Super long nails

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RAINBOW GUCCI EXTRA LONG FREESTYLE: Encapsulated foils | Acrylic nail tutorial

34 558 views | 15 Aug. 2020



Nail foils : https://zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/designer-foil-box


NSI ACRYLIC SYSTEM- https://www.beautywests.com/nsiattractionnailliquid-gallonpack.aspx

Nail drill - Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails -


Nail brush (I use any crimped brush size 10) - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RRDWNZS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dqy-EbHSAXYRT

Zulay bling glue - https://zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/bling-adhesive

Nail stones - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QZS1D2B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8qy-EbG9YZWRC

Wax sticks to pick up stones -https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077ZTQCSD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Lry-EbZN0T3VK

Protein bond

Young Nails Nail Protein Bond https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EF4BBPA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7pWfFbEHS0TRK

No Lift Nail Primer .75oz https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003B6K01O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8qWfFbJ6K8JV9

Buqikma Extra Stiletto Long Sharp False Nail Tips Nail Acrylic False Tips 120 Pcs Artificial Press on Fake Nails with bag (clear) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084S9J35V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_x6ciFb67Q94CM



Nail Art Liner Brushes UV Gel... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RLW1BQN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


3D flowers -


How to prevent lifting -


Advice - https://youtu.be/wWM3cZ_UiIo

Shaping XL tips -


Show to shape double tips - https://youtu.be/Rl_za746erY


Instagram - NailedByDaBarbie

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Congratulations to the winners! ????

Franz Preis

These are ? Where are all the acrylics from that you used ??

Regina Wilcox

Another good video I don't do nails i just enjoy watching all the work that goes into doing nails

Denise Maris

Love these


bomb !!

chrissy C.

OMG i luv luv luv the color scheme...I wouldn't even need the design the colors alone were amazing .......great job and beautiful work hun once again.

Nezziee !!

So you don’t have to put foil glue on it before you put the foil on ?

Kierra Phillips

I love these so much ??? definitely going to recreate . Please keep uploading i love all of your videos sis ?


Can you do a video on how to navigate with long nails. Mine are always short and I wanna step out the box

Suzzy Darko

Please can you do a video of what you need to buy for nail business .

Hope Nefer Nailz

Love these ????

Ally Luxe

I'm in love ?

Divine Diva Nails

These are beautiful girl!!

Alexis T

Hey this can be answerd by anyone ! Can the foil be done after application and just be sealed with base coat and then cured with top coat? cos thats how i been doing it is this way wrong?...

Sequoia Banfield

I'm in love with your work very inspiring I don't comment much but to see someone self taught and going hard at what they do deserves the credit I may not comment much but I watch your nail videos everyday ur dope


Love ? ?


So freaking fyeeeee

Daisy Diaz

My boo ? your nails , girlllll ????
Much love from NY ma.

Kimeco Campbell

Nice... just wish it was zoomed in a bit for a close up

Mandi Coleman

Do u follow Tabitha Scott on here? She said that foil glue gel works better if u let it cool off, not sure what brand. Makartt is the same way. For me anyway ?

Vicky ly

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????


New subbie ????✨✨ these nails are gorgeous

Alisha Bryant

Love this look!!! ??❤️❤️

Easy Nails

So happy to be a girl and have the ability to half super long fun nails! ??????

Rachelle’s Nail Glam


DIY & Chill

Yayyyy I was waiting for this video?

Angie Nevarez

I love your work is beautiful ?I like long nails you make it look so easy ?thanks so much I enjoy all of your videos ?

Nailed By Shy

Im a beginner, I hope to be as good as you one day?

Tinamac.nailartist Macaulay

Just for others ,sorry hope you don't mind.. If you find your foils.decals.chrome powers come off when you cap with your clear.. Pop no wipe top cost over it then cap in your clear work a treat.. Thought might help... If looking for cool galaxy effect over the years I've played by pull chrome powder thoug my colour acrylic...
I do love watching you work sweet... You have a wonderful day..glittery hugs.. ????

Toan Tran

Love you

Denise Duffey

how pretty are your nails ??

Tierra Renae

Your underrated the whole world should know about to ?

