Type 4c hairstyles

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PUFF WITH BANG HAIRSTYLE ON 4C HAIR | Best definition routine for 4C hair | YVANNA BOLLANGA

182 672 views | 21 Apr. 2020

I hope y'all enjoyed the

I hope y'all enjoyed the video!


Products Used:

-Eco Styling Gel

-Wetline Xtreme Gel

-Creme of Nature Twist and Curl Pudding

-Gorilla Snot

-Got2b Glued Gel

-Wild Hair Growth Oil


My Socials:

IG: yvannab0llanga

Tiktok: yvannab0llanga

Twitter: yvannabollanga

f f

Gurl... u got my kinda hair!!!

Haki Ikah

Hair goals. ?❤️❤️


You and your brother are literally perfect, like you're gorgeous

Dropthealbum Rhirhi

I’m confused now bc I thought my hair was 4b but after seeing hers I think I’m 4c tbh idk imma just say type 4??‍♀️?

Kail.e.e Arielle

Ur hair looks great.
Ps. Ur brother is adorable


I need yo brother social media RET NA??


How do you sleep with the hairstyle


I’m glad somebody showed it. 4c does not mean no curl pattern at all it’s just extremely curly. Your hair is beautiful btw

Jasmine Manning

Giving Vanessa vibes from the Bernie Mac show? but more importantly, ig beautiful skin complexions run in the family?mbn

Lisa Josiah

Black beauty?

Raquel C. Gary


Tori Jiles

I wish YouTube had a love button. I’m going to try this style the next time I wash my hair.

Ciara s

Damn you hella pretty ?

Raw Visionz


La Diamond

Sleek, simple, and gorgeous! I love it!

Brianna Nichole

How’s the wild growth for you? I’ve heard so much about it but I refrained from getting it because I heard it makes people hair too itchy


You are so gorgeous. #blackgirlmagic

Israeliana NG

People need to recognize she mentioned she has mixed hair types. So folks are valid to say she doesn't have 4C, she has a mix. It is clearly looser in the back this is definitely Type 4B/4C mix. Maybe if the title said that less people would be pressed, but she did say she has mixed hair types.

Demetria H.

you’re so pretty ?

Simplyyy Mixmi

So glad I found you from Pinterest!

Lidia Feliciana

Sis called me baldheaded so fast. Hm

Anyana Clack

Everybody in the comments talking about how she is 4c and that people basically need to stop saying that she isn’t, but I don’t see any comments saying that she isn’t 4c ???

J L O'Bryan

Imagining me going to the store seeing called gorilla snot and deciding not only to purchase it, but also put it in my hair. ?

Oge O.

I'm just waiting for my hair to get this long so I can do this and it looks the same. How long does this style last? I don't think I can be doing this everyday lol.

Ana Eli

Lord I pray my hair gets this long

Beautiful Vision

Cute Af <3


OK this video was really helpful thank u so much


so stunning


How old is ur brother he look good ???

Delectable. Destiny

Do you ever leave it out b/c I really wanna do that but it shrinks up so much

Foggy Lenses

4C is a CURL type not a HAIR TYPE. Not everyone’s 4c is the same. And to be honest if you don’t have a curl pattern, then don’t say your 4c until you can find out what it is. People who know how to bring out their curl pattern by clumping it and the SHAPE of the curl is a coil that is smaller than a pencil that’s 4c! People who have cottony hair but can identify individual coils is also 4c. All it is, is the SHAPE. Whether it’s clumped or not. Search up 4B hair and y’all will see their spectrum of hair is waaaay looser

Nahla Copeland

This literally reminds me of an natural aesthetic hairstyle but other than that this is so cute btw ilysm?

Relly smith

Yvanna " Survey For Fun " if u seen a Ant & Baby roach crawling on your bedroom floor, Which one would you crush first? & Describe how U would crush them both? ????

Nwajuwe Chiamaka

Where can we buy it please

Kenya Moore

Wow! You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Ashley C

you and your brother literally look like twins omg

Mission Sales

This was beautiful!!!!

Wilda François

There's hope 4C girlies T__T

Jaja Hair

my beautiful gilr,shall we have honor to cooperate with you?


Another way to make this hairstyle is to do it with an old twist out/wash n go, that way you can take advantage of the definition and do a cute hairstyle if you´re too busy wash your hair.

is that a chicken?

Chichi Okigbae brought me here??

Also your brother really walked in to check himself out real quick??

This makes me want to give gel a try ugh.

P.S your earrings are so NICE

Rhianna A.S

Wow you are gorgeous!

