My hair on

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what did she do to my hair?!

26 283 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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Corena Coss

Did that sign really say “speed humps”?! ??

Jamie L Marrash

I love chamoy over gummy worms. My high school students turned me on to it, and now I'm obsessed. I think it is a very interesting flavor combination. Have an amazing day.

Uriel Howard

* sips * - ahhhh!

Jessica Laforet

Tj! Where did you get that sick sweater from!?

Vanessa Puente

I haven’t had froyo since pre pandemic ?


Erin seeing a real life lizard "OMG cute"
Erin seeing a photo of the snake from Jungle Book "Ew"

Ty Rivera

Since you’re doing quarantine haircuts why don’t you guys invest in a good cape? And also, you should let Erin TRY to do a little fun design lol I mean it’s just hair??‍♀️

Brittany Guay

Ok idk if anyone else commented about this or not, but how do you clean the hair up now that it’s on the turf? I’m just picturing you guys vacuuming the grass ?

Savannah Christine

Not me wine drunk crying on TJ’s channel that Paris got to see her baby and that we are getting the wedding vid on vday ?

Vitória Castro

i saw erin with the scissors at the first and i was like "oh jesus help tj's hair today, amen ??"
edit: wow erin is so good but not only good AMAZING

Kayla Olson

Already so excited to see how the iced coffee maker goes! That’s the cutest gift idea for your iced coffee lover in your life!

Priscilla Rodriguez

TJ really said "let me record my wife picking up the dog's ? but make it aesthetic" ???

sophie scott

I from Australia, so I dingo


Omg 90k subscribers?? TJ you go girl!!!!


we love kind friends who bring gifts just cause <3

Danielle O'Sullivan

I love Tiktok too ??

Jacky Stafford

God I can’t get enough of your guys relationship. It’s so wholesome the way you talk to each other. And after watching cande for years it’s so great to see you as a person instead of just Erin talking about you

Shelley Simeon

I’m a hairdresser and I swear Erin really does such a good job with your haircuts! YOU GO GIRL! ??????


"no hugs 2020" sweatshirt, love it!

Laughing Lighting

Can't wait for you to try the ice coffee marker!

Victoria Fish

Is no one going to talk about Erins “Bo Fo Sho” reference?! Just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore


TJ you should get a bowl cut

B Bananas

This might be a dumb question but is your grass real grass or is it turf? And if it’s turf do you have to clean after Paris does her lady business on it ?

Jenny Flores

Thank you for motivating me to stay so positive in this hectic world we're currently in

Libby Young

Tj and Carly started buying chameleon cold brew so I started buying chameleon cold brew ... iykyk


i LOVE TikTok but it is banned in my country ???

Erica Cheechoo

The slo-mo of Erin picking up Paris’ poop though. #artsy

Lauren Gay

Things I’m thankful for this year: life, health, love, my fiancé and his family, my family, my cat, my job, and TJ’s dedication to daily vlogging. I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch your videos every morning.

Steph loves napping

“My favorite day, other than the day you were born” ☺️? sooo sweet!!


TJ: Thank you, Alan.

The Dingoes: Alan, you go girl.

Colette FroggyStylez4Real


Valerie Lynnx

Goooood afternoon

C Livsey

Seeing Erin walking down the street with her mask on and nobody around gave me apocalyptic vibes

Sandy L.

Chamoy ❤️


Paris watching the hair cutting process in the background ??


I can’t tell if TJ was joking or not about Whitey’s Pee bowl?


I see a lot of tik toks people just steal vines but don't credit them which is annoying. But I do get in a tik tok hole quite often ??

Kay K

Always the commenter, never the dingo


Fro-yo is not really a thing here; do they have non-dairy and/or non-cow-yo options?
Just asking so that I can fuel my fro-yo fantasies.

Tanya Tandon

Froyo day is the best day!! I'm in Australia and here you get passionfruit and Taro flavored froyo from Pink Berry, it's divine

Kerri Krnavek

Today's dingo of the bingo goes to timothy jimothy. You go girl!

The Brittany Adam

TJ, just wanted to say hope you are having a good day! ?


now I want some froyo ?

Katherine Nicole

Was that a charmed tattoo on Erin’s neck?

Christina Bukowski

“Look at that little lizard” Erin @ everything “AW CUTEEE”
AHaha so wholesome I love it

Liz Sim

She’s a hairdresser, a buisness woman, a literal model, and the best fur Mama ever. You’ve hit the jackpot, Old Boy!

