Rose seed

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How to grow Climbing rose from Seed With Update | Winter Seedling |

57 248 views | 14 Dec. 2019

Pachira Aquatica Tree

Pachira Aquatica Tree Care




Merry Thiangii

Pls tell me .what kind of soil do you use when you plant seeds?.

Duck soul

What temperature does it need? Hot or cold? Sir

Agnes Priya

Does flowers from this

Tapas Roy Chowdhury

Mein West Bengal howrah se hu . Kon se month me seeds lagaun .

Akshay pm

Will it grow in july augast

Jheel Jangra

Can I get the seed I will pay u for dis plzzz

Rana Devbarman

Kya hum June July main germinate kar sakte hain?

Santosh Thanapati

Sir my seeds not germinate I have put that 10 days ago tell me the region please ?

Pro player's

Can you plz tell from which site should we purchase?plz reply!

Learner Achiver

First step main seeds kis kis cheez ko Lena hai... Pls reply kijiye

Learn & Perform by Priya kashyap

Can you help me get this plant plz?

Normal site By Kajal Singh.

I did it works
Thank you
So sweet ☺☺☺☺

# arya

From where I can buy seeds

Shivam Singh

Result bhi dikhana tha sir ??

Ayasha Khan

Seed Kaha milega

Ashraf Quraishi

Meine Flipkart se order Kiya hai Kya wo sahi hai

gautam merchant

Rose wine ki seed kahase milegi.......?

Blossoms School Jaunpur, Jais

Nice kya ise abhi means july mein seedling kar sakte hai

Sanjiv Maurya

Update videos plzzz

Given Kupar

What is Balurit in english?


Such a inspiring video ?☺_I am into gardening from last year and love to do experiments ?_Recently got some amazing seeds, manure and free grow bags from https://theaffordableorganicstore.idevaffiliate.com/164.html
Loved the results❤
Those maure very organic including cocoa peat!

Raji Sugan

Super... Bro iam tamil... Can I grow in indoor or direct sunlight(outdoor)

Riti Valand

Sir mene online seeds mangvaye hai magar mere pass esi kali jamin nahi aur net pe likha hai ki ye loamy soil pe ugega to ab me kya karu?

Enosh Yeluchuri

Where to buy these good quality seeds? And resources? Please help

Sonalika Padhi - ESA Bangalore

Balu ret matlab Sand aau soil matlab matti.....

Apka pahla mixture sand aur coco peat ka tha.... Aur dusra mixture matti ka tha....

Kya meri understanding thik hai?

Soma Mukherjee

Do you have some rose seeds to grow please because l love growing plants please can you give me some rose seeds to grow if you have please

Iffat Siddiqui by Beauty Oasis

What if want to plant in Jan or feb

Yuvraj Singh

Where to get good seeds?

Gk success Point

Very nice video

Sabina Khatun

Where I get these seeds

Mamata Swain

Seeds ko vigona Nehin hai?

Kiran Singh

What should I took as compost

Amlan Dey

Or apka phone number mujha caha

Gk Study Easy Tricks

Great job

D. Mahithi

Can you please tell me from where did you buy the Rose seeds

Javed Ansari sitapur

Sir kiya hum March me laga sakte hai

Amlan Dey

Bhai iska upar kaya diya

karunesh mishra

where to get climbing rose seed?

google platypus

How many days does it take to germinate? What does it look like now?

Azhar Malik

Will it grow in March-April?

Usha Dhabhai

Ye seeds aap kha se leke ayee????


Seed Kaha milega bhai

Anurag tiwari Tiwari

Sir update dijiye

Harini M

Hi, where do I get seeds for climbing rose


Sir update dijiye...plz

Hasnain Hasnain

can we use coco peat?

Tanu Singh

From where we can get the seeds?


If you have an English title on your video then your video should be in English !

mathi kumar

Good information thank you

banjit Kalita

I am from Assam. Can you say When wiil be better to sow..

Kiran Singh

Aap apne plant ka pic send kro

Chandra Labbu

Seeds kaha se mngaye

sheebabiju das

Can you please sell some seeds by post. I will pay if you give your account number and IFSC code.

Jadeja Pushprajsinh nice

Isme flawars garmi ke mosam me aata he ???

office shivu

Aap de sakte he muje rose plant mu bhut pasand he lekin yaha nahi milta

Rajesh Kumar

Sir kya shi me seeds se grow Ho jate hai

Tanu Tanuj

Aapke rose me flower aaye kya?

Thulasi S.mariyammal

Mm super awsome super???????????

