How to take care of natural hair at night

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Natural Hair Night Time Routine + Massage for Hair Growth (DETAILED)

22 242 views | 18 May. 2020

Here’s my night time

Here’s my night time natural hair care routine which I apply every night for maintaining the health and condition of my natural hair.

There are two routines I tend to follow which will depend on how I’ve styled my hair that particular day and also when it comes to massaging my scalp with oils which I do 3-4 times a week.

This is a detailed video, showing everything step by step.


Water in spray bottle


Aunt Jackie’s Instant Detangling Therapy


Large stretchy bands


Small hair bands


Oil Mix - (Coconut oil, EVOO, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil & Lavender Oil)

Hope you enjoy the video ?


Primer - L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base


Foundation - Opal Black (Hazelnut)


Eyebrows - Rimmel London (Soft Kohl Eye liner pencil)


Mascara - L'Oreal False Lash Architect 4 Dimensions Effect Fibers











Sony Alpha A7Sii; http://amzn.to/2sBUkipLens: Samyang AF 50mm F1.4 FE; http://amzn.to/2rDQOHd

NN Zulu

Can you use oil (on damp hair) as a detangler?

Myrna J

Yess I'm so here for this and I'm definitely going be Sharing this. ??✔?

Anji Richards

How often do you trim your hair? As I’ve no idea how long to wait. Cheers.

Natasha Morrison

I love this video ?? I struggle with caring for my hair at night time. I’ve found that if I leave my hair out it with just get super dry ?

Noraly Faustino

Hi!! How many times a week do you wash your hair?


I put a heavy butter on my ends to keep them from tangling on each other.

Alicia Lawrence

What bands do you use for your high puffs?


Thanks ?

Crystal Jackson

Again, thank you sooo much! You've kept me a many times from giving up. Sooo educational! U have opened my eyes to not having to have defined hair all the time. Keeping teaching please! And will u make a video of the next morning after this particular night time routine. I wouldnt know how to style the following day. If you've all ready done this video will u send the link? Thanks in advance ❤

goldie ngozi


Healthy Afro Hair

Hey guys, today I’m sharing my DETAILED nightly hair care routine. I follow TWO routines and this video shows everything I do each night to take care of my hair, along with the products I use for moisturising, sealing, massaging my scalp and how I keep my hair stretched. Hope you find it useful! ?


I was 2 seconds away from slapping a relaxer on my hair before I found your videos. Thanks for always sharing!

Vanessa Cynthia Ramul

I’m always shocking with your hair growth????


So do you oil & massage your scalp, add leave in to your hair, and twists/stretch your hair ever night?? What about when you have a twist out? Do you only leave the twist out for a day and retwist it every night? Also of you add leave in every night does it cause buildup?

Jabu Dlamini

Your hair it's long and also full.How many years have you been natural?

magalie adeshina

Thanks your the video! How long does your night time routine takes ?

Andekia Isaac

Good idea leaving the ends free. I always get knots when twisting to the end


How often do you massage your scalp in a week? :)

C Ajet

Relaxed my hair 6 weeks ago but still love seeing natural hair care videos. All your videos are helpful. I can go back and watch your relaxed hair videos too ?

Fortunada Hope

I do this routine every night different products but the same thing! New subscriber ?

Brooklyn Londoner Vlogs

Loved it, thanks for sharing. Still super thankful to you for putting on the Aunty Jackie’s product it’s golden.

LaToya Dalasile


QuietGirl 2006

I have notice that my hair does tangle at the ends when I twist them. I’ll try not to next time. Thanks for the tip!!


Do you stretch it every night?


Can you film a week in my hair video? A full weekly routine....please


You hair is nice ❤❤❤

Precious Yahaya

Hey. How do you carry out this routine when carrying cornrows on your hair

Roxi Heart

Glad you are during well during this pandemic Sistah! Thanks for the video. I also stop twisting near the ends of my hair. ??

How to take care of natural hair at night

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1 535 views | 26 Jul. 2019

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My no heat stretch routine


Stretching with heat


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AfroCare Princess

Very necessary if not all work put in to stretch hair will go to waste!!

ebere chigoo

You are talented. I think that your hair type is really helping the matter. It's very difficult with 4c hair

Naturally Kool

So simple and effective...tfs?

Armany LeBlanc

Your hair is so long and healthy! Very beautiful! If you have time after vlogmas, could you possibly film a video talking about your natural hair products that you make?


