Ion clarifying shampoo

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Chelating Shampoo Fail- Ion Hard Water Shampoo Update

4 945 views | 30 May. 2017

So I purchased this

So I purchased this chelating shampoo called Ion hard water shampoo for my relaxed hair to help remove mineral buildup from box relaxers and it was a fail. It didn't work for my hair and I won't be repurchasing again and I will be taking it back to Sally's beauty supply store to get a refund. Hair product fail

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Valeria Stokes

Your hair will tell you what she likes. Eliminate those that do not feel right. Thanks for your review.


How are you guys in the US able to use hair and makeup up products, and if you don't like them, still able to return?! In UK once it's opened, there's no returning unless faulty ??

Max It Up with Marta

Hi Tyiece, what was the name of the reconstructor you used? My hair is so dull and dry, maybe it will help it? YouTube unsubscribed me from you. They always do that!!!!!!! yuk!!! Why??? Anyway come visit me. https://youtu.be/UYpdLuRcr_8




If you use A LOT of product in between wash days, USE A CLARIFYING SHAMPOO because they’re for REMOVING PRODUCT BUILD-UP

If you DON’T have HARD WATER & you DON’T use A LOT of products in between wash days, USE A MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO because they’re for GENTLE CLEANSING AND FOR KEEPING MOISTURE IN YOUR HAIR

ALSO, which ever shampoo you decide to use..Make sure it’s SULFATE-FREE‼️‼️ Super Important.. because SULFATE can strip the hair MORE than it needs to be...

Hope I helped someone... and by the way I use this shampoo because I live in a small town and we have HARD WATER and I LOVE this shampoo..

Traffic Control


A Happy me 2021

I love this product, I use it for hard water and it makes my hair feel super soft and shiny and cuts down on frizz...if you want to remove build up use the crystals in the packet that is more of a treatment ,and follow up with moisturizing conditioner.


I could tell you weren't really liking it in the first impressions video. Hopefully you will find the right fit soon!


I agree about how drying this shampoo is.

Notdoinit Today

Do you have hard water? Since it's a chelating shampoo, you have to follow up with a Moisturizing shampoo. It's suppose to strip everything and leave your hair squeaky clean. If you have hard water it will help.

Lina S

Try joico k-pak chelating shampoo I swear it doesn't leave the hair dry and it is a creamy/pearl color so it isn't as stripping as most others chelating shampoos


The redken cleansing cream one is awesome, it leaves your hair really soft. Nairobi also makes one specifically for relaxed hair. HTH

Monya Motley

It worked well for me!


Sorry this didn't work out for you! Glad you kept the receipt. Lol.


Sorry it didn't work out. Thank you for posting, I probably won't purchase this item. Glad you got your money back. :)


Chelating and clarifying shampoos are not supposed to be used daily.

Kandice W

Try Affirmed Moisture Right clarifying shampoo. It doesn't leave your hair stripped of moisture and it deep cleanse. You will love it!

Pretty BlueBird

ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo is supposed to be chelating. This is the reason I stopped using box relaxers, they left mineral build up on my hair.

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

what is your hair type? ...
Now,...go from there, this may help in your hair care so you won't be all over the place, that's what helped me secondly ?????????
hope and pray you find a shampoo ?

Victoria Cabrera

Even though it was bad for you it sounds perfect for me cuz the build up on my scalp from hard water is REAL girl! I only plan on using it once cuz im really dealing with itchy scalp and dandruff and even hair snapping off at the roots. I need something strong. Thanks for the review


I use the Redken Hair Cleansing Creme. Remember that these shampoos will strip your hair. I never use a clarifying shampoo alone. I always use a moisturizing shampoo after and then condition or deep condition after. I clarify once or twice a month with no issues of dryness.

TJ's Hair

I've used ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo and lovvve it. I don't use it every wash day but when I have product buildup my scalp can get itchy and this shampoo helps. I use it about once or twice a month. Have you tried it yet?

