How to grow natural hair long and fast

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How to GROW Natural Hair Long & Fast! My Top Tips to GROW long healthy natural Hair!

264 views | 25 Jan. 2021

How to GROW Natural

How to GROW Natural Hair Long & Fast! My Top Tips to GROW long healthy natural Hair!

Hi Loves♡

On this video, I shared all my tips & tricks on how I was able to grow my Natural hair from damaged to healthy long & thick faster. I am very passionate about helping you all grow your hair healthy and longer and these tips will definitely help you do that. Make sure you watch the entire video so you could get all the information as I also included my before hair and after hair to show my results.

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Love ya'll so much!

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Ryan Reyes

I tried the mane n tail shampoo it worked for me too

Shadia Lawson


Maya Biatis

I like that you showed pictures of products and your hair before an now. really helpful

Kezia Kandii

Can you please show a tutorial of how you moisturize your hair?

Adiatou Jay

Your hair looks really good ?

Qui Gunne

Girl yasss??

Mandile Mpofu

Omg your hair is gooorgeous ?? you should leave it out more often! Black girl magic for real ✨

cindy Laila

ma favorite. good tips you wasn't all over the place lol.

How to grow natural hair long and fast

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How to GROW Natural Hair Long & Fast! 3 Easy Steps that ACTUALLY Works

1 341 views | 11 Jul. 2020

My top tips for maximum

My top tips for maximum hair growth! There maybe 10 reasons why your hair isn’t growing; yet if you just focus on doing these 3 EASY Steps, I promise you results will follow.

Stay tuned for Part 2 | How to Grow Longer, Healthier Natural Hair (upload date 7-12-2020)!

My best tips to grow long healthy natural hair always begin with "keeping it SIMPLE!"

When it comes to how to grow natural hair long & fast; 3 easy steps that ACTUALLY Works are:

1. Shampoo and deep condition WEEKLY

How Scalp Care Can Save Your Hair


Deep Condition Like A Pro


2. Seal in the hydration from deep conditioning and keep your hair moisturized using the LOC Method

How To Properly Moisturize Your Hair | LOC Explained


3. Protect your natural hair from harsh elements and damaging styles

Retain Length Like A Pro | My Best Tips To Grow Long Healthy Natural Hair


4 Hairstyles That Broke Off My Natural Hair


Sadly, there's no magic potion that will make your hair grow faster. Yet; good news is there is much we can control by the way we treat our hair.

To promote optimal hair growth, you have to "feed" the hair from the inside and the outside. Proper diet, which includes adequate protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins, is essential.

"Feeding from the outside" means using shampoos and conditioners that target the scalp, as well as hydrate the hair.

The speed at which your hair grows depends on both genetics and the shape of your follicles. Here is more information about the Hair Growth Cycle, https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/HAC/hair_analysis/2.4.html

Natural hair is a science; yet once you understand the right way to care for your strands, your growth potential will be unlimited!

If you need help with maintaining and growing your natural hair, check out our playlist where I show you everything I do to maintain and grow my natural kinky hair!

How To Grow Long Natural Hair 2020


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Deborah’s Glad Tidings

Thanks for sharing the three steps to growing hair faster


“TSB” ? almost googled that last one.

Lyfe with Mimi on the move

This was good! I always do deep conditioning at least once a week.

Mostly creative

Thanks for sharing great video
New friend here ???? stay connected

It’s Beauty Elise

Yes, Great video Jheri!????

LaCosta’s Lifestyle

I like how you just took us back to school!! I didn’t hear not one thing in this video that I didn’t agree with!! Great content ??!! Keep up the good work

Deven Richard

You better come through then with this information then ....thanks ❤️❤️

Racqs Real

I am big in step 2 too. I do it weekly, and with steam if possible. I think it's very necessary. This is an informative video. It felt like being in class! Thank you!

Blujeans Network

And if I don't have hair? Any tips for my case in point? TSB??? What is that please? Love the tip on hydration and the healing effect.

