Pink hair dye for dark hair

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I Tried Dyeing My Hair from Brown to Pink with Arctic Fox

664 309 views | 15 Jul. 2019



- L'oreal Quick Blue Powder Hair Bleach: https://amzn.to/2lmRakl

- Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer: https://amzn.to/2jUn86W

- Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Hair Dye: https://amzn.to/2jURJBl


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I Tried Dermaplaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVq40y7TcGM

I Tried Using A Water Flosser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLljg0jTd_Y

I Tried Doing ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcgaN8oX9pw



Canon 70D DSLR Body - http://amzn.to/2GLwnwQ

Canon G7X Mark II - https://amzn.to/2PXxpOO

Canon EF-S 18-55mm Lens - http://amzn.to/2GJ7S3H

Canon EF-S 10-18mm Lens - http://amzn.to/2E0aMiC

RODE VideoMic Pro - http://amzn.to/2GIkU14

LimoStudio Softboxes - http://amzn.to/2nGHK0v

Adobe Creative Cloud


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This video contains affiliate links, which means when you click on one of the product links, I receive a small commission, which helps me keep making videos for you!


Anyone know what artic fox dye this is ?
Cause it looks like Persephones hair and now i cant live without it

Lauren MacDougall

You had me real worried with that bleach! ?
Seriously stoked it worked out so well

Janis Calaba

Don’t try to lather that bleach! Won’t work! Wonder what your hair looks like now.... over a year ago...

Rachel Lynn

What is your sign girl omg

Sarah Leopard

this is the kind of chaotic energy that i needed today?

Kelsi Hubler

??? oh my god I freaking adore you?? you are HILARIOUS everything I needed right now hahah

Colie Cutie

Omg I literally love you haha

Destiny Hounshell

Brad Mondo

Tamara Bitter

You have medium hair haha?pink hair??

Rachel Forester

You're video is fun. :)

Star Belly

You were meant to be Pink...it looks Amaze on you...


well i know what color im doing next now i was debating a peach pink but that color you have is awesome I've done a similar color before but I've never had most of my hair bleached like i do now and I've been missing the emo years


wait- your hair at begging is exactly the same as mine <<33

shesha song

don't use metalic spoon please???????

Nikki Mcwhirter

Love pink on you

Stacie Brozino

I love her she’s like a great fuckn vibe

Maha Sarris

If only just %5 of the population had more of your charisma ?


Will one manic panic dye enough for a grown out buzz cut? (My hair is thick btw so that’s y I’m asking)

Should I use conditioner as well?

Malvina Edith



this is chaotic ?


Julie S

The bleach job was good considering. You are great just going for it. I'm about to do some pink in my hair. Love the color!


No gloves damn you are crazy


you are too funny. ??

Sarah Kendrick

Omg I just found your channel and you are so funny.


I always come back to watch this for the chaotic energy. It gives me life.


i tried dying my hair a lighter pink but it just turned orange because the hair i bleached wasn’t light enough ??‍♀️??‍♀️ maybe i should use the shade you used, looks amazing btw

Hanna Bowler

Your friends said you stress them out by existing. You need new friends aww I would totally be your friend!! You do things like I do lol

jessie Bentancourt

Like your hair and your hands. I kind of lost my energy watching you. You were entertaining.

Sunshine Dawn

You are freaking hilarious lmfao ! Now your boobs and hands match your hair and i love it ! This was great ! Just what i needed ! I was sacred to bleach my hair than dye it pink but i'm definitely gonna do it now. You took all my anxiety away with your throw care to the wind attitude. Wish we could hang out cause you are too much fun ! Thanks for cheering me up ! Stay Safe and keep being your fun self ! Oh and you look great ! Love the pink hair !

Angelic Angel

Love your personality ?

Kara Robin

“WOW I look like an EGG” ???

Veronica Cravens

Makes me want a bestfriend like you.... So funny ? and it's cute on you ?


This might be the most chaotic hair dying video I have ever seen and I am LIVING FOR IT.

Ellen C

Who else is watching this through their fingers

H and D Cuzins

Can u subscribe to H and D Cuzins

Elle Monbebe ?

