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It's so SHINY!!! ⚔ DAGGERFALL UNITY (2019)

90 511 views | 25 Jul. 2019

Let's check out

Let's check out Daggerfall Unity! This a completely recreated version of the game in the Unity engine made by Interkarma (with the help of a few others). It is still the same old Daggerfall but it's all shiny and fabulous with some handy additions and loads of options! Woohoo!!

Daggerfall Unity: https://www.dfworkshop.net/

Download Daggerfall: https://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/index.php?title=Daggerfall_:_DaggerfallSetup_EN


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A Cute Kittersteinen

Find someone who loves at you the way this girl loves this cutscene.

How Big is the Map?

Is the map the same as in the original? I want to walk across the entire map.

Beedy KH

I would never think about playing this game.


Meh, I'll wait till someone builds a map and mod for Minecraft to emulate Daggerfall.

awesome models

This mod blew my mind !?? even thought i haven't played dagerfall before only seen videos of it .

Logen M

Adding the DREAM + Hand drawn textures mods really bring the environment to life! In fact all the mods shown here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOoDVN-r_sA, adds a lot to modernizing this game.

A Cute Kittersteinen

One of the details they missed (which I'm not surprised they missed) is the desaturation which occurs in dark areas.


Awesome I Started a let's play of this in dos recently. Then your video was recommended to me.

Kirby Lee Gulley




Shaneful Display

"The letter was of a sentimental and... personal nature. If you find and destroy it and the accompanying pictures I would be grateful."

And here I thought if being one of the most powerful people on Tamriel came with no other benefit it would be the ability to send dick pics securely.


Now time to add that ENB and reshade and make it more immersive!

Fox Box

This stream like a dream ))


Fuckkk off

Luke Price

How many jaws of Oblivion did Uriel need shut?

Ömer Lütfi Taygun

Someone should remaster or remake the Ravenloft series like this. It'a great game but it's pretty much unplayable today

Big Bud

Ah these games take me back . The good days of 90s computer gaming where nothing was off limits

Pinkie Power

Just came here from ProJared's video! He shouted out how helpful your video was in helping get set up, so here I am!

Allmighty Road

i honestly hope the the next elder scrolls is more like daggerfall, instead of the dumbed down version that is skyrim... one can hope

DUIng_under_ the_ influence

bEtTeR tHaN sKyRiM

Wilbo Baggins

@34:38 This made me smile ~ precious moments


they remade daggerfall? holy crap!


My first Elder Scrolls was Morrowind. The funny thing is that in the late 90s I remember wishing that there was an RPG exactly like this. Gratuitously large open world that (if you were insane enough) you could spend days real-time crossing manually, with mechanics deep and complex enough that it'd be impractical with pen-and-paper. I honestly never knew it actually existed until long after I finished Morrowind.


Фууу как в это можно играть

Steve Campbell

OMG I forgot that you had to leave an item with the smith to be repaired. It's been way too long.


Xul Nargal is an idiot

Killa Jay

Glad Bethesda has been consistently making "extremely intelligent AI" in all of their games since the beginning ?

David Darmon

Wow elder scrolls VI is looking good

Kains Legacy

my enhanced sky mod isn't working how do i fix it

Silver Freed

These are the rules to play Daggerfall
1)Save evrytime u kill strong enemy
2)Save when ur health low and u cant sleep because "There is an enemy nearby"
3)Save in about 2 slots so thats can avoid game to crash
4)Enter Daggerfall only during day or else you will see what happen

Stefan ST

lmao, I was so noob that the first rat killed me, omg you done it so easly... xD (I didn't knew the controls very well)


May I ask how old she is? She looks the same age as I am but I never played these kind of games back then gives me weird time shift vibes


"Anyone else find that opening line still bad ass? Excuse the gloom..."


the game become beautiful.. and the player too..


daggerfall was my favorite game of all time, I played it in the mid 90s when it first came out and it was huge and so so buggy. but I loved it. I am glad someone did something with it and thanks for the vid. I believe I will have to try it out.

Sheila Jenkins


Serious bears-ness


How the fuck did you get that game working. it always just black screens when i try.


I wish Orcs were playable in Daggerfall ?