Graceful Knots

I agree that washing and deep conditioning every week is necessary. I do not believe in shampooing once a month. Thanks for the information on the hair shaft, very useful

Everybody Loves Jess

What is a good deep conditioner that penetrate low porosity hair

Mahoghany Rootz and MJ

beautiful hair, good information too sis

Jheri Johnson

Part 2 | How to Grow Longer, Healthier Natural Hairhttps://youtu.be/JbQxVVVzDJk


This is so true some ppl what products that will grow their hair overnight...I also tell my friends to do those same steps but some ppl dont want to put in the work but their want the results...love all your videos


Hi good video as usual. Do you think you could recommend some good and widely available ph balanced products?

Sharese Nicole

Yes! I deep condition every week and I didn’t use to. Since I started I have seen a dramatic difference ??

Creative Thinking

Awesome video. Thank you for sharing.

Chats With Flo

One of the main things that I love about your videos is that you are honest. Thank you for the great tips. ???

Shirley Ann

I tried my first co wash and really didn’t made since to me, because I put in the same amount of time.


Yes, regardless of what we use, our hair still grows. I am not also a big fan of cowash. Thanks for this tips.

Brooke Michelle

this was good. Sometimes keeping it simple is best

GG Luvs Beauty 2

I experienced this first hand. I struggled with dryness for some years until I started doing the LOC method. After about a month of deep conditioning and using the LOC method, I noticed much less shedding and breakage. Now those are staples in my wash day routine.

Everybody Loves Jess

Water a oil of choice and shea butter

Curly Tells

Hey Jheri ???? You really broke it down in this video!! I love hearing out the science of our hair. Your tips are always amazing. Thanks for sharing ???

Umueke Maiden

Another good one Jheri. Back to the basics. For everyone that’s not blessed with growing hair with dirt ... it’s as simple as this ?

Natashya Mitchell-Hendrix


The Ms Yoyo Show

here to learn how to grow longer healthier hair

Earthtress TV

Awesome, this was was great information, thanks for sharing this..by the way I love your hair ...great video ❤??


Hey Jheri. Another good video.


Hey Jheri, I’m not a fan of cowashing either & I definitely make sure I deep condition weekly & I use my hot head heat cap to help it penetrate my hair. I do use the LOC method. Great tips & FW. Have a great weekend

Pamela Willis

This is one of my favorite healthy grow hair videos. Very educational. What products do you use and you like most, right now. Please share with me. Thanks. Love you.

Shirley Ann

Are you sure my hair will not grow 4 inches overnight if I use two week old rice water with lemon, peppermint? ?

Tiarrea B Just Doing Me

You know I'm here for this sis. ? heyyyyyy. I loved the clothes changing. I was all into the video. Didn't won't it to end.

SunRaye TV

So I’ve been working to keep my sons hair moisturized. Ive tried Shea moisture and carols daughter products on his hair and it seemed to dry his hair out and change the texture to a really coarse texture. I went back to using just water and Moroccan oil and his hair is reverting back to it’s original texture. ??‍♀️

mercy daray

Ohh deep conditioning ones a week!!?‍♀️
That is something i do ones in a while?
Thanks Jheri ?

Dara Brunson

Thank you Jheri! Great video! I love your content!

Denise Brown

So very educational... Thank you for the vid.

Daria Pio

Another great video ??

Everybody Loves Jess

Here JHERI with my pen and paper

Fine Natural Hair ROCKS

LOL @TSB! I was like, "wait.." ???

Sharon Whyte-Murphy

[email protected]

Carramel Fit

Very informative. I have never done a co- wash, I always go straight for shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning treatment and LOC. I can't stand dry hair lol.

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible

Heyyy JJ ??
You're so right about moisturizing vs hydrating hair. Shampooing vs co washing. A weekly routine is definitely needed. FW like always!!

Pamela Coon Naturally Beauty Naturally You

Great tips as always ?


Your hair is going to grown when it is going to grow!
This was quite informative - start at the core-TEX, DC, do your LOC/LCO/ TSB? wait what? What is that?
Do what works for you regardless of the tips from Doc, gotcha
She is adorable and her hair is so healthy!
Bad habits that got you to damaged hair will definitely not help you to restore the hair - gotcha

How to grow natural hair long and fast

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How To Grow Natural Hair Long, Fast, Thick and Healthy!

