Silicon uses in everyday life

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Chip Manufacturing - How are Microchips made? | Infineon

795 907 views | 17 Jul. 2019

How are microchips made -

How are microchips made - from sand to semiconductor: Microelectronics usually is hidden to society – however, it is a constant companion in our daily lives. It tremendously contributes to the ongoing development and digitization of our world. But what is actually behind this technology?

In this video we explain how microchips are made and what conditions are necessary for manufacturing.

Read more about microchip manufacturing and the importance of wafers or semiconductor chips here: https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/promopages/how-a-chip-is-made-video/


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Ramanshu Padole

Chip manufacturing cheap manufacturing

Yeet'ies Yeet

Man i leave near beach and i can give you a full truckload of sand, just contact me when you already convert it to the latest cpu

Shubham Saxena

Can we DIY these chips ?


I understand absolutely nothing



No Name

WTF is an aryan operating room??!?

Amogh Kulkarni

The whole process is nothing short of magic for a person from 18th century


No eyebrow hair nets?!

Size X

Micro electronics is the key 2 a better future, really! Anything man makes fails.
A Student of life
I'm just passing through.

Jimnesstar L. Nonglait



Thousands years from now, future humans (and aliens) shall look at this marvel and wonder how advanced this technology is, just like we wonder at the ancient Egyptian pyramids and ask "how in hell did they do that?"


All this engineering so you can shop while you poop


Suddenly feel guilty for using my cpu to play games

Shahid Meir

this seems more of magic than a possibility

Richard Traviz Celones


Custos Venetus

Sand is worth more than gold?

Hydra Group

Now Finally ?... I'm chip engineer


dude what?

Greatman Okonkwo

This is my favourite video on youtube.

Rajib Mondal

you showing an example from PCB circuit video..and explained it as chip :( :(

Dr. Shadox φ

but if we need computer for make microship....how did the first microship were made ?
(for the computer's microship who create microship ?)


Didn't see entire video. Just fastforwarded it to the point where conductivity is changed by a fractions om micrometer. How conductiviy can be changed by fractions of micrometer? This doesn't make sense.

Dr. Shadox φ

so if i pour sand into my computer , did it upgrade it ?

esa haruman

The video is useful to understand how chips are fabricated, but it will be easy to understand if the steps are figured out by use of a flow diagram.

Raymond Hachmishvili

my mind is about to blow one minute into the video...

utkarsh Singh

not understood much but stiil got to see something which is a part of my life so positive feedback from my side

Vivek Pandey

so basically computers are creating computers !!!

sameer supernova

you lost me at atomic structure


So till now we're just buying a SAND ?

Yorumcu Turk

The doctors doesn't wear that uniform in operation and the hospital not clean like this place where the chips producing. Are these chips more important than human life?

Alexander Sinco

Very interesting, in school we also use photoresist material on top of cooper plates to make PCB with UV and masks. Didn't know was a similar way to make IC on silicon wafers,

jay theman


Evgeny Grekhnev

At 11.32 I realised it is not about potato chips

Ajay Dulani

Its sand but still cant buy a RTX 3080

Omar Pinedo

amazing video


Is Adam Scott the narrator??


This video made me feel unclean

Bawono Satrio Adi

To think someone doesn't like sand, cuz they coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere, it's also the material of the things that kept him alive after being dis-armed & burned

So our phone & computer's insides are made from sand

Rob F

Microchips existed in the late 1960's yet. Beside the use in computers was the first application in consumer electronics the stereo decoder in radios. Later this item made electronic music instruments smaller and digital music equipment possible

domo konichiwa ver.5

I need clean room on my house


No one is going to mention the quadcopter kite-surfer at 13:14?

Chriscangdra Daniel

Can that chip run crysis remastered?


After sand I kind of got lost

filler account

Very specific

Fan Song Photography

Very clearly explained!

Ilai Abas


I don't know ask bill gates

Chelsea Thomas

The ritzy revolve mechanistically chase because soprano hooghly scorch towards a standing rainstorm. ludicrous, paltry chauffeur

Duc Anh Michael Pham

imagine putting on a screen protector in that room

Andrew Johnson

So how many semiconductors are in a semiconductor making machine...and how was the first one made?




Jose Díaz

This video creates more questions than it answers

Mangesh Kulkarni

Thanks for sharing knowledge

Elliott Mejia

You know it's a doozy of a concept when the part you understand the best is the chemistry


5:03 look at that bitch, cant even hold mouse right...

