Tea tree essential oil

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Benefits & Uses Of Essential Oils For Beauty, Skin Care, Wellness || Ashtrixx

37 790 views | 20 Mar. 2020

Product links -:

Product links -:


Tea Tree - https://amzn.to/39VyDjr

Rose - https://amzn.to/2UfnbZs

Lavender - https://amzn.to/2xb2xS7

Vasu Store-:

Tea Tree - http://bit.ly/2TXEbo6

Rose - http://bit.ly/2TY44UM

Lavender - http://bit.ly/2UemL5q

Watch Benefits & Uses Of Essential Oils For Beauty, Skin Care, Wellness || #Ashtrixx


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D Sravanthi

Back body meda kuda acne potunda use cheste..cheppandi...plzzzz

T Sujatha

I'm 13 can I use this

parvathi krishna

Kumkumadhi thailam or any face oils ful day or overnight face paina leave cheskocha..Nenu moisturiser use cheyatledhu andi only oils use chesthunna. Ala use cheyyocha

Bhuvana Thokala

Bridal makeup and colour correction chepandi?

Bhavani Baggam

Tq very much mam I'll try

valli valli

Madam best videos chestunaru me Mata teeru exlentga undi

Vidhya Bhaskar

Plss make a video on uses of boroline

HONEY nature

Akka ur so sweet

Lakshmi Prasanna

2 essential oils ni kalipi olive oil tho mix chesi use cheyyocha hair ki

Sandhya Rani

Thanks u so much for the video mam... knchem xt video lo legs n foot ( pagaladam) ki whch essential oil use avuthundho chepandi.... N once again thank you mam.. V love you mam....

pradyutha appala

Can we use these essential oils for doing guasha

Rajyalakshmi Peddireddy

Oily skin and oily scalp too edi use avutundhi

kousalya the all in one channel

Mari rosemery oil hair fall ki use undadha akka and gal hair growth plz reply akka plz and iam kousalya ?

Yoshitha cheeram

Hii akka

Alekhya Vinaya

Hi ashmita mam.. Can i use the peppermint essential oil with aleo vera gel in 1 drop isto 1 tablespoon ratio and apply it on my face every day?

Nikki Ankula

Mam I have already tried tea tree lavender , and ? lemon essentialoils.....they are doing wonders to my skin anyways ur given some extra unknown information about essentialoils...in this video I will follow those steps alsooo thanqqq ashmitha garuu...lots of love?

Delicious Navi

Hi ashu I hope your good,nice useful video, pls make a video for nude lipsticks

padma priya

Nice information andi

santosh kimar

Can I apply moisturizer after using tea tree oil on face

Pavani K

Ashmita you always do makeup videos, DIYs but please do a video on body mists too....Miru enta andam ga kanipinchina ah fresh feeling matram body mist use chestene vostadi... don't discuss about perfumes please let us know abt natural ones .....I came to know abt Nargis after u told me nly great thanks for that.....

Viveka M

Hi.... im ur fan from tamilnadu.... recently i saw ur videos... it gives more helpful to choose the produts... and my humble request pls do videos in english.. i dont know telgu so much.. bt somehow i understand...

Srivalli G

Very useful information. ..thankyou

Tech Mokshith [TM]

Akka anni oils gurinchi video cheyandi akka

smart house wife uma

Love u r dance dear am fallowing ismart jodi hope u both will win title love u dear

Lahari yadlapalli nqnENTKHGX

Hi aka miru description box lo mention cheyaledu akka link

mageshwari Gopi

Hi mam... Iam 19 years old and I have under eye wrinkles and fine lines on forehead.iam suffering from long time can u please suggest a best serum or cream

Aravindha Ammu


Bujji bangaram

Hi mam.... Please do video for open pore skin.. Mine is fair skin but because of this pores, it doesn't look good... So, pleaseeeeee provide me the best solution and best products to be used for this type skin. Mine is combination skin.. Please do video.

Hepsy Chinnu

Akka tee oil dandruff remove chesthunda dandruff valla hair fall avthundi akka lemon essential oil or tee tree oil rendu dandruff remove ki use avthunda

all in One

Same like dr.vivek joshi

Sruti Chamarthi

Hi mam... I'm big fan of you nd your videos?.. Mam ippatiki chalasarlu comment lo request adiganu.. Please make complete video for combination skin.. Like Products to be used for the CTM process..and regular day cream , night cream.. nd also products to be used for daily n makeup nd party makeup.. Please do complete video mam...