Anja Marker

that retro VAN I love it !! that retro CHEVY I love it !!

Kells R

Every time you and Erin sit on the couch together eating, I always think "Omg cute!" in Erin's voice and it makes me so happy y'all found one another!

Casey Voisine

watching this while I wait to get a covid test ? ??

Ash lee

I do like ya cut G

Erin Lozada

Honestly y'all are such a cute couple.. Wholesome AF!! Not the cringy fake kind tho! She always does so good on yours and Carly's hair ❤️

jared burton

Hey! Are you going to do a restock of the Timothy Jimothy merchandise?

Rosey Bennett

Aww dang I'm making fettuccine alfredo right now I'm early hahhaa

Katelyn Guillette

Not me waiting for TJ to award me dingo of the day when I didn’t even comment on the last video

I Draw Youtube Pets

Whenever Erin cuts hair I am always fearful, I have no idea why, she does a good job!

A Prisilia

If I saw a lizard that would not be my reaction lol

the names Chelle

Oopps 4hrs late but I had to watch Erin and carly do drunk Disney first sorry....ooohhh loving cinematic footage your so talented Tj ?

Shannon Robillard

When you get to know your neighbors more, you should ask if they will give you a Ferrari tour, maybe even a video, and your hair cut looks great, Hope you gave Erin a good tip :)

Jen Jen

Omg you made me crave froyo, gotta go get some now ?✨

Kendall Allen

I say byyyyyyyyyyyyyyye with TJ every time

Florence Ip

Day 79 of trying for a shoutout
Take your dog out for a walk but make it ✨cinematic✨

Anja Marker

Move over Jeff, Erin’s barbershop ? is here

Vitória Castro

tj with his little ice coffee maker is so cute and adorable

Jonn'a Runnels

So cute this is our life we talk to the camera and then each other


That popping boba tho! ??

Felix Thill

i wanna be the dingo of the day

Phoebe Isabelle Baker

The whole Petracca family is just so wholesome I can’t

Sydney Kelso

I have that iced coffee maker and use it everyday! pretty easy to use. i'm a fan

Robin Wilson

I got the same glass bowls lol they are classic ❤️??

Claudia M.

Is there a link where you can buy the chamoy candy?......I love sweet and spicy stuff!

mikaela mathews

I’ve been really slacking lately about getting here early. Shame on me

Jadan Turner

Funny to think some people don’t know bleached hair Timothy Jimm

Angela Dominguez

This is the sweetest family y’all ?

zuzu hanley

You don't just talk to the camera; you talk to us! And that makes us happy. Froyo isn't really a thing in the UK, but I remember having it at a festival once and it was so good.... Also, our next national day apart from Valentines Day and the Chinese New Year is Pancake Day. I frickin Live for food.

Alexandria Fitton

wow fro- yo looks so fun in america, i dont even know a place that sells it here in the uk! we have a lot of ice cream places though :)

Brittony Trumbull

Oh man if TJ getting 3 toppings is “too many” I don’t know how to describe my froyo

Kyle Mahan

Where’s the ‘Good morning to all. . . ‘ diner coffee mug the people need?!

katie sheaffer

had to get a national holiday calendar bc of you & my birthday (february 16th) is pancake day ? you better have some bomb pancakes that day lol

Hannah Lella

Does Erin usually cut your hair or is it just a recent/quarantine thing? She's very good if it's recent! The only hair cutting I've ever been brave enough to try is my dogs... and it was awful.

Day 1 of commenting in hopes that I'm the Dingo of the Day on National Fritters Day (23rd birthday)

Christina Bukowski

Also why am I excited to see you try out this iced coffee maker ?

Annie Ecklor

The glasses are so rad!

Steph Hope

the B-roll footage is pure serotonin

Bee Elisabeth

Hey Timothy, wheres your 'No Hugs 2020' jumper from?

Sally Jurdi

These montages are everything.

Anja Marker

Vlog w Ed and his Ferrari!!!!

Hannah Strohmeyer

tj! it’s my birthday tomorrow! may i please be the dingo of the day? lol

Kari Moore

Thanks for the idea on the Daisy sour cream squirt pouch, used it tonight on enchiladas I made and it’s a game changer!

Michelle Taekema

the lil smile on TJ's face when Erin thinks she is eating from whitey's pee bowl...ha!

Harry Sloan

#40 Tj I’m counting the minutes until it’s iced coffee maker time

Larry Robotic

5:37 maybe pièce de ré·sis·tance?


