How to remove black spots on face quickly

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Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face

136 283 views | 21 Jun. 2019

Dark spots on face is one

Dark spots on face is one of the most common skin problem. Dark spots usually occur on area, where skin produces more melanin than usual. All dark spots are not same, there are 4 different types of dark spots.

First let me tell you about types of dark spots and then depending on the type you can opt for a perfect remedy

Type #1 – Melasma

These are dark spots that appear on the cheeks in a splotch like form. Sun exposure is the main cause behind this skin condition.

Melasma is most common in women 20-50 years of age

Type #2 – Pimple Marks

When pimple gets infected, it can leave a red or black mark on your face after healing.

This skin condition in not related to any age group, if your acne or pimple gets infected, it’ll leave spot behind

Type #3 – Hyperpigmentation

Any kind of injury or trauma caused to the skin as a result of abrasions, burns, acne, etc., leading to inflammation, can later cause the formation of dark spots in that area.

Type #4 – Lever spots

Liver spots are dark spots that appear scattered and in no particular pattern. These kind of spots usually appear on the skin of old people, especially on face and hands.

Now once we know all types of dark spots, let me quick share few effective home remedies to get spot free skin

These tips will not only help you to stop your hair fall but will also improve quality of your hair

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Love u Zindgi


Umaima Bilal

I have pimple spots and hyperpigmentation so how should I use the remidies

Sukanya Telugu Vlogs

very good video, Awesome tips

Zaheer Ahmed

Plz make a video for how to freshen up dull face ?

Jaya Sri

How to reduce warts plz tell me tips

Versha Tehlan

Make a video on zaira wasim ?

Sutapa Sengupta

Awesome tips....thnx

Jaya Sri

Hi ....How reduce melasma ...What i do....Plz tell me solution ...

Syed Hajira

Can we mix and keep lemon juice in refrigerator and use


Plz tell me how to remove upper lip hair??

Moon Tv Moon Tv

Kia yeh dono remides ik saath din me istamaal ki jasakti hai?

I Sha

lemon burns the sensitive skin...and cause hyper pigmentation...don't make fool

kavya nainita

How to get rid from pores on the skin..

Divine guidance

Plz tell us pores remedies?

simply beautiful


Vimala Madheswaran

Mam most of them saying that should not apply the vitamin e capsule oil directly on our face

Deepthi namith

Thank u so much

Daisy Beled

How to get rid from black heads on the face advise pls.

Fahima Banu

How to get rid of moles on face

zufishan Arshad

How to get rid of fungal dark patches on face please share a video on this problem too.

mehwish zafar

Kindly nose ky black heads ky leee bhateee plz

Kavitha Kavitha

super thanks a lot

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Ruby Verma

Hey...are u a medical student???

sreeja S

1)Lemon. 2)vitaminE


Is it lemon juice work out.I try to put lemon directly but I got irritation in my skin

How to remove black spots on face quickly

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How to Remove Black Spots & Dark Spots on Face (Get Flawless Face in 10 Days)

2 151 834 views | 12 Feb. 2016

Find out how you can

Find out how you can Remove those Annoying Black Spots & Dark Spots on Face.

In this video, I have shared 4 easiest and quickest remedies that will erase your stubborn dark spots, black spots, sun spots and age spots and will help improve the look, color, and glow of your face.

Get flawless Skin with these 4 Natural remedies

1.Anti-Spot Face Massage Gel

2.Skin Polishing Scrub

3.Clear Fairness Toner for Spotless Face

4.Anti-Spot Lightening Face Pack

Also Check Out My Recent Video

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck in 20 Minutes


For more Information Visit:

Website: http://thebeautymadness.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Thebeautymadness


Rofiat Babalola

What can I use in replace of yukorice powder we have it here pls reply

nagesh madigar

wow nice give a information............!

Saba Khan

hi shneha..oliv oil,honey, & lemon after use !!can i wash my face?? can i keep it in fireegerator?pls reply

Tox Trap

pores on cheeks + uneven face complexion + lot of dark spots....???..having oily skin type.....which remedy should I use and when ? Day or night?? Plzzzzz reply sneha

Bharathi Kumar

alternative for licorice powder. olive oil is suitable for oily skin.oil skin people use olive oil anyway

Rizwan Qureshi

i think Olive oil sy skin black hoti hai is that true

Fateh Singh Chouhan

Could we apply this method on sensitive skin also reply please


can I ask the 1st one works for oily,dry,acne skin?

