How to reduce swelling after restylane

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How Do You Manage Oedema After Tear Trough Filler?

16 459 views | 26 Jul. 2018

Dr Tim Pearce discusses

Dr Tim Pearce discusses how to manage oedema administering after tear trough filler.

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Veelook 49

Hi. Thank you for your video!
question...Is there any chance that you can move your filler down and make the bags/puffiness worse when you do the massage?

Jessica Sonnier

When you do this is the filler moving down too?

Patty Feury

I have a patient that has developed edema one month after having Volbella injected in the tear trough area to camouflage his bags. Patient had 0.2 cc under each eye succeeded making the patient happy. He is upset that he has swelling one month later does not want Hylenex injected will try the massage. Thank you for the time you take in doing the videos!

debra orr

Hi over the last 2 years I've been removing my under eye fillers. I did laxer on the upper and lower eyelids. Proceedure was extremely painful and not very successful. I waited 4 months before I refilled below my eyes. Immediately they bruised extremely bad. They were bruised and swollen for more than a week. Tomorrow is 2 weeks and now I have 2 massive large lumps directly below the eyes. I'm so stressed about this, I look actually worse now. The doctor I go too comes to Dubai once a month so now I have to wait for him to return. In the meantime what can I do to help with the weird puffy lumps. ???

debbie G

most annoying video - you keep moving around and the camera is shaking the whole time!!!


Thank you, I will try massaging. I have had my filler under one eye for 6 months and I hate it. I just found out about dissolving it and if this massage technique doesn't work I will get my one eye dissolved.

Iuliana Vasnic

The massage is a very good advice


Can tyndall effect be massaged away like this too?

Cordelia Elliott

I've been told to massage mine upwards now I'm really confused after watching this but upwards seems to be working

Jennifer Stearns

Thank you for the information. You mention Hyaluronidase as a last resort treatment, what treatment would you recommend for non HA filler like Artefill if massage is not effective? If the edema is slight to moderate is there a way to camouflage/blend into the cheek using a different filler?

Amy Hoppy

Dr Pearce- your tear troughs look amazing, have you had the procedure done yourself?

Michelle 1123

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you! I had the tear trough done a week ago and suddenly I have bags and lumps on one eye and alot of bruising on the other eye. I did your technique on the swollen lumpy side and it worked! It went down tremendously. I will work on it again tomorrow. I am so glad I found your video.

Lynn Cherni

Hi Dr Tim

I had inner corners of my tear trough done over 2 years ago the injector informed me she would bring me back 1 week later to do outer tear trough (which I thought was odd) the day after I had a black eye and was extremely swollen unfortunately any messages I sent were ignored, the black eye healed but I have swelling in the area she injected the filler i have been told it was possibly a heavy filler and injected superficially so its carring fluid/water... So I would like to know if getting it dissolved would help and is there any dangers with doing so?

many thanks ?



Afsheen Valliani

If fillers gone wrong at least one year back on lips and cause in symmetric what can be done and not even dissolved after Hyaluronidase?


Wow 4 years and I have had this problem. Will be trying this technique. Thank you.

Suzanne Saidso

I am getting sea sick watching this bloke

Lil Mar

Debbie it’s so quiet

Ed Cubberly

When should the massage be started ? Massage for 3-5 minutes. How often ? Sorry, if I missed this on your video. Thanks !



OBI BioAesthetic Institute

Great idea and one I have used as a variation for treatment of periorbital edema post filler complications. I have had patients referred to me for treatment of complications after having had their tear troughs injected. Lymphatic drainage is very helpful along with a pressure dressing to the lower lids when the patient is to be supine (sleeping) to lessen the postural edema. Hydrafacial's lymphatic drainage handpiece has been a very helpful tool (adjust the suction setting to avoid being too rough). Massaging down into the lymph nodes in the preauricular area, mastoid, and down the neck into the lymph nodes in the clavicle area will help, too. Thank you for your helpful video - I will surely send people to view your presentation!!!!