You talk to Whitey and Paris too!! ?


I'm constantly amazed by all the things you can get delivered in LA.

Brittany Matkin

Cant wait to see what you think of the iced coffee maker.. I just got one and LOVE IT! Better than any iced coffee I’ve made at home!

Bre Martin

1st Cilantro now Chamoy....Yay!! ?? lol .....dk why that was exciting lmaooooo


love the calendar segment ??

melissa mac

I love the selective hearing in this video hehehe

Tammy Berry

Love how you 2 have your couch ? setting it just looks so cozy. love the hair cut

Justin Tyler Carter

Hey TJ and Erin, if you guys ever wanted a glimpse of Aussie Tik tok you should checkout my page: @justintylercarter .Also, you should definitely play my “pronounce that Aussie place name” gameshow series that a did back in December, I reckon you’d have a blast with it haha - and I want to know I f you can pronounce them correctly based on spelling alone (they’re not pronounce how they’re spelt lol) ?


megan k

love the "no hugs 2020" shirt, where is that from? :)

Elizabeth Holley

See you tomorrow

My hair on

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Mario - Braid My Hair (Official Video)

5 617 113 views | 25 Oct. 2009

Mario's official music

Mario's official music video for 'Braid My Hair'. Click to listen to Mario on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MarioSpotify?IQid=MarioBMH

As featured on Mario. Click to buy the track or album via

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MarioiTunes?IQid=MarioBMH

Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BMHGPlay?IQid=MarioBMH

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MarioAmazon?IQid=MarioBMH

More From Mario

How Do I Breathe: https://youtu.be/hcie4MOU-wQ

Just A Friend 2002: https://youtu.be/q4BTLoHSGMk

Let Me Love You: https://youtu.be/H64QG4UsrGI

More great Classic RnB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=MarioBMH

Follow Mario

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mario

Subscribe to Mario on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MarioSub?IQid=MarioBMH



When you look at me, i know you see

a 15 year old, gettin his dough

back and forth to the studios

hoppin outta limousines, rockin the latest jeans

jordans, fresh, t-shirt, new

and even though these things are true

its hard work and sometimes i just wanna go home and...

tell my girl to braid my hair...

C'mon and braid my hair

back in my hood, feelin good

no worries or no cares

baby, use your hands to make me feel alrite

and take away the stress and drama in my life

while you braid my hair

#Mario #BraidMyHair #Vevo

Derrian Carter

This my aunt Judy favorite song

Steven Dalloesingh

R. kelly sang these words first. Google the lyrics, I forgot the title.

Creative Jai

I still know all the words to this! lol

Lanaishay Henderson

Help mw stop getting hurt any many ways if you can please please

Tiara Walker

Here in 2021. Love the 2000s vibes!
young Mario had some awesome vocals.

Ashlee DA

His lips always looked ashy to me!!


2021 this ish still good!

Amber Edey

Mario made the hits lol respect

Rasir Johnson

I’m a upcoming old school r&b and hip hop singer, dancer, rapper, and actor. And Mario is my biggest inspiration.

Tiff The Entertainer

Who dysfunctional ass disliked this song? ??‍♀️


lmfao i had this as ringtone on my cingular wireless phone

VLoneDon WitheSauce

This song was really part of my child hood man' it's bringing me back so much nostalgia man

Sharyl Armstrong

Very helpful video,three months ago I buy the best quality product from newigstyle..com

Neshia L

omg mario look so young now

Neshia L

i remember this was my cousin song

Stacey Howell

Sun Oct 18 ,2020 now listening...???????

Tylarain Gayle

Who else is watching this in 2020

Brittney Ashley

I think I was in middle school when this came out ?#classic

Joan Lewis

So much love in this song ahh sookie sookie now

Athony Nesbitt

This song simply Amazing & hes talking about more then brading his hair if you know❤?

Seth Dindial

Who came here because of VEDO???

Reality Talks With Terrence

2020 we still rocking with this. sub to us

Forgivethem Ekandjo

who is here because of Vedo?

Daryle Morris

??? At 2:49 I thought dude on the bike was about to Rob?Mario

Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

My mother held me hostage to listen to this song , gotta say , not that disappointed ?

LaTisha Watkins

9-6-2020 ??

Ruby Love

Baby boy was and still is fly! I love you boo!

Cookie W

Here 2020!! So many good memories I

Alazne Dior

December 2020 anyone

Miss K

I still love this chune.

Gesa Nalapunda

It's 2020, memories...

