Losing your hair

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What It's Like to Lose Your Hair | Mahesh Hayward

42 881 views | 7 Oct. 2018

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Mahesh Hayward discusses the phases of losing your hair.


The Biggest Mistake When Dealing with Hair Loss


Master Barber Gives Advice on Thinning Hair with Haircut


The Best Haircut for Balding Men | CxBB VIP



Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. We are working to break down the negative stereotypes that surround bearded men, and show the world it’s the man who matters, not the way he looks.









hamish ramdhin

what...........Mahesh is bald....haha only joking, love your videos, and great advice as always

Holistic Python

How to grow your fucking hair back.
1. Apply magnesium oil on your scalp. Massage it in, and leave for 1-7 hours. Wash off with cold water. Do daily.
2. Take ~ 1 gram/day of elemental magnesium. Avoid oxide versions.
3. Supplement with vitamin D3, K2 and zinc (non-oxide only).
4. Get enough protein. Suggest taking protein powder if necessary.
5. Avoid shampoos and conditioners. Full of synthetic, toxic chemicals.
6. Avoid minoxidil and finestride/propecia unless you're okay with the risk of getting man boobs, cancer, depression, low energy, and zero sex drive.
7. Avoid anything that inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzyme. It's vital for the production of many vital hormones, not just DHT. So avoid saw palmetto, etc.
8. Cutting down on acidic food will help, but is not essential if you follow the above steps.
Give it 3-6 months. Then come back, gives this comment and like, and maybe some money cause I saved you tons of needless stress, depression and money!
You're welcome! :)

Andy Marin

Mahesh! ?

Tushar Thakkar

Mahesh!!!!! That’s an Indian name

Angus Ture

I used to have dark dark brown hair. When I was 15 my hair started getting lighter a bit and I was thinning I didn’t notice it until this year when I am 17 the only reason I noticed it was because I had Jesus hair and went really short and everyone noticed. I went to my doctor got blood tests for diseases and other things and they said my genetics was the answer. Also my entire family on both sides are bald. I hope I will have a awesome beard.

Johnny Internet

I want to see some of those old comb over photos.

Fleotus Bing

Great stuff, Mahesh....thanks!

Dr Michael Elinski

Great talk. I like I more the second time. I wish I could meet you in your shop and you could trim my beard, moustache, and thinning hair to look it’s best for me.
I especially like you because you emanate such calmness, positivity, and serenity. Your aura is among the best I’ve ever seen. Maybe we’ll cross paths one day,


Yay it's Mahesh!!

Nice work Jack.

Mandy Hexter

Would love to book the men in my life for a lads day for a haircut and beard trim for a brill experience. Ex hairdresser/barber who broke their elbow and lost a profession.

Matthew Hernandez

Hes pushing 80 dont beleive him


My hair is gracefully receeding and it's okay, worse things can happen.

Dr Michael Elinski

I’d like to meet you one day for many reasons. You seem like a great great person. You cut hair and beards so appropriately for each person, and the men look great afterwards. I need someone to cut my beard and beard like you do so well.
I’m 64. Lost over have my hair. It’s no longer dense like it was most of my life, but I’m accepting it the best i can.
The major issue is that I need to have my beard trimmed properly by someone like you. Where are the great or even good barbers?
You’re point about testosterone and hair loss is right one target. Testosterone triggers balding or hair thinning, if you have the gêne for that to happen. I also find, as I lose it on the top, I’m getting fuller on the moustache and beard.
Your videos, talks, personality, and hair cuts and beard trims are the best! Seriously. One day I may have to travel from East Hampton, NY to your town, just to meet you and get you input by getting a beard shaping and hair trim. Would you be open to sending me an address of where you work and your response to my email address? It is melinski at optimum dot net. I hope you will consider helping me out.
Thank you many times over for all your wisdom,

Herman Gregor Pajek

Id love to trade my head of hair for a nice ful beard and simply rock the bald head with hats and beanis .

yellow jacket1

I used to have hair like David Lee Roth. Now I have hair like David Lee Roth.

Sean S

I’m very curious on how my baldness will go. My dad has noticeable bald spot and slightly receding hairline at 47. Both my grandfathers had full heads of hair. I have a full head of extremely thick, dark red hair. Any thoughts?


Mahesh is that a mala around your neck?


I'm 31 and I'm losing my hair. I cry all day.