37 874 views | 8 Feb. 2018

Hey guys! In this video I

Hey guys! In this video I share tips on how I was able to grow my natural hair long, fast, thick and healthy!

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Thanks for your videos. My hair is exactly like yours. Not many people have your hair on youtube. Thanks for the great hair care advice!

Alia Mousa

what to do you think about a devacut Iyda ?

Arabesque Jacob

Thank you! Hallelujah! I can't stand all the "how to grow your hair Rapunzel style in 30 days" ? No! I'm tired of bandwagons and gimmicks; you give great, tested and true advice. This is why I come to your channel, you do your research and you use common sense. At the beginning of my hair journey, I did the most, I'm still learning, but I now stay away from trends and I am consistent (well I try ?). Great video! Question: do you use the LCO or LOC method? Thank you, you're gorgeous ?

Suhaila Al Farsi

Thank you so much for this video.. I'm currently just over a year and a half in my transitioning journey.. I've been doing regular trims and my hair is basically almost all natural from the bottom to the crown but I still have a lot of relaxed hair at the top.. I recently did a porosity test on my completely natural clan strands and found out that I'm low porosity.. I've really struggled with retaining moisture.. I've tried prepoo with evoo and castor oil but that led to difficult shampooing and dry tangled hair.. rinse out conditioners like the main choice easy on the curls series do nothing to help with slip and detangling, And deep conditioning with mielle babassu, the main choice carrot and ginger, shea moisture Manuka honey along with heat was awful as well.. I then found out that all my conditioners and deep containers have protein in them so I realized that I'm probably protein overloaded because initially my hair loved the the mielle organic babassu .. I struggle with leave conditioners as well tried the Maine choice 3 in 1, Sheamoisture jbco, cantu argan oil but they all just sat on my hair.. just tried asiam and finally I feel a difference.. as for the cream, I find that Sheamoisture transitioning milk was the same I feel it just sits.. I deal with whipped shea butter mixed with coconut , jbco and evoo and it helps retain moisture through out the week if I use the LOC method but overall I feel like I have no definition, my hair feels hard and dry, is always a frizzy mess and so I always have it in a bun or braids .. it's growing but I'm still not happy with where I am.. do you have any advice for me?

Didier Bizimana

You're always truthful on advice and appreciated... So I do agree so it's not always easy to achieve : be patient, have fun and be aware that no magical product exists! Thanks for videos, always a pleasure to follow

Mame Yacine Correa

you're so pretty !

Lebra Davis

Hi. I'm on my second "big chop". I was two two years Natural, then the devil started playing with my mind telling me I missed my permed hair, relaxed it, fell out, did my second big chop because I was not properly educated. Now, I am happily 8 months post-relaxer.


I had my box braids in for about 3 weeks and my hair was noticeably thicker!! I love protective styling. And I don’t use heat as much.

Riordan Core

We have the same hair type ! Hair twins! Also low porosity !

No Pepper

I actually still don't know what my hair porosity is and my hair grew quite fast. I am not sure I buy into the porosity story for quick growth but I am curious how fast you were able to grow yours.

No Pepper

How long did it take for your hair to go through the length phases shown?

Mekayla Walker

Can you add the captions please? :)

Nickie Rasberry

Thank you??

Marlene Jimenez

This is so inspiring... I decided to go natural about 5 months ago and I’m still not confident enough to wear it natural so I’m at the wig/bun phase but videos like these help motivate me whenever I do have thoughts of giving up! Thank you for this can’t wait to rock my natural hair because curls really are beautiful!? your hair is gorgeous!!

mia alexander

Hi Iyda, curl friend i have something interesting about aids in hairgrowth, like RiceWater rinses, i think this would make a great video. I will be adding this to my regimen. Tricologist does recommend this method which peek my interest!???

Sameera salah

Thank you for the tips ❤️❤️?