Nasya Iloni

But have y'all heard the Vedo version?

lilred1518 cole

Somebody better tell me where my josh and faiths ashes are

jj medick


David G

I miss these days soooo much 2002 I was 18. Music was soo much better

Kwaku Boateng-Farrar

Wait! Woooooooowwwwwwww


Who else here during the pandemic?


America is full of excellent singers, its fantastic

barber shop

braid my hair

Daniel Alvarez

2021!! Who’s here??

Tiffany McNeal

Love you ?????

Bashir Hogue


Champagne Champagne

He must not be tenderheaded

Marquis M

Who listening in 2020???

kragg da lokc

2020 still a hit?

Pam Brown

Such a cute metaphor, lol!

Athony Nesbitt

This song is timeless, i love it??

Isaiah Hines

Isaiah. -Mario. -A. -F.


We beat Mario for it all back then ???

Lul Dezi

Here in 2020

Chiquita Young

Still ????????

barber shop


Vad3r Lee

2020 still jamming
Til this day
Mario so underrated

Ahmad Smith 1991

I remember this song it brings back memories

l order66

Chris Rock's nephew guys

barber shop


the team4



I remember those days before my hairline started receding ?

Darrie Louallen

When I tell you,this song is what inspired me to learn how to braid ? ugh 16 year old me ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Egyptian Queen

I used to be obsessed with this song ?

Koki Lee

Dang music jus aint the same I remember loving this song I was 15 years old wanting to grow my hair out jus
I can play this song while getting it done


braid my hair☺

Ahmad Smith 1991

I haven’t heard this song in 20 or 19 years who remembers this song

Dwight Akins

Wow when I had braids back in 02 I was 16 when this came out classic ?

Treyroc FARW3ST

I was a lil dude when this came out I had braids an all dat ???

char luna

Seeing mario on EMPIRE i was like OMG he still look the same finechas ever


Love love love

Digital Satoshi

braid up game was crazy!

Tabatha Staples

Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

Shawnee' Owens

2020 and this song is still my jam

Cancer Queen

I mean I know what braid my hair mean now as an adult ?????

D. Rogers

Been a fan since day 1???❤❤❤??????

J- Rine

2020 still sound good

Tyshell Washington

mane. ❤❤❤



Carnesha Coleman

2021 im still here for it ☺☺

Nathalia Alves

2020 Up


Written by Alicia Keys!!! Yes I'm listening 2021!!! I mean why not?


He 26 now?

Isaiah Hines

Isaiah. -Mario.

Mirr Baby

This my shit & I was in diapers when it came out! Lmao.

Roshay Erving

My young self remember this 2002/2003. I was like 10 or 11????

Lochuch Eddymon

Mario is a good singer that is now talent

Darian Hardy

It really disappoint me till this day that music ain't made like this no more it's all bullshit


I need my hair braided and this song popped in my head ?

Judith Jackson

Lawd he's still fine in 2020 ?????and making great RnB music

eric lovan

I remember singing this back in the day. Being an Asian boy with a buzz cut lmao

Tarkia Lewis



Who's Still Here In 2020????? Forever A Classic In My Book Off Tops

Ga Pa

There you go :)

When you look at me, I know you see
A 15 year old, gettin his dough
Back and fourth to the studios
Hoppin' 'round limousines, rockin' the latest jeans
Jordans, fresh, t-shirts, new
And even though these things are true
It's hard work and sometimes I just wanna go home and
Tell my girl to braid my hair

C'mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin' good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel all right
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair

You may think that I'm complainin'
But that's not the case, all I'm sayin'
Is my body get's weak, my mind get's tired
I need sleep, but I gotta keep travelin' on the road
Doin' these shows, New York to Cali
Dallas to Philly
It's the rules of the game, that I chose to play
But sometimes I wanna say (Say)
Baby won't you braid my hair

C'mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin' good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel all right
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair

Sit me down like you love me (love me)
Do it anyway you want, baby take it slowly
Front to back, side to side, criss cross
Get creative with it girl do your thang
Put it down like you love me
Let your fingers do the walkin'
And your lips do the talkin in my ear
Tell me what I wanna hear
I swear, I can't wait for you to braid my hair

C'mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin' good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel all right
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair

Do what you wanna do
Baby it's up to you
Sit me between your legs
Girl won't you braid my hair
Baby make me feel all right
And make it last all night
(And take away the stress and drama in my life)
While you braid my hair
Braid my hair

C'mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin' good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel all right
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair

Tashea Mason & Kevin Mason


Angel Taylor

This song is timeless

King Notty

Still playing this in 2020

Kristy Wells

18 mmm. Bjo. Kisrty. Wellsj. Go. 20 900. Kisrt. 400. 5. 600. 700. 800 ..
JoJo. Mom. Bjo. 700. Mom. Job 900 mom. Go. Kirty. Go. Mom. Wellsj go kirty. Joojo. 5. 2 joo. 700. 900.

barber shop


Alesia Johnson

I cant be the only one that thinks this song is a euphemism?.....