Maximilian C

The green reflection on your left eye was so cool. It looked as though it was deliberate...like you’d call yourself the cyborg doctor !

Sarah Dance Mum

I had a lump under my eye, and droopy looking swelling by my cheeks! Did the massage and it’s mad a massive difference! My undereye now looks really smooth! Great video/advice!

Brett Barber

I'm going to do that massage as well! How do you know if too much filler was placed?

Donna Krutz Moore Film HMUA

Very helpful!! Thank You!!!

Valentina X

great advice!

Jo Huffines

This was helpful. I had Volbella placed in my tear troughs approx. 2 yrs ago. Since then, I have had off and on swelling for the duration. Right now the left undereye is moderately swollen and tender, with underlying redness and a mild case of blepharitis as well. I am on an antibiotic and steroid. Thank you for giving other options besides Hyaluronidase. Background info: Initially I had an allergic reaction to the injection causing severe hypotension, numbness in my arms (which persisted for 1.5 days), heart flutters, and dizziness for which I almost had to go to the hospital. I imagine this might have been caused by the ingredient lidocaine. I did report the reaction to Allergan. Also, noteworthy was that I think I had more than the average person receiving one syringe per eye. Needless to say, I won't be doing this again and really would like the Volbella to go away completely without injecting anything else that could potentially cause another reaction. I thought by now it would be gone (as most literature points to 18 months duration) but it's still here, although, less of it I think. Some others have mentioned that when the swelling occurs, it could be the body trying to break down the product. I have noticed there are different triggers to this phenomenon: sinus infections (as you mentioned), salty foods, eyelid inflammation, allergies, and oddly for me when the exterminator comes whatever chemical is being used as well as when they spray the farm across the street with pesticides (neither of which I was allergic to before). With that said, sometimes, it happens with no identifiable cause. Hope this helps those who are considering this treatment.


You made me feel loads better! Thank you so much for this. ?

Deborah H

Excellent tips. Thanks!!

Maryann Humphrey

Hi i had fat transfer under my eyes 5 weeks ago . I still have swollen puffy under my eyes . Please help
ive been told its water retention and will have a better result . How long will the swelling last

Elizabeth Schaible

the procedure starts at 6:45

Stephen Wellington

Cool video!!!!!??

Divalicious KC

Thanks so much for this information. Mine swells immediately. I massage then ice. It takes a few days to get the final goal.

Ramona Rolando

Thank you so soooo much for the massage advice!!!! Incredible!!! The bags were horrible after filler (5 days ago) so bad i was looking at blepharoplasty to remove them(which scares me to death :) i massaged as you instructed and they're gone! I can't believe it!
Thank you!!!

First Name Last Name

Hello Dr., Around 5 months after I had gotten my lip fillers done (for the 2nd time), I woke up at 3 am with extremely swollen, hot lips, it was painful. Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to the hyaluronic acid filler, 5 months post treatment? And why didn’t I have this experience after my first treatment? I‘ve seen doctors who diagnosed me with a general Quincke's oedema and urticaria (hives). I haven’t told them about my filler, since I had gotten them over 5 months prior to the oedema and didn’t think it was necessarily relevant to that situation. Is there a possibility to contact you via e-mail to explain more of the medical details? I would really want to get my lip fillers re-done, but I‘m afraid I could get a bad reaction again. When I remove a pimple on my face, the area swells up disproportionately too (areas where I haven’t gotten any filler). I don’t know what to do.

Pie Wolff

Omg your so handsome! ?

How to reduce swelling after restylane

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Restylane Refyne Injection Demo with Before and After Photos

32 591 views | 24 Feb. 2017

Find out more about

Find out more about Restylane Refyne: http://www.skinbylovely.com/restylane-refyne/

Lovely Laban GNP-C MSN performs a Restylane Refyne treatment for Accordian Lines, aka Laugh Lines, and Nasolabial folds around the mouth.

*Individual results may vary. Restylane® Refyne is a registered trademark of Galderma®.

Richard Martinez

Skin by love...excelente filmación y tratamiento?