Simona Felice


Bonita Mimi

Hello i need hair help

soothing videos

so beautiful

Rahel Yoseph

Thank u yene konjo.

Fiona Samuels

Thank you so much ... I wish my hair gets as pretty as yours

Brown Goddess

Thank you for the tips hun

Guoqiang Tao

Thank you

Victoria Smith

I never trimmed my daughter’s hair she will be 10. Her hair is long a healthy. I will trim this year.

Anime Lover

Am plannning on shaving my head this summer I know how fast my hair can grow. Thank you this video is super helpful.

Tammie Currie

I don't know,Im still not sure what my hair type is, sometimes I think it's low, then I will read or see a video and think, no I have high porosity ugh, this can be frustrating for sure!

Bilqis B

Should I do rice water rinse if I have low porosity?


Since finding out that I have low porosity hair, it has been easier to maintain moisture in my hair, which is great, but I cannot figure out why my curls are so loose. I don’t like hair typing but I know my curls are type 4. However, the curls in the front of my head look nearly straight. When I wet my hair, the curls are so loose that I question if they’re curls. They look so weak. My question is, can brushing my hair into a bun frequently mess up my curl pattern? I haven’t straightened my hair chemically or physically since transitioning.


Just love how straight to the point this video is.

Trini Gurl

I have an issue with retaining length. I have SD so I have to wash my hair weekly some times twice because of my scalp. So I use medicated shampoo like head and shoulders. Any suggestion on how to keep my hair moisturized so I can retain length. It's currently neck length.

Marquita Freeman

We have the same kind of hair. 3c/4a low porosity, protein sensitive. My problem is trying to get the moisture/PH balance. Its getting better but its still not where I want it to be. I get a lot of shedding even though it has grown tremendously! Is that weird??

Nikki J _23

Thank you, you make it sound and seem so easy.




I'm retaining the most length/getting the least amount of breakage now than I ever have before but I'm so impatient. So I've been watching all these "how to grow long natural hair" videos thinking it might help my hair grow faster. ??

No Pepper

Just fyi. You mentioned dead ends. There is no difference between the ends vs the rest of the shaft of hair in terms of dead or not. All hair is not alive except inside the root where your hair bulb exists - that's the only part that is alive and growing.


Thx 4 the tips

Dandy Mimi

1.Less heat
2.Learn your hair
3.Protective style
4.Don't trim your hair alot, unless it needs it.
5.Eat healthy, exercise, supplements, etc.
6. Focuse on consistancy, discipline, and be patient.

Annelise Wood

Thank you so much for your help I didn't now I have low porosity until I found you're video's I learn alot from you, is aunty Jackie's product good for low porosity hair?

ሓቢ ወዲ ዕዲ ጋዕዳድ happy for my life

My hair is falling what I can do for it. Can you give me same tip. I'm waiting for your tip?


When my hair is wet its really curly but then when it dries, the very back of my hair goes a little straight kinda loose curl type of way, is that a problem or?

Rachel Oswalt

Oh my goodness you are beautiful ?❤️

Christine Pikisa

How do I deal with thinning after several years from chemical damage? The front Is now thin too sparse, and hardly soaks in oils. The back and middle is the opposite. Thick, grows longer very fast and hardly breaks and yet not too tangling. It's now very clear that the front is almost bald. What do I do?

Lizzie Clay

Thanks so much Iyda.

Leigh Littlebury

Hi Iyda can you tell me what you think of the following Uk based products ingredients for outlet hair Anita Grant, Big Hair and Boucleme please? I’m eager to purchase British but frightened I’m wasting money but they all look great, thought you might want to try them too and do a video? Thanks

Aerry Berry Bentley

I’m so confused some videos say high porosity is like dry hair and some say high porosity is oily hair I can’t determine my porosity ?

Anekah Wigley

Thanks for all the helpful tips. ❤❤


I’ve been watching your videos nonstop on repeat for 3 days. I’ve been suffering from an inflamed scalp from all the product build up. And you’ve seriously saved me! I appreciate you! Keep posting

Zacheia Dominique

Your voice is so soothing ☺️