Uses of shampoo

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What shampoo does Boris use?

89 520 views | 22 Jan. 2020

Uses of shampoo

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10 Surprising Uses for Hair Conditioner!

58 593 views | 14 Oct. 2015

10 surprising ways to

10 surprising ways to use hair conditioner, both in your beauty routine and around the house! What are some of your favorite unconventional hacks?

Did you know you can use conditioner for ...

- Softening your cuticles?

- Freshening up linens?

- Detangling hair?

- Taming flyaways?

- Shaving your legs?

- Bringing back the shine to stainless steel appliances?

- Softening clothes?

- Washing delicate clothing items?

- Softening rough makeup brushes?

- Softening dry winter skin?

What am I wearing?

Dress: Nha Khanh

Nails: OPI 'You Don't Know Jacques!'

Lips: Rimmel Show Off in 'Nude Eclipse'

Full face tutorial for makeup I'm wearing in this video:


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Thank YOU for watching!



Donna Willmon

I'm going to have to try all of these lol. I love these video's! Loving your look today!

We Are Legion 2

In the winter and there's a lot of static in your clothes, rub a tiny bit of conditioner or lotion between your palms to warm and rub on legs, arms. I've even used it over stockings when I have to wear those horrible things.


oh my god! great tips! loving ur hair straight♥ or slightly wavy♥ I love ur hair soo much♡ I got myself a haircut just like yours♡♡ love you!


Thanks! Good to know, I have a few bottles sitting around collecting dust, time to use them! :)


whats your hair color love it....

Is the who is the you

Z! Can you do a historically accurate 2000s make up look? :D

Sarah Doan

Seriously one of the most helpful and instantly applicable videos I’ve ever ever seen! From you and anyone, anywhere. I’ve used conditioner as shaving cream for years but never thought Of the other uses, especially detangler and for laundry. Amazing! Thank you sooo much Zabrena, you’re so cute and truly helpful!

Antora Shaon

Zabrina, for how long should i soak the makeup brush into the conditioner water?


Nice video! What conditioners are your must haves for your hair?

suzanne nottelling

Yea I do use conditioner for shaving my legs always have for years don’t need shaving cream at all infact I don’t like shaving creams. I also use conditioner as a moisturiser especially a coconut one and a macadamia nut one too. And as a fabric soft er in the rinse water

grand man

Thank you very useful, I have acquired a lifetime supply of conditioner I had no idea what to do with it. I was going to fill balloons with it and throw it at people, you have earned a subscriber.

Debra Rouse

You are so refreshing! Love the tip and historical videos that you do in addition to what everyone else does!

Cinthia Martinez♡

Please the makeup of Rose of the movie Titanic???

Allie Jadeski

Can you do an authentic 1940's wartime tutorial?? :)

MoJin rainicorn

Thank you! you have the best tips! ?

Jennifer Stith

Great tips once again!! I use conditioner when I clean my leather items, it puts the moisture back in after I've cleaned off the salt and other elemental harshities Midwest winters dish out.

Mia McQuain

You can use lotion to tame flyaway and to soften your hair a little bit more


So creative! Love you!

Alexandra Doucet

Omg!! We havent ever really gotten a good view of your wedding ring and WOWZA! Hello gorgeous! ;)

Glitzy Fritzy

These are great tips :) Thanks for sharing them Z! Love you girl! xoxoxo Mary

Karlie Travers

I like to put conditioner on my eyebrows while I'm in the shower. It makes them thick and soft

Sharon Thibault

Great video! This doesn't exactly go with it, but a tip for those who don't know hydrogen peroxide will remove blood for clothes. I've used it tons of times as a mom for four kids.


I thought I was the only one who used woolite for delicate items. Thanks for the suggestion! I am running out of woolite and needed a quick fix

Wendy Lo

thank u some of those I didn't know about. very useful information

Misguided Ghost

can I ask can hair conditioner used as fader for the hair dye product(I mean make the hair dye color lighter shade)


Here's a good tip for my fellow psoriasis/ eczema suffers! Put the conditioner on the spots where you have any red flaky patches, allow it to soak into the skin for about 5 minutes, and it'll moisturize the cracking flaky skin and overtime, it can even get rid of the patches

tastetheway youbleed

Love the vid and love the hurrrrrr!!!!!

Jayshee T

Dilute some conditioner with water and apply as body glide to help ease putting on skin tight wetsuits. Love the tip in comments for cleaning leathers with it!