Everything n Anything

So you are telling me all this started from "SAND"!
Now I know from where silicon valley derived its name!!

Travis Salter

Karl Pilkington brought me here... ???

Sarvan creation 1M

Great sir

Cindy V

Desert sand or beach/river sand?

Pratyush Bhagat

What a time to be alive!


This video is back to my college ??


What's wrong with this guy. Crysta-line, not leen.

BlazBomber Ex Kamen

Wait so CPU is just a terminal for the chip, right?

Homemade 102

I don't know what's more impressive - the microchip, or the machine that made the microchip

Audio Maverick

Would be interesting to see a movie or something set in one of these factories where two people working there fall in love... Just because the contrast between human emotion and that sterile environment would be trippy.... That or it could be the day job of a serial killer, but the love one would be more original.

Cfamoz Joshua

Good information

Diego Pablo Rodrigues

Why do they make the wafer round and not square?

Michael N.

Gates finally make sense to me now. Thanks for this.


This is kinda thing the more you learn the less you know

kam kam


SSS Smile

Wait , the machine make the chip , who make the machine that make chip ?

jay john

This is caveman stuff, why not use almierasaed graphon meta duplex materials?
just kidding

an man

Amazing how the Xbox and PlayStation just came from sand thank the earth

Kurokami Reaper

The answer to your question is "sand".


"This facility is so advanced, and the technology it creates rivals much of our greatest achievements"

"Yep, takes a lot of tech to watch cat fail videos."

Quin the Penguin

who decided to put wii menu music over this

Daniel Gregson

You had me at recticles

Lihao Yeong

I'm glad I went with Software Engineering instead of hardware.

Lihao Yeong

Literally my mind watching this: ?

USS Voyager

Das Video in Deutsch wäre super

Reverse World

Intel : Tell me something I don't know.


Guys I am saying it !
The p-n junction transistor was told us in 11th class
And now it is 'helpful'

Robin Meade

Aliens are real! What human would EVER come up with all that MAGIC!!

Pooja Ubanshi

10:6 polishing accuracy wasn't notice any movement except the rotation

José pablito aurar

Dude im so fucking smart i understand it.

Sarwar N

Since you didn't show us how to make microchips step by step rather than saying complex process continuum Vanadium silicon sandfuck bla bla bla you got +1 dislike.

digital tv network

I like Adam...coming from Rapture.

Jayashri Anand

Chips? Wafers? I came here to learn and you made me hungry.

Indra Alamsyah

Imagine spend $100++ only for sand


This an automated message its just for testing purpose you can remove the comment if you want.LOL(81600)

Jay Bear

Yeah, idk why I thought I would be able to understand this. I just wanted to know why we can't buy a ps5 lol

sameer supernova

narrator sounds like young michael caine

Reverse World

Thanks, but I just want to ask pentium 4 price.

cameron simison

this man's voice is soo bland XD. interesting video though, I never woulda thought that the chips were soo small

Sewan & Sawen Creations

Huh un, chips are made with potatoes...idiots


guys, i love your products but this video is just boring, even for me


Thank you for making me think that i am too primitive to understand any thing. and they build computers by combuters then computers need computers to be made that means that the first chip was hand made and it is impossible

Jayashri Anand

The only thing I understood was why transistors have three things pointing out of them. Always wondered for a long time about that

vaso opel

stop saying bullshit! chips are made from silica sand mined from a quartz mines ,normal sand is not suitable.

The Wanderer

And the potato chips are made out of potato......

Chandra Singh Rawat

Just finding a indian tech videos which can tell me how can I make microchip at home???

Silicon uses in everyday life

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a day in the life of a Google software engineer

576 309 views | 26 Feb. 2018

Join me in the day of a

Join me in the day of a life of an engineer at Google HQ (googleplex) in Mountain View. I share some of the sights & sounds of working in tech! (Please note, this is an individual channel, and any opinions don't necessarily reflect that of the company YouTube or Google).

I wonder if some students might be thinking that software engineers live boring & lonely lives, staring at the computer all day in a cave... well, that's... not quite true! hope this video can show some of the funner side of being a software developer :)

Let me know your questions and comments, I'll be happy to answer them.

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? Party up:





Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. #techlead

Maciej Działo

7:20 RIP

Stealth Gamer

Why you guys show eating,drinking,playing games and fun things.It misguides people who are interested.

geter priffin

Google is one big restaurant

youtube commenter

For an Asian, he really sucks at dance dance revolution

Demonwater Demonwater

I’m horrified by that inferiority of this lifestyle we’re all inferior the cash is not big enough

Helen Hyde

Looks like a college campus!

ie242 HEAT

Is the smoothie free?

rubel shahriar

Hey! I'm subscribed, take me to lunch??