Please excuse this question but how did you get an Indian first name? Is it part of your heritage on one side of the family or is it part of your religion?

mario z

Baldness is the worst shit that can happen to u.

jp jp

Shave it ASAP. The sooner you do it, the better buzzcut you can pull off. It will be less drastic than thinning and then suddenly going full bald. You can pull off a nice buzz cut for a few months/years, while you gradually go bald, and your friends/family can become accustomed to the bald look.
For me, I've only had a very short buzzcut for 3 weeks now, and now I can't even imagine myself with hair anymore. I started with a number 3, and now I'm somewhere inbetween 1 and 2 (about 4 - 6mm guard on the razor).

John Botelho

But his beard grows really fast!

Matt Garcia

How do I know when my hair is thinning or receding?

Robert G. Boswell III

Decent video, great beard. I started receeding and thinning in my mid twenties. I've been shaving my head since I was 30. I am very happy with my head completely shaved but it upsets me to see the balding on top when I let it grow for more than a week so I just don't look anymore between shaves. I wondered what your views were on that personally, do you look in a mirror on top or from behind?


where is your barbershop located?

Will Won

No, mate. U don't get any testosterone "buildup". Actually, the growth of facial hair is determined by the same hormone responsible for scalp hair growth. Dihydrotestosterone. Ironically, and contrarily to popular belief, DHT tries to mitigate the unnatural processes, that cause balding. Which makes perfect sense, considering it's a hormone responsible for hair growth.


I did panic a bit when my hair started to thin out. I was only 22 and would wake up with hair on the pillow or it would be around my feet in the shower. It annoyed me purely because I felt I was too young to go bald. I tried to style it to hang onto the illusion of hair for a while but by age 24 I gave up the ghost and shaved it all off. Best thing I ever did. If they invented a pill that would make it grow back I wouldn't even consider it tbh.

ernie curl

Cool video many thanks


Thank you.

Lewis Gembalczyk

You're killing it Mahesh! Namaste.

Ashit Soni

Great content...that one line stucked with me- Nature's call is inevitable...u can only delay the process but it will happen to u...?

Paulo Sena

I thought you were 63... what??

Tommy TwoGun

I have a friend that's the same age as me that went prematurely gray. I'm going on 42 and I have a full head of ginger hair and a beard and no one believes me when I tell them my age, but they think my friend is in his 60's. A few years ago before I began my first beard journey, people thought I was in my 20's! The balding gene is carried on the mother's side and no men on my mother's side are bald.

Michael Dillon

The time line of your hair loss is almost identical to what I’m currently experiencing... I assume I’ll look similar to you a decade from now

hye shim yu

He went grey early he might look older , but I bet when he os 70. He will look cooler than you. And he is a cool looking dude. And he is also trying to help guys that are losing their hair. He is a decent chap.

Andrew Cruz

It’s called DHT. It causes you to bald but helps with beard growth . So there’s that upside .

My Frequencies

Do your brothers have the same beard prowess though?!


Love the inspirational words. I’m in my late twenties, but I’m realizing more and more that the fear of aging is so stupid. I’ve never been more proud of who I am and learning more from experienced humans really has helped with that. It’s not just some weird false hope thing, it’s accepting reality and learning to best live with it- and I’ve been really satisfied with doing just that.


My hair started to thin on top when i was still on my late teens/ early twenties. First time i noticed my balding was in my livingroom standing under a light and my friends brother said "Fuck! You're going bald!" Both of my grandfathers started balding at a young age and my dad aswell. It never really bothered me but sometimes i wish i could do more with my hair...

phosfanian devil

I’m 18 and my top is thinning and hairline is receding. I just grew my hair out and wear a hat in public. It’s bad lol

Ray Hakimi

I legitimately thought he was in his 60s

Håvard Langnes

Interesting video, but it would have been even better if it included pictures of you Mahesh during the different stages that you talked about.


My grandfather has really good hair. He's 96, and he only started greying in his 80s, and still has all his hair!

Man of The World

People shouldnt underestimate the psychological damage has on an individuals self esteem when a man starts to lose his hair.It can be very traumatic and restrict them in so many ways in everyday living.Yes there are worse things in life but at the same time it can be very stressful for the individual and impacts in a negative way on their life choices and life enjoyment.

Mateo Garcia

Gotta love mahesh !

Aryan Nb

You didnt lose you hair, its just grows upwards.

Dimitris Rxs

I think the best options are hair transplant or go full bald with a beard..

