Scrunched hair overnight

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DEMO: Sleeping in the crunch! | My night-before styling routine for fast & flawless a.m. hair

152 149 views | 9 Jul. 2017

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Open me for product links and details!

For all of my recommended products on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/reallifecurlygirl

You guys asked for it, so here goes!: My get-ready in less than 30 minutes routine. So, maybe I'm cheating a bit by doing my whole hair routine the night before, but with this routine, it takes me less than 30 minutes to look totally presentable the next morning! Products used, listed below.

Products mentioned:

- As I Am Coconut Cowash: http://amzn.to/2w9AWxG

- Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat: http://amzn.to/2wOnz7Z

- Giovanni Direct leave in: http://amzn.to/2glvTVO

- ISO Bouncy Creme: http://amzn.to/2xp5oTe

- Devacurl Foam: http://amzn.to/2wKw6su

- Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel: http://amzn.to/2viS31q

- Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee: http://www.ulta.com/rock-hard-gellee?productId=xlsImpprod4730087

- Xtava Black Orchid diffuser: http://amzn.to/2waia9M

Kayla Mannlein

Okay, I have a question, how long should I wait to scrunch out the crunch if I am not sleeping in the crunch? I usually do the sleeping in the crunch thing, but when use the products with the harder caste, I don't know how long to leave the crunch in for if I am getting ready in the morning. I don't like going to work with crunchy hair.

Mariana PTKS

I've always washed my hair before bed so i started doing this naturally and it's amazing! I sleep with it in a pineapple with a silk scarf wrapped around. The cast i use is Cantu custard :)


Perfect! I'm literally about to go to bed with the best cast I've ever had and didn't know whether to scrunch it because I have like 5mins in the morning lol so off I go with my cast! Thankyou!

Diane Marie

Looks awesome!? I'm a little late seeing this..?

Katie Ellis

Could you maybe make a calendar of your hair schedule in terms of washes/conditioning and products used? I'm so visual!

in time

You remind me of Suzy Blu ?

Sophia Idrissi

I need help aaaah... i dont know what im doing wrong. Week 3 now and umm ya still frizzies but im mostly bothered by oilyness.

Karen Hansen

Thank you for doing these videos they have been helpful!

P. Campbell

My hair is so thick I would have to use the whole chicken .

Marie F

You have beautiful hair!


Of all the curly hair people I follow, you're the most helpful for me, and THIS video was a life changer for me. It's now my routine on washday to do it at night, squish in LA Looks gel and spread my hair up on my silk pillowcase. In the morning I have the best, luscious curls I've ever gotten by any other method. I just wanted to thank you for this video especially. My results were amazing. Thank you.

small footprint

This helped a lot. Thanks for showing us all your products. First I copied down the 3 products you said you were going to use and then you used a whole bunch more. I'll have to run it slow to get those. I have been using Giovanni products, shampoo and conditioner, so I'm glad they are ok. Now I don't have to take the new ones back. I'm still confused, but better. Thanks for the video and for showing us how you do it. the overnight techniques are something I could use. Do you use a satin pillowcase?

Hannah Rossignol

Okay I just started my cg method journey and you’re helping me so much!!! I just binged a bunch of your videos. Wish I knew about all of this sooner

Katie Lawson

You explain things so well in your videos. Thanks so much for being so thorough, it's helped me tremendously. I'm feeling so much better about my hair lately after trying out a bunch of your tips and tricks the last few months! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!


Thanks! I feel like I would get bedhead but I’m gonna give it a try!

Theresa Kim

So you don't have to rinse any of that? You go from putting all the product in, to the t-shirt, add the gel, and sleep? And do you do this every night? O_O

Gi Nunes

Oh my gosh, the little girls in the end... soooooo cuteeeeeeeee

Sarah McKnight

My face will break out like Whoa! if I slept with all of that in my hair ?

Lois Deborah

Hello! I know I'm super late but I want to ask, can you use a satin bonnet when I'm sleeping instead of letting it loose on a satin pilow case? Because I don't have a satin pillowcase so the only option I have is my satin bonnet ?
Please answer me, and thank you!