Cia'La Jones

I loved his voice! He was def bae.

Corbin Castagneto

Rockin the latest new..... jordannns. That was funny af?

Eddie Rain

He always had a special voice and this still a classic

Steven Dalloesingh

When that old school 2000 bass hits after 15 years!!

My hair on

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Mounika. - Cut My Hair (Lyrics) ft. Cavetown

1 097 759 views | 12 Nov. 2020

Discover on

Discover on Spotify


Stream & Download

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/3d5xGJT

Apple Music - https://apple.co/3b5neiC








Aurora Vibes




Photo by Jasmin Chew


Lyrics for "Cut My Hair" by Mounika.


Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love

But I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it

Are you-you tired of me yet?

I’m a little sick right now, but I swear

When I’m ready, I will fly us out of here


Cut-cut hair, leave

I'll cut my hair

Cut-cut hair

Place, but strangely he feels at home in this place

But strangely he feels at home in this


Often I am upset that I cannot fall in love

But I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it

Are you-you tired of me yet?

I’m a little sick right now, but I swear

When I’m ready, I will fly us out of here


Cut-cut hair, leave

I'll cut my hair

Cut-cut hair

Place, but strangely he feels at home in this place

But strangely he feels at home in this

Extra Tags

Mounika. - Cut My Hair (Lyrics) ft. Cavetown

Mounika. - Cut My Hair (Lyric Video) ft. Cavetown

#Mounika #CutMyHair #AuroraVibes

Bunny King

my girlfriend broke up whit me thats why i use this song

Nat Peel

This is similar to "This is home".

Polite Cat

Its Anais From World Of Gumball she wrote this song lol just kidding



Cup-Cup Care

Chandra shekar

It hurts.



HoI_mE _TeMmiE

Not to bring sad vibes but this makes me remember glimps of my childhood and regret things ive done

Aurora Vibes

Where are you watching from? Drop your flags!


this somg reminds me of TPN-

Faith Boyer

I feel so empty
Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me
I feel kinda sick

Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me
Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me
Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me
Get me

I feel so empty
Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me
I feel kinda sick

Dont know how to feel
Somebody come get me

Alexia Gardypie

i always play sad things idk why but it keeps my company


I'm crying bro

paola conde

Whoever listens to her at times when she feels like she can no longer but calm down that she is still here is why you have a purpose not to end up committing suicide

Amanda Andrade

Essa música da uma vibe tão boa tão calma
This song gives such a good vibe so calm

Luka Divwalla

This made me wanna run away into a moonlit field where nobody can see, hear, or bother me.

Äłēćžá Gârćįå

this chills me i even did a roblox piano with this song

Strategic Time

So what kind of category of genre falls this kind of songs ? Beat with lyrics i love it


the most likes ive gotten is 7


Alguien k hablé español? :'>

Paula Rocha

"This is home" are you?

Memes brs

soda dreams

elites know this from animation memes ?

Loh Dance Cover

Essa música trais uma vibe boa.

Joelle Martin

uhhhh ok not


I get nostalgic from this song because of fortnite season 8 my brother just got his PS4 that he was begging for and he would always play this song and I would be annoyed because when I was playing on my Xbox he would be playing it so loud and I use to think how dumb it is to get emotional from memories and now I know why, I wish I could go back.

Seth Fraser

It makes my go to the old days

Fy fy

At first i didnt know the name of this song. So i just put "cup cup song" lol


0-6=0 right?

ELLA Buchanan

Ooo New Fav Song

Alejandro Cantero


Bethany hefferon

the voice si cool si i lv this song


The original is "This is home" by Cavetown!


Me listening to this while my parents argue : ?

mariagiulia scognamillo

“When i’m ready I will fly us out of here”...

Kian O'Leary

cut my hair pls


Who making a gaming setup well also listening gang


0.8 is the best speed


anyone else go onto the verge of tears listening to this song?


Scout get me here! ✅??


Im gonna cut ma hair tomorrow ??????