Keely B

I didn't like it either

Katie Lynn

I wish you had liked it more. I am Caucasian and Native American and this shampoo and conditioner set works amazingly on my hair. I naturally have oily hair and really water water (calcium and lime, no rust) and this leaves my hair squeaky clean and shiny as all get out! And I am able to use it every time I wash my hair, which is roughly every other day. For hair types like mine it can be great, but I agree if that if you have dry hair it could be a bit of a nightmare. I think it might also strip the color from dyed hair as well, but I don’t color my hair so I am speculating on that.

Char Turner

Isn't the ors creamy aloe also a chelation shampoo in addition to a neutralize.


Thanks for the update.

Cast Cal

Sorry, I disagree a little. If you live in an area that actually has hard water, and use a regular Neutralizer, it doesn't even get the relaxer out. I have to use the Ion Hard Water, or the "rinse water" will remain pink from the neutralizing shampoo. Ion Hard Water is my savior. Thanks for your video though! For dryness I use Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditioner, because it has a relaxer neutralizing pH of 4.5

LaTanza Lashay

I literally just purchased this product so ima try it out and i will do a review on my channel. Ty for sharing


@tyiece... I recently used the Redken cream cleansing shampoo and it was great... my hair absorbs my products even better...

Carol Davis

I use the Ion Clarifying Shampoo and never had an issue with it. I use it for one wash then follow it up with a conditioner and a deep conditioner.


Hey sweetie, I hope all is well with you! Thanks for sharing this experience with this product! Dump it!!!???

karen horton

What made you purchase a cheating shampoo?

Nissa S

This made my hair gross. Weighed down and flat like it was coated in wax??? I don't know what is going on!

Ion clarifying shampoo

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Ion hair color remover. ONLY USE water no Developer.

52 491 views | 31 Mar. 2019

Please use only water as

Please use only water as directed DO NOT MIX WITH DEVELOPER!!!!


I tried this and my hair literally was getting hot.... i took it out 5 minutes in and hair still felt damaged and dry

luna ansonia

Porque lo apoca con agua oxigenada (peróxido) si el embase dice agua ...es agua del grifo ....a temperatura ambiente

Raquel Sonier

Wow I got this at Sally's today and I asked the lady working her opinion. She told me to instead of mixing it with water mix it with developer for better results. I'm glad I followed the instructions and didnt listen to her. They shouldn't be giving advice like that...ridiculous

Lizbeth Acevedo

Hi, there’s another product that really works, it’s called Radical color remover, it has a silver package, you only mix it with water.
The little bottle that they recommended makes the developer work a little bit slower, it works better if you put it on the permanent color
I’m not a hair profesional, but I have done a lot of stuff to my hair and those are the things the I’d tried and really worked

Anna Davis

Nobody gonna y’all about how cute your nails are?! Thank you for this helpful video!

bebe loveu

Well I just did it today and barely took some off of my burgundy off now is like a cooper color. I'm gonna have to bleach it sadly what I didn't want

Natasha Deever

Navi!!! I read the comments while watching the video and I'm legit cringing at the moment you start rubbing it in your whole head. I can't believe one of the employees recommended to go against the directions (especially knowing you're doing this at home and you're not a professional yourself) and ultimately, caused you to damage your hair as badly as you did. I'm so glad you made this video for those out there who end up getting the same BAD advice from other Sally employees out there.. Of course, assuming they do their research when they get home and double-check the advice before applying any products to their hair. I am so so sorry you had this experience love, I hope you've managed to save a few ladies from suffering this same crappy fate ??

Thank you for sharing, Navi!! ???

Starr Jeffers

I want to remove a medium brown permanent dye that I used months ago & was told to use w/ 20 volume peroxide & heat for 45min. by the Sally's employee. Now I wonder if just water will do.


You should take this video down. Lots of people gonna burn their hair and scalp. They might not even read comments and go straight to do this.You should have never used developer. Only water as it says in package.