Vimal Pal

so i guess that free lunch is not valid now

Zach Barber

Clickbait bullshit. If you're a dev and you do an hour of work a day and ride a bike around the rest of the day, you'll be fired pretty quick. The real video is more like someone coding and sitting in meetings all day, taking three shits per day at least on the company dime, and getting up every hour to go grab a drink. If you're an aspiring software dev, do NOT take this video seriously.

Chris Payne

Is the food free there?


Makes me think of a college or university campus, except a lot nicer.

taruchu mccullough

I love your jacket ! :-)

Viswesh Tech

Disneyland: finally a worthy opponent

Peter Luo

Really envy this work lifestyle.


I think he's go to a hotel than working at Google

Memento Mori

9:04 why did this remind me of that Silicon Valley scene about how programmers walk in groups lmao

Carlos Nexus

Did he just took two lunch times

IshchildTM Entertainment

this video should have been called "I got fired from google, so lets see what my day would have looked like"

Floyd Fernandes

Im so confused i dont get from where to where that cool guy travels really and specially the eating.



Anindya Bhattacharya

Is the food for free ?

GD Avocado

Me: I work for Google
My friend: Really? What part of Google do you work for?
Me: I work as a chef
My friend: Bruh

alan alan

wow its a programmer dream that's me

Ng Kean

So many asian,hahaha

Chimezie Mbagwu

This was when the going was good. Now.... Its normal in life, things never remain the same..

Jonathan Amillano

Best job ever! My dream job


All you did was playing and eating smh i feel bad for those who believe this video

E6 D

A day in google cafeterias

Tohidul Man

How to waste time eating food

Sara Roy

Hey can u pleaseeeeeeee tell me about ur education i mean what did u studied? And for how long

Jatin Maruti Anand

Great video.. one day.. I will make such video in Google ?❤️

Mrakmal 69



And I've never seen Techlead this happy since :x

byambaa bayarmandakh

The man is juggling for god sake!

zorro 3cbs

This guy must be very smart, but he's a bit arrogant and a bit humble : /

bat beat

You look way happier working in google than now a days your personality really shows here.

Kage- Musha

A rare video of TechLead acting as a Happy person.

Sourav Chanda

Life goals ❤️

Trill Billy

4:08 MARK IT ZERO!!!!


4:03 - Legit brought tears to my eyes. Christ dude...


Grinding hard to get a Job in Google. I am not from IIT

I hope someone gimme good advices

carlrod alegrado

Spongebob: Oh Look at you it's a video when I found you on Youtube for the first time.... Look at you so young and Happy!
(Shows techlead's current state*)
Where did the years go?

Avadhut Talbar

And when do you complete the work?

Jaguar Benz

Sorry but I I see is Asian kids, Indians and Caucasians. Hmmmmm

salam quraan

Do people at google even work?

Martin Arriaga

The T. rex!

Bill C. Muguai

Am confused! Am confused coz sometimes I watch vids where the engineer is tightly hooked up 2 some projects all day long, & in some others like this one, it looks like there is more partying than working.


Me: Checks Food Prices At Airport
Also Me: 8:23

Steve Nawa

I love the way he ended the video ?

Asdrubale Barca

I love Paris of chainsmomers

Вова Гусев

???Tech Lead???

Forrest Wu

Now I am happy for what I am doing ,because my work life is much more colorful than working in Google

master parkour

Which is this place


hey guys, i'm really really new to this whole coding stuff, and i have a question. most of you have been interested on coding before college or you guys started it in college? idk if a lot of people start to study coding in college, like, not knowing anything before

Hans Cesa

That can flip tho lmao

Sandupa Egodage

anyone got the name of the bg music?

AK-47 Music

you arent working you are chilling broo

marvin beyan

And his name is Eren Yeager


Join ex-Google/ex-Facebook engineers for my coding interview training: https://techinterviewpro.com/

Demonwater Demonwater

He teaching y’all to be lazy that why America suck he shoulda had two degrees and two separate jobs that both pay a million a year for two million not one million

Ahmad Hardy

This video just says let's check everything out.

No Name

Does your work follow you home?