Amon Atcitty

This song makes me question my life . . .

Chacha Roblox

Cute song ??✌?

Cloudy_ Khloe21

Isn't this called this is home?


Anyone Else Cried. If Not Please Go Back And Listen To The Lyrics.

Baileigh Robinson

you know this is actuly could this is home and it my cave town?

Robert Skiles

Am sad jade so men she plany not me

[ • Akira nodo • ]

I love this song, this is ... a sad song

Kammy• Idiotz•

Isn't this song's name "this is home"?


Okay but is it just me or does this give you aro / ace vibes?

Ñø bãđ vïbęś

Im happy this is not copy right??

• evil._.cøokie •

Mmm love this song!. ?

Ian Kay

if you're reading this then-

you are beautiful, kind, funny, one of a kind, amazing, cute, and many other things that are positive!

you are not alone you have friends and family!

All i want to say is keep trying if your going through something don't stop trying! I'm here for you


o((>ω< ))o

Have a great day!


ok imma fight these thoughts

Strategic Time

Awesome song .

Bøbä bêäń :P

I’m happy I played this song when I was cutting my hair

Danganronpa weeb

I like this version alot more^w^


when your looking for Tommyinnit videos and this pops up


Carolina Martins Borges a a Silva


ღ Larih Üchihå ღ

Leave...cook my hair.

-Gacha Editz-

My name is aurora?


I cut my hair recently cuz I was sad and I needed a new look....but I'm scared of telling my mom...just trying to build up the courage to tell her...

malak kudsi

the comment is safer than my own home lmao

Shadow Shot

A feeling i never felt before just happened listening to this

Ali alattar3RUN

People will watch this and wonder why they're depressed


the song is called this is home not cut my hair

Lee Aleyya

I always sing this song when I was 11

XxMoonlight _GachaxX

I'm cis but I still love this song. ;-;

Bernalyn Cortez

Idk why but this can actually touch some hearts ?

Patdizo wrld

"i can't fall in love "??
Am in Africa ?

Rob George

Why Does This Slap So Hard ?????????????????? - Detroit Michigan USA


?? nice

Yaramaz GT



isnt this called 'this is home'

Iillie Audy

Vibes ??

Adan Boulet

At yo you man remember you not alone... “I swear” your never alone

Joelle Martin



(Me listening to this song because my boyfriend just broke up with me, and he meant more than the world to me..)

Blackberrygoblin 69

Depression has left the chat

Sara Apić


milady chan BG

Song from Melanie Martinez

darknes risses

well I fell in love with her voice

``frisky moon``

"Often i am upset"
"That i cannot fall in love?


this song is stuck in mah head forever ?

mona angamah

The song is called home

Terran Titanium

This song always makes me sad...

I spiraled into a really bad anxiety attack once, but my boyfriend at the time helped. He reassured me that I was okay, and that he'd always be there for me.

But he isn't.
He broke up with me a week before Christmas because he lost feelings.

And I feel even more alone.


Been in a toxic relationship for years ?

C͟r͟e͟e͟p͟y͟ Life

F͟o͟r͟ t͟h͟e͟ w͟h͟o͟l͟e͟ p͟e͟o͟p͟l͟e͟

I'm so proud of you buddy..you stay very strong to hide your emotion i get it it hur inside from you...your amazing, kind, and nice person dont listen to the other and follow your dream okay ?
just remember your not alone

Pov: i will love you no matter what kid ? take care ^^

Seth Hutson

your skin is not paper so dont cut it
your neck is not a hanger so dont hang it
your hight is nota book so dont judge it
your life is not a movie so dont end it
your not pretty cuz your bootifull
no one likes you cuz every one loves you

ForeverĀlone420 #

I love this song. My favorite for those moody chill nights. Love y’all. Hope you have a good day or night. ?


Wake up to reality nothing ever goes to plan in this accursed world....???? maddara

fox lizzy's chanel

I love it i fall in love whith it

Chanelle Tabuyan

Is it just me? Or I love all sad songs

lynn oshell

mom-" your fine! ur just over reacting"
dad-" oh please you dont care"
school-"your failing"
friends-" dont talk to me"

BlueFox AnimationsYT

Whats with the glicthes XD

Coral Hodges

The voice reminds me of aang from avatar

Yajahira Gonzalez


alejandro montoto

hawaii :)


This is like a copy of This Is Home

I'm sad


Jasiel Fabila

ahahahaha strange,found a girl we dated she was talking bout cutting her hair cause her family found this....and im not lying.