I always wondered how you keep your hair stretched for your lovely updos

Dora's Natural Hair World

This is what I was waiting for thanks love

Sabina Celestin

How can I get this butter that you used? I'm in st.lucia.

NikiGrace Vlogs

This is a great method ??

Roanna LaToya

Thanks for sharing this hun, really informative,love this technique??

Armany LeBlanc

Your hair is so long and healthy! Very beautiful! If you have time after vlogmas, could you possibly film a video talking about your natural hair products that you make?

Tommys Girl Walking

How do I purchase the hair butter?

C Jones

Avoiding shrinkage is like going to battle! It takes time, strength, and strategy, but you did it! Thanks!

How to take care of natural hair at night

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How To Maintain A Twist Out | Natural Hair Nighttime/Morning Routine

242 702 views | 22 Jan. 2015

How To Maintain Twist

How To Maintain Twist Outs at Night 4b/4c Hair

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All products used and mentioned in this video were purchased by me unless otherwise noted. The opinions expressed are honest and are based on my experiences with using the product on my own hair.

Joyce Gills

good work girl

Cristina Pessano

Simplesmente linda!

Michelle Younge

love it. Nice and easy

Electra Brad

You looking like a twin from ST. Lucia

Slimmy doll1

Love the video. The style is gorgeous on you! Did you say that you put the style in Bantu knots at night to maintain the style or do you re-twist the sections?

Rae Kelsch

love the earrings! and your lovely full twist out. 


most naturals say to do low manipulation hairstyles, do you get alot of breakage from re twisting every night


Very nice


Beautiful hair! Thanks for the tips.

The BlackPrinze

Beautiful sis!

Cheryl Johnson

Looks great..I am 10 months natural ..started completely bald and now am full bodied with hair..lol..I've definitely learned from my own trials and errors that it's better to re twist at night for better results..There should be more videos out there like yours that show people who are still trying to feel their way around being natural on how to maintain at bedtime ..

Esha Sharee

Beautiful!!!! New subbie!

Faye Wren

When you lift the hair with the pick, do you get any hair breakage?


Very encouraging twistout!! My hair is just like yours and you worked that twistout. So for us we have to just keep working the hair until you get the look we want....so very encouraging. I know my curl pattern and now I will try again???thanx!

Shana Andrews

Thank you... Seem like it has been a waste, I put my satin cap on and go to sleep to wake up to a disaster... Now i know to re twist. ..

Reesie A

How do you maintain it the next day?

Eternal Beauty247

Love your twist out!! It came out so full!! Beautiful!

Darling Love

Are you Trini? Because I'm Trini <3

Pat Daniels

you have thick, rich,
beautiful natural hair,

Keisha G.

Beautiful hair. .?

Michelle Edwards

Yep, that's what I do too. Thanks.

4 My Loves

So beautiful!!!

Patrina 73

I have that same shirt! Get compliments every time I wear it :)

Grace Latimore

I've been searching all over for 4b/4c vloggers and I love your videos. You have a ton of tips and styles for the day to day/"busy" natural. I've been hesitant to wear my hair out but your videos are so helpful. Thanks!


Can naturale Products, Be Used, On The Twist Outs as Well ?

Joni Jones

thank you

Shaunte Singleton

I've noticed that it comes out better when dry twisted instead of wet. ...I've been struggling.

Pure Estrogen


Modi K

I'm a fan!

Jasmine D

In that video, your hair looks so crispy, looks like it needs moisture from DC more often.

Jennifer Filer

beatiful it. work in progress

Marcia White

Beautiful hair!!! Can I ask what the name of the polish you are wearing in the video?

somara theodore

Love this!

Dan Gensing

your hair is beautiful and thick!

Shawn Plus One

You're hair is everything just beautiful.

Angela Scott

Your hair is beautiful. How often do you retwist?

carol campbell

I looks lovely ??


I love your twist out! I cut my locs about 6 months ago and I am growing my loose hair out and it's in that in between stage so I have in Senegalese twist now but I can't wait until it's longer so that try these easy and beautiful twists!

Abigail sefa-boakye

very cute

happiness Heriet

mmmmm wow I'm fortunately we don't have those kind of products in South Africa. ..anyway i like your hair.

Hydiyah Woods

Love it.


Very cute

Nadia Nelson


John Davis

Your hair defy gravity like the globe ?God put the world on our shoulders

Claribel Nana

Well it will be good if you mention the name if the product!
Showing us The container don't mean shit ..
Smh (like we live home with you )

Cássia Moura

amei o resultado do seu cabelo

Mimmz Halimah


Kinky Koily Kayla

I use to think that my twist outs was wrong bc they were not coming out "pretty" like everyone else but then I realized that my texture wasn't the same. It comes out just like this.