Jesus i play oblivion and its the best game ever, morrowind became backwards comp for xbox one so i finally got that and its awesome, now i gotta get fking DAGGERFALL oooooooooooooonmmmmmmggggfg

Nihilistic Poet

Have you checked out the latest builds? It features some bugfixes and whatnot. I never played DF back in the day because Morrowind was my starting game in the TES franchise, but marksman seems so powerful in this game. Definitely curious!


Niceee, I tried to play daggerfall and I love it with his graphics and all but the game crashed a lot :(, now maybe i can do it, thank you <3

Kirby Lee Gulley

One of my absolute favorite games. Now imagine all of Nirn as your game-space, among other planets in that Galaxy for that matter. ?


Btw. the "Gun play" with the bow looks still better than the gun play in Fallout 76 ;P


Daggerfall was always my favorite Elder Scrolls game. I like the options to enable or disable all the fancy new stuff. I really do like the upgraded climbing system though! Also love how enemies can fight each other.

"Rest well this night. For tomorrow you sail... for the kingdom... of Daggerfall!"

Edit: I first played this game on a hand-me-down 486 DX/2 and it was just barely good enough to be playable. I had upgraded the RAM to 36MB. Those are the strongest memories I have of the game, so yeah seeing this with a high framerate still weirds me out a little. I also had to dump almost everything else to install the full game on my tiny-ass HDD because the partial install options, while convenient, made the loading times unbearable. Especially in large towns.

Evan Rowley

Ok I am real excited about this now. Hopefully there is a way to make it run on Linux.

David Y.

not gonna lie.... your my favorite gamer girl


да, nice video, I love older games, more challenges, though daggerfall unity requires cheating, because it's buggier than Skyrim with 500 mods

Adela Hogarth

Unarmed (HTH) ... HTH attacks always class as all materials. So you can murderize imps, ghosts and more using unarmed attacks all the time.

This game... made me love unarmed Khajiit boxing characters. Every TES game since then, first character has to be an unarmed Khajiit build. Skyrim and Oblivion be damned, even two games in a row of making HTH shitty and pointless has not blunted my enthusiasm for HTH Khajiit builds. The best thing about Skyrim? Modders ... they brought back my Ohmes-Raht and made HTH somewhat viable, at least.

Chris Johnson

I played the nine hells out of this as a kid, and with DosBox as an adult. I cannot wait to load this up! Thanks for the nostalgia during quarantine ❤

No Body

Quickest way to get Daedric is to keep killing guards for about 30 minutes.

Killa Jay

I saw an npc straight up walk into the town wall lmao

Baron fon Eremin

прикольная играешь в хорошую игру :)

Jim Drew

Whats a skelington?  ;)


Whoa, a beautiful girl who remembers and likes this ancient game... I'm in love.

Steve Campbell

Do you need to keep running the fixsave program?

Jan Moschinski


Chris Ballew

Subscribed! Nice to see somebody playing this game. Daggerfall is awesome.


I've tried Daggerfall and wanted to play it very badly. However, I became absorbed into Elder Scrolls when Morrowind came out and couldn't get past Daggerfall's wonky navigation mechanics.
Daggerfall Unity...is........well.........a game changer.

0 subscribers with 100 videos

have been months since july 24.... i wonder if looks even better now lol.
now they need to create 3d npcs....but there is one problem i heard, it will cause a bunch of lag, even worst than the lag the trees causes.
What about requirements?, my gt 630 works?

Robert Omundson

So a cute girl playing old video games.. wow count me in

Alex Lavoie

This bat killed an imp. it is obviously magical in nature, and you should wield it as a weapon.

PoliticallyIncorrectThrowaway Account

I forgot just how good the opening live-action cutscene was.

Eggplant Banana Ramma The 3rd

Looks fantastic!

Pi r Cubed

dude its so hard to hit anything in this game is that just me

Justin Frazier

Daggerfall was the first and last Elder Scrolls game to show me boobs when I least expected them. Now I install boobs in all of my adventures.

lee leggat

what a beautifull woman you are


Someone's gonna code in multiplayer and it's gonna be glorious.


Im an oblivion guy ive never played morrowind but im jumping into it blind (I mean daggerfall ofc)

That Nigerian Prince

when i try to start daggerfall, music plays for a few seconds and then its just a black screen and the console command entering thing is there

Nick Kent

Holy cow, how have I only just now discovered your channel?! Insta-subscribe!

rod m

I just decided to try daggerfall again, made it out of the starter dungeon then came upon this.... Unity? Hmm should I do it again ?