Según Micha

Im 21, in january of these year i started to see my hair felling of more than before so i went to the doctor and she told me that it was because of my genetic so i just went to the barber shop and asked for a buzzcut and just forgot about going bald... there are worst things in this world

Tom Hilliam

Balding at 19 mate, it's difficult but you just got to look on the brightside e.g less hair washing and styling


Like Bill Burr says, "Hey, when you don't have any hair or you have to shave it, you're always ready to go."

Raymond Kanbar

If someone wanted too they can just get hair transplant though right?


I was surprised when you said you were 43. Don't want to be rude, but I've always thought you were in your 60s. Well, you can always get the senior discount for food and stuff :)

Rafael Tardivo

Great video Mahesh!

Gergely Szabó

Receeding hairline sucks... my problem is not with the fact that I'm losing hair, I can accept it, the problem is that I'm losing hair while I'm only 25. Although my hairline's been receeding since I was 18-ish.

Thanks for video though, Mahesh!

Danny Soltau


Kodiak Wild

feels cooler temperature-wise, looks cool style-wise, ladies still love me, much easier upkeep of my appearance...as rick hunter used to say: "works for me."

John mccrow

I started losing my hair at 22. My family was gracious enough to point it out for the first time on my wedding day.

F. Nasierkhan

Thank you Mahesh! Your awesome. I am doing tip 3 now!


What's with the subtitles that keep stating the exact thing that he clearly just said? If it's for the hard of hearing, you can turn on captions for that.


Why did he change his name from Darren to Mahesh?


Wait.....What?!? Mahesh is only 2-3 years older than me? This whole time, I thought that Mahesh looked good for a 60 year old. On the bright side, I don't feel bad now about big chunks of my beard/neck hairs going straight to white.

John Smith

Planning on coming down to you in a couple of weeks for a hair and beard trim, are you always in the new shop at weekends?

bit of a quick question if you've got the time aha both my parents Dad's had full heads of hair well into their 70's. The only people in my immediate family that have gone bald are my Dad and great uncle, they put it down to the hairstyles they had and the amount of hairspray etc they used (teddy boys eh?). I'm 26 now and I've been able to grow a full on thick beard since I was 15 and I've always had a high amount of testosterone. No noticeable thinning as yet, although I have a fairly large crown (that looks like I'm going thin) What do you reckon the chances of myself going bald are?

Der Ostfriese

I really love Mahesh ?

Ralph James

The hairy bushy balls n ding dong plus really heavy amount of chest, arm, leg and back hair!!!!

Erwin Lase

woe ???

Vertmillion Green Man

I'm 19, saw in the comments I'm surprisingly not the only one with this issue, but I'm thinning. Sadly, I've long hair and I'm nicknamed "the Viking" by my friends bc of the long hair, my general size, and how I've a crimson beard. I'm actually hesitant to say fuck it and just cut it real short, especially since I've a full beard. I've also thought about losing weight, gain muscle mass, that sorta shit, and tattoos. Basically look more like what my nickname would imply. So, with going bald, I could even get Nordic runes on the side of my head, not something that'll stand out, but something noticeable yet small, like sorta above the ear on one side. Seeing Mahesh with his tats actually makes me feel like it's not as bad an idea as it may sound.

Tyler Green

His beard inspires me. I wish my work allowed me to grow to such lengths. Hopefully soon.

John James

Muchoid plaque. Fast and clean your filthy gut leakage and your hair will return.

Queeg 9000

Sadly losing hair and have an awful patchy beard ? wouldn’t have minded one or the other! Oh well.

Carl Weed

I continue to hear the term "testosterone" being used in these videos, so I'll get straight to the point. According to my undergraduate human sexuality teacher, and my doctor, a man's testosterone is at its greatest quantity by the age of 18, and that quantity decreases in proportion to that man's age for the duration of his life. Moreover, by the time a man is 30, his testosterone levels are less than half of what they were at age 18, and to repeat what was communicated to me, those testosterone levels continue to decrease in proportion to his age for the duration of his life. So I think there are more physiological changes between hair loss and testosterone changes than we know and overcompensating with testosterone injections won't re-grow hair that has been lost. It will only cause excessive masturbation.


I always put a grade 2 over my head and scissor trim my beard every week or so. Easy to maintain and looks fresh.

Kastrioti blood

Worst Master Barber ever

Martin Lopez

We're are you located?


It's a bastard, started losing mine at 21...waking up to my white pillow plastered in brown hair. Depressing to say the least, 38 now and it still pisses me off ?


Obviously losing your hair ages you by 20 years. Add to that grey hair is even worse. Best thing you can do is fight hair loss and then surgery if you want to keep your hair as long as possible.