Lisa Eleanor

I'm a poc and I just purchased this bc I had color that's fading and I wanted my natural hair color... This does not say to use a developer.... Lawd have mercy, follow directions so ppl watching this won't be commenting that it doesn't work....but carry on.

nicole lopez

The title is a bit misleading maybe put after the title do not use developer I appreciate you showing us what not to do but now that you know that you should only use water you should disclose that to prevent people who dont read the comments to make the same mistake ?

Kristina Bruner

adds extra products such as oils
doesn’t measure
product doesn’t work
“I’ll probably never do this again”

Gisselle Brizuela

Same thing with black dye ???

Beccaness Moon Rose

I don't think this stuff is meant for permanent hair dye.... I followed the directions to a t and my hair faded a bit but mostly near the ends. Wasn't the result I was expecting. Bleaching it is ☹️

Roxandra Jupiter

It don’t work and it burns

dina Hoon!

They told me to add developer in it and tell me why that shit set itself on fire xD bitch was smoking I was just like looking at it like . ? ? ?

Victoria Wieseler

Never trust the Sally’s employees. Most of them have no idea what they are talking about and just know where they keep their products. Check reviews and follow instructions exactly and ask others their experience.

Charity Case

Who are these Sally's workers? Lol

I work at Sally's and the first thing I do is inform the costumer that I am not a professional cosmetologist and anytime I advise any kind of chemical I recommend a strand test and recommend following the instructions completely

Gissela Santiago

Omg I did this today and my hair was burning and smoke was coming !

Xavier Thompson

Anyone who's eyes their hair knows that developer can damage your hair. That's why this product is to be used with water :/

Cheryl Ardis

Perfect example: ALWAYS read the instructions. Don't assume.

makayla eisenbeis

I’ve literally had the shit in my hair for almost an hour, it does not burn if you use the product correctly lmfao like I thought this video was gunna help but naw, you don’t even know how to follow basic instructions, gave poor advise and now there’s dumbys out there, not watching your video to the end, and using developer and burning their hair now.

Veronica Bruggeman

Ummmmmmmm that’s not how you use that! You don’t put developer in with it! I use it all the time and it takes my fashion colors out and and brings my hair back to silver

sadia makeup reviews

Thank you so much really helpful video I just bought mine today and yeah she is told me to mix it with the water ?

luna ansonia

Además solo se aplica en el cabello que tien tintura no en el cabello natural ??? Eato no aplícate mal ..totalmente. mal

Nila Ortiz

I bought it and it worked only a little bit

Chronically Cooking

It burns my head

Mariah Irons

30 is what damages your hair girl the bleach isn't and 30 I s really high 20 would work too

Danielle Trowbridge

Omg no why would you mix with developer. Just water and heat

Gali De Cintron

I bought the same thing but I was told only water no developer.

Ion clarifying shampoo

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Para que es o funciona el Shampoo Clarificante??? ION Clarifying Shampoo

14 998 views | 14 Oct. 2015


Hola hermosas en este video les dejo informacion sobre el uso del shampoo clarificante. Espero que les sea util. Lindo dia, tarde o noche, bendiciones ;)

NOTA: Olvide mencionarles que este shampoo especificamente esta diseñado para cabellos teñidos. De igual manera no recomiendo usarlo la misma semana que te lo pintas aunque dice que preserva el color.


Maquillaje con 6 productos|Bochincho con ustedes un rato



Mascarillas para el rostro


Maquillajes otoñales





Como me peino el cabello (Instyler)



Sally Beauty

Link al shampoo



Redes Sociales

Instagram: https://instagram.com/fabulous_chic725/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chikyspd

Snapchat: Chiky725


Fuente de Musica


NOTA: No me estan pagando por mencionar este producto en este video. Todo es bajo mi criterio y opinion. No me hago responsable por alguna compra que se realize en el website antes mencionado.

Barbie Bolaños Makeup

Buen video amiga la explicación de 10, lo mejor es k es vegano . Kisses ??

Katherine Marquez

Yo realizó mi propio shampú casero ....
Sidra de vinagre de manzana
Y miel ??


Hola soy puertorriqueña y de verdad explicaste demasiado bien. Muy ganaste una seguidora.