Hannah Delacruz

You have beautiful hair girl!!❤️❤️

Winnie Patricia

i have 4c hair and with enough gel my curls are small, tight ringlets just like hers. it’s not even a big deal y’all everyone can do this style!

nevaeh lee

can you please do a intro tutorial ?

Melissa Mbogo

You don’t have 4c hair


you and ur brother are so pretty wtf

Egypt Jones

She a beautiful melanin queen❤️??

T Lee

Fine I’ll be the one to say it. That’s not 4c hair. It’s 4b & I have that hair type too and it’s the most common among black Americans. When we call our hair the most coarse, it like saying a whole group of people who that actually applies to...... don’t exist or u insult them by saying they just don’t know how to do their hair correctly. It’s rude. My auntie is 4c and we have tried every product and product combination under the sun to give her a popping wash and go. Her hair just does not do that. Her finger coil outs are legendary though.

Tyfanni Made

Watching how she puts that defuser to use now I know what I can use it for Lmao ?

Ashanti Oreste

I just really wanna know if i need a diffuser ? the comments aren’t helping

naii a

this isn’t 4c lmao?


siss you're sooo prettyy!!! Masallah

Jaba The Pegasus

Wait what's your brothers @ ???

Iamjermeca W

This is nice. ?

Blk Barbie

You’re so beautiful do you do modelling? And I am definitely gonna have to pick up some more gel at the beauty store, I only got eco but I counted FOUR types here?


Talented, like the hair do. New friend, you have my support!

Ashlie B

it’s embarrassing how y’all like to gatekeep 4c hair. that is definitely her hair texture.

Retr0 268

I can’t imagine defining my whole head WOW. Your hair must be quite thin mine is very thick and coarse. When I define my curls it is like an S curl similar to yours. So all type 4 curl patterns are the same when defined. She has 4C.

Anny K

Is got to be gel safe since its like glue, won't it cut your hair. Pls be careful sis, don't wanna loose hair

Kerrie With Purpose

Be careful with eco gel..protein not good overtime girl...wet line is good enough or get the one for men if you need a thicker gel...i spray water on hair to make sure it is wet so gel works better..also you can rub gel between hands to emulsify it before appplying on the hair

Natural Queen

Beautiful ?

Antonia Medina

Not people who came here for a hair tutorial complaining about the hair tutorial ???????????


Your skin!???

Adut D

This is sooo cute!



Lefa Ngaka

Your hair is not 4c

Julia Lia

where is the 4c ?

Demi Wilson

You are so pretty girlll!!??

Lola Bombshell

you ever wore your hair out like a fro after defining the curls? I want to try ?


pep the teeth

Rose Noire

Gorgeous Queen ? love that hairstyle

april anderson

Ur so pretty!


I just tried this ? it didn’t work for me ??‍?

Milk Homie

Shit I must have 4z

Pink Cancer





Ma’am you are gorgeous


This isn’t 4c hair... 4c hair can be defined but the coils are alot tighter than this

Ashley C

thank you for explaining things so clearly, this is one of the most helpful tutorials I've ever watched!

Kaitlyn Jackson


Korrie Warner

I’m late but I love this video??. Subscribed off of this alone!

Foggy Lenses

Finally someone with my 4c

jagboj tgyjub

All those comments complaining about ppl criticizing her 4c hair but where are the comments criticizing her 4c hair

Kaycie Bell

Do you do the same routine for all your puffs??


How long does this last?

Shamila Bazílio

I really wanted to do this hairstyle, but it's a shame that my hair is short?

Lyssa Michele

girl thank you for this omg yesss!!!

Esther Jean

Yup. It's 4c! ? Finally

Olivia Brown

Gorgeous look!!! I would definitely love to see you review Straight Silk by JuniorLabs. It absolutely maintains my hair soft and silky ❤️❤️❤️

Miyah Skies

I just need to have patience with myself just girl. I am NOT here for it taking long periods of time to do my hair

Taniyah UwU

What’s yo brothers insta? ?

Yazy Rose

Your hair is sooooo pretty ???

Kaye Diorr

Everyone wanna be 4c like for what☹️This isn’t 4c hair she shouldn’t just named the title type 4 hair like she already said ??‍♀️And y’all tryna tell her it’s 4c don’t even have 4c so therefore this isn’t your space to comment on I have 4c hair and yes I know length might think that’s what ppl are going after but it’s just her curl pattern lmao so in other words if u don’t know ur hair type don’t claim to be 4c however from her brother looks it looks like HE HAS 4c

Black Wrld

how long did it take you to define those curls?