Carmela Toro

guys my hair reacts like a wire! if i sleep whit wet hair, it will copy the exact shape of my pillow :(!
any suggestions? i really want to save time in the mornings i always end up looking like a frizzy mess

Diane Bailey

Love it!!!

Alison G

no hate but it's kind of gross to put a clean t-shirt over a toilet like that

Alexandra Del Pozo

Great video, I really appreciate you showing step by step how to get great hair. I love the picture of your dog ?

Leslie Magpies

You inspired me to try to curly/wavy girl method because our hair is similar in texture and waviness. After 1 wash and style I'm having the best hair day I've had in ages. Thanks for your videos, I'll keep watching and trying new things.

Dawn Taylor

Seems like an awful lot of products to put in your hair. Wouldn't you get a lot of buildup? I'm just going back to my curly/wavy hair after straightening it for years and trying to learn all this but I don't want all these products in my hair!

Sereta Mage

Thank you for the video. Keepin’ the crunch real!


You're gorgeous and look at your cute childs, GOAL !

Caitlin Walbrun

Speaking as a new curly (wavy) girl who doesn't like to spend a lot of time getting ready, I SOOOO appreciate your efforts (especially before coffee!). I'm learning a lot from your videos and my shopping list keeps growing. lol. I'll definitely be trying this method though as I like to take baths at night, so this should fit well into my new routine as I figure out what the heck that is :-) I hope school continues to go well.

Persia Abd

I’m genuinely shocked your hair turned out perfectly after sleeping on it loosely. I did not expect that at all. I’m still nervous to do this myself, but I’m going to try this anyway to see how it works for me. I have waist-length hair and the only products I have are gel and hair milk that I use after shower, so fingers crossed!
I always do a pineapple bun and wrap my hair AND sleep on a satin pillowcase too, so I’m terrified. LOL

Barbara Kennedy

1 1/2 hrs.....

Organize Your Life with Christina Root

Thanks this is great!

One question - why not sleep in your pins?

Summer Fleming

Looks great! I’m not sure if this will work since my hair is shoulder length.... l’ll give it a try anyway. I am ALL FOR quick mornings ....

Malena Oliveira

There are 2 types of kids: the ones that make you wish you were old enough to have children and the ones that make you want to tie your tubes just in case. Your girls are the first type.

Olga Candelaria

I need to try this!!

Kayla Salminao

Hello from San Diego! I love your channel and am so thankful to have found you! I often wash and go and try to stay away from heat and diffusing, do you happen to have an air day routine that you can share with us? Cheers and gratitude! ❤️

Vanessa Perez

Newbie here to the CG method. Trying all tips possible and so far loving your videos. Sooo many great tips and your waves are similar to mine so I’m excited to see results. Only thing is I’m such a simple girl when it comes to caring for my hair ? there are soooo many different products in your videos that you use. Hopefully I can get some good results without using so many products ??

Kelly Rodriguez

Your babies are so adorable! And I love your videos. Everything is so well explained and it’s so nice to finally find someone who understands my hair:)

Diana C

Thinking of trying this method out. How many days do you get between washes? The only thing holding me back is that I can curl my wavy hair and get 5 days out of it.

Synthesis Spencer

Hi A! I’m watching this video in December 2019, and wow! Your curls, girl! Oops I mean your waves! This is exactly what I want my hair to look like so much! I love your current length too, it’s very becoming on your face shape, but I have a very round chubby face so I need the length. This video is going on my playlist for sure! Thank you so very much, love ya ?!