I wish I could give zero fucks about my hair and do this at home but I'm so worried about it being yellow or falling out. I love the end result here, it is great!

shir koblentz

God you're funny and adorable ?

Sabrina Olivera

So damm gorgeous

Stephanie Stance

This applicatiooonnnnn ??

Brianna Riggins

You’re adorable lol

krisy agosto

I'm a year late to this party.....oh well.
this was the most entertainting hair coloring video I've ever watched.
your beautiful. hilarious!! an that hair color looks(ed) amazing on you!!

Kaila _girl307

This is amazing ur energy is great


I feel like you are my spirit animal lol.


Hahaaha that's exactly how I dye my hair ??? and the singiiiing!!! Oohhh yeaaaah

april savage

Looks so good?? I what to do my hair again... I hate my brown hair lol


I love the energy man ?


Hi from brazil

Alexa Ioana Popescu

I can hear Brad Mondo screaming :)))))))


Protip: watch this on 1.5 speed to increase the wonderful chaotic energy

Nastajae Keeling

Brad mondo needs to react

Anne Siri

I love this video sm I wanna be your friend ?

Shelly Allen

This is the best video I’ve ever seen ???


pmsl the mac n cheese in the bowl and on the spoon I died ? why is that me. I just woke up and im already in a GREAT mood ^-^


U made me smile throughout the whole video?

Sara Govea

Someone send her a ton of gloves

Mrs. Understood

I fucking love that this exist in YouTube, I was tired of all the same videos presented by girls wearing make up, fake nails and eyelids that look like dolls, all "perfect"... I have nothing against them, they all look gorgeous, but this is just marvelous ?? Thanks, I needed to see it. You are amazing. And I love the result!?

From now on, I am a fan of mixing the bleach/dye in a bowl previously used to eat mac & cheese, and stir the mix with a spoon.

Brava ?


As a licensed hairstylist this video was so cringey no gloves ????? but love the pink ?

Gucci Pineapple

Those hands lol ?


you're so cute and fun and this video made me happy

Vivian Rogers

I stumbled upon this video and this is HILARIOUS. I’ve seen you on video for 5 minutes and I think I I’m in love with you

The ArteSana


karlie adams

The whole time watching this all I could hear was brad mondo saying

"Bleach doesn't lather"

Vee Norbury

This video was a RIDE! Definitely entertaining!

jade gomez

i fucking LOVE your energy

Adriana Torres

I just bleached my hair for the first time and I did horrid! But this made me feel better HAHAHAHA

Jillian R

@bradmondo u need to do this video lol



Lavender Rose

I love the energy you have honestly

Clo Clo



I love the energy but the technique girl brad mondo is crying rn


This whole video discribes my quarantine life ngl ???

Alicia Lucy

20 seconds in... subscribed

minxii mayhem

You are my spirit animal lol im amazing with colors on ANYONE until its myself... then this is exactly how I act lol I have to subscribe your personality is hypnotizing!


How long did this color stay

Hey It’s Charlie

Okay I Subscribed because I haven't related to someone so much in a while... Or possibly ever ? I also have a bleaching & dyeing video... Uhhhh ? you may have done better

Hoku Haumea

@brad mando


i- how in the world are u so perfect!

Catherine ferguson

At least your having fun, bless you. You did a great job. Xxx


first video ive seen of yours but damn the pink looks good on you!!

Jasmine Ellis

I love you already ???


legend says that her hands are stained pink to this day


This is this greatest thing I've seen all week! You're GREAT.

xie hua piaou piaou salim

I started screaming when she used her hands ajsjejwjjejej

Cassie Faye Hazel

Brad Mondo needs too see this ?

Felisha Mendez

I love your energy


Technique- 1/10. Energy 100/10 ?

Christina Costello

Lol I actually love how it ended up.. But was very surprised

lulu knowles

omg this was a rollercoaster....i love rollercoasters!

Just Me

She has so much personality I love it!!! ??