Vijaya Durga

Thanks akka , really helpful video thanks akka❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

Pitta Mounika

Chala baga cheparu tqqq...

Hussain Bee

Hi Ashmitha, your videos really good and informative like me who doesn't know much about skin care. After watching your videos I bought mcaffine products. It's makes wonders with my skin. First use only found difference with body scrub. It reduces tan, dark circles, blemishes. Thanks for that.

One more thing I want to know, is using essential oils safe for kids? Bcoz I want to use it for my 6yrs old daughter for hair growth. She has very thin hair. Please suggest me...

063_eshrath anjum

Mam, Essential oil part 2 video..?

Krish Srini

How can I use orange oil for skin and hair


Tea tree oil can i use pimples plz tell me

rupika regatte

Waiting for another part sis ....??

sruthi m

A video chusna collaborations a..

Janu k

Hi sissy superb information. I am already using tea tree oil and lavender oil. But I don't know the uses about rose oil.... Now I knew it. Thank you

SSC channel

Hi akka nice vlog

Anisha Damisetti

Caster oil essential oil a akka kadha

Venky Paddu

Mam please tell me... rose oil overnight face pai use cheyyocha

priya guduru

Ashmitha garu how you know this many beauty tips .. I like all you trix .. lots of love to youu..

prathibha prathi

Thanks a lot u hv given very. important information ???. N also help me out for wrinkles which oil essential is best

Satya I.satya

Hi asmitha Garu... It is dam true... I already used lavender as a stress buster it Also provides good sleep when sprayed on pillow by mixing with water.. It's amazing.. ??

Pavani K

Ashmita try vetiver essential oil also it smells amazing...n it has great useful qualities also....

Sampada Lakshmi

Faceki chala care tesukumtam like cleanser toner mask mari Hands kuda chala important mari cleanser toner apply cheyyacha Meru handski moisturiser okate use chestara inca yevina products apply chestara cheppandi

Kanchus Amulya

Hi sister I hv seen ur video about essential oils u have said about rose. Is rose oil different from rosemary?

jyotishya kundu

Tq sis because many girls don't know how to protect and groom our beauty

Aluru Jyothi

Tq mam very use full video

parvathi krishna

Face oil tharvatha any day cream or BB cream use cheyyocha

Nikki Ankula

Mam I have already tried tea tree lavender , and ? lemon essentialoils.....they are doing wonders to my skin anyways ur given some extra unknown information about essentialoils...in this video I will follow those steps alsooo thanqqq ashmitha garuu...lots of love?

Sandhya Motupalli

Ash....can we use this for oily skin?

Hamsa Rekha

Hiiii ash how r u???? I am very happy for this episode ☺☺☺ I hav a doubt u told remedy for pimples scars kadhaaa ah remedy face anthaa apply cheyocha????nd weekly ny tyms apply cheyaleee......... nd I e-mailed my address ?

Bindu B

Hiiii ashmitha gaaaruuuu
Plsss dry skin care routine

Kavya Bv

I have super oily skin and I’ve been using tea tree oil but I really don’t see any wonders that it has done on my skin or hair, hope it works for others !

Manepalli Tanuja

Hii ashmitha l have too dandruff and hair fall pls say some remedies


Akka can u also tell the benefits and the meaning of serum plz

Preethi kslnka

Tq akka
For tiz information
Love u

Lakshmi Durga

Wow..thanks akka..meru chepthunatay naku ventanay book cheyali ani undhi..


Dresses and tops you are wearing are amazing and where are you purchasing dear


Pls mam can u tell me how to remove facial hair

Chilumula Maruthi

where I can buy them sis

sailakshmi saride

Akka can u do Kurtis jeans haul

Anusha Tumma

Akka link ivaledhu

Sandhya Sudagani

Hello ash ji ..Your videos are really amazing ???love the way you are explaining the things.??You are so beautiful from inside and outside.??Your tips are superbb?Please tell me a remedy to reduce the wrinkles.I am 27 now ,so after 30 years we might face wrinkles on face part.Now i don’t have any wrinkles.But i want to take precautions to avoid wrinkles on my face

Aditya Varma

Akka migilina essence oils gurinchi chepandhi

Beauty bling

Dressing table organization cheyandi akka plz

Biragoni Teja Goud

Coconut and olive oil lo 3 essentail oils ni mix cheyacha?plz chepandy

Pavani K

U gave great information....we really love your research.....thanks for doing this video ...this company is a good company I already used it's kunkumadi tailam it works great...I have seen drastic change in a natural way....I l try these too....