Julie O

Are you able to do night routine at night with shorter hair? I’m really struggling with how to do the short hair stuff.


your puffiness and your lips and that birthmark. oml you’re hot
also your videos >>
thank you for all your tips and insight


Thought i was the only one who does this lol It truly is the bomb


Hi! Thanks for all your hard work making these videos.
Last night I got a good gel cast for the first time (new to CGM). I treated my crispy gel noodles like old lace and silk scarfed and pineappled them to safety. The problem was this morning I could not get the cast out of my hair! No matter how much I manipulated, a lot of strands stayed crispy. It got to the point where I felt like I was just making extra frizz and further separating the already-thin clumps so I brushed :( I'm going to try your advice and not be so precious with the gel cast and let it fan out and touch my pillow.
And question: If I add some items from your Amazon store to a list and buy them later, will you still get credit?


This is how i actually refresh my hair at the moment, i don't like washing my hair in the morning because i take a lot time washing and styling my hair it takes me 20 minutes to wash and style my hair and the drying takes 1 and half hour since i only airdry (cause i haven't bought a diffuser yet). I got great defined waves the next morning, so dar this is the most effective way that i can do avoid messy refresh waves

Alisha Herbitter

This is so helpful for me! I've been struggling so much with finding a way to sleep with my curls and this works for me. Pineappling/Medusa clipping doesn't stay in place because I move so much in my sleep, but at least with this method I don't have to worry.

Kristin Higgins

You were the first curly girl I found last summer when I decided to try the CGM. I'm a fellow wavy. And yet, I'm now circling back to this video because I'm going to try this tonight. I hate trying to squeeze in doing my hair every morning before work - half the time it looks like poo anyway. But I'm hoping sleeping in the crunch is the answer I've been looking for!
One question though: Do you still do this now that your hair is shorter?

Meika DiPietro

Being a stay at home mom this is the only way I can make my curly thick hair look amazing. Gel casting overnight is genius and you’re a lifesaver. Thank you so much!!!

Samantha Mangipano

I usually do this! However I sleep with my hair wrapped up because I’m a crazy sleeper!!

destinie malish

What Facebook groups are you in for wavy hair????


This is how I used to do it in 1999!! Maybe I wasn't as mad as I thought! I think the only problem was, I never understood the crunch situation haha xx

Corena Garoutte MAKING BUBBLES

Do you still do and recommend this?

XxJake_ GamerxX


Antigoni Kara

I’m gonna try your technique ASAP and I honestly hope it works on my (curly) hair too. I’ll comment again with my results!

Taylor Ryan

Omg!! Love you, your curls, and you girls! So precious!


I'm so glad i found you I think you are going to change my hair game ❤️

Rochelle Allgyer

Would you leave your hair in a cast gel in a plop overnight? I’m scared of the outcome haha. Waves smashed against my head :)

ceejay bolo



So helpful, thank you!! ? I've found wearing a silk sleep bonnet on my head over my loosely braided hair helps promote and keep my curls intact while I sleep. ?

Hannah Brazzel

I have just started embracing my natural hair and found you on YouTube and today at work on your website. Eek I’m soo in love you your videos and tips!

Rhianna Erin

Life saver?❤️

Kailee B

You are so adorable!!!! Thank you for the video :)

Erin Ford

Can't wait to try this for a great "gurl tay." ?

Kate Hannah

Thank you so much for this - I’m going to try it.

Ashley Warner

awesome!! cute kids!!!!


dang you move quickly lol


This is so fascinating! I am a wurly (wavy/curly) girl, but this is something I am a bit afraid to try. I mostly sleep with a pineapplebun, but that's only when my hair is already completely dry. I might try this!

Saleh Enila

I dont like your hair


I think you were very pretty even right after you woke up! give yourself more credit!!

Robin Neese

Is your hair completely dry before you go to bed?


you look beautiful <3


I wish I could sleep like a Disney princess like you but it’s impossible. I sleep in the plop with an oversized t shirt towel by Hair Repear. I found a video from The Clean Curl called “Sleeping in the Plop” that demonstrates how to wrap the towel. It has changed my life and my curls for the better. I highly recommend all curlies watch it.
I love all your videos and have been a fan girl for a while now. Thanks for doing all the footwork and product experimenting for me. I trust the recommendations and your techniques are so very helpful.