AH I want to stream this SO BAD! Any idea when it will be complete? Or should I just jump into asap?


Every time the daggerfall intro plays with the book opening and the epic voice, I can't help but think of the robot duck from aqua teen hunger force telling the story of the santa claws ape.

Mighty Moria

Lillia, your enthusiasm for games is contagious (poor word choice in 2020, I know!) I'd love to know how you got into gaming!

lx Video Stuff

17:28 he took an arrow to the knee :D


Shes hot


This game's writing is legendary whatever happened to Bethesda's writers?

Dr. Velious

So would you recommend this to someone looking to play Daggerfall for the first time? It looks really good. Are the quests and such 1:1 with the original?

Matthew Shroba

I was missing daggerfall- a game I only ever played at my cousins house a couple hours away who we would visit only a few times a year- and we’d stay for a week. And since I didn’t have games daggerfall was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I can’t tell you the impression it made on my 13 year old self. God- the wearboar dreams, the blood freezing “enemies are nearby” the intensity of running from the twoD undulating guards chanting halt while I murdered innocent people and received strange letters from the dark brotherhood- “you have slain without sanction...” anyway I was craving all that... found this, found out about unity and also found out about you- so Hat trick I guess.


Got that Panasonic/Sega CD video going on.


23:26 Yes, Your vision does fade in/out when you fall below 20% health. The screen rapidly blinks each time you take damage and are below 40% health. I programmed those effects because I noticed while I was playing that it was too easy to not realize how low your health is getting during battle. Also, I made the vitals bars show how much you lose/gain whenever you lose/gain any vitals to support that early warning system :)

Thanks for playing the game. It's really cool to watch someone appreciate the effort we all put into remaking a loved classic. And also some loving quality of life enhancements!

Cølin Cølin

I dig the way you say "Daygerfall"


how do i install it?

DUIng_under_ the_ influence

There's people out here that literally think this game is better than Oblivion and Skyrim
logic = if it's beloved and popular it's bad, cause me not liking popular things makes me feel special, simpletons just don't understand why this is far superior "
fuck you


Those map improvements are great, so nice to see such a legendary game getting the love it deserves.


YESSSSS!!! well done, daggerfall unity team. Great service to all of us who wish we had grown up with this game.

Jordan Foldvik

I just wanted to thank you. You inspired me to download and give Daggerfall Unity a try and it’s been such a beautiful experience! I’m blown away by what the Elder Scroll series used to have and represent. I wish there were modern RPGs that had this level of depth, but I’m happy to settle with this 24 year old gem!

(It’s also crazy to see how far DFUnity has come in just one year!)

How Big is the Map?

Walking across the complete map takes 69 hours. I did that :)

Matthew Shroba

You, madam, are a delight. Subscribe.

Killa Jay

I grew up playing Oblivion and it's interesting to me that Daggerfall takes place during a similar time period being it's the same Emperor that ends up assassinated in the Elder Scrolls 4. Never actually knew that. I want to play this it's just so different than I'm used to



mine craft + diablo = D:U

I've seriously spent the past 5-8 years trying to find a good rpg game to lay into , and this is definately it.

Not only is the game vast with depth , but the maturity level required to play the game is just great . Tons of blood , some nudity here and there , swearing , killing . And now the graphics are absolutely stunning ?

Seriously , one of the greatest rpg simulation games in existance . few , if any can stand on its level .

Z. S. N.

You have a wonderful attitude! Definitely subscribing. I love finding channels that have appreciation for these awesome old games.


really want to play doom 64 for no clear reason

CptFalcon -

Tried playing this but it runs really floaty? Like slow its weird How do i get it to run so smooth like this

Santiago Pera

so cool! im downloading it now! greetings from Argentina.
ps: you are sooo cute!!

Almost Free

When Yu killed that dude with the arrow ?

Chris Johnson

I was 14/15 in 1996. This blew me away then, and ignites some crazy nostalgia today.

Almost Free

This reminds me of Hexen! The art style n music is great. I wanna play!

LaFave Bros

Damn that theme kinda slaps

Madi Lee

Can't wait to watch you do a full playthrough when it is finished.

It's so shiny

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Beast Boy- It's so shiny

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this is my favorite line

this is my favorite line from all the titans epis, bb is so funny, so i wanted to share this with you, well actually i was bored and i had to do something

It's so shiny

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It's So Shiny

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