For all of you that knit and/or crochet: If you have ever used cheaper yarn brands, such as Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn: It can be very scratchy.. To soften: After the project is made: ( I have done this with smaller items, like a hat or scarf). Fill sink or dish pan with cool water, add some hair conditioner, swish around to dissipate in water and pop in your yarn project.. Let sit for at least an hour or so... Rinse well and dry in the dryer on low heat.. Softer and drapes better after this.. Give it a try..

Sarah Horton

I LOVE your hair color! What color is it?

Will Abreu

Great tips!!! Does the conditioner work on synthetic bristles too or just natural hair?

Sarah Naughton

Fantastic video, thanks for the tips, will definitely be trying some of them out! x

Jennifer Campbell

In a pinch I've used conditioner to loosen stubborn makeup.  Wipe away or rinse away, and then wash your face with your usual cleanser.  It didn't even make my eyes water like some removers have.   =)

Rosie C

Your hair looks great! Love the color!

Casti Girl

Great tips. Most of them were new to me.

Hannah Godsoe

My great grandmother used to work in a laundry mat and would use hair spray to remove stains. It does the opposite of what it does to your hair. If you spray it other side of the fabric and scratch it with your nail or a credit card then it will eventually get the stain out. I used this trick one time when I wore my mom's white shirt and spilt red jello juice ALL DOWN THE FRONT. I spent my entire lunch time in the nurse's office with hairspray and got the stain completely removed. It's amazing. I have only used it that once because I haven't gotten a stain again since then but it works!

Faith Gold

I shave with conditioner when I run out of shave gel, and have made the detangler, but I am going to try the cuticle cream.

Sandy Mikel

love your top can u please tell me from where did u get it ..thanks


A bit of conditioner with water in a spray bottle can refresh a wig. Great tips! ❤️ Sharon

Jotique Harlee

Can you do one for shampoos please


I use the conditioner to shaving my legs and softening the makeup brushes LOL

laura J

ur so gorgeous <3 thanks for the great tips!!!xx


I have the same fridge, hah

Yiwen S.

Awesome tips, Z! This was really interesting and helpful.


Wow clever gal you are Z! Awesome ideas.

RNH Vids

Shave your legs using conditioner!

Guy Bernard

Best fucking red hair

Deana Hofer

Your hair looks AMAZING!!! Holy crap I LOVE it! ?


I love these kinds of videos that you make where you teach us different ways we can use one product! they're amazing! just one quick question - how long should we soak our makeup brushes for based off of the second tip? love you Zabrina!!

Goddess Jinx

I LOVE <3<3 your shirt? Where did you get it? I must know! lol I mean...please?

diane in FV

+macshadowcombos Hi Zabrina, Add some baking soda to that spray bottle of conditioner/water mix that you use on fabric, and you have DIY Febreze. :D Great video...thanks!

Elle Is For Living

Great tips! ♥ Elle


LOVE shaving with conditioner, it's way better than anything I've tried and I get the softest legs!

Ghoul Likes Plants

Yeah just dont use dimethicone or conditioner that uses silicone as anti frizz. Just trust.
Also conditioner doesn't contain a detergent of any kind so idk how you're ACTUALLY cleaning your panties with it. I'd repurpose a sulphate shampoo instead since it can be just as gentle on fabric AND had detergent in it, not that I'd ever put sulphates on my hair though.


I use conditioner as a body lotion, applying it to still-wet skin after a bath or shower.

Laurel Fleger

great ideas. I like using it as a shaving cream and to soften cuticles.


I've done quite a bit of these already! Thanks for the tips :)


I love your hair!!

Barbara Coradin

wow who knew;) some I did but not all

Shakeel Ahmed

hmmmmm quite interesting tips????

Nutree Cosmetics

Amazonliss Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner prolong the smooth effect after keratin treatment and leaves hair incredibly strong, shiny and softness. Check my videos

O Captain My Captain

To anyone wanting to use conditioner as shaving cream, I've noticed that it actually dulls Venus razor blades faster (they're the only ones I can use), so I'm not sure about other brands. Disposables, Embrace, Olay ribbon; they just don't last as long.

James kantola

what's your hair color? Did you get it done professionally or from a box dye?

Rebam Nedraw

love this video ?

Neidra Williams

Super tips !!! Thanks so much :)


girl you are working that dress it's stunning


I didn't know you could use conditioner as a cuticle softener, I might just have to try that.

Nirjala Chauhan

Lovely ??

Val Still

I put regular plain old Aloe on the ends of my hair in the shower and it has the same effect as coconut oil, so when I run out of coconut oil I just use aloe!