Sayeeda Ali

People with oily skin can use this?

Soniya Malla

Which type of coconut oil


Mam will u please tell me how to remove moles from my face which occurred due to sun


I have heard that, using lemon on face kind of risky cause it's contain citric acid, is it really harmful?

Shahana Shan

Hi dear i subscribe ur link
From Pakistan
U r doing Excellent work

Suryakanta naik

mam hands legs ru kemiti remove hebo spot


your voice is not at all clear and u need to show the product name when ur describing about it

Aastha Sode

Mam kya alvoil ki jagh almond oil use kr sakte hai plzz tell me

Tripti Thaverdasani

Mereeee pyaare dear snehaa di plsss rply me soon I got spot on my face near nose I hd got pimple n I hd appkied toothpaste litle near pipmple but it reacted and wo aur b kharab hua diii I knw dt now u can nly tell m ur magical remedy my di u r best ppss plss soon aap rply karo wht shld I apply to remvoe dt spot n redness plss

sayali patil

Hi sneha di!..i had been watching ur channel since past two years .i just wanna ask you that can i use 2nd and 3rd remedy for my skin?.my skin is oily n acne -prone n i also want to ask u to suggest any 2 of these remedies for my mom bcz her skin is dry n pigmented ...plzzz..reply me as soon as u can.

Kamal khan


Salma khan

plz reply me

Gauko Tori Lahure

how sweet voice with makeup tips

Jakia Khan

sneha sis,,can u pls give me suggestion for wt I use assencial oil alternative?

Nabeela Azmat Azmat

olive oil ko replace krkei coconut oil use krskte h dii

Manisha Balhara

mam meri skin bahut dry h or brown spots bhi h galo par plzz tell me best treatment plzz

ling ling

what kind of coffee


can i keep apple cidar vinegar n rose water applied on my back for whole night as i got spots on my back.pls suggest

Peace kairu

I love this video, dark spots can be so annoying. Solvaderm has a product called juvabrite that specially formulated for dark spots without using harsh chemicals

shla134 khan

birth Mark k liye koi remedy btye plz

Esther Ralte

Your voice sounds so much alike with Priyanka Chopra!!


Does this remove flat moles on the face? Thank you for the awesome video.

Kavitha Karthik

can we use coffee powder packed mam,

raghu raghu

Brew coffee can be applied to Madame Face

Rajat Khatri

Kitna time lagega man

Arifur Rahman

Hi Sneha! I am going to build a website on how to get rid of sunspots on face. If you wanna I would create a high authoriy backlink for your video.the backlink would be created from the content. If you want to create link for this video that will bring more viewer for your video then you can contact to me in this regard. My skype id is arif4275411. Thanks

S Tally

You do not need to wash off the rose water and apple cider vinegar mixture because it is typically used as a toner. You don't wash off toners.......just apply your moisturizer and/or serum directly after you apply the rose water and apple cider vinegar mixture

Dorcas Asamoah

Plz can I mix it N keep to use or always use fresh mixture n how offen should i use.talking of the first method plz reply me fast.thanks

Simon Esmanu

hey l need for dark spots but l can't what was the best it is too much one day make coconut oil one day olive l am tried please give me answer

Sheetal Kumari

olive can cause more pimples

Anjum Sultana

I m gonna try ths all

shobha shooo

hi, I have black dots, in this tips, which is best for my dry skin, how many days can I use in a week? plz suggest me

Shivam Saini

hello mam
aapke sare vedio amazing
mam nutella pr ek vedio for hair color

Princess Fridah

thanks apple cider vinegar really works

Divya J

i have black spots suggest me a remdie

Avnell Dudley

Natural products is the best

Helen Oftroy

why not you show your face please.with before and after.or demonstration.

Vignesh Viswanathan

Can I substitute licorice with kaoline clay....


Do these remedies all go together step by step?

Munira Mimi

kam nehi hota mein ne try kiya tha

Pranjal Johare

Sneha S.. mam I have many dark spots and I want to move it so which remedy should I prefer?
I tried many process to get rid of...but they are not going..what to do??

sona khan

m skin is oily n open pores n dark spots which 1 I should use?? please tell m

Sally Ryana

Which one is the most effective one??

Firdaus Sayed

Can we use them on hands?

Danielle Lobo

hi, I have sun damage on my forehead and checks, this these remedies work for me? if so how many times a week should I do them, and how long will it take to see a difference?