Viola Brown nailcoverlover

Stunning nails. Hun. Congratulations winners. Tfs my beautiful friend ☺️

Destiny but your dad just calls me Des

This is going to blow up. Speaking it into existence. Talent

Simone Hinton

Whats the name of the company of that yellow n green acrylic


I wait patiently for every video... learned a lot from youuuu

Michelle Trent

what glue did you use for the foil?


What Top Coat Do You Use Hunn ?

Paulette Hasty-Crawford

Oh I love these! ?

Cummings Tommie


Kristine Myangel

Love your videos , I just started my nail journey

Raiiny Daze

These are so Fkn GORGEOUS ‼️‼️?? Excuse my language. New Nail Tech and New Subbie ??? #KEEPGOINMA #YOUREAMAZING #Inspiration #YourDesdicationShows

Aminya A

Do you like the iGel powders? Like would you say they're good quality? I'm just starting my nail tech journey & I love watching your videos ❤️ your work is really inspirational ?

Rachelle’s Nail Glam

Where is the glitter acrylic from pleqse??

Mandi Coleman

These r soooo cute ?

Kayla Brown

How can I book an app?


I really love your work ??
But I have a question why do you add clear acrylic on her natural nail?

M 3

What brand acrylics is she using? Anyone knows? Are they all Mia secret?

Ahin K


Just Incase if you were looking for something like this for your foils, she sells that pink tool on her website, I was hesitant because I didn’t know if you would take offense but if it were me I would want someone to help. ?


I love this set!! ???

Stephanie Santiago

Is that nail heaven acrylic on the index and if so what color is it ??


siiss i luvin alll yuh art wrk omlll

Destinee Lee

These nails are so pretty! You are so talented. I hope you never stop making videos!❤️❤️

Gigi Toussaint

A hack I learned doing foil transfers is to wipe the inhibition layer after you cure it before you apply the foil to get a clean transfer. Hope that helps

Tatiana Washington

They came out soooo fire. Where did you get your glitter acrylic ?

Joanne Mccrary

Beautiful designs can you do shorter marble and ambre nails

That one nail chick

I agree with the person who said upload everything u touch. I love your attitude and encouragement and your sets are solid 10s. If I could wear long nails I would. I'm starting a YouTube channel in a cpl weeks and I hope I can inspire ppl the way you do. Keep getting it Babygurl your gonna be very well known one day!!!!!????????

Na Millii ENT.

how'd you make your intro??? i love it


I’m so in love w these I wish I could wear long nails like these... you do such amazing nail work?????


ZuRiMe 950 Subscribers to go??

Destanie Woods

Do you use nsi colored acrylics? if not what brand are these cause I’m in loveeee

Victor DeMarco

I love thise set. Just found your channel and sub'd.


Love your videos new subscriber


Nice!!!! Love it


Dang lady you work smooth
These are soooooo yummy! ?
Congratulations to the winners

bossladysimone akira

Those are cute I love them


Technique is amazinggg! This design is soooo cute ???

Porche Greene

Where is the "Dirty Sprite" from? ?

Tiffany Greene

Watching her cap the nail is just so satisfying cus when I try to cap like her it’s never smooth I always end up having to fill in all the dents ??

Sherece Christine

These nails are beautiful?I love your videos

kays klawss

i love ??? so icyy

Trisha Kavé

These are amazing ??? Quick question how do you keep your monomer so
clean and prevent acrylic from getting in it cuz I be throwing away dish after dish cuz it keep getting contaminated and you only used one portion for the whole set?

Alexis T

Hey this can be answerd by anyone ! Can the foil be done after application and just be sealed with base coat and then cured with top coat? cos thats how i been doing it is this way wrong?...

Alison Topley

Love watching your videos and love this set tysmfs ??


Yasss keep me coming came from ig to here!! U are bomb gurllllll

Glam Spill

how long did it take you to do a set like this?

Shazas Talented Talons

Fab nails lovely x

Jada Maffey

Super cuteee?


Can I schedule a appointment ?


Where did you find that glitter please

Lovely Leina

You’re sooooo talented ???? i would love for you to zoom in on the nails a little when you’re applying the acrylic but other than that I’m definitely subscribing ?

