Japanese hair straightening after care

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What NOT to do when you get your hair Japanese Straightened

11 166 views | 19 Jun. 2019


Welcome to my


Welcome to my downfall.

Learn from my mistakes.

Love you bb.

And dont get me wrong, I still love Japanese straightening. It's just, be more smart with it. As in, dont do two different systems, and make sure your stylist doesnt use same strength chemical on your already treated hair :,)

btw, where my Barry stans at?


if you had a similar situation, let me know in the comments below

Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri

I'm a Barry fan too

Tezara Tesla

Girl you are so cute?

Elsa J

Hey girl! I just moved to another country and this is my biggest fear since I don't have the same stylist and method here. Im gonna have to wait. ?

Ecks Dee

Welp, my instinct was correct :o

Madisen V

So glad I watched this I have similar hair like yours and got it done once before and was considering I’m getting it done again.

chanise bailey

No this one isn't on you you went to some one who was supposed to be a professional and they some how fucked it up if your stylist asked more questions about your hair and the information you gave your stylist about the products you used else where they should have listened more and taken note of that you told them you had it done and it was straightened they should have just did the roots if it was regrowth your ends and mid are already processed they didn't have to go from root to tip cause that would be a virgin apply stylist like this give other stylists who care about our clients a bad name a product my professor recommends for thinning hair color or natural is nioxin it's really good

Ps umm I wouldn't recommend double processing your hair if it has been chemically done the first time your hair will break if you do it again like the whole head of hair...some stylist would do it others would explain depending on your hairs health and why it isn't recommended but in all honesty if you were my client I would have only done regrowth if it was color like for a refresh yeah go from root to ends I mean yeah you could do it with bleach if they were at a level 1 which is black and wanted to go blond which could go up to a 9 or 10 sometimes 12 but that takes time stylist who want your money will do it in one go but in the process destroy your hair and give the ones who care a bad name just be careful who you go to this wasn't your fault it was the stylist who did your hair and took your money ??


I really know how you feel

I got mine done once and mine is still frizzy and not exactly bone straight just more than before but not pin straight, I can see little wavy strings. I don't get it why my hair didn't came to look like the videos? I'm a bit disappointed. How should you take care of it? I wonder what I'm doing wrong? :(

Also my hair looks very damaged and it feels like a haystack. It doesn't feel smooth but it feels dry, idk why. I also slept with wet hair for a long time, just recently got a blowdryer but it doesn't help at all, it just makes it even more frizzy, I even tried detangle brushes antifriss brushes, dry shampoo, many hair products and they all look bad on my hair it makes it very oily and it makes it look dirty

Symphony Yellowe

Thank you for this!!

User 1

I just got my hair done and i had a soft curly thick hair and it’s now so bad it isn’t soft at all! It looks damaged as if I bleached it .. I’m so disappointed :( I don’t think it’s suitable for everyone.

desi noel

omg girl lol how many times you gonna say “umm like”


That is my BIGGEST fear!!! Omg. I live in nyc, the humidity really fucks with my frizzyness and been wanting my hair permanently straightened. Omg!! Girl i feel for you.

Rachel Quintero

You think your clever with ur foul mouth...there's a reason why it's called FOUL ..makes u look kinda skanky when u cuss all the time

KabNag Channel

New Subscriber! I just got mines done but after first wash and waking up the next day my ends are back to wavy and not pin straight :( I got the Japanese Hair straightening done dont know which system though...

Lady Kroft

If took good care of it .... it gonna grow back .. just b +


Honestly, your hair looks super cute and sexy now!

Kitten Kitten

You just had a inexperienced BAD salon/hair stylist. They should’ve covered the already processed with protecting cream (cream that is not straightener cream). ?

straw Berry

The short hair looks good on you!!

Nyshil ROY

Hello watch the words you use.... the video is informative but the language is totally inappropriate.


Oh gosh I just watched the 1st video about straightening process etc now this you with short hair argh making me think twice about getting it done next week now did your stylist in Los or Japan do strand tests a few days before treatment ? I'm worried as mines costing £380 that's roughly I think $510 a lotta dosh for me I will have to think 're think this I don't want short hair don't suit me like yours looks very cute ☺

Ava Manuella

Can you do that on black colored hair ?