Hanuman Prasad

Seedling is very hard

Celebrity Hungama

kya hm isy is season me b ugaa skty hn?

Sana Ijtaba

Ek hi gamly me seedling se plant tk ka safar ni tey ho skta kia ???

Sangeeta Gadalay

Bhai hame chahey rose vine kaha se liya aapne please seeds

ചൂടുളള മഞ്

Pls give link to buy this seeds

AnnaSophia Balbuena

Thank you for the video! Why don't you separate the seedlings when you transplant?

Susan Gigi

Where t get the seeds?

sabina rodrigues

Even I wanna grow climbing roses.
From where can I order the seeds.
Pls reply soon

aarti chavda

Muje climbing rose cutting chahiye kya aap bhej sakte ho?

Raji Sugan

Hai sir ...sir I bought some chrysanthemum seeds from online... How to grow it sir? And it's grow indoor or direct sunlight? Plz help sir

Mina Misra

I'm from tripura.. Can u plz say me when it will be better to sow..?


Can I get a rose seeds please please

Sandeep Kumar

Sir maine bhi snapdeal se ye clambing ke seeds kharide the or ye ab bade ho bhi gye hai but inke leaf ki shapes rose jesi nhi hai or na hi ye rose lg rhe hai. Aap sure hai ye clambing ke hi seeds hai?

Krishna Daimari

February Mai laga sakty hai ya nahai clamming Ross seeds ko sir

Abdul Khadar

bhai, i am dipping my seed in water for 1 day, there is a sprouting on my seed,can i plant the seed in a tray now?

Sudha N

Sir Maine ise rainy season me lagaya kya uska growth hoga or Maine use only cocopeat me lagaya h pls reply


Where did you get the seeds from??

Lets learn with me

In which climate the climbing rose seed germinate

Gardening colours

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Suresh Kumar Suresh Kumar


Raji Sugan

Hai bro... Before 3weeks... I watched your video... And ask some ideas... Thanks for the video and idea... I put my rose seeds as like as your video... It's perfectly grown... I planted 12 but 7 is grown up... Thank you so much... I'm so happy...?

flowers of love channel

Pls aap muje seeds bhej sakte ho


At starting need direct sun or not?


How often should I water?

Rose seed

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FULL, Growing Roses From Seed - Timelapse

56 896 views | 16 Oct. 2014

My first roses grown from

My first roses grown from seed 2013/2014

Joe Kehoe

hi..what was the time lapse...how long did they take to sprout and then until those first wonderful roses?


Hi, i love your video :). I have 19 roses seedlings growing(they are on to their second true leaf. Can you please tell me please what do you do after it flowers? You cut the flower off normally? Thanks :)


Thanks for info ???

Cónall Clancy

Beautiful. What is the music?

Elizabeth Cas

could you send me links to any video that show the process you did to get them to germinate. i dont want to kill my seeds. or can you send me or post instructions im hard hearing so its difficult for me to hear everything you explained in your video.
thanks hope you can help & God bless

Doc eb

is there any alt way to germinate skipping refrigeration (logistics issue)? kindly reply!

Iridescence Elarinya

Hi are those rose seeds from your own or did you buy them? Where to get those online


You inspire.  I will try again.

Quy Dao

What light did you use?

Abdulla Al-A'ali

What do you mean by sanded ?


Very cool. Awesome to see the end result after a year.

Sylvaree Jedi

Hi! I know you are very busy with your baby kitty being so sick, and i hope i am not bothering too much....i was just wondering, how long did you keep your seeds in the fridge before scarification? Or did you scar them up before you did the stratification? I JUST received my rose seeds and this will be my first ever attempt at growing them from seed and you made it look like you have been doing this for many years, so i am following your instructions to the letter! Thank you so much ahead of time, and hope your cat kiddo is doing better, truly.

Jonathan Ejercito

hi! i am now trying to germinate rose seeds. I would like to ask how many weeks does it take for your rose seeds to germinate? thank you soo much

anon speed

Wht is the meaning of "sanded sinkers?

Anasya-Mihaela Stoyanova

What you've done is so amazing! :) I would like to ask whether you kept your seeds in peat or cotton whilst they were in the frindge?

Sony S

hi, what do u mean by sanded ?
How do u separated the seed from the sand afterward ?


how many days does it take to blossom from first day you planted


I can not reply to some of your questions, because of your google plus settings, please watch this guy's video to learn how to change that. 

Matheus Ferreira

i've seen this time-lapse before, in other channel ;-;


i have to ask how did u sand them like with one seed and abit of sand paper or a different way?

Prayer Black

This Is Nice! Did You See Thorns Develope Before Or After The Roses Were In Bloom?