Munekita Siguencia

Responde porfavor si me aplico el color ups en mi cabello que me lo pinte de negro ase mucho timpo que color me dará después mi color natural Ohh otro ???

Marisol Marina

Cuando es el mejor momento de poner el Shampoo clarificante , antes o despues del tinte?

R&R Los menores

Una pregunta corazón, si mi cabello no está teñido, puedo usar la receta natural que dejaste o tampoco, porque leí en la caja de información que es solo para cabello teñido y yo no me pinto el pelo hace más de 1 año porque lo quiero mi color natural. Pero me interesa usar algo para ayudarme si. Me cabeza es una tragedia lol


yo lo tengo y me gusta mas que el de neutrogena

Iza Herrera

Hola soy nueva en tu canal ! Me gusta mucho como explicas ! Una pregunta ? A que te refieres en ponerte mascarilla ?

Adolfo Acoltzi

Excelente video

Michelle A

Yo pensando lo mismo que el hiba a dejar el pelo rubio wow lo voy a comprar pero ya!!! gracias por el video super toda la información ?

Jessica Santiago

gracias x el video ya me antoje de probarlo :)


Se puede usar después de la keratina, sin q esta se salga?
Por favor responde

Noelia Perez

me encanto el video explicastes super bien ......una seguidora mas DTB

Mariana Ortega

Hola chica soy de Puerto Rico saludos. Estaba buscando exactamente un video sobre este tema, por casualidad si tengo ya Keratina en el cabello al aplicar el shampoo se me va?

Edith Moda y estilo

Buen video amiga.like

Atenas GA

Lo puedo usar para quitarme la permanente de chinos

Tatiana Alvarado

hola buenas tardes vi tu video y me gusto la explicación pero queria salir de una duda crees que pueda ayudar con la caspa por que e visto que no importa que use no se me desaparece por completo, aparte me gusta colocar muchos tintes en mi cabello y me lo decolore también espero tu respuesta y ? gracias

Alita Alamilla

Que labial tienes?

mimo chez

alfin un video de este shampoo en español

Paula Pj

te pasate eres muy buena mejor que la que me vendió el shampoo ...gracias linda ?

Jaiceliz Rodriguez

Hola! Wow hace tiempo que no sabía de ti! Soy la hermana de Eric ? él me dijo q hacías vídeos ! Estas hermosa! Espero que estés súper bien! Youtube me relaja cuando tengo mucho estrés por los estudios ? ahora voy a ponerme al día con tus vídeos ? ??

Munekita Siguencia

Mi amor me ayuda a quitar el negro q tengo


Hola soy puertorriqueña y de verdad explicaste demasiado bien. Muy ganaste una seguidora.


Exelente super informativa pq no lo llege a ver antes de pintarme el pelo lol ahora lo voy a comprar para la proxima ??? thank you Hermosa

Magui Luna

Hace dos semanas me hicieron tratamiento de keratina y he notado que de un día para otro tengo las raíces grasas, fui a sally y me recomendaron ese shampoo no me quita el tratamiento de keratina?

Viviannette Pacheco

saludos soy nueva en tu canal y me ha encantado aparte de que eres Puertorriqueña .... Gracias por la información
Que tengas mucho éxito en Tu canal bendiciones... Me puedes decir que tono de cabello tienes de medios a puntas

Carol Morales

Súper informativo, no sabía realmente para que era ese shampoo, cuando valla a Sally lo compro para tenerlo como recomiendas. Gracias por compartir

Munekita Siguencia

Gracias chula ? pero tengo una Duda este no se te da?a el cabello verdad porque yo keria pinatrme de brown pero en el salon me kieren echar bleach pero yo no kiero k me vayan a danar ohh kemar porque Es muy fuerte

oscar c.

podrias ayudarme podria enviarte una foto en tu email

oscar c.

una pregunta y el shampu clarificante sirve para los niños tengo un niño que suda mucho y el cabello se le pone. muy parado al peinar no se domina