Gold Ritch

I heard your not supposed to use products with protein in it because it overloads the hair and breaks it off. Did you use protein?


What if you chemically straightened you hair and you're gonna straighten it with a straightener, will it come back as curly? I had done the Japanese perm 4 Months ago and I'm still afraid to straighten it with a straightner cuz everytime I think it will get get back curly once it gets wet.

teanna duncan

Hey thanks for the video! I still have a few questions since I’m considering getting this done! you said after the first treatment your hair felt “dry like a rats tail” i wanted to know how often you were straightening it after the the first treatment & were you also blow drying it? Did you do a deep conditioning treatment each week after that first treatment?

I just wanted to know if your hair dried out after a month of you maintaining proper hair care because if it’s going to suck the life out of my hair after one treatment then I don’t think I’ll go through with it lol.

Adriana Padilla

Why did I know this video was coming. I have your hair type and got it done a year back and let me tell you it dried my hair out so much I ended up cutting it, because of how damaged it got. Now I'm just taking care of my natural hair and making the best of what I got.

Granny Smith

Omg THANK YOU for this video , I want to get this done but I didn’t know that there is more than one system and I can mess up my hair if I used another system for the second treatment!!!!!

sarah kristen

GIRL... same EXACT thing happened to me. I got the sheseido system the first time, and then the yuko system the 2nd time. Now im paying the consequences 9 months later but haven't made the leap to chopping it off yet ??

Aurélie Ohreally

Hi! I'm considering having a Japanese straight perm soon, my hair are Chemicals free, not your type of hair but quite thick and Caucasian. One thing I don't understand.... What is the problem here? Not using the same system OR using the system on all of your hair? Thanks for your feedback, it helps a lot!

Brit JJ

2:34 no this one is not on you. It’s the fault of the stylist. By the sounds of it you clearly explained you previously had a straightening treatment done. That should have straight away prompted the stylist to probe and decide what type of hair treatment you should get.

Japanese hair straightening after care

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Yuko permanent hair straightening

1 133 views | 10 Jul. 2020


#yukohair #japanesehairstraightening #permanethairstraightening

How It Works

Japanese hair straightening relies on a special solution that's applied to hair, similar to a flat perm. This solution breaks down the hair's bonds that give it shape, allowing it to become pin-straight when the flat-iron is applied. The hair is saturated with the solution, rinsed, dried with a blowdryer, and then flat-ironed with a ceramic iron in small 1/8-inch sections. Also like a perm solution, a neutralizer is then applied, which locks the style in place. The entire process is labor and time-intensive. 

Depending on the length of your hair and its thickness, you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours....

Jeanelle Mus

You see I told you ????

Sad Girl

It looks thin

Karina Montes

I'm getting mines

Athia Salam

How much is the cost?

Japanese hair straightening after care

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Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening - After Care - Sleek and Smooth Hair

5 303 views | 28 Jul. 2014

How to care for your newly

How to care for your newly permanently straightened hair.

Japanese permanent hair straightening is an amazing system that creates beautiful, straight, sleek & smooth hair. Great results don't simply come from great products, the technician plays a MAJOR and critical part in the amazing results that can be achieved. We can control the amount of texture that can be put into the hair, leave a little wave or leave the hair super straight. These products don't contain any formaldehyde and leave the hair in better condition prior to the commencement of the treatment.

How can we prove this treatment is PERMANENT? View the before and after photos on our website - and see the results 12 months later when it's time to treat the regrowth.

Adelaide's leading permanent hair straightening salon Sleek and Smooth Hair specialise in Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening.

Zoe Paull has 20 years hairdressing experience and 11 years performing Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening for hundreds of clients.

- We provide a personalised one-on-one service. Yes! All the attention is on YOU.

- The methods and products used are safe and effective.

- The results are unbelievable and speak for themselves!

- Zoe has trained and worked in Europe, UK and Australia.

- We specialise in Bio Ionic colouring and cutting