Tyrone Walker

This has to be the most stress free environment in the world!?

akhl Sanjay

Wts ur salary perannum

Romeo Ray

i personaly think you should stop this google and facebook obs AND work on something dude


Twitter office is more beautiful than google

Mukesh Sharma

Hi sir

Aaron Iglesias

this is like watching Light Yagami before he turned into Kira

Sarah Scroggins

Wow google is awsome to work at


Dream. ?

Vikas Kumar

Missing this person. Where the F did he go?

bhanu teja

Some say that guy is depressed...YY..?


I feel proud that ceo of this company is from our state in india... #tamilnadu #sundarpichai?


I wanna go to the place oneday ?


I wanna to saw the working place ?

Studs4eva16 a

@techlead u r nature here in this video is wonderful.

yo uchida

beautiful world

Shahzaib Rasool

I meet with you one day and you have to pay for my lunch.Inshallah

Jesús María Gutierrez Ramirez

When this people work??

Vasu Udayar

The people in the comment area are the people who want to work at google but do nothing in his/her life, including me :)

Luis Martinez

Dude your putting u and your family in danger by admitting u work for them

AM Fun

Is the food free?

Hansaja Hewanayake

7:20 dropped it

Ken Yup

That’s the paradise, it’s like a dream

Demonwater Demonwater

Why why just one job bish get two jobs

Juan Pablo Gutierrez

Google = food

Al-ibn Tasin

He's using an apple laptop. That's funny

mayank badala badala


Brian N

did u buy all of that foods?

saam work

7:19 Anyone notice that thing on the left falling ??!!


நானும் ஒரு நாள் செல்வேன் என்று நினைக்கிறேன் ???

Sarth Patel

Google HQs can announce themselves as a country!


yes you are not doing anythink (like coding or thinking a problem)

Wendy Hammond

I don't like it there as depicted. There are too many constant crowds of people. I would be uncomfortable always.


I like how he mostly eats food, plays games, and shops the whole video when the title is 'a day in the life of a software engineer'.

мика джумаева

Я начала учит английский надеюсь очень кагдо небуд попаду к вам ?

political views

imagine being one of the cooks and getting to say you work at google

happy bot

How do u get so many luch brskes

Kira Corbett

How much food do u have to eat lol

Silicon uses in everyday life

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Tutorial Tuesday/Silicon Mat Printing/Aliexpress *Daily Hot Picks

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Lauren Butler

Well, how about that! So interesting! Tfs

VSJ Craft's

Beautiful, thank for sharing ?

Paper Whispers by Alicia - One Peaceful Mind

nice work ??

Safyne Anais

I love this so much. I really loved the ghosting on the flowers. I can't wait to try this.

Joanne Quagliara

Lovely ?

Julie Olinger

Definitely a success! Even if it had not turned out it is fun watching you think way outside the box! I rarely use my gel plates for the same reason as cleanup is a mess. Thanks for sharing!

Suttle Impressions

Great technique!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Teresa Higgs

There are recipes online for people to make home made gelly plates, some are temporary some are more permanent like the ones you buy. Just FYI for those that dont know.


I liked it many ideas came to mind with this technique

Carol Love

Fantastic experiment! You know your materials so well that it’s worth playing with them to say “ what if......”
The project results are terrific.


This has been a very fun and quite beautiful experiment my friend!! I absolutely loved this! Tfs. :)

Victoria Shettleroe

Wow fun to watch, So pretty❣️

Susan Crosier

Gorgeous!! A great success. Can't wait to see the card?

Margaret Boyce

Lovely experiment... nothing is a disaster, what ever you do is worth trying..... always comes out looking fabulous...
Love your tutorial....
Blessings ?

Moe Creations

Beautifully done, thanks for sharing

Lynn Rowe

Interesting technique, very pretty

Irene Davo

Have AliExpress started add Taxes and Shipping to their goods?

Eiizabeth Johnson

Beautiful! And so fun to watch you create it!

Elizabeth Turnbull

Hi, really interesting video, love the end result, really pretty and such lovely colours, was wondering myself what was going to happen when you peeled the tape back, magic!! Thanks for an enjoyable video, take care.

Linda Giles

You are amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and the result is so pretty. I have all the ingredients except for the silicon mat which is very affordable. Thank you for the inspiration to do something new with all the stuff l mostly have on hand.

Carolyn Beth Hines

So different! And I really (honestly) never expected it to look so good. Can't wait to see the face one. TFS

Barbara McEwan

Dry interesting...always like to see new ideas

Madewithloveby Estilla

This is amazing.I have never seen like this before.