Make up to you

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Tirzah - Make It Up

450 901 views | 19 Oct. 2015

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Tirzah - Make It Up

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audio drugs

Cezar Spînu


Arturo Mata

Sublime y a la vez poderosa, que buen cumbion, lo único malo es que dura poco tiempo.


INSANE TUNE. craaaaaaaaaaazzzy.

Damien Theo

That bass is so fat it eats 10 steaks for dinner

Learning It Quietly

As recommended by Floating Points...


this tune makes ur balls smoother just by listening to it

Ms Maglorie

love this tune

Henry Cordy

Yeah...heavy tune. Love it.

Rob Bru

Something deeply unsettling about this tune.

Crystal Waters

My name is Tirzah!



Alp Ereren

Thank you Jamie XX

Alessandro Matera

Magdalena Frackowiak brought me here.


quanta fotta gente


on repeat


is this coming out on vinyl?


How you gonna love me if you're never here you're never around
Said I need someone
How you gonna love me if you don't even know that I could be
The only one

Even whenever I want
To get to know you better
You sit down
You don't look up

You only ever love me when I don't talk back
I'm talking now
So don't talk back

I know baby that I tried to hold you a little too long
Don't worry now
Cos I'll never do that

You never really loved me cos I held you back
I let you go
I put you down

I wanna hear you saying that you let me down
I'll make it up
I'll make it up to you

I wanna hear you saying that you let me down
I'll make it up
I'll make it up to you
I'll make it up to you

How you gunna love me if you don't hear no you don't listen to me
Talking quietly
How am I gonna let you get away from my arms
But I couldn't see
You were fooling me

Even whenever I want
To make you love me better
You walk away
You carry on

You only ever loved me when you wanted some fun
I'm laughing now
What d'you think of that?

I know I maybe tried to call you frequently
But don't worry now
Cos you were boring me

Could never really love me cos I couldn't stay back
I let you go
But now I'm thinking that

I wanna hear you saying that you let me down
I'll make it up
I'll make it up to you

I wanna hear you saying that you let me down
I'll make it up
I'll make it up to you
I'll make it up to you
I'll make it up
I'll make it up
Make it up
Make it up
Make it up
I'll make it up

I'll make it up to you
I'll make it up to you
No love for you
No love for you

Olivier Magere

Something hypnotic, can't stop listening. Will be hard to top, hope she does.

Neri Janeth Castro

Yes make it up to me

Mo Bensasi

this is a hitter

Tomas O'Ryan

I can’t understand why this song isn’t the number 1 in galaxy Grammy

Justine Velasco

Every One Love It Except me!!

Matthew Ingram

great track

Sebashion Ospina

My body just dances by itself

Ruth Noel

Keep it up :)


this is... yes

Cillian Hannon

honestly this sounds so fucking good every sound works so well together

Brian Lupo

been looking for this.... Everett Williams brought me here

Karim Benyo

Chek this video out if you like this sound - and totally dope video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ruFZDh5muU

Callum Murphy

uh yes this tune sounds like when you stumble your ass down to the basement of the club into some blue light with your vodka red bull all messy love it


I stumbled on this accidentally at a moment in my life when i most neeeded to hear these lyrics tug at my emotions in that sexy rythm. Thanks, lovin it!

bruno silva

show de bola! gosto muito dessa artista




Fuck yes


thx for the upload

Daniel Almeida

this song is netflix and chill

Camilo Viveros

The intro it's so delicious, it just had melt my ears, ?.

Suhail 87

It gives the feeling that you're a cocaine junkie

Elysha Shakeel

Thank you Nicola Cruz!

Sandra Kobayashi

Clean Bandit's Mixtaaaaaape yeah. That's why I love them.

Thomas Lascala

Mi ricorda una serata !!! Exdogana

EyeZ of Tha Moon



super cool


This is my alarm clock " get up get up get up "

Ron Jaynes

..................WORKING THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT From Donna Summer


The chimes are what really sent me...


questa musica è giustnaturale, acida al punto giusto, bpm al punto giusto al passo della camminata di un uomo normale, voce intonata, che dire hanno fatto centro

vincent adiutori

amazing tune. thanks kieran.