1/4 c. conditioner to 1 quart of lukewarm water. Shake well and soak a scratchy wool sweater, scarf, or socks in it  for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry as you usually do. It tames the scratches. Also works well for dry, scratchy stockings.


Love your videos!!
Great video :)


Great video! Can you still use conditioner on your makeup brushes if they're synthetic fibers?

Jaspreet Kaur

Just finished watching the "Warm Fall Look" tutorial and was thinking I wish there was another video for me to
watch...refreshed my subscriptions feed and saw this! Lol perfect timing!

Shosho Soso

u look so beautiful and young in this video what's the secret?

Laura Leonard



conditioner on my skin gives me acne


Use diluted with water in a spray bottle to eliminate static cling.

Kat Horrocks

Definitely going to add some to my bath this weekend! :)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. Thank you

Gillian K

I love using hair conditioner on my leather coats/purses/shoes to shine them up and condition them. Plus they smell amazing. I just buff a small amount in on a soft cloth and it's so much cheaper than paying for special leather conditioners.

Jona Co

Thank you


Conditioner can be used to create pastel hair dyes!


Take an old doll with that old terrible hair, wet it under warm water, add conditioner and comb or brush through and rinse with warm water. Her hair will be like new. :)

A Small Stone

I use conditioner as eye makeup remover. It works great and conditions my lashes at the same time.

Uses of shampoo

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How To Use Shampoo And Conditioner Properly

158 621 views | 3 Mar. 2018

Do you know how to wash

Do you know how to wash your hair with shampoo? Frequent application of shampoo can remove the lipid layer of your hair. Hair conditioners enriched with essential nutrients such as proteins and lipids, which effectively prevent hair fall and promote healthy growth.


Facebook: https://goo.gl/o4n4BF

LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/zYinzw

Twitter: https://goo.gl/Wg7AM6


Conditioner ni scalp ki thagalakunda pettalani vinnanu... But meeru cheppaledhem

Shaik jb


bhanu poornima

Thq so much brother

Siva Sai Kumar

Sir..hair conditioner vaadinappudu hair ki hair waxes and hair sprays use cheyyochaa

Bevara Jamuna

Sir head&shoulders shapoo yee conditional vadayi

Naga Lakshmi

nenu meera shampoo use chestuna conditioner adi bavuntumdi

Bhanu Prakash

Bro nenu anti dandruff shampoo vaduthuna but hairs rough ga una anti dandruff shampoo tho patu smooth and shine conditioner vadacha?

badugu bhanu

Shampoo tho wash chesaka hair ni dry cheyala.. conditioner apply chesi malli wash cheyala...

Mounika Creation

Bro .. Dove Conditioner use chestunna , but dandruff Shampoo vere di ela m kada , pls reply...

Sai Alakunta

Na hair silky ga vundali ainta am vadali

Kalpana Sreeramulureddy

10 and 9 years pillaliki what shampoo better and pillaliki conditioners use chaivachu

navya shyam

Conditioner pettaka Malli shampoo tho wash cheyyala ledantey normal water tho wash cheyyala

Jyothireddy Sama

nenu maa 14 years papa Pantene Shampoo vadutunnamu plz conditioner em vadalow cheppandi

P Lakshmi

thanks sir

aruna rubbers


Pabbathi Swarna

Conditioner ni scalp ki kuda pettukovala

D Dhananjaya

Sampoo veeru, kanditior veeru na

renuka jyothi

Tq gd information.....Nenu clinic plus sha vaduthunnathunna hair conditioner edhi vadithe baguntadhi

anu anu

plz shampoo suggest cheyandi

Kamakshi Donka


Vasudha Pathuri

Hi bro nenu clinic plus shampoo vadathuna ee conditioner manchidho cheppu plz.. hair Baga dry ga untadhi...

boddu lokesh

Bro please tell about men also

P Lakshmi

thank you sir alovera gel mini bumbs meda work chestunda amina dark spots etc vastaya a gel machedi please reply

suresh babu

7 years papaki dove conditioner use cheyocha

P Lakshmi

super Sir nenu bear shampoo vadedani next nyle shampoo vadutunna patanjali conditioner vadacha reply

Swapna Swapna

nadi Chala long hair bt dandruff valla hair fall avutundi...nenu head&shoulder anti dandruff shampoo use chestuna conditioner em use cheyali and one more doubt conditioner valla hair ki em problem undadhu kada...