Omg I love this you’re hair turned out so good

Christina Costello



Ive been looking for a pink dye FORR my hair but one that don't need bleach. Any ideas, cuz I've got dark hair

Dayanara López Jiménez

I love you, lol. Just found you and I feel like your personality speaks to my soul.

carrie white

The pink looks nice on you

Abby Croft

Weeeeeeeee lol

Miss Mya

Wear gloves ? next time ?

Aaron Christoffersen

You are entirely too much fun ???



flyaway today


in sider

did she have virgin hair???

Pink hair dye for dark hair

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Bleaching My Own Hair & Dyeing it PINK

376 414 views | 20 Nov. 2019

► I bleached my virgin

► I bleached my virgin dark brown hair at home to make it blonde and then dyed it a peachy pastel pink using Arctic Fox Virgin Pink!

► Products used:

Wella Powder Lightener Tub: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB9A

Clairol 30 Volume Developer: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB9p

Wella T18 Toner: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB82

Clairol Pure White 20 Volume Developer: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB9L

Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Hair Dye: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB66

Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner: https://shopstyle.it/l/baB97

Hair Color Mixing Bowl: https://shopstyle.it/l/baCaq

Bowl Grip Tint Brush: https://shopstyle.it/l/baCcf

Reusable Black Latex Gloves: https://shopstyle.it/l/baCcl

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/jesslemos

GAMING CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/jesslemosgaming

BLOG: http://www.dresslikejess.us

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jesslemos

Ching A

Beautiful diy.

Shukria Yusuf

Uhm I kind of really love the orange on you ngl...

Lex & Romey

You aren’t supposed to dilute Arctic Fox with conditioner. Arctic Fox is a conditioner based hair dye. If you wanted extra bright hair, you shouldn’t wash your hair with conditioner before you dye it so the color can go into the pours of your hair

Joana Silva

It's lighter nearer to your head because the heat from your scalp made it process faster. Encapsulate better and it should resolve the issue... I am also a DIYer


The blonde looked so good on you. Making me want to try blonde.

The Dog

I literally started today with doing that, I wish it's gonna be like yours.
(I dream of having pink hair about 1-3 years)


Semi-Permanent is not a dye. Its more of a "rinse". It doesn't last very long especially with frequent washes. Using without the conditioner will give you more color. It come out gorgeous ?


Your brown hair is GORGEOUS and you are GORGEOUS!!!!! I can’t wait to watch the rest of the video ❤️❤️


Not sure how I missed watching your first pink hair video. My colorist recommended I make fresh bleach when I get to the front sections, since it takes me longer to apply them him and the bleach stops processing after so long. Just a tip for anyone attempting to bleach roots or whole head. That may be why your last front section didn’t lift as well as the rest. Anyhow, you’ve learned way more since this first pink hair vid. I love the color it came out. I started with baby platinum pink is what I called it, my hair was already blonde to start, but after bumping up pigment and experimenting with colors, I got more of a peachy bubblegum pink, and love the peach tones.


For the T18 your hair was still way to dark, you can only use T18 on level 9 (think you where a 7/8 there). I personlly would recomand using Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance toners cause they work with levels. But it doenst really matter when youre going pink, love the result!

Rosa Saldivar

I'm a huge Friends fan> I love you instantly!!!!

Katie Chron

I need brad mondo to review this

Jadyn Cassady

i used that color to dye my ends! it was very bright ?

diana garcia

At what process do you think you should put the toner on?

Devon Neighbors

Yes, ur pink color turned out great! The blonde comes thru like highlights ?

Random Aimee

I want pink hair now ??

Q Lamort de Gail

Your video was honestly amazing, so sooo helpful! You said that you did this on virgin hair but do you think it would have the same results if you start with brown box-dyed hair?

Electra Mourning

I gotta say, I love that warm, slightly brassy blonde on you. It males your eyes pop, looks so pretty!

Sustainable Fashion Hub

I love you calm you were the ENTIRE time. I need that kind of energy when I decide to do it

Every Haircolor

your hair does look good

Lucy Lee

how much of the pink dye did you use cuz i’m not sure whether to buy one bottle or two for myself

Fractal Visions

Wow great job - I love the result. The various pink tones work so well, and it really suits you! ?