Ginger Bot

This girl is so pretty naturally


This girls face is so cute before and after. She did not need to get rid of her dimple lines. I like the dimple lines. They add character to her cute face.

Neville Meister

I had a look at the before and after pictures and I did not notice any difference in the woman's face from before her injection and after she had her injection. I feel that Restylane Refyne had no effect on this ladies face.

Miss Viking

My concern is you didn’t inject deeply enough. In my experience w Restylane is migrates when injected too superficially. Usually migrates down. Showing AFTER right after is not fair. Show in a week

Stro Productionz

There’s no difference lol ? I hope they give refunds

How to reduce swelling after restylane

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Possible Causes and Treatment of Swelling Under the Eyes with Cosmetic Fillers

11 769 views | 27 Apr. 2016

For more on Restylane:

For more on Restylane: http://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/restylane-perlane/

For more about Dr. Prasad's background and training, please go to:


A 22-year-old man had Restylane injections under his eyes to reduce deep tear troughs 23 days prior. He thinks his under eye area looks worse now, and there is still bruising/discoloration around the injection sites. He said that prior to treatment, his eyes looked bad in certain lightings, but now he thinks the look bad in all circumstances. His doctor injected a half a syringe of Restylane, and now wants to correct with the whole syringe. He asks if it can get worse with additional Restylane, and if he can get surgery done after this treatment.

New York Oculofacial plastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews his photo and his concern in this video, explaining what happens in Restylane treatment, the right age for treatment, and what can be done now to treat his condition:

1:51 - Dr. Prasad’s background training, and his specialization of rejuvenation around the eyes, from surgery, cosmetic fillers, and regenerative medicine

2:34 - If the fluid under the eyes appeared after the treatment, then he would not advise additional Restylane treatment

3:11 - How Restylane injections in the tear troughs usually doesn’t cause swelling under the eyes, so the fluid at the cheekbone may have been there prior to treatment, which is called malar edema

3:43 - If the swelling was caused by the Restylane, it may be because hyaluronic acid fillers are hydrophilic, which means it pulls fluid into the area

4:11 - How Dr. Prasad uses Restylane combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for treating tear troughs, which is a delicate and artful procedure because eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body

4:55 - How Dr. Prasad sees cosmetic filler patients two weeks after the treatment because there is a settling period for the material

5:27 - How this man’s doctor may be more concerned about the hollow part of the eyes rather than the swelling

5:47 - How Dr. Prasad usually tries to dissuade people this man’s age from doing cosmetic filler treatment, as filler treatment does require regular maintenance, and temporary swelling and bruising are normal

6:32 - Why Dr. Prasad also cautions against surgery because it can cause more problems, and surgical treatment of tear troughs can be more problematic than filler treatment

7:05 - How swelling from cosmetic fillers can be treated by dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase

7:39 - How this man should speak with his doctor to go over the benefits of another syringe of filler, and also decide if ongoing treatment and maintenance of fillers is worth continuing at a young age


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My filler under my eyes is not completely gone after 2 rounds of Hyaluronidase... they look better but I'm scared that it has affected my skin. There is still alot of edema that wont go away as well ( so im thinking it isnt all dissolved yet). Should I wait it out or get another hyaluronidase treatment then follow up with skin treatments to fix the area for the skin laxity. I am 22. (Never had edema problems around my eyes. Also edema/ filler is asymmetrical because of poor/ inexperienced injection technique)

Ian Smith

I had some filler under my eyes about 5 years ago. And i now have permanent swelling under both eyes which I did not have before. And slight fluid trapped under the eyes which raises the redness into bumps. If that makes sense? The dr that did the filler said this will be permanent and the on,y way I can get rid of it is with surgery. What can I do?

david doggy

I heard of a permit filler to replace facal bone loss .. but can't remember the name , do you know of this??


I understand that it can dissolve on its own in around 6-12 months. When this happens, does it dissolve evenly? I just want to inject them once and was wondering if it will look bad later on, forcing me to continue getting them