Dan Medakovic

if Nick Frost grew a beard and shaved his head, this would be him

Brady Kroeker

Unfortunately I lost my hair on top about three years ago. Been shaved ever since.

Bryan Merton

Excellent Mahesh! Thanks for posting. My hair started to leave in my late 20’s and early 30’s. I have always had a mustache and some sort of short beard. My current full beard almost a year now thanks to you all at Beardbrand.

Stuart Carden

So far I've been lucky. I'm 35 and no noticeable change in hairline or thickness. I've always had a hairline that sweeps back a long way, so I was worried I was going bald from about the age of 12 but I soon realised that's just where my hairline is. I still worry though because my head is the size of a small planet, so if my hair does go the giant head will be on show for all to see (not a good look!).

Thurian Vake

Losing hair is life's way of saying that you have more important stuff to care about.

J.A. Renau

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Mark Hoffman

I think it's Gods way if Making men be men....

Julián Sáenz

25 now, i started slowly balding at 19/20, still had a really patchy beard . Thankfully minoxidil solved that problem, i can bald in (relative) peace now.


In some ways, I wish I was going bald or was bald already. My wife is one of the very few people that I actually care what they think of me. She found a picture of when I was 21 and had long hair. She begged me for years to grow it back out. Because I love her, I did. However, it annoys me. A LOT! If I was bald, I would have a very good excuse for not growing it out, wouldn't I.

Mc Earl

Beards definitely make guys look older and wiser. Jack is only in his early 20s and looks and sounds like a guy in his mid 30s or so. A graying beard multiplies that effect by a bit but a white beard really amps that up, especially combined with a bald head. I thought mahesh was probably mid 60s maybe and a really cool older guy. It blew my mind when I realized he was only a couple years older than I am. I don’t mean it in a negative way though, some people look way older than they are because they are rough looking and didn’t take care of themselves, that’s not the case here, he just looks like he has more years of wisdom than his birthday would tell us.

creepy crawler

Yay mahesh! :)

Sylvain Grandcerf

I wish that something like this would have been around when I was in my 30s and going through balding. I was really embarrassed even though everyone of the males in my family have balding, I was unprepared for this. There were even few male barbers arounds to offer council (so it is really great to see the return of the men's barber shop).

It is interesting to be reminded that baldness is a response to increased testosterone. My beard and moustache grow like weeds now. But also, there is much more hair all over my body, including my chest, back, and neck. Now, I do not particularly like this other hair (esp on the back) and try and deal with it. I am enjoying the increased growth in the beard and moustache!


Just the video I needed to see. Thanks

Andrew Coates

How do I tell my friend this?

Chris Neu

I love you Mahesh Senpai

Alejandro Raa . García

I started losing my hair when I was 15, I've been in a long journey, I lost almost everything in my 20's, then I realize that maybe I wasnt giving it a shot, so now Im trying to take care of it, using rogaine, massagin my scalp, brushing and the most important relax with meditation. Now that Im older I dont really care of my bald look, people say that I look really great. But now I have more hair I can tell.

Harry A

Found my first gray hair today at the young age of 19, I pulled it out, I’ll much prefer to go gray first than lose my hair first


It's not the Test, it's the DHT......................Fact.

Jack Michael

You’re 43? Bro, you don’t look a day over 70.

Joe Delgado

I'm on that journey as well my friend, but like you,THE BEARD IS STRONG!!!!!!!


Damn! Your beard grows fast! Seems like just a couple of weeks ago you had your beard trimmed quite a bit.


43??? Balding was not your problem but your aging... you looke at least 20 older..


I'm 18 and already going bald, well that's a bit frustrating

Farid Fakhouri

I subbed yesterday when i was looking for some beard advices on going bald, now this video next
Thanks ?

El Cuhhh

Shit I'm 22 and my hairline is receding bad now. It started with the sides

Losing your hair

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How to deal with losing your hair

1 744 views | 4 Feb. 2020

How to deal with losing

How to deal with losing your hair like a man. All of the steps you can take to increase confidence in the short term and long term, making the entire process of hair loss far easier.



If you are already balding significantly it will always look better to just shave or buzz it.
But if you aren't it's probably a good decision to try medication because a head full of hair will always look better than a bald one.

Rejoy Panakkal

Seriously, out of all the videos I listened to regarding shaving your head, this was the best. Thank you.

RJ Carter

Great video. I generally think a shaved head is more attractive than one with hair... Thank you for encouraging more guys to take the plunge.