I’m thinking about dying my red but idkk

Google User

She looks good with the blonde.

Weeble Chan

Im thinking of dying my hair pastel pink cause my anime senses are kicking in ? but my mom will probably say no ☹️

Cat S

I came to see the hair but all I can focus on is the matching friends shirts ?

Kristina Marquez

U are so pretty! Your face is very nice.


The roots are lighter because the heat from your scalp causes the product to lift your color faster. Final product looked great ??

Chloe Dalton

How much conditioner did you use to dilute the dye?


Anyone else staying up all night watching people dye their hair?



Lush Roots

The histrory of your hair determines what comes out when you bleach so if you have colored your hair before all those layers of coloring are still in the hair at the bottom it never just goes away or washes out completely , so the root area and middle part will always lift lighter as there is fewer layers of coloring . Professionally we always start bleaching at the end or darkest point and until that is light enough you move up towards the roots in sections!

Gag Collective

the doesnt help at all while shes handling everything on her own and pops in at the end of the video lolo

Monica Estrella

What's the coconut oil for? ?

Jess Lemos Tester

Just to clarify, since there's been some confusion in the comments...
Although I said I had bleached hair before and dyed it brown, that was over 10 years ago!
So, all of that grew out and my hair in this video was COMPLETELY virgin.
Sorry for not explaining that properly!

Also, yes..using that toner the first time was a waste and, even the second time, wasn't as helpful as another toner might've been.

Laura Dawe

The boyfriend is so chill too lol


i want to dye my hair pink but i would have to bleach it then dye it and im scared if my hair starts to fall off or get damaged :/

Raven Rose

You should use Lunar Tides hair dye next time...their products are the best!!!

Morgan Bays

Thank you!!!! I’m currently at the stage of bleached twice and still feeling very healthy! It’s a little lighter than yours at that stage so I’m super excited!! Thank you for the mixture photos ?

Jenny Santillan

I love it! ? theirs not to many videos with dark virgin hair "tutorials " of bleaching; so glad I found yours! Do you mix the 20 volume developer w/ the toner?

Filomena Cezimbra

hello, may i know your email ?


you look so much like rosalie from twilight with blonde hair, especially with the yellow tones!


Love the matching Friends shirts!

Genie out of the Bottle!

I’m doing it!!!!!!!

anjali gaud


Keiko Bushnell

Probably figured it out by now but your hair Hass to be a lot lighter to use t18. Toners only TONE but do enlighten so it was like using a light purple crayon over a rusty brown... (doesn’t show)


Ummm ok what did you use in order? And measurements for each?????? Like how can I do this if you don’t tell us what order everything goes by AND THEN MEASUREMENTS??? Like how much ?????????? How am I supposed to do this?? The way you wrote everything in the comments is that the correct order? And also how long do you leave each step on for???

Josie Charlotte

subscribed as soon as i seen the friends tops ?

Kylie Cameron

May I ask what lip colour you have on? looove it

Sophia Garcia

The result is the exact same color ofwhen I bake a box strawberry cake.
Pink with some yellowness. Making me hungryyy!

Limited Edition

Talking wayyyy to much! But the blond is cute on you!

Sandy Romero

Blone hair on you is beautiful ???


Its strange how lighter hair can make us brunettes look like a totally different girl! You look gorgeous

Alexandria Ramos

I absolutely loved this video, so helpful! Thank you! The only thing is, I went out and bought all products listed but don't know what to mix with what :( did you just follow package directions?


you look like nikki reed

Jennifer Ford

Not so much for you, just for others watching this, you don’t want to use a toner before the fashion color. You want the fashion color to fill in all the hollow spaces you created with the bleach so it will last as long as possible. When you fill that in with toner the fashion color doesn’t have that structure to stick to. Fashion colors should go over the bleached hair by itself.

Tarah Moleski

Holy crap. You are gorgeous with any hair color

Sites4sight Multimedia

how did you get so many views?