Thorsten Boberg


Em Ma


Luis Damian

Here cause of Nicola Cruz!

Jessica Pignataro

Just can't stop listening to this. Purchased a new speaker today because of this track.

Svarga Y

Fucking best

WhosHorse IsThat

I cannot lie this is the ugliest song ive ever heard in my life




Got this beat on repeat!

Mango The Disaster Artist


Adam H

These lyrics are so sexy:

You only ever love me when I don’t talk back
I’m talking now
So don’t talk back
I wanna hear you saying that you let me down
I’ll make it up
I’ll make it up to you

All is in



Jay Headrush

This odd lil tune makes me uncomfortable

Make up to you

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JT Roach - Make It Up To You (lyrics)

2 969 866 views | 20 Sep. 2019

JT Roach - Make It Up To

JT Roach - Make It Up To You (lyrics)

Spotify Playlist : https://Popular-Music.lnk.to/Spotify

JT Roach




background : unsplash

Seyha official

Subs me


I don't want to say anything but I'm a young YouTuber recording lyrics videos and on my channel there are some interesting materials, some as the only ones on the whole YouTube (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Radu Albert


ranjit das

Love this song ???

Sukaina Banu


Kristjan Rexha

Super song

Ava-Mae Mccue

Wow great songs jt and I saw fish fam vid cute song for the twins well done

Cami 123

hi what do you use as software?

Leshem Fronda

At First i tought it was Maroon 5 - Memories LOL


Starting was very similer like ' Girls Like You' by Maroon

David Tan

Probably just me but this song sounds like Maroon 5 girls like you

Gan Lao

JT you are so talented. WOW!


This dude honestly sounds like a combination of LAUV and Maroon 5.


me from tanoh rencong and you ?

Виктория Мунтеану


Saroeun Edits

I relate to this song so much rn low key crying inside that she is not here rn

Bartek Kay


Perla Serena

She have a beautiful meaning and she's awesome ❤️❤️❤️

Holly Holbrook

I love all of talks song❤❤❤

natalia delgado



his voice sounds like justin at the beginning

Hello_ It's_me!


Rei Williams

i thought Justin Bieber was singing
cause of the voice

s uch

this is a mashup of Girl like u & Issue

JT Roach

Thank you Popular Music ! :)

Daisy Edberg

I believe you

Mohammed Mohammed


Popular Music

Follow our Spotify Playlist : https://Popular-Music.lnk.to/Spotify


Hi sir sir am robyntensee.would you like to see my singing videos on my channel.its my journey


it's fantastic


Too bad i was not here

Mr. Dreamer_Mizo

i uih anih mai chu a

Make up to you

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I’ll Make It Up To You

2 551 518 views | 13 Jul. 2018

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

I’ll Make It Up To You · Imagine Dragons


℗ 2017 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

Released on: 2017-06-23

Producer: Tim Randolph

Studio Personnel, Engineer: John Hanes

Studio Personnel, Mixer: Serban Ghenea

Composer Lyricist: Dan Reynolds

Composer Lyricist: Wayne Sermon

Composer Lyricist: Ben McKee

Composer Lyricist: Daniel Platzman

Composer Lyricist: Timothy Randolph Edgar

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Christian Coppola

Wayne is Jesus with a guitar. Nuff said

Sam Ramido

<3 can't say anything but just to <3 this.

no name

Time наслаждаться

Althur Djerah

It sounds like Chris Martin singing a Tears for Fears song. It gives me Everybody wants to rule the world vibes.

Mauricio Aguilera

Alguien en 2020??

Somebody on 2020??

Jess Tx

Best song in the album

Eduardo Romero

December 2019

Andy McCargow

Underplayed wtf??


One of the artists that I can’t pick a favorite

Sandra Gibert

Bb d'amour ? ❣️ ?