Deeksha KP

Hi Sneha my skin is oil n recently i gt too many spots on my face cn i use coffee scrub n the face pack for a week? will it help?

Nabeela Azmat Azmat

plzz reapily...dii plz??

Kacey Dahunsi

Hi, can you please suggest treatments I should do. My skin tone is black and I have dark marks, and want to get rid of them. What is the best or most effective way?


you are amazing mam

Nive Chandran

Suggest a serum for a shiny and healthy skin... Get fair complexion

Humaira Hnaif

Can anyone explain me what is yastimadhu powder


can I do this everyday ?

game boombing

Sis ye facial hai na hum ye sub ek k baad lagay gy na like facial

Khadijah Asy Syarifah

i have some questions. So after we put the some of the mixtures we wash it off with only cool water, right?
will it leave my face become oily? do I have to wash it off again with face soap? or face cleanser? thank you for answering.

Parminder Sodhi

I have dark sport legs or arms too.can use of those parts

Kawaljot Kaur

pls give a effective home remedy for under eye dark circles

Komal Khandelwal

Till how many days I have to continue this pack

Sindu Arasavilli

i have a dark spots which one will work affectively

Basith nazar


Nive Chandran

Did I want to use all these scrub toner those all step everyday... Can u say me how many days I shud do

Tarannum Akter Billah Emi

Hi sneha, can I use first remedy as regular basis?

Ameern islam

honey, oliv oil, lemon...mix & keep refrigerator???..

Manju Bala

mam i have burn marks on ma face its brown spots very stubborn 1 year old spots . plz tell me what to apply on my face

Sara Hussain

weekly how many times we should use ths specially last one.

Devi Shri

Can we use Almond oil instead of olive oil

Rayan Siffat Kafi

hello! sneha s i have a bad dark circle on my head and skin! what can i do now please tell me.

Safia Zeb

i have darkspots on my face so which remedy I use

dua ali

Lemon and apple citric acid remedy time limit??

Sanjana Mahapatra

This remedy is very helpful..but I'm not being able to get the benefits of the toner because I do not have the access to apple cider vinegar and wanted to know what can be used as a substitute of that. Would be very glad to receive your help on that Ma'am. Please let me know.

Amelia Fairy

Description main remedy mentioned kiya kre plzzz i dont like without description method so plzzz note this....!

beauty homepage

Mam ise stor kr skte h 1st remedy ko

Sravani Sravs

Can you please refer one coffee brand which can be applied on face?

Priya Giri

you are toooooo much talkative .

vielka velarde

why u dont show ur face for result??????..How we know it works?

Keshav Heerakar

thq ..u r video...

Zhaly Fatima

Sneha Api agr olive oil na ho to hum Contect oil use kr sakty ha plz btain i m fotm pakistan

Manisha Balhara

mam meri skin bahut dry h or brown spots bhi h galo par plzz tell me best treatment plzz

Let Zee Explain

If you are 'sneha' then who is 'seema'?

hyderabd today

mam ye sabhi lagana hai one Day mai
ya roz alag alag

Leeandra D'souza

Very helpful

Doja GRose

I have acne scars and acne spots black Mark's left on my face and chest I have oily skin I noticed you used oily skin based product so witch treatment you uploaded with fit best for me having oily skin wanting to get rid of my scars on my face ???

Sweetchamp erica

Dear..I love ur videos but can u plz recommend me a substitute for licorice which could gives the same affect ..

Gurjot Sahota

Mam is it helpful deep pigments

Nancy Sinha

I didn't got essential oil ...wht can replace it?

Shagufta Parveen

Can i only use lemon and olive oil to remove Black spots

Renuka Jawale

Meri skin dry he, to black spots ke liye konsi remedi use kar Sakti hu plz reply me

Mahbuba Sultana

Sneha S, Mem, can I do use any one Remedy?

G.Balaji Gajapathi

V can use lime

Doris Komba

Its really useful and it good i like the video

Ramya Ravichandran

Hi Sneha I like all your beauty tips very much... kindly suggest me a way for open and large pores... thank you...

Taheniyat S

Tried the 1st remedy n believe me it works really good. All my dead skin started coming out while massaging this n my skin looks so even n bright. Thank you so so much Sneha. Love all ur videos n u as well ❤️

Nive Chandran

Suggest a serum for a shiny and healthy skin... Get fair complexion

How to remove black spots on face quickly

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How to remove black spots in face quickly tamil

1 859 views | 18 Jul. 2018

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How to remove black spots in face quickly tamil

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