Latoya Llab

it looks great. I enjoy seeing ladies with my hair texture creating beautiful natural hairstyles. great job.

Williams J

Very pretty ?❤

Kesha Jarvis

Where are the long afro combs sold at?

Kem Hughes


angie yvonne


Raimi Mitchell-Young

Thank you for sharing your tips! I transitioned just in the last few weeks, tried many techniques and found yours to be exactly what I am looking for! I am hair lazy when it comes to daily styling but this is easy for me to maintain. I don't have time to sit under the dryer or put in rollers, this is so perfect for me.

Zoar Freeman

Beautiful hair. retwisted twists though, not maintained twists

Latanya Davis

you have beautiful hair I'm natural myself I only wear my hair in the fall and winter cause I live in the south


Thank you for sharing your routine! I have similar 4c hair, thick, coarse and dry. A natural hairstylist recently trimmed 2 and a half inches of split ends. Even though I take care of my hair, she says I am not using enough water. So now I water my hair, cream and twist every night and it's been better. However, it makes for a tighter curl which I don't like. What do you recommend?


I love your Earrings ,where did you get them?

Becky Silky

This is helpful. Thank you ?


So beautiful, bouncy, and healthy! I love natural hair!

Shana zhu

I'm so doing this awesome

Major Jungle Beats

?Wait so you twist with a deep conditioner?? Wow I never tbought about that. My hair is pretty fine. Would you recommend for fine hair?Thanks ?



Audrey Marshall

Finally got my twist out right after epic fails - thanks for the video...needed to know how to maintain after day 1

James Mauril

Love the earring

Marra Joelle

I need to get better at twisting at night.... But then I get so lazy lol

nunya bizniz

Oh wow, this is beautiful. My mom has hair your length but it's thin. I wonder if this would work on thin hair ?

Nancy Dortch

Love it....... Beautiful


your hair is beautiful! also where are you from? your accent sounds caribbean

Optimistic Brenda

so beautiful

Kymberlee Powe

Great routine. I've been wearing braids for a year and ice just taken them out and I'm going natural. This is simple and helpful!

J. H.

Very nice styling...beautiful look and I love those earrings!!


Your hair is so nice and full of volume. You have inspired me to try to wear my natural 4C hair. I am going to slowly start trying to wear the twist outs but I can not seem to get enough volume . I might be making my sections to small. I will continue to follow you on social media. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging me.


So pretty and the that teal color is so beautiful on you

Zoar Freeman

Beautiful hair. retwisted twiss though, not maintained twists

J Levine

Ayyy you sound Trini!! Love the look!

Tonika Clemons

Your hair is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing.

Anu Adetola

So u can use a deep conditioner as a moisturizer for twisting ur hair at night

The Black Pearl

you are my hair twin??

Lauryn WJackson

Good idea. Will try this.

Sun and Sunflowers

Simple and nice night time routine


Ahh thank you so much, I needed to learn how to properly do a twist out at night, because it's pretty embracing to still have your mom twist your hair in high school, XD Subscribed!

Chad Charming

You Are a god send
I was about to go to bed and started wondering how can I maintain my twist out!!
Same hair texture too


Very pretty!! Tfs, God bless.

Quida Maclin

Thank you this was very helpful its a workout keeping all this thickness from matting. I will keep you posted on the results

Jorey Brown

i like your nails??

Esethu Dlulisa

You so beautiful I love your hair and thanks for sharing, just one question though. what do you apply on your hair before your twistouts is it hair food or oil moisture?

Nana 972

Beautiful twist out and you are very pretty. Kiss a new subscriber.

Janae Mason


Bupe Chikumbi

are we maintaining or retwisting???
but I love your hair tho?

J ShaNee

Great routine! Great results!


Nice vee! Your hair is pretty!

K Family

those little dime size of product doesn't work for my thick hair lol

Iinka Frederick

finally someone with hair like mine


Love ur hair:)) and love the earrings, where did u get them from if i may ask?

RitaMays Way

Great routine!


Yuh ah Trini?

What MJ Loves

Yes! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much Vee. 

Neesha Shakeera

Looks really pretty. Love how dark your hair is. I need to get a black hair rinse or something lol


ugh this called retwisting ... cute tho