Madara Uchiha

Dude how did u get ur beard to take on that triangle/V shape? I’ve been going bald since 14( 19 now) and my beard is the only thing I got so I wanna make it look the best I can.

Air Doctor

you should have emphasised low bf% as a major factor of a stronger jaw line and cheek bones

Saad K

should have done a buzzcut years ago


Honestly there are many insecurities that men have - baldness, being short, not very attractive, etc. In my opinion, none of it matters if you become successful in life. Someone like Satya Nadell , the CEO of Microsoft. Short and bald but the guy is powerful and successful so people look up to him. And if people are really worried about going bald then remember Agent 47 is also bald...

Losing your hair

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Why You Lose Your Hair When You Get Older

103 775 views | 9 Oct. 2017

A wide variety of factors

A wide variety of factors can cause baldness in men and women. Scientific studies show that chromosomes from both father and mother can lead to hair loss.

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aka now as receding hairline lmfaooooo


Can i have free subs pls...


The video is great but the music is terrible. Just... terrible.


The ultimate solution is that don't comb your hair let it be as natural as it is


People say just shave your head if you go bald yeah right, problem is bald heads don't look right on everyone. I'm on the short side 5 foot 2 inch. I have big ears and can't grow a beard or mustache for nothing in my 30s. A few female friends said I'm going to be honest with you. I will LMFAO they said, You going to look like ET alien if you go bald. Why me have I been cursed by the devil with theses terrible genetics.

Edward Williams

You come into this world bald headed, all wrinkled up, toothless, can't hardly see, can't control your faculties and begging. And if you live long enough you'll leave the same way. All you have to do is keep breathing, the universe takes care of the rest all by itself.


Bald people are awesome.

Abhishek Chakraborty

Can stress be a factor for hair loss? I heard many people say that.

jiwan biswal



I better stop pimping before it’s too late

Gryffith 13

My dad is bald and both of my grandparents are bald but both of my uncles from both sides of the family aren’t bald, so I’m hoping I get some of that luck

DJ 5kull

hopefully i keep my hair by I'm 80 XD

Rich vitamin Dさま

Heisenburg is bald. Heisenburg is badass. Being bald is badass.

Jamison Lopez


Supreeth MrDeeDs

We have technology now.. so no problem for anyone...

Brick On

I'm a 80 year old man with a killer Moe Hawk


But we do have products which help fight this problem back.


Imagine a grandpa with a combover


Pls dont make my hair bald :(
No one wish that plssss
Make us happy
Give us handsome hair xddd


The Rock is also victim to this still one of most handsome men on earth :3




What a great tech.


bald is sexy.... shave it fully... never runs outta style..

e-van 953

My dads family has never lost hair my dad is way older than me and his hair grows faster than mines and im only 13 and hes in his 40s


If I was bald I would grow a beard so it would be a fashion statement

American Not American't

Because age is a bitch.

Humza Rehman

Does that mean Deji is 50 years old



BadaBing BadaBoom

I am balding, and this has depressed me even more.

Dimi Ventura

Dad is 43 with a full head of hair still. Maybe I have a chance..


HO HO my mom has alot of hair

David Srey

Wash your hair every other day

karthik puvvula

i thought combs are good for blood circulation. We almost cured cancer but no clue about how to stop balding...


When Gene Roddenberry was asked why Captain Picard was bald, surely in the future baldness is cured. He responded by saying, by the 24th century nobody cares.
Why can't that be now ಥ_ಥ


Lol the thumbnail has me dying ??

Kalvin One

Hut and ponytail pull your hair all the time and fragilise them... That might be a problem with young people... And their future !

B1 Battledroid

"Tech Insider"
"Why you lose hair when you get older"

Angry Pandakey

Thank grandpa ‘s and grandma, and dad and mom! Alll had a full head of hair! After 70. My sons are not so lucky. Looks like George Jefferson on ya moms side! Lol?

Aiden Huynh

lol my grandparents on both sides and my parents haven’t balded. If anybody in my family did start balding, it’s very unnoticeable

My Digital Teacher

Baldness is more serious matter than the North Korea and U.S. stifle


Oh God my mum had really thin hair I thought it was a father to son thing oh no ?


Thank god. My 55 year old dad still has more hair than most people half his age so I should be fine touchwood


Looks like they outsourced this to fiver


Jason Statham is the savior and hope for young baldies.

Interstate 395 Express Lanes

I’m already losing hair and I’m only 14 wow

El Maverick

Using a wig is the cure.