Starla Alphonse

How mouth of each product do it mix together in the bowl? ?

Melody Romanesko

Really im thinking you love to talk because it aint a tutorial but a nagging video

El diario de yuuki

You looked so cute from the first bleach ♥

Adrienne Hepworth

The reason it's lighter closer to your head and really dark at the ends is because your hair higher up is newer and more supple, but your ends are older and more dead and dry, thus the bleach doesn't take as well.

Wing y

I think it looks very good with some blonde and pink, you look so pretty :)

S Parker

you can only use t18 on a level 9ish, without orange and yellow tones. Your blonde is way too deep for t18 to do anything.


I bleached my hair 3times and it is stil orange -.- :D

Enya Breabenj

Wich lipstick are you using? I've been searching for that colour for years! Nice video <3

Brandi Cope

When you added conditioner to the pink dye (the 2nd time), do you know HOW much you added and did you go and buy a 2nd bottle of dye ? Thank you!

Carole Baskin

i’m thinking about dying my hair, does anybody have any extra tips for bleaching?

Amor Cardenas

What eyeshadow/lipstick are you wearing? They’re such pretty colors on you


Oh dear. A patchy disaster.

Shina Uchiha2831

Im really nervous to do it bc my mom would kill me

Sevi Regis

The lighter hair really brings out your beautiful eyes. You actually would look great with a soft violet-copper, not brassy, ginger shade too. But the pink looks great too, like a shaded rose-gold. Nice job. Looks better with color variation than monochromatic pink. Just put some beachy waves in to accent the shimmer

Marisa Flores

how many times does Brad Mondo have to say do not use T18 lol

Gretta M

we LOVE a cotton candy punk rock queen and her supportive king !!!! I’m currently doing my own pink hair at home research ??? so thank you!! lol ?

Lucid Boom

are u gonna tell us what's the lipstick on your last look?

jes Hayes

Wow you talk way too much,..I do however like the blonde and the pink and really like how you did your roots ??

Stephanie Delmanto

Love it you look so good in pink


I like your hair without the color but the color is pretty

Kla K

Lmao i have my dye ready im just scared to do it ??


You look like megan plays with pink hair lol??

Devon Neighbors

U talk too much. U just need to do the process and color.


You have very beautiful eyes.

keira fregoso

Hi! I’m planning on dying the underneath of my hair which is dirty blond. I’m wondering how long did this last on your hair, and do you have any tips on making it last longer?

Burgundy. Kiss

the bottoms darker because its not virgin hair, if you've used box dyes on your hair at any point in life it'll affect the way the bleach lifts it which leaves you with those orange and yellowy tones. that's why why fully virgin hair will lift paler then box dyed hair.


Really good video ty!

Kassy Girl

Great video! I like the detailed instructions. I will be doing my daughter’s hair later, and this video really helped. Your hair looks awesome!

Lotty Yabosa

I really like it tanks for the tips??????????

Sela Raye

omg thank you for the tip on the roots!! im going from dark -> pink as well and didnt even think about that

Agnieszka Skalska

After first bleach you haf too dark hair to use t18

Matthew walsh

Friends gang

Wendylou Mort

T18 toner is for a lightest shade of blonde , different timers are for different lightness of blondes and what not

Rachel G on Bass

I just did my hair almost exactly how u did yours.,,, I'm about to probably rebleach mine a second time...// also added toner already LOL so wild,, cuz I'm also dying pink and am wanting to dilute.. hahah I am taking vid into consideration, by not diluting too much with conditioner! :) P.S. I'll be posting the process too HAHA. :D good job!

Kharisza-Anne Arnobit

that friends shirt tho <3

TheBri Collection

Little tip to get a follow maybe not talk too much bc the viewer has to sit there and wait and wait and wait YouTube id about short info videos bc u will just skip and go watch someone else just little help input it was around when u did ur bleach and got shower the first time and rambling

Adriana Barrios

Love it ?

Kanza Rizvi

You look like Amy Santiago ?