João Tiago

Im listening to songs in Spotify all day and then this one comes up. In the end when the guitar solo pops up i just disconect from the the rest and i just hear it. Then i look at the name of the song and it says imagine dragons. Like wtf since when do they do music like this why is this so underrated and other regular songs like believer have milions of views. Whats wrong with this world. Why do people choose believer as a pop single with success and this Treasure as a regular hidden song left to be forgotten. Guys at the end of the day what matters is that we found it and its now our treasure.

Silvana Navarro

si ves esto, lo lamento, lamento no poder repararlo cada noche como prometí,

Gilberto França

*This is criminally underrated.*


This makes me feel like home had collaborated with them... If u know what I'm talking about.. feels like retro futurism with the 80, sound effects

Thomas Bolam

The guitar solo is amazing, this is just as underrated as some of the other Evolve tracks like Mouth Of The River and Rise Up.


사랑은 어렵고 결혼은 더 어렵고 육아는... 인생에서 경험할 수 있는 가장 보석같으면서도 똥 같은 경험. 이 노래를 만든 심정을 상상하니 짠하네. 일기는 일기장에 쓸까? 뭐, 어때. 알아볼 사람도 없는데...

epic man

WELL COME BACK TO THE 80's ( the sound )

Omar Delgado



Best song eveu

Camila Giovana

A meu Deus <3 :(


Basically Every Night pt 2 and I love it

Gisell Aili Alvarez

the best 4:22 minutes in a song

BradyBrady10 B

Did anyone know that this is the longest song on Evolve? I did!

Auto_gamer 99

"it's been a hard year." ?


World famous band........??

Axel Villegas

Agosto? 2019???

Crowned Xyrus

This song has some 5SOS vibe going on

Violet Star

Funny how their songs tell about all the problems in the world if you just listen to the lyrics, but somehow it makes us forget about them.

Gabriel Neves

First time hearin this song: don't like this (*unlike noises*)
Third time: It's just (*crying noises*) BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


Why do I feel like in this album the less known songs are better?

Allison Newsome

Honestly they’re so underrated.

Richard House

What if. ,,, What if it was God who inspired these lyrics. ... what if

What if , god shares this song with everyone ?
( “ your hands are mine “ )
What if. ...

... love .!

Cooking in Quaritine

I'll make it up to you for not smashing the like button earlier


bro all of the songs should have videos they should make em

iker palacios

I dont know why but imagine dragons are for me the best band of the world, i love this boys.

Faiz Ali

Soft Rocked.

Riven Gallagher

Sounds like an 80s movie soundtrack


Walk The Moon and Imagine Dragons are the best bands in my opinion.


top 10 imagine dragons
1.Smoke and Mirrors
2.I'll Make It Up To You
5.Nothing Left to say/Rocks
8.Radioactive ft Kendrick
in my opinion ofc

Paçoca Fiel

this is the best album

Meow Kiwi

I am Spanish, and I am good at Englis, at 10 years old, I think you are one of the few groups that I like, you make wonderful music. ????

robin ledesma

Ese solo de guitarra al final hace que valga la pena todo el álbum ?

Dariel El Rayo

Me. Encanta

Sosa Arias Josue Arquimides


Trisa a

'Cause honey it's been a hard year
It seems like we're going nowhere

Steve Walker

Memories are coming back with this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

jessica lilja

This would be a good song for Valentine’s Day.

Ángel López



Vengo por la Kmiluchis jejej

Jignesh Shah


Juan Millan

A remix of this song would be awesome

Santiago Franco

puede haber una canción más perfecta que esta?

Arven Narra

this is truly the best song in evolve, don't you agree?

Арс Мафия


vAin0 RBLX

2020: Exists
The end of the world: I'll make it up to you!

big oof

I would let Dan Reynolds make it up to me every night

Daniel Santiago Valdivia Rivera


Islândia Megda

Ontem eles estiveram aqui no BR ??
Como queria ter idooooooo ??
Ser pobre é foda! ?

Daniel Hunter

how does this only have 418K views
Believer has over 1.1B and this is about as good


└?Imagine Dragons
└? Bad Songs
└⚠️ This folder is empty

Niverlândia Park

Imagine Dragons são OS melhores !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deandra _______

This is my forst time actually taking time to listen to them...and when listening to these songs i realised ive heard alot of them before, cause they're always on the radio i just didnt realise it....they are great hitmakers!