Mahin Rafi

I always straight my hair but imma take it easy more



Your real dad

foo has a big ass head

Princess Rapunzel

please make a video on the cure!please!


Short answer: genetics

you will be triggered



YES!!!! My mom, dad , grandmas and grampas has great hair!

Kahli Toons



been losing hair since 17, I'm 23 now and I look 55 years old with my hairline

Gabrielle Chen


ио иаме

tangina mga panot hahahahahahah????


My grandpa is 66 and he still has full hair


That's great, now I need a video on small penis size

aShik kabeer

In my family no one is bad .but my hair is very thin ....and daily lots of hair gone ......what will dooo .

Omar Sharifi

When I was 17 I was already affected by hair loss

6647 Ayesha Tanveer Siddiqui 6thF



Just drink some milk

Screw The Net

The thing is baldness, especially in men, has to do with race and the rigors that ones male ancestors went through. DHT is the byproduct of testosterone, and binds to the hair fols easily. Its supposed to get excreted with urine, but along the way,something goes wrong,mainly with more than half of all caucasian men. This does not necessarily men caucasian men are less manly because they cant handle all that testosterone their bodies create, but something is certainly going wrong. Maybe people need to drink more water? IT could be something very simple.


my uncle is half bald so i think i wont go bald

Himanshu Sharma

thats y i have a man bun XD

Trolll Jeff

Lovely locks while u can???
I thinks it's lovely looks while u can

Putra Archibald

I'm 32 and my hair volume still looks like when I was in high school. I hope it stays that way!

Life Insider

That's why old human used to cover his head


Who toucht his hair after this video

Magma Vol

Thank God i am a Gamer, When i lose hair, i ll stop social Activity & start Full Gaming...
Besides when having lot of Hair , it becomes hard to put & take off Headphones.
when we are bald , The headphone will fit like nut coated Cream ..YIPEEEEEEEE!!!


Bald is beautiful

alberto amaduzzi

But if you lose your are you are more likely to have a great beard! So it’s a compromise !


I used to have a very very thick wavy black hairs until 24.7. Problem begins when I got them straight with a hair iron and tressmee straightening cream.
Now I am losing about 15 strands of hair daily when I oil them or get my fingers across my head.
What should be done to prevent the loss I am 24.7yrs old n my hairs are my things. Please someone advice me.

Stefan Baas

fiber championship male fee ankle daily blue sleep screen tip.


I was bald by the time i was 27.
Best thing that ever happened to me.
Saved tons of money and time and because it made me feel self conscious i went to the gym and became ripped.
Never had more luck with girls than today.
Screw hair.

hisham pro

My father side all them bald and my mother side nonbald so I am waiting and just hoping that I will get with my mother side ?

Murder Bong



It's simple. You lose hair for being a self hating liberal. Have you ever seen a verified libtard on twitter past his mid twenties who still has all his hair?


When your parents both didn't have hair loss or thinning.
Feels good man.


Luckily my family side doesn’t have bald problem, my grandpa is 80 and still have plenty of hairs

Nisha Singh YT Chanel

Plzz make a vid on hair fall preventions...


Ye my dad is not bald and my grandpa also and i don't brush my hair so im good




Die thyroxine hormone(DTH) is main cause of hair baldness in men

Matt Yaqin

Vin Diesel is bald but still he is handsome.


I'm 18 and i'm starting to get bald


My mother’s family is not bald while my father’s is, so there’s 50% chances I’ll commit suicide?


I'm actually very grateful because my Dad doesn't have bald hair or hair loss.However, surprise,surprise,surprise, my mom has hair loss and my grandmother. My grandfather is also becoming more closer to being bald,each day. I'm 90% fucked.

Instinct Snipes

its ok for men ?

CH08 Bison

R.i.p Logan paul

Aca 792

hair | ||
|I |_

prateek mishra

worst video about hair loss
Nothing informative,
Not up-to the levels of insider


god dammit my dad is bald

Emma Ronning

swim leading good correspondent twenty mm-hmm learn shock overcome.


I'm 20 male already losing a lotta hair :(

prateek saini

Ohh , I Really "Love My Locks" :)


I'm 20 and my hair is getting thinner and thinner, you can almost see a bald spot
I always had the dream dream to have longer hair but my parents always forced me to have short haircuts
I was like when I'm older I will have longer hair
well I guess thats it
and I can't grow a beard, even tried minoxidil
I'm crying
someone just take a knife and cut my throat open