Radha Bai

Super mam

sammu samreen

Hii akka skin whitening ki a essential oil use cheyali..please cheppandi akka

19-510Aakanksha Gantla

Akka nuvu kit motham konnav kadha... share the link plz... I wanna purchase it

G. prathyusa

Aroma magic i7 essential oil use cheyyocha

Lachu Barbie

Mam plz make a video about inner thighs lighting and private part whiteing

Sailaja Setty

Hi akka nenu hand made ayurvedic soaps chesthanu, so nenu ee oils soaps chesepudu use cheyoccha pls reply me akka

drbavyasree chauhan

Can u give more information about all the essential oils

mounika kranthi

Super explained ??ismart Jodi superb ?☺congrats for last episode winner's???

Priya Preethi

Daily use cheyocha?

Sampada Lakshmi

Meeru use chese mouth wash cheppandi and hands more important kada so good products cheppandi Meeru present use chesevi

deepthi pingali

Make a video on baby care

Rupa Rainbow colours

Very useful information.

Lakshmi Narayana

Tq soo mam I am using tea tree oil this video help me a lot and make more videos on skain care mam.....

Nagi Reddy

Hi akka

Sruthi Alajangi

Can we add tea tree oil to mama earth bringraj oil and apply to hair.

Saralaanil Anil

Hi asmitha garu,my age 32 years I have thyroid, pcos health problems I have some dark spots lightly finelines on face ,naa problem emitante neenu regularga vade soap kakunda vere soap aina face wash aina any kind of face cream aina moisturizer aina vadithe okkasarike red colourloo rash vastundi naaku manchi cream or moisturizer Edhi suitable meeru cheptharaa pls ,liveloo adagadaniki kudaratledu messages fastga vellipothunnai naaku Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter emi account levu so ila message chesthunna pls give me reply tq

Srihitha Gunuputi

White heads black heads ki effective remedy cheppu ash plss ?

passion for life good thoughts

Mam meeru ismart jodi nomination lo unnara?

madhusaikeerthi peddoju

Mam How abt good vibes skin care products? Suggest me plzz

preethi's all in one

Alovera lo enni drops veyali sis

Venky Paddu

Lavender oil face ki ela apply cheyyalo cheppaledu

Sravanthi Padma

Akka chepandi nenu White avalatey em vadalli akka plzzz chepandi naku eppudu Chala empoten akka naannu ardham chusukondi naku match vachina nenu nachatledhu andhukantey nenu Black ga vuntanu kabati Mee sister anukoni naku ee help cheyandi

muppidi shyamala

Sis teens ki acne pimples blemishes spots total skin discorrections gurinchi video chaeyandi

Prasanna srinivas

Superb explanation..Just loved it❤


Pls mam do this video how to remove facial hair

Jyothirmai koyalakonda

Thanks for a very useful video?. Stay stafe akka, take care. Lots of love❤

hema das

Wowweee Akka ur really great thank you so much? love u sis??

sridevi pathigari

Heyyy ashmita...I asked u many a times t do a video on essential oils.. thank you for the beautiful tips.. can pregnant women use these oils?

Reshma Rao

Dat was a lovely information...???

Tea tree essential oil

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How to use Tea Tree Essential Oil for ACNE | Get clear Smooth skin in 3 days? Reduce Dark spots

4 041 views | 16 Jan. 2021

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Thanks for watching this video.

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In this video, I have shared different ways to use tea tree essential oil for clearing out acne and pimples. Have shown 6 different methods to achieve super soft smooth clear skin in 3 days time.