Ian Wills

Thank you very much for a very informative video......

Sharmin Akter Rima

Time lapse is added from another video...

Cindy stebbins

great video, when did you take them from the tray and put them in peat pots?

Wita Pertiwi

where did you get that seeds?

ashley hazell

i need help no matter how hard i try i can not get my roses to germinate iv even tried hydrogen proroxkside putting in fringe no joy please help really want to grow them badly please help

flowers of love channel

Pls send me rose seeds pls

haouat abdellaha

simply super

Black Phase

Good job i got mine to sprout and grow to about 4 inches but then powder mildew took over and killed them

Laura Ellen

Love the color of the one at 3:46. Did you create a new breed or color yourself?


Great cute video. Amazing results for your first batch! Are they still growing now? Thanks for sharing! Also, do you have the directions for "sanding" the seeds? Did you use a hydrogen peroxide/bleach solution at all as they were in the fridge?

Kuah Jia Xing

Hi your roses are so wondeful!! Can you help me as well? I have been trying to plant rose seeds as well. But im not sure if my method is correct. Is it correct to moist them and then cover it with a plastic over it? And i didnt put them in the fridge and just planted them because the instruction slip i had been given didnt state so, and the shop owner didnt say anything about putting it in the fridge so will it still grow into seedlings if i didnt place them in the fridge before? So can i ask what should i do now?

Richard Tan

thanks for the video ! er, so i supose to leave my seed in refrigerator for 3 month before i sand it and plant? =)

Dalis Ocam.

Wow! Awsome job. Looks like your experienced. I recently got some rose seeds that I want to grow for my mom (i'm cheesy like that. Her name is rose and she likes purple). I've grown other plants but never roses. I put a few in the fridge for about 2 months for stratification and took them out about 2 weeks ago. None have sprouted. I'm being patient but I have extra rose seeds and want to try your method. How did you sand them? I don't want to end up killing the seeds :p It would be very helpfull if you gave me some advice. Thank you

Christopher Peck

what do you mean by the term "sanded /unsanded?


Oh with the fridge method youre going to ne fine i did my self and y got 36 little plants now about 2 inch tall. Be patient it wont take to long. You will be so happy

shreeni prasad

beautiful timelapse ... how many days did it take for you to see the rose blossom from the day you planted the seeds?

C Fig

Love this! Thank you.

nur aida

I can't close my mouth watching this, awesome ?


That's awesome.

Muse Wrangler

great video! thanks!

Mich C

i love your videos , Please film more. regards from México!

Anila Tahiri

I read lot comments. Lots asking sanded??? Un sanded sinkers??? Floaters??? Video miss lit explanation. And she not answering none comments

Doc eb

so great and much effective.hope ill get my technicality one day!

Beer Singh

Not make video if you don't have confidence in your voice


Horny, horny roses. Showing off their flowers (reproductive parts) so early!! Hahaha.

Tyrell Samuels

Hi, can you give us an update on the rose from seed that you planted in the ground.

Rose seed

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How to grow Roses from Seeds (Step By Step)

24 947 views | 25 Sep. 2018

How to grow Roses from

How to grow Roses from Seeds growing from seed pods or rose hips. Germination of a rose seed is easy by following these steps.

Rooting Roses from Cuttings https://youtu.be/eWbBkO0n49E

Growing Roses from seeds Directions:

1. Harvest the Rose Hips (Seed Pods) after they have turned Red to Brown. The seeds are ready.

2. Cut the seeds out of the hips, let them dry out for 24 hours.

3. Place the seeds in a bag and set them in the fridge for 1-3 weeks. This will put the seeds into dormancy.

4. Plant the rose bush seeds approximately ¼ inch deep in a seed-planting mix in seedling trays or your own planting trays.

5. Seed Germination will occur 12-24 days.

Growing Roses in Potatoes! https://youtu.be/_vWIgt1C30c

Subscribe to our YouTube Gardening Channel ❀ for more growing tips: ►https://www.youtube.com/user/firstcla...

Facebook: ►https://www.facebook.com/firstclassga...

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Beverly Maloy

Very interesting!


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sassy the sasquatch


#1 Sax Man

Wow!!!!! Absolutely no information on starting rose seeds????????

Leonoor Valen

Thank you for sharing!

Davinder Singh


Cyrus Jan Sacay

I just ordered seeds online, I'm in a tropical country so no winter or cold periods, should I use our refrigerator?

mariposa CP

What time of the year is better to plant the seeds ??? Thanks

My Garden Channel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWbBkO0n49E HOW TO CLONE A ROSE


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