Itz Just Some Lofi Sooo Yeah

Your really good i'm bad at acrylics lmaoo

Ann Joseph

Omg I love them ? my favorite nail look I’ve seen ??????

Amanda Murray

How much would this cost?

Basically Ari

Next time when you use foils try using your nails or a cuticle scraper to push the foil into the foil glue. It works every single time ?

Shania Campbell

Fire design just wondering where u got ur brush.

It’zAGirlz ThanG


Diamond Monae

I find it easier to apply to foil gel when I cure it for 60 seconds

Latoya Chanel

I'm in love!!! Do you make/Sell press on nails?

Porche Greene

These are BOMB AF ???? What colors are these from Igel?

Skyy Blu

These are beautiful

Jayla G.

what brand foil gel ? & i love love love ur worrrrrkkkk

Kayla Ore

Upload everything you touch! Omg I'm in love with these nails! OMGGGGGGG

dayya king

I love watch your videos im a new nail tech and I love learning new trends and tricks .

Question do u record on your phone or camera?

My IG is : Nefertitis_crown

kiana bornds

Can you start a including the Shaping process ?? I really enjoy your videos

Barbie jake

Absolutely gorgeous hun I can’t stop looking?so beautiful, love the length and these colours? ooh chyle I’m in love with this set, I meant to ask you last time I watched one of your videos is your name Barbera like mine? Very rare anyone calls me by my full name they all me Barbie from childhood, was just wondering that’s all, anyhoooo thank you dear for sharing another jaw dropping set I absolutely love them & you know I’m a fan, bless you B?????????


Mandi Mani

These are gorgeous! I love every set that you create!! I would love to know where you purchased the glitter acrylic you used for the ring finger please? Thanks for sharing! ???

Prod By Von.

The drip nails ???

Taja Gee

Tah ? you bodied this sis ???

anna Lewis

? ???? love you love anna

Super long nails

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Super Long Full Set

174 872 views | 28 Oct. 2020

Hey YouTube

Hey YouTube Family,

Wooooo Chileee! I havent done a 2XL super long full set in a long time y'all. My client wanted it and I delivered! I am glad to see some super long nails!

Super Long Full Set

Nail Tips: 2XL

Nail Brush: #20

Nail Glue: @Zulay's Nails

E-Nail Filer: ManiPRO PASSPORT COMPLETE (Mermaid Color) by Kupa @Kupa Inc

Comment below and let me know what you guys think!

Check out some more Nail Tutorial videos by me ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Pink Full Set by Sister-In-Law


Carnival Full Set


Frozen Full Set


Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Fullset


Month Old Rose Gold Chrome Fill-in Set


Doing My Own Full Set Long Acrylic Nails




"Match Me" - Video from my EP -LIFE.


? Business Inquiries:

[email protected]

? Connect With Me:



Snap: lovely.mimi4

TikTok: itslovelymimi

?Subscribe To My Mini's:

TikTok (Juice): juicenjayy

YouTube: Juice Jayy

IG: @JuicenJayy

? EP:

LIFE - Now on All Music Streaming Platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc)

#lovelymimi #lovelymiminails #nailtutorial #SuperLong #2XL #itslovelymimi

ума амирчупанова

Вульгарно ?

Andrea Sablada


Thamyris Oliveira

Que linda ?

Tameeka Mcfadgen

Aye Mimi you are one of the coldest

Ro Souza - Arte Feminina


Leshaun's Life

Is it less expensive to buy the super long nails or to double tip!?


Mimi. What are you going to do when Swarovski stops selling to us regular customers.

You need to start buying those factory packs nooooooooooow.

Sylvia Brcic

Wow! Just beautiful? Mimi, your beyond talented. If I didn’t have to type for work, I would love these

Willie Thee Bawdy

I just got my first full set... now i'm watching nail tech vids lol...

Latrayvia Spivey

I'm next Mimi ?❤️??

Iridian Maldonado

I just seen you come up on my YouTube and I had to subscribe I'm new but I'm already watching all your videos ?? had to go follow her on Instagram too??

Laura Hodge

You did a beautiful job on her nails?

Joan Hamberry

WOW!!!!! These came out FFLLYY!!

Arantxa Montes

Did her client tell her to stfu??

