xxx

vidas traknys



Oh Babyyyyy you look amazing in those heels wish I was your neighbor ! More please and do wear those tight bikinis or bathing suits

Reggie B.

Wow is Donna in that swimsuit.

Infamous One1

Bathing suit is good ?

Iqbal Sarodia


Juanito Bernal

Guaoooo guaoooo encantadora ???? señora

Mr. Nevertoold

She knows she is driving us crazy with her sexy azzzzzzz

keith britton

What a stunning body and the legs are just Wow x


Beautiful in blue

Yvan 7762

I was more of a bikini guy, but you convinced me that even a swimsuit other than bikini can look sexy, too.

Naythan Ashburner

Awesome camera work there Dave great stuff

ma oean marajo

For 49 age you are beautiful and really nice woman

Ferenc Szep

You look like a million dollars!

gianluca reddavide

Super sexy!?

sebastien 33 labarde

Tu et trop trop belle ma chérie

Terry Evans

Your husband is a very very lucky man

Alfonza Hobbie


Gabriel Madoz

show these mules mucho more!!!

Leo Torres

Que ricura x Dios

Johnny WeedSeed

Damn you're sexy!

Gig 2feet

Dammmmh !??????

Kenneth Henry

Staring @ her and totally forgot wat she was talking about♡

Phil C

Much...much..too short video...donna u wear that outfit so well. I love the pink lips white eye shadow lite nails...the contrast of pastel w/ brown skin..great look. Be well

Frank Malloy

I have a real weakness for two things - high-cut one-piece thong swimsuits, and sexy mature women that proudly wear bikinis and swimsuits that are supposedly "only for young women" (whatever that means), and you have covered them both!
Right from the start we see how well this suit shows off Donna's gorgeous, toned, well-defined legs and creamy smooth caramel thighs. The only thing I would say is I would love to see her in a solid white version of this which would contrast her amazing skin better.
I look forward with great anticipation to the other videos that feature Donna in this wonderful suit...especially more rear views.
Keep these coming Donna and David - my favorite channel! ❤

Martin Granderson

Beautiful skin tone. Built ford tuff.?

Antonio Bonfilio

Sei. Fantastica

David Gayle

Hello u looking great

jamaican wash

Great video. Too short thoughIMO.

Joe Mondelli

You look smoking hot hot hot

Fun With Donna and David


Diego Conceição

Lindona linda linda

Vacairri Patterson

Beautiful lady

György Antal

Wauu but you're a beautiful girl ?

Cidsilva Silva

Ta muito boa


Apaixonei por este capuz de fuscas apaixone quero mama

Emmanuel Bernhard

je ne voie que toi la te sérrer dans mes bras

Bernard Turner

Absolutely Beautiful ?

lane Moran

Super fit ✌??✌

Fred Dodson

Looking very very very very very sexy in your swimsuit i wish you were my lady ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Joan Paulo Martinez


Eduardo Hernandez

Vaya sra veterana cuidate ok...

Fully Sixx


Cerebral Art

Very sexy ? ?