Spiral perm

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Spiral perm!

2 365 views | 16 Jun. 2020

I was supposed to post

I was supposed to post this a couple weeks ago but got side tracked, finally made a set plan and got it done! Hope it helps someone out considering getting one! We started my hair process at 1:30pm and ended at 8:30pm and we only had 4-5 different 5 minute breaks between the 7 hours!

Spiral perm

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3 830 views | 24 Nov. 2019

You will find the english

You will find the english text below

Spiral Dauerwellen machen uns immer viel Spaß! Bei unserer Kundin, die extra für uns ein paar Stunden im Auto gesessen war, war dann das Ergebnis auch noch unglaublich... Wenn Ihr auch Interesse an unseren Locken habt, dann freuen wir uns über einen Anruf unter 0049 88141100 . Natürlich freuen wir uns auch über likes, einen Kommentar und wenn Ihr unseren Channel abonnieren würdet. Viel Spaß mit unseren Arbeiten , Euer Team von JMF

We have a lot of fun doing spiral perms! Our client, who has a lot of ours in her car to come to us , had an awesome result! If you are also interessted in our perm curls, please call us at 0049 88141100. If you like our work, please leave a thumb up, a comment an subscribe to our channel. xxx Team JMF

Pasqualina Cubeddu

Bravissimo! La permanente le ha addolcito il viso . ??????????❤

Sharnee Watson: Motherhood

Hi can you please let me know what perm solution you use? Thank ?

anna Lewis


Katt Luvr

I cannot watch her keep combing her fingers through her curls...

Francesc Castro

It's a wonder how you have boosted the natural attractive of this girl. The volume obtained with the curls looks really gorgeous! Good work!

Sila Nae

Wow! It looks so awesome, really natural?

Maryam 18

a very beautiful look, this one is absolutely amazing!!?? so glad that i‘ve found your channel!! all of you are such pros


Maybe she would get a curlier perm next time ? Beautiful ?

Anja H.

Super, sehr hübsch??


Such beautiful hair!

Steffi Schmidbauer

Ein wunderschöner Look ? da hat sich doch mal jede Autostunde gelohnt die sie im Auto gesessen ist! Hut ab, sehr geil geworden!

Tayve13 S

I love your perm! You guys are the best

Merve Ad

Wow das sieht super aus. Passt perfekt zu ihr! Sehr hübsch??❤️❤️