Luciana Lima

Gente ? enorme ?

s raantje

Pls make a video, where you buy your product and what product you use

Jonei Bae


Queen LaReefer

I love the way nails look, but just cant do it. I love to cook and make sure I am wiped. Can’t figure out how y’all do it. I will not eat at anyone’s house if they cooking with them

Pita Jean

I know I’m late lol. Does Mimi own her own nail shop!!! Such an amazing job!!!

Светлана Головина


ana luisa silva dos santos


Maryteka 006


Good Woman Here

What is that strand on Mimi's thumbnail. I want to take whatever it is off.

Jennie orde

So beautiful honey xoxox

Kim mingggi

Hi!? Can you tell me what product you use to attach parts?

Яська Карпова

Бля вы там точно все больные???

Tonya Wilson

I thought I was the only one to use a 20 brush.YOU GO MISS THANG.. WORKDAT BRUSHHH


Absolutely Beautiful Work.

Danielle Levine

Mimi, you are multi talented my girl. ?

koolaid_baby imam

What brand or type of monomer you use?
It’s so light,or is it just diluted from so many uses?
What products you use Girlllll!
#IJustOpenedMyShop #HoustonTexas ??

Kay Soulja

Yess?pls more nail videos I always be clicking on everyone ?

Pearl maduna

Stunning ???

Maria Gutierrez

Love you work , one day im going to make appointment to get them and love watching ur videos ❤❤

Keyontel Jamison

I wish I could get mines together trying trying lol I love ❤️ your videos

Meggin Ashley

I would travel wherever to get a class by you!


CHANEL ring girl always be getting the extra nails ??⚡

таня попова

Аааа? Жесть...

Fernanda Cadenas

Están Bellas me encantaron.. cómo quisiera poderla hacer así, pero apenas si puedo hacer unas sencillas y me dilató una eternidad ? Menos unas así tan bellas.. Saluditos desde Guatemala ?? ? besos y abrazos.

Belinda McCormick

You are so amazing and talented

Raquel Ramirez

Hey mimi! I was wondering where you bought this acrylic brush your using in the video and what size is it???

Dragon King

2 questions 1. How much did this set cost? 2. Where are your shops located??

Karlla Mendoza

So pretty ???

Anastasia Havrisevich

Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmm ????????????


How she pay extra for all those stones but her ring on her finger cost like $10.

Ausanta Smalls

Do u use just primer? Or primer then dehydrator

Nina Garcia

What do you use for the jewels to stay on the nail ?

Belle Bivins

My biggest question has always been how do the ladies tend to proper hygiene with nails of this length. Teach me your ways stink .

Queen Andrea

Those nail is so Dame pretty I want my nails like that too?

Ahryiele Woods


Peachies Dookran

I does watch so mych videos i does het so mad wen i see people dipping into the powder wrong i need help

Ольга Ольга


Rosalind Collins

Hello happy holiday to you and your family. I love your video. I really enjoy them. I live in the Caribbean Belize now and I do my owned nailes now . I really like that acrylic brush you are using. Can you tell me the name size and brand . Please thank. My email add is [email protected]yahoo.com. looking forward hearing from you. Rose??????

Mariale Labrador

Sorry, i'm from venezuela. Can i ask what did you apply on her nail before acrylic? and the spray you apply in one nail

Andrea Gomez

Love this set?? only if she worked in San Antonio?

Евгения Санчук

Российских мастеров шлепнул инфаркт, раз не нашла комента на сие творение??

J Garcia

Beautiful, smart, bomb personality, Talented....

Elysia Morelli

Where is the nail drill from ??

Shellyann Thomas

The long nails is nice eh but like alyuh hv ppl to wash alyuh buttom n between u all legs for u with those nails lol cause i does cannot do nothing with nails so long not even comb here


Can someone please tell me the brush she's using so I can buy it

J Seri0us

Long nails probably easier because you don’t have to think about how much product you use

Flowerbomb Marie

What size brush


Awesome video ☘️??

Martin Arriaga Beauty

I have a question Why not use sculptural forms for this type of work?

I guess that's why she's used to it, but I think it's a bit more convenient to use sculptural shapes in these cases.