Tilewa Balogun

have you tried using a denman brush in your 4C hair? does it work for you?


You are my hair twin ???



Kyla U

omg I needed this people always do these hairstyles with 3c hair and my just don't do that.

Prinscilla Oduro

Is he your twin brother o just you little brother??

Type 4c hairstyles

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19 776 views | 19 Nov. 2019

Hey guys! I hope you

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Uncomfiest Potato

WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFEEEE ??? I absolutely HAVE to try these omg

Eghonghon Ewanehi

Can anyone tell me the intro song name plssssss

Blcko Vybz

Love your intro

Kierra Marie

I needed this??

Love your Napps

Sorry about the audio I'm trying to fix it

Okay Fries

Who are the two girls on the thumbnail?

janae lovely



4:55 *don’t mind me I’m just putting this time stamp because I like this style and this style is what I’m going to do after I take out my braids

Rachel D

I need this song mix ?

Ana Baker

The second girl, who knows the exact color she dyed her hair?

leah nyabuto

Who else is obsessed with hair? ?


Last girl looks like Masika

Jevaeha Serenity


alyxnna r

2021 :)




What is that string that they’re using?

Niya Pierre

Love this song ♡♥♡

Kiya Kendall



LuCaS tEa

girl at 5:30 is stunning‼️? and her hairstyle was so cuttte:(

Aesthetic Angxel

Tysm girl


I need this mix.???????????????

Type 4c hairstyles

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696 265 views | 6 Jan. 2020

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Sumayah Frederick

Some of these aren't 4c???

Melissas chickens

Jesus loves us this you need to know for the bible tells us sooo?

TPlayzGamez _YT


Zahelia Dreamdoll

The first and second girl must be blind they do not belong in 4c hair type smh


The first girl look like me i think i found my twin in a video




Me with my tiny nape hair ???

beaut house

Ignore this reminder


jada mathews

how they make it look so easy??


Me: Trying to do the hairstyle
elastic band pops
Okay I guess this isn't meant for me :c

Djamel Cosme


John Whitehead

WOW,I like your channel,thank you for sharing this video, I received the same one from newigstyle..com four weeks ago, shipped by Fedex,good quality !!!!!

Mercedes -

Yall wanna know what they all have in common

Edge booster or eco or got 2b


Next can you make 17b for me


Help a person out and sub to my channel pls?

trin bc

they make it look so easy ?



QuDira Hill

Most of these girls hair is not 4c

Ajayda Brown

The back of my hair short so I can’t put it in one or slick it back cuz my head big oof sad for me but I tried catching in one today and it worked I struggled growing the back of my hair but it actually work?✨?

NalaGamer forever

8:08 honestly how my sides be looking. Anyone else? Right after getting a mohawk?

NahNah tv

Some of these were not 4c

Sassy Jit

Having 4c is kinda confusing I'm not gonna lie

Üñïqüë Gåbrïël

Im not sure all of these were 4C ...but they pretty


11:00 ma'am how many clips are you putting

Heyy x

To whoever is reading this Jesus is coming soon repent before it's too late

Heaven Ėvans

This ain’t 4c hair

tbgbvtr grrggrvr

I think the first girl had more of a 4b texture


Why the first girl look exactly like me like she my look alike lol

Nickayla Morrison

Are these actually 4c hair?

{buggie} B

Black girls are bald....

Nyasia Wynter

the first two arent 4c

Brie's World

Does the second one 4c to u????? Baby let me know

Fū the Seven Tails Jinchuriki

6:10 imma go back to that

yahgirl ri

That is not 4C??but its fine lol

Emihle Mangcipu

who is the girl w the pink/purple dyed hair?


Some of these or not 4c hair

Life wit Shayyy

i always like ;)

Christine Iwudyke

For the first girl and second I don't understand how Eco gel works for ur 4c hair... it won't work for mine????why?????

1k subs before the end of 2020

My 4A head ass watching this at 4AM

4everAlone Life

Jesus is coming soon repent if you repent of your sins, follow his commandments and live for him you will be saved. ??

Ravyn Watley

Shout out to the girl with the big hoops she helped mee with my ponytail

Slime jiji Monty

Some of these videos are no 4c but thx for the video


ugh some people here arent even 4c tf

Yakima Griffin

These weren't even 4c hair ?

annah malima

the second one was not 4C-

Gianna monroe

I wish they would do more all they do is CURLY BADDIES HAIRSTYLES


some of these definitely aren’t 4c they slicked down to easy .... ?


