The bags

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I Want All The Bags

14 494 views | 21 Jun. 2018

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I Want All The Bags · Red Cafe

Less Talk More Hustle

℗ 2018 Shakedown Entertainment

Released on: 2018-06-22

Producer: Dupri

Composer Lyricist: Jermaine Denny

Composer Lyricist: Regis "Dupri" Bell

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You guys wanna subscribe to my Channel while your at it pls?

travis dong

great song



Marquel Williams


The Mj Family

Who here from 2k21???‍♂️

Ali Omar

Red cafe is lit bro

Jetkingqb 1000




Marshall Garrett

Respect my Guy Red... izza izza

The bags

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last tuesday put more yarn and the bags for my 1K giveaway

392 views | 10 Feb. 2021

And Every Sunday we play

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Karla G Castro

Congratulations on your 1K subscribers, yaayyyy!!??

juliz g

I missed you today Vero ☹️☹️☹️ I was at work

Flower Crochet Creations aka Tammy twyford

Fantastic giveaway congratulations on your milestone

Shari Addicted to my Crocheting Montgomery

Congratulations on 1K Subscribers.

Crystal Hodges

Congratulations on your milestone!! Hope you have many more!!

The Mooma

I always seem to miss your live shows, but I’m enjoying the replay. You are always so happy and fun! I agree with everyone those ? stitch markers and fantastic!

Tracie Hamilton

So sorry I missed your live! I’m catching up now! Your stitch markers are adorable!! I want to come play blingo!! Should I just email you my numbers?? Congrats on 1K subs!! So awesome!! Happy Yarning ?❤️

Kathleen Broudrick

Congrats on1K. Sorry I missed the live. I try to watch your shows. I don't play blingo/bingo. Have a Blesses day beautiful lady.


So sorry I missed your live. I'm watching the replay. xo

Elizabeth Erin Crochet

I’m watching the replay. Congrats on getting to 1k!?

Lisa Mahin

I must have missed that video for the 1 k giveaway. But congrats on 1 k!!


I love your heart stitch markers they are beautiful and light. love it. xoxo I keep watching further.

Kym Knight

Came back and watched the rest of your live stream. No I didn't go buy yarn. Had to get some stuff for my son. Love your stitch markers.

Tammy Patton


Cynthia King

I just found you through Meme and am so glad she sent me. You have some amazing yarns there. You are growing fast and I am glad to be here.

Diana Garms

Congratulations on 1K


I am going to give it a try

Pennie Wilder

New to your channel, Hello from Maine USA ?

Artist Irma Felicia Rodriguez Carey

Hola Amiga, Gracias for the giveaway, Congrats on you 1k subscribers, YAY, Woo Hoo, Hugs and Blessings

Reta Crenshaw

Congratulations on 1K.


Gotcha ? You are welcome to come to my house @OGblock301&fam ❤

June Herrington

Congrats on 1K

Chenita Brown

Hello just join your channel from watching uslusa and you and Brenda from Wichita ks


I missed your live ???

Charlene Shiffman

Congrats on getting to 1k.So sorry I missed your live.

The bags

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The Bags- Survive

124 817 views | 26 Aug. 2009

The Bags- Survive from the

The Bags- Survive from the "Survive" ep

cavalo de fogo p



this is pretty awesome, wish I could have experienced early LA punk


Hey friends, here are the lyrics

Set in your monotony
We'll desecrate commodities

Make you all into paste
All your rancid blood I'll taste

We're kids on a rampage
Ready to kill
Wild and teenage
Getting our fill

Blades will rip
Your talk of tomorrow
Is yesterdays trash

Survival is the name of the game
Cant stop us now
It's all in vain
In vain...


One of the BEST female fronted bands ever!!!!


i was like this sounds so familiar, then when the distortion came in it hit me. this song was on that movie teenage runaway love dolls by dave markey. I always wanted to find this this song.

Tash Dierise

have not heard this for years! Used to have this single




love u alice bag!

robert m.

@deadrose23 ahh yeah...those were the days.


One of the best of the infamous Dangerhouse records releases!!!

Kapote Ypirxa

stop being miserable!punk is not dead it lives inside our mind and our hearts.i supose that people like you are daily somehow killing the whole movement...so stop complaining that musics like in the 70's or 80's cant be made anymore.take a fuckin guitar and make a band start shouting,screaming,schratching make your own music and show people that you want to change something!three chords are enough when the music comes from your heart! STAY PUNK STAY FREE!(AP)

Ryan G144

@irenoidee yes!!!! we are!

Larz Gustafsson

They always delivered.

Maxime Boileau

Man, that jazzy guitar tone at the bridge is amazing.


Very gooooood of the punk


@SuperRyan80 gotta find 'em!

Michael Bernier

Patricia Morrison="Making any band she's in greater"

bill barry

This whole stupid era and movement was a complete waste and all this music is shit.



chris noakes

punk is really just a new word (or suppose old now) for the counter-counter culture.....the beefhearts and ornette colemans continuing on...

James Nolan

Call me an L.A. chauvinist, but the Bags were one of our very own. One of the smartest and toughest p-rock bands to put our scene on the map during that exciting first burst of a new musical dawn in the late '70s. And we're proud of 'em! Don't forget 'em!

Brian Lowdown



This song reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in that on scene from Funny Face :)


early east coast punk was way better!

Brenda M


salgado Jonathan

Yes I love the revolution and ending of gender roles I appreciate it !! I love your book !!

Helena Velena

punk is fuckin dead cuz stuff like that can't be made anymore... it's not the skills, no one had plain none at the time, but the right on time zeitgeist attitute!!!!


Ah god, I saw them at the Masque one night when visiting LA and my life was forever changed. Alice and Pat were mindmeltingly wonderful. I'd already bought their single earlier that year, but seeing them live was incredible.

M Mckissack

Awesome guitar work

The Tim Murray Music Channel

Nice video. Thank you for sharing. New friend here. Stay connected ????????

max k

@tiberiusprime fuck same here but im only 21=(

Gasu Trías


steve hewitt

Got 7". Classic.

Spooky Louie

xicana punk legend

Lora Vergara

♥ que chimba de banda !

Simon sabbath

never heard before and am 44 and listen to punk metal etc since 20 years ....no much more............great stuff

Keith Schiffner

@mediattackrecords Lynard Skynard, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top, AC/DC to name a few.


@SuperRyan80 ik ik, shit!

Ryan G144

@irenoidee iv looked all over and cant find them. usually there are song lyrics in the album itself.

Matty Sci-fi



When this song kicks into high gear it's such a fuckin adrenaline rush..


has anyone the lyrics of this song?

Nigel Twelvetrees

That intro is Beat Girl by The Damned...Good track though.


I guess everybody here is looking for the lyrics..

Matty Sci-fi



Punk as fuck. ♥ Alice


Anyone got the lyrics for this song? I'd like to take a shot at covering this one.


I love Patricia Morrison.

Dillon VanAlstine

for a second i thought this was a addams family cover