I hope you would enjoy this video :)

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Skin whitening soap: https://youtu.be/kmnhYttLzXY

Itchy dandruff scalp home remedies: https://youtu.be/dHtwsgHdyPI

Hair fall causes and cure: https://youtu.be/swpmPsl5zLc

Sugar waxing: https://youtu.be/M6O9wXcrQ6A

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Get soft PINK LIPS in 5 MINUTES: https://youtu.be/kvMdvOPJJnE


The information provided on this channel is for general purpose only. I am quite active on my comments section for my friends here and incase If you spread any kind of hatred, abuse or negative vibes towards anyone on my channel, You will be blocked & reported immediately. All the products that are mentioned here are purchased by me and all opinions shared here are genuine. All the content and images on this channel solely managed by me and kindly do not use it without my approval. Some of the buying links given above are affiliate links, which does not cost from your pocket.

For further business queries, please do contact me at [email protected]

Thank you,

With lots of Love,

Subha Mohandas


Kashvi Cassandra

What's nal enna? Is it coconut oil? ?

nagarani hnr

Hi sis ? how r u?

Karthika sri

Akka already acne scare irundha tea tree oil use panalama clear aaguma pls rply sis?

Shrvani Girish

Kindly recomend the brand of tea tree oil Mam Plz...

Sankar sankar sankar

Please akka sneezing challenge video panunga akka please please please please please akka ????

Sankar sankar sankar

Thampi pavamlla en Chella akkala ????? please akka sneezing challenge video panunga akka please please please akka ????

Soundari Brundha

fungal acne ku remedy la tea tree oil add panna. sonningala mam I don't have its can I skip this


Athu evolo akka

s aswini

Hi mam ance pimle patch paththi sollunga

ashwini raman

your hair looking thicker plz tell me currently which oil you using plz

k karthika

Can you please review about Aroma Moisture boost shampoo avocado flavor plzzz?

Indhu Mathi

Hi sisy pongal vlog Poda vendiyadhu dhane

Vedhika R.

Ena panalam intha pigmentation mouth suthi pogave matiku dear....Ena Pana nu confuse sa iruku dear.
Daily CTM follow panuryn...vera solution solunga da....
Saree la supera irukeenga♥️?

Praba PrabaS


Gowri C

mirror you using is where bought. is it one side zoom in type?

S.Mathi Selvam

Tq for ur tips sis... Your Earing Nice Sis....

Narmadha Ravichandran

Literally very useful akka.u looking so cute ka?

Viper Gaming

Akka tea tree oil sensitive skin ku use pannalama please sollunga

Akila Ramamoorthi

Akka super ka na vangi vachiruken ethukune theriyama?


Usefull vid sis...♥️

Fun Our way

Early squad ❤️

muthu veni

Can use it with nalpamaradi thailam

Janani Sivaraman9

Hi sis....tea tree oil for acne superb video....

Deepasri Ramsikiya

Mam kindly black heads Ku solluga mam pogava matikuthu ???

Barbie Girl

Hi akka ...how are u??
Looking so beautiful ❤️ Nice video akka..

sameera sam

Akka plzz don't use tea tree essential oil... The real essential oil will make your skin sensitive to sun... And it will show only temporary effects after that it will show the real effects in long run...


Tq super tips carrot essential oil uses&tips podunga

Sara Vanan

Sis plse sollunga dark black lips la irrunthu eppudi antha blackness pooha vaikkurathu plsssssee????


Dry skin use pannalama Akka??


akka apple cider vinegar aa direct aa use pannalaam nu neega ungaloda face pack video la sonniga apdi use pannalaama akka

Kashvi Cassandra

One spoon sesame oil ku 2 drops tea tree oil okay va? ?

Neha Rajakumar

Akka tea tree essential oil eh edhulaum mix Panama.. Apdiyae face la use panalama?

Ash ash

Dilute pana venama sis ? Can be used by teenagers with oily skin ?

Umarnabi Umarnabi

Thank u...gud information

saro saravana

Sister nanum nenga sonnathalam try pandren but enakku pimples mattum kuraiya mattikithu please best crem sollunga sister
I'm oil skin????
Please sister ?

Suji Mani

Super video sis

Shalini Sundarraj

Tea tree essential oil pathi unga videos paathu therijikitan thanks for sharing akka ❤❤❤❤you look soo cute ??????Eyeliner epdi podrathunu beginners ku video podunga akka ????