Thanks for the tip on the humidity product!! I saw your Texas t-shirt so you know my humid issues too! :)\

Jennifer Edward

I wish this would work for me mine ends up all sorts of squashed and out of shape. I probably don't let it set enough

Michelle H

How would you change this up if you had 2-3 times as much hair as you do?

Terry Edwards

This is my secret trick for sleeping with damp, curly and crunchy hair. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O2BT14O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
2 stretchy hair nets for $5.95, I plop my hair in and sleep that way. By morning, my hair is ready to crunch out and go. If any stray weird problems occur, I fix them, put make up and go.


This video seriously changed my life! I’m a teacher that hates getting up at 5am to do my hair and I hate sleeping in the plop with a wet head. I just tried this last night and woke up to perfect hair that was dry!!! I had so much free time this morning which I NEVER have. So thank you so much!!!!

Ellie Silva

This is so awesome I am going to try this I'm so excited! Ha mom of 3 here your girls are so adorable ! :)

manali bhadula

thanks for the video, please let me know your hair type, density and porosity.
mine is low porosity, thin density and hair between 3a-3c


Your kids are so adorable

Janie Hall

Amazing thank you

yee yee

I just cut my hair with layers in hopes it would be less weight on my fine 2b/2c waves but guess what? Now it’s just stringy someone help please :(


Hi to lovely family from Afghanistan


I don’t get how you put so much product on your hair but it doesn’t just go really greasy?? My hair is also fine and about 2b/2c wavy and if I put five products on it it just dies and goes straight as hell? I just don’t understand how you get that result with SO much product on the hair?

Smriti Rajan

You have literally saved almost half my life , thats the time you need to make love to your curls in morning while getting ready so that each curl makes your day....thankyou so much...loads of love...muaaahhhg??

Sherainne Louise Casinto


Dana Cetz

Thank you for being my guinea pig


Love the end with your daughters! Have a great curl day! My hair is so porous it takes forever to dry. I may have to do a nighttime routine too.

Barbara Kennedy

Thanks I will try this. Beautiful....


Yay, I wanna try this method. My hair is too short for a pineapple and I'm not sure I'd love the look or feel of medusa clips or a wrap/scarf at night. Now to figure out if any vegan pillowcase material can work as well as silk.


Thank you!!

Bianca de Bont

I did this and it works! I know this is an old post, but I just had to let you know


Hi..so u added gel before you used your shirt to scrunch and then after. U used a different gel perhaps the second one had more hold? Can you use the same gel? Is this a key tip to use gel the scrunch with a towel then gel again? Thanks!

Lynn Lipori

Do you have any suggestions for people who workout in the morning? I feel it'll all just get messed up with a hair tie when working out. And I don't have time in the mornings for a full dry. Also do you have a substitute for the Deva Curl products? I keep seeing from the CGM reddit they make you lose hair.

Marcy Frederico

This could be a lifesaver for me I've got to try it thank you for sharing!

Damaris Sanchez

Another keeper video. Thank you for being so detailed and thorough. Extremely helpful and it’s greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Wright

thank you for your videos my hair is very similar to yours


Thank you for this video. I’m one week in on my curly girl journey and I still have so much to learn. As a working mom of 3 kids, I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning and I am definitely going to try this because if I can wash and style my hair the night before, it’ll save me so much time! Thank you once again

Rye Toast

I thrash around during the night, should I bundle my hair in a pineapple? My alarm goes off at 4am, yep. Anything I can do to save time would be AMAZING.

CleEa WTFthatsnotmyname

I tried this the other day and woke up with perfect curls. Personally I think the best reason it worked is because I was not awake to eff up my curls. My issue has always been to keep messing with them and TOUCHING my hair when I should leave well enough alone. I woke up with the best curls. Tonight is going to be my second time to see if it was just a fluke. Lol ?


Great tip!

Scrunched hair overnight

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How to scrunch your hair overnight

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How to overnight scrunch

How to overnight scrunch your hair