Oil vs petroleum

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Fundamentals of upstream, midstream and downstream

67 944 views | 29 Jan. 2018

Take a look inside the oil

Take a look inside the oil & gas journey from discovery to the end consumer.

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This video is horrible... downstream is so wrong...


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K Seeker

Has the industry changed terms? When I started back in 2001, no one separated the refining process from the EDP. Some include the transportation portion to wholesalers also as part of upstream. Downstream was the end users side. Very few even say there is midstream. This video is completely different then what I was taught. Who gets to decide what is what?

L Abhishek

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Liliana Caninenberg

Wonderful video production with educational content ! Keep up with the good work.

Oil vs petroleum

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Understanding shale oil and the controversial practice of 'fracking'ton 720p

47 693 views | 16 Mar. 2015

The Globe and Mail's

The Globe and Mail's Sherrill Sutherland explains what is shale oil, how it is drilled and why it's important to the energy industry

Shamel OSMAN

This industry will collapse because Saudi Arabia is going to make the price of the oil Barrule almost 5 dollars after it was $75 ! ?

Tom Tom

Great informational video; thanks!

Tim Leblanc

Its hydrochloric acid monoethylamine with water and a rust inhibitor that they pump....fracking 101...

Wei Loong Cheng

Boy, this video did not age well.


just a while ago scientists say that oil is a finite resource and it would run out by 2020


Fracking, the new way to produce more oil from old wells and to contaminate our underground water supplies... our engineers need a pat on the back.

Oil vs petroleum

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Fuelled: Shale vs Oil Sands

21 335 views | 2 Apr. 2018


Blending of Heavy and Lite oil,good for Canada and USA..


This is a right wing conservative fake news agency that lies to Canadians.


nuclear power please