Most of these girls didnt have 4c hair?


Finally I needed this

idk why though not like I can do my hair
I get mad at my hair

MoonCréam Roblox

****THIS IS NOT 4c HAIR*****

Coleman Family

I was so mad about this bruh they use toothbrushes to do their edges
Me all 7th grade: do edges with toothbrush
Me: OK its cute I see u I mean its not as slick as the girls on yt but it should work

1st hour at school my edges:??? girl what u thought this was you not like them boo

Me second hour: in the bathroom trying to brush my hair back up

I have to use a full on brush to lay edges down tie them up at night and freshen them up the next day ?


I actually thought I was the only one who uses a shoe lace to hold my extremely thick hair at 4.19

Elaina Sewell

I don’t think the 2nd girl had 4c hair??‍♀️?

Rhinggy Smith

Why tf doesnt eco gel work on my mf hair?!? ( im 4c btw)

Estefani Oliveira

Mulher negra de cabelo cacheado não é nem gente é anjo ❤❤

luv jas

I have SUPER SUPER thick 4c natural hair and when i say im not joking its one of those things only my mama can handle and it sometimes a stress for her but like no one it allowed to touch my hair cause its so much and plus thats my crown ? i would do anything to get a way to make my hair curly and not shrink and make it stay curly.. byeee i hope yall know what i mean

Ferraxi - Kun

My hair too short for these ??‍♀️

Ashley Henry

half of these aren't even 4c hair

Marisa Krak

I love all these hairstyles

Pamela King-Marbury

Love you too baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ess Njora

@Baddest Beauty, could you please do a compilation of brides in natural hairdo?
Grooms too


But these ain’t 4c..


I have some natural curly back to school hairstyles on my channel and this was amazing you got to see a variety or textured hair!❤️?

Bruna Gonçalves

Penteados lindos.


I have this type of hair but it's WAY TO SHORT :c

Lara adiene


Youuu A Goofy

0:57 .. yess smb with my hair type ?

ᴍɪᴏᴊɪɴ ᴍɪᴏᴊɪɴ

if there is any type of hair that exceeds 4C it is certainly mine, nothing works nothing is good, I can’t even tie my hair, it has no movement, no definition, it’s completely horrible,help meh


Not to be rude but does the creator of this video know what 4c hair is? Some of this or quite a bit of this isn't 4c bruh.

Thatkiddo_kiaaa Boii

I came here for ma jay babys ❤️??

Keisha’s life

most of them don't have 4c hair


Lol this not all 4c df?

tiifeni xó

10,000th like (idk lool)

Jada Hankins

# Hair Goals

dazzling dance moms

GUYS WHAT IS 2:53 HAIR TYPE? that’s litterally how my hair looks and i need to look up some tutorials for it

Squishy Candy

Im sorry but this video is misleading because a lot of these women in this video definitely have 4B/A hair.

Cherish avery

My hair said no! ??

Sangwoo’s glow-stick

why is this in my recommendation
im Asian and I have straight hair

Jessica Vick

Do u have tutriol for thick long hair but like gets short when's wet?

Laura Lantigua

The first girl must be a model.

Veronica McKenzie

OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your videos they feature so many beautiful young ladies, and i just wanna say keep making more videos cause they r awsome #nufflove


4c hair when its blow dries our make it more easier to work with like mine

ka'veah Campbell

Who else know princess jay cuz i do 9:46


You’re not seeing this for no reason. We’re all sinners, and are destined for eternal damnation, and we’ve all chosen wickedness over righteousness and are (or were) addicted to sin.
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Happy 235

Can u do an awkward hair length video ?

T'nia Callender

9:44 Aye Where The Princess Jay Squad At . ????
I’m Back Ba- Ba- Ba- Back Back Back ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Life of Nadia

Black is beauty??


7:51 i got so interested

Janice Robinson

I dont like how the views are 666?✋

Mckya Smith


Aisha Mass

idc 3:41 was it periodt

Noora Queen

when yay have 4c hair! but it never grows ?

Olivia Brown

Love the hair!!! I would love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray by JuniorLabs. It makes my hair silky smooth ?

Mercy Ombuya

Its the edges for me- LMAO XD


I dont think the first one is 4c-??


the hairstyles is coo but it’s not 4c hair.

Jay,a Smith

2 was not 4c hairor 3 dont no your hair typs


Jesus love you ❤️

Aisha Mass

The 262 ppl that disliked are crying bc they cant relate