Connie Radil

I love her videos she is one amazing nail technician/ artist

Kp Kp

Smell like cats and dogs and soy sauce

Belinda McCormick

Mimi did you learn by yourself or did you attended nail school to get certified,?? What advice can you give me as I'm just starting my nail career education

Bells McGee

What a good starter nail kit to buy i want to start learning how to do nails ???

CeeBubz Be

You are so talented!!!! ?❤️?


I feel relieved to know I’m not the only one ! Short nails are hard asf ?

LeShauna VitaDaPecora

Sei bravissima????

Jessica Torres

I meannnnn...the symmetry is slayed to the gods. ???


she bodied these in a hour bro?

KeyShawna McClendon

my cousin watches another nail artist

Nurgyl Twrina


Purple Army

My Mom need to come her I love gEt vids so much one day she gone make it to the top i LOVE Asians how how like that you gone like that that that that that that that that

Sylvia Thomas

Love the way she works
Allways friendly, allways nice and allways a good laugh with Client and people arround her
I would like to know how much cost to make nails in Amerika?

Lilian Bender


Deborah Rollins

Love Mimi s nails the ones she’s wearing

allisonharranmua *

You literally just made me order chicken wings at 10:00 am...also this set is amazing


Please forgive my dum brain but I still don't know what to call this thingy that u mixed with the colours the water thingy what the name please?

Miss Kawiti

She good as hell

Shoe Deeva

Stupidly ridiculous people manicures will help you to grow and wear your own nails. What can she do with these claws.

Maria palacios

Dipping tacos ???theyre called birria tacos

Alieza Pom

Good lawd


Это жесть

It's uh Angela

Your telling me I sat here for an hour bruh it felt like 20 mins ?


THAT BRUSH?! what size is that 20? ??

Sahithi Dayes



Whew them nails are so long but really pretty in color and design

Andrea Sanabria

??????✨?the best lovemimi?

tülin Fiydan

Mü kem mel ?

Soley's World

#GOALS....MiMi is so talented and her visions are dope!!

Ника Н

Какой ужас ?

Lynesah Romercil

I like how she didn't put any music over it like these other youtubers... that was satisfying

It’s Shamel

How much u charge to double tip ?

Nails by Amy


Lo B

@Lovelymimi what color nude is that and is it by glam and glits? I love how dark it is. It’s perfect with her skin tone! I’m looking for something like that. Ty! Beautiful set! ?


Это что за Фредди Крюгер??

Belinda McCormick

Do you speak to Seieera now??

Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

The lady's ring matches Mimi's Channel nail jewel

Super long nails

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8 809 views | 28 Sep. 2019

Hey guys! Here is a fun

Hey guys! Here is a fun extreme length acrylic tutorial video! Hope you guys enjoyed it

✨Please comment, like & make sure to subscribe✨

??Let me know what videos you want to see next??





#nails #acrylicnails #nailtechnician #myownnailtech #nailsswag #longacrylicsnails #nailswag #nailsdid #nailsdone #nails2inspire #nailsoftheday #nailsart #nailsalon #nails4yummies #nailsinc #nailsdesign #nailspolish #nailsoftheweek #nailshop #nailstyle #nailsmakeus #nailsaddict


Using no copyright music except for:

Kygo ft Conrad Sewell - Firestone



You should do mermaid themed nails

casandra Lynn

All you need to do is file down where the tip sits on your natural nail just blend it in with a file and I agree ii rather watch super long nails

Justice Roblox Gaming

Where do you put your camera??


Cardi B Vibes there?

hi no say name

shes mah cousin??????????

inga rigsby

you go girlfriend please make more xxxxl nails i love them you inspire me honey :0

Thee Real Tyashe

Too long but cute


Hey girly ? just a question .. In order to pick up “dry beads”, do you wait for it to not be so wet before placing it on the nail? Hope I don’t sound dumb, I want to start my nail journey

Lucas&Jon's Toy World

Pretty design, yeah I like to watch long nails being designed. Very long and very extravagant nails are my favorite.

Life Of Kota

Where do you get your nail tips??


Where did you get the tips ??


luvvv xxl nail videos ?

Sarah Vallejo

What is the orange acrylic color called and what brand is it

Justice Euell

Link for the long tip