Yayati Singh

The opening part of this song ..... My heart just melted ... Again & again ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

poop explosion

wait why do people hate imagine dragons

Mata Bg

Idk know why but the this song is like from Fifa

brelias 360

es la mejor música que escuchado en mi vida

LandL Foglesong

My favorite part of this song is 1:37, when he says "Honey its been a hard year, seems like we going nowhere, crying inside your bedroom, baby I know its not fair"
Literal definition of the Coronavirus social distancing

Emilika Mayang Sari

Easy listening


My friend: Someone stole my cupcake!
Me: breathes in **Took your heart, took your hand
Promised you all that I had...**

Prajwal Bhat

I love this song ??? imagine dragons??

Samuel Gomez Melo

Took your heart, took your hand
Promised you all that I had
Hoping that you understand
I'm far from a perfect man

'Cause honey it's been a hard year
It seems like we're going nowhere
You're crying inside your bedroom
Baby I know it's not fair

Lay with me, for one more night
I promise you, I'll make it right

I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you

I know you don't understand 
the vices that follow a man
And in your eyes I can see
the places that you'd rather be

Cause honey it's been a hard year
It seems like we're going nowhere
You're crying inside your bedroom
Baby I know it's not fair

I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you

In my darkest hour, in the dead of the night I'll make it up to you
Your hands are mine, I'll make it up to you
Promises are nothing more than fleeting thoughts
But you, you are my life babe

I'll make it up to you (every night)
I'll make it up to you
Every night, I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you (you, you)
Every night, I'll make it up to you

Marløn Pachecø

No sé si bailar o llorar
Me encanta ésta canción GRACIAS ??

Akrivi Papadimitriou

I like the guitar solo it's very cool


3:23 - Wayne achieving godhood

يوسف الحربي

From 3:24 to the end sounds like push to the limit , from the movie scarface , Right ?? ?

Mata Bg

The start of the song is legendary:)

Aaron Dray

It's nice when you wake up and the birds are singing imagine dragons.
I woke up went outside and heard 2 birds singing ooo. Ooo. One would sing ooo and the other would sing ooo to return the bird call. Then I chimed in whistling "I'll make it up to you every night."

Claudie Cat

this is just for 2020 it has been a hard year

Esther Potter

I'm not quite sure if I like this one it's mixed emotions ?my brain doesn't like not knowing

Great now I'm going to be up for hours deciding if I like this song?

Jason G

956K views? Are YouTube is broken?

Rebecca K

“Cause’ honey it’s been a hard year”

-unintentionally describes 2020


I’ll make it up to you is the best I love you imagine dragons ur the best also can I get a like I never have got a like (edit) OMG 1 LIKE IM SO HAPPY ?


C'est comme insatisfaisant d'avoir 399 dislikes xD

José Guerrero

One of my favorites in the album

Stark Dante

Vanessa Santibáñez wherever you are, I send you billions of kisses, because you were the only one I loved more than anyone! Only you, only YOU! forever and always! ?????

Batuhan Üçoklar

Maybe one day offical music video....

Miguel Soriano Pulido


Sun_ chan

A esta chica le gusta Imagine Dragons ;)

anderson tique

Algún día me voy a terminar cansando de esta canción por escucharla tanto, saludos desde Colombia


Love every song completely !!



BradyBrady10 B

This is also the only song on Evolve that fades away at the end.

Marco Antonio Castillo Alvarado

Septiembre 29/2019?

Libertin Nijel

Don't understand why it has less than 300K views

Emily Zárate

Esta canción me permite sentir a mi hermana cerca de mi corazón.

Maria Jessica Guevara

F en el chat porque está canción es muy buena 100/10?

Batuhan Üçoklar

I'll make it up to you EVERY NİGHT........

SÁVIO 1227?

Kkkk no comessinho beeeemmm la no comessinho parece musica de minecraft

Katherinne Lucy Medina Roca


Azahel Hernández Hernández

Son los mejores :’)