Just for me perm

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Just 4 Me not natural anymore!Start 2 Finish!

68 339 views | 22 Sep. 2017


hey Beauties!


I hope all is not forgotten and i apologize for being M.I.A .. However, i was in a car wreck! i was hit by a 18 wheeler truck... , so my recovery on top of my other injuries has been very challenging..I am trying to do better.i hope all is well with you! I hope you , and thank you for being with me during this difficult time ! i hope you enjoy the video and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them.SUBSCRIBE , SUBSCRIBE , SUBSCRIBE! i love you al ! stay bless, unique , and beautiful!Also, join me on all my social media platforms....Until my next video,...



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Mohamed Mohammed

ممكن واحد يشرحلي بالعربي لان والله كولشي مفهمت واريد اعرف طريقه استعماله بسرعه

SweetCaramel Happy

Omg hi you are so beautiful

New Southern Drawl

?? those gloves. Idk if that's a good idea to add extra products to those chemicals bc it could alter results. You might get better results without adding products.

Joewella Joe

Thx Sweet Sis , I like it & also U´re so Sweet ...hahaha

Crissy Gomez

Would you recommend this for a 4 year old? She has 4c hair and I’m still learning how to manage her hair. Thanx for the video. ?

La Leeezy

I’m so lost doing this to my daughters hair ? how can you not detangle the hair prior??! But you’re supposed to separate curly a** hair...I’m so nervous ugh they make you feel like you’re about to apply death to your hair..and the directions are basically like..don’t f up!

Evly et ses astuces

Des français ??

sandra blanco

You are a p sshh

Mariah Francois

I'ma gonna try this I'm tired of fighting with my natural hair


You are so funny

ItzSkittlePlays YT

Hi I am a kid my mom did the Just for me

mother abigail

About to try this cause I have 4c hair and I can’t take it anymore ??


Ted Lola


Starr Thomas-Young

how did does your texture feel months later?

Jackeline Escudero

No puedo creer lo está cosa le deshizo los chinos a mi hija estoy super molesta no lo recomiendo. Yo quería hidratar no dañar. ???

Sasha Rogers LMT

Hmm..yeah you would really do it with my hair lol

Ted Lola

You Are The most high yahweh kembo na yo johny johny johny) (ADV) TONI SILASI

المشهور الاول

thank you so much ???

Yolanda Cortez

Esa cosa me dañó el pelo que me lo tuve que cortar casi todo no tenía hasta la cintura y ahora lo tengo hasta los hombros y ya tengo una semana de eso y las puntas huele a eso es feoo extraño mi pelito lo tenia rizado y largo????????????

Tricee W

Directions for liquid activator stated...
The cream will turn soft , uniform green color to indicate that the cream has been properly mixed..It didn’t turn any green so I threw it away except for the Conditioner and oil.
It never turned green and I was confused...
I didn’t see this turn green in the video either but it worked so idk.

Erica Monteiro

How many months did the relaxer stay in your hair

Loveth Willock

I combed and smoothed out. I like to show the full length of my hair.

Angélica Guillen

Pero eso es un alisado verdad te cambia la textura del rizo natural

Cam Unbothered

O go mild....

Musa Ali

Can I use it for a short hair and can I use just a little bit of the softener?

Alysia Williams

What if you only use a little bit of the mixture because your just doing a touch up on the regrowth but you haven’t mixed it all just took a little bit into a cup to use it should you still discard the texturiser?? Although you haven’t mixed it all

Not Peachy Keen

My mom just use this on my hair today.


"Do not smoothe or apply tension..." ( which u did). but why didn't you continue reading. U didnt want yr audience to know u did it wrong so u played it off ( u read it to yourself but not aloud ). smh smh smh.


It was ratchet but I can’t front I enjoyed it so thanks for the step by step video ??

Twisted Foundation

You are so truthful abt this!

Loveth Willock

Leave the on for 16 minutes