Hanmandlu Thipparthi

Men's scalp ki thagalakunda ela conditioner vadaali sir is this possible

Deepa Reddy

conditioner pettukunnaka warm water tho kadagocha ??

Eswri K Yshsv

nenu kwvt lo unanu plz

Abhi Ram

Bro beer shampoo ki manchi conditioners chepu bro

jayaram kali

hair slick avutunda bro

Madhan Ram

Bhayya nenu 2days headbath cheyakapotay dandruff vachesthumdhi nenu dove shop use cheyali anukumtanu hair smooth and silky gaa undatame ki conditioner edhi vadali bhayya kastha chepputhara pls...........???

india india

Okavela shining conditioner teeskunte shampoo edi teeskovali

kotha usha rani

After delivery hair fall Baga undi.after shampoo rough ga hair break ayyinattu untundi.yem shampoo conditioner vadali

Swetha Swe

Can we use Tresmeer

india india


Sumathi Reddy

I'm using soap berrys for hair... Which conditioner should I use

ramya teki

Conditioner juttu thadiga unnappuda leka podiga unnappuda apply cheyali

jyothi rao

Sir Sunsilk shampoo ki elanti conditioner use cheyaali and had bath chese time lo shampoo enni sarlu apply cheyaali.. I mean 1 or two times... And conditioner eppativaraku use cheyaali

Prasad Bprasad

nenu clinic plus shampoo vaduthunnanu appudu Na hair ki sunsilk shampoo vadavacha

B Shanti Kumari


Kamakshi Donka

Conditiner epudu hair ki apply cheyali

Shaik Bashrun

Lices remove chese mundhu apply chesi tharavatha wash chesethey side effects vundavu kadhaa sir pls reply me lice remove cheyalantey compulsory conditioner vadali but same kuda same vadala

Grace Mary

Juttu complete ga dry aiyyaka conditioner pettukovala leda wet mida aina pettochha...conditioner entha sepu unchali..scalp ki conditioner pettochhaa??

kumari m

Sir nako dout....kunkudukaya tho talakusnanam chestey dove conditional pettavacha plz tell Mr sir

indhu priya

Bro conditioner sclap ki apply cheyocha bro

bhanu poornima

Brother ritha shikakai use chastea ea conditioner use chayali chappandi brother

roja korlakota

Tq so much

Dsivaprasad Prasad

hair styling చెపిచిన తరువాత జగ్రత లు చెపండీ

Eswri K Yshsv

sir plz mi phn number pampara

Tst Shalini

Conditioner apply chesaka must and should ga water tho clean chesukovala??

boddu lokesh

Bro if men use conditioner there is a problem of applying on scalp also??

Laxmi Sigireddi

Nenu clinic plus shampoo vaduthunanu daniki aa conditioner vadalie plz reply

harsha stylish

Good job

M LakshmiPrasanna

Naku chala hair fall avuthundhi and dry ga vuntundhi hair chivara virigipothunnav and hair colour change avuthundhani nenu e shampoo and conditioner ni use cheyyali bro please tell me

anu anu

sir nenu nyle shampoo vaduthunna mari a conditioner vadali hair fall taggali and silk hair la ravali

Mahalakshmi D

Thank you so much my doubt cleared

Thaluri Raj kumar chowdari

Bro silky Nd smooth avvali ante ye conditioner use cheyali

Teju Teju

Sir hair spa cheyyinchukovadam yamyna problem vuntundha

Venkatesh Yadhav

నేను కండీషనర్ వాడుతున్న కానీ మీరు చెప్పిన విధంగా కాదన్న‌ షాంపూ పెట్టుకుని నీళ్ళు పోసుకొని మళ్ళీ వెంటనే కండీషనర్ పెట్టుకుని మళ్ళీ వెంటనే తలస్నానం చేస్తున్నాను

Devika Rani Mekala

Sir juttu purrhiga arinatharvarhe conditioner vadala...please... Cheppandi

swathi botla

Conditioner use chesaka hair ni malli wash cheyala

Sai Jagadek

Great sir meeru almost andariki rpl pedtunaru and please naku o suggestion ivvandi nadi rough hair and full hairfall naku o shampoo cheppandi present himalaya hairfall use chestunna 1month nundi

swarupa lakshmi

Hai annaya nenu panteen shampoo vadtanna nak hair fal Baga avtandi ekkada chusina na haire kanapadtundii nenuu himalaya anti hair fall shampoo vadudham anukuntanna daniki e conditioner vadaloo cheppava annayaa plzz