Faith Remington

How many bottles or ounces did you end up using for your final look? I plan on doing this for the holidays???☃️

Ni Ni

In blonde you remind me a little of Emma Watson


I always go to Salon to bleach my hair, I know what she means by it doesn’t get really damaged, my hair is as dark as her hair and we bleach it to a little bit before plat every time in one go and I have not a lot of breakage or straw texture surprisingly. Its usually pretty healthy and lightens very quickly/evenly. But yeah I’m always that bitch with the harsh line of grown out roots lol

Cheryl Lockwood

Giving me redhead vibes girl

Pink hair dye for dark hair

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73 748 views | 27 Jun. 2018



In this video I dye my hair PINK using manic panic Hot Hot Pink mixed with Cotton Candy Pink! :)

Make sure to follow the directions better than me if you are planning on dying your own hair.

feel free to comment letting me know what kinds of videos you'd like to see! Xoxo :)

Instagram: @bearybecca

Twitter: @bearybecca

Snapchat: beccaluv1d


wait...i thougt it's not good to use any metal tools around hair dye?

Diicee Bells

I love the result ?

Beary Becca

Go to 1:00 and you’ll see that I did mention that my hair has been previously bleached! ? if your hair is virgin you will have different results!

Bethany Meyer

Sooo gorgeous! ? the color looks beautiful on you and you did an amazing job!!

Zainab Rehman

Honey u already have bleach on your ends...

juan tomas castellon pineda

Normally I really don't like these type of videos. But there's something about what you make that I enjoy a lot, you are really beautiful and funny :)

Cheyenne Marcum

i’m so excited i found this video because i couldn’t find someone who already had an ombré hair with blonde on the ends. i’m excited though. my hair isn’t as dark as yours but i’m excited to see the results on me !!!

DayDay MayMay


vicki griffin

I am so wanting pink hair!!!

Veronica Cravens

Girlfriend you're making a mess.....??? This is how it looks when I do mine too. HAHAHA!!! YOUR FINISHED RESULTS LOOK GOOD ON YOU!!!

chasity lynn

I love that colour!
I’m thinking of going a pink shade soon ?

Kaila _girl307

I love it

Celeste Thompson

I love your channel the lols ?

Rolando Jerez

I got randomly suggested this, and man this was too good of a video, its your personality all over it, and you look so good w this hair wow. How long did you leave it?

officialqueen xox

Did you use hot hot pink or cotton candy pink?xx

Just Keit

this is actually what im doing and im really glad i was able to find this video for advice

Neton M.



4:45 is why I subbed ? ❤️


Revised title: I dyed my pre-lightened hair pink.

Desiree Bishop

I have the exact same hair color. I mixed cotton candy pink with midnight blue which made like a royal blue but it turned my hair like dirty mermaid lol

Celeste Thompson

I’m dying my hair pink I’m nervous but I hope it looks as pretty as yours ?

Luis Mendoza

Hermosa ??

Shannon Green




Melissa Waller

I really like the color on you that’s my favorite color

arien voun

But I have dark hair like the top of your head not the bottom......

nimbusman's doorstep

Lol your cute

Julio Sena

Yes Babe show kiss

Mariam Atif

the first 12 min of your video was annoying af but the color turned out really nice and i wasn't expecting that, love it

Ashley MacLellan

“I’m gonna be doing a glove giveaway” lol ? heading to Sally’s to do this cause I’m having a breakdown ??


she’s so prettyyyy and her hair looks so good on her

Sophie Nguyen

Will the colour fade away soon after? And when it's faded will it return to your previously-dyed brown-ish hair or will it become a weird colour? And is it easy to dye back to brown after this? Thank you so much xx

Bonnie Edmonds


Shelbe Josephine

Umm your ends are blonde not brown soooo

DayDay MayMay

You used iMovie

AllinkedUp Always

Babybears? Lol


How long did the pink last? And did your hair look like what you started with after the 8 washes or so or did it leave a tint?


look im only here because aimie atkinson told me not to hear about a crisis,

Jalea Molo

When I dye my hair I use conditioner to lighten up the color if it’s too dark. Works like a charm :)

Callie Trice

I can't wait to try this???????