Nandyma Nandhuprabu

Cream use panrathu ila na epadi potrathu ss

Thenmozhi Muthu

Very useful video sissy...❤️ Really liked this....?

Thaniya Sathanish

தலை அரிப்புக்கு இந்த சாம்பு யூஸ் பண்ணலாமா. ஹேரத் பேக். இந்த ரம்வர் செம்பருத்தி ஹெர்பல் ஷாம்பூ use பண்ணலாமா. பிளேஸ் சிஸ்டர் கமெண்ட் போடுங்கள்.

silam mariya


V.R. Thaneesh

Hi suba your looking very nice dear. Happy pongal

rajesh s

Sure I follow this akka

Yamuna Tarun

Enaku acne scars romba perusa iruku, romba years la irunde iruku Ithala enaku self confidence kuda koraiyuthu ana enna use pandradunu theriyala intha tea tree oil use pannalama pls reply me

Shree Vidhyaa653

1st comment

Malar Vizhi

Hii sis ?.... Super tips for tea tree essential oils... Thanks for sharing..

Sandhiya Sana

Tea tree use panuna old scars clear aguma

sushmitha kannan

saree la azhaga irukinga and atha vaalaiyal sound semma ❤️❤️❤️❤️

One life to live

Hello suba, please suggest a effective Tea tree oil brand in affordable range. Love you suba??✨????, adding the tea tree in face wash is just wow idea?, your always the best in tamil you Tuber.

Manisha Begam

Hi sis happy pongal sis onga video la naan first note panna oru cute aana visayam onga valayal sound ????super aah irukku sis and valakkam pola onga video maga masss

rajesh s

Whiteheads dull skin pori pori skin ku simple remedy or serum or gel solunga akka pls alwasy dull

Ponni Ajith

Super sis useful tips

Honey Saran

Ivlo methods la try pannurathu yellarukum very easy

Jagadhees Wari

Expected video akka .. pimple dark spots ku remedy solungha ka rombha naala ketutu irkan enakU dr.glyco 6 recommend panangha Nan glyco 12 use panlama ka seekram pogha edhadhu home remedies solungha ka plz help me ka

pavithra Karthik vlogs

Akka nalpamaradi thailam acne scars ah remove pannuma kuli kuli ah iruku cheeks la plss sollunga akka

Keerthana S

Tea tree essential oil uses therinjiduchu Akka vangi use pannida vendiyadhudhan

Aji Anitha

Face wash panitu pananuma mam?

S.Aswanth Krishung

Subha nan tea tree oil+kottakkal vibha cream mixing panni use pannalama,sollunga.

Tea tree essential oil

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3 Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

2 600 views | 23 Oct. 2018

Check out this video on

Check out this video on three uses of tea tree essential oil, and the blog post above for even more ways to use tea tree. What is your favorite way to use melalueca? As a nail serum, hair tonic, shoe refreshener, or as a diaper pail deodorizer?

Got another way that you love to use essential oil, leave a comment below and let me know how you use? Or check out this blog post: https://lindseyelmore.com/10-uses-for-tea-tree-essential-oil/

Share this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itrPHsDrULI&t=12s


So excited to try the hair tonic!

Barbara Sakalis

Great info Lindsey. Thank you

Miri miamiam

Thank you for those ideas for using tea tree oil.

Tiffany Cantrell

Love these videos about essential oils! Do you mind posting the recipe you use for the hair tonic? I'm not sure how much of each to use but I'd love to try this!

Beth W

I put a few drops of tea tree in a mug of hot water and use it to soak my family's toothbrushes. 10-15 minutes once a week, and it really seems to keep our toothbrushes cleaner and us healthier!

Miranda Gibson

I'd love to hear more ways to use our most common oils. Thank you for sharing these new ways to use tea tree.

Leora O

Hi! I'd love to hear more info about different skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. Also, info about ways to support your body if you've had your gallbladder taken out or you have an allergy to nightshade plants. Thanks!!

Julie Shaffer

I need to try all three of those ways!!! I never knew to try those things with Tea Tree oil ♥️

Sarah Volheim

I would love to hear about your best suggestions for eczema specifically in children.

MJ's One Stop

Tea Tree Cuticle oil? I will try this. Do you paint your nails?

Jennifer Wright

I'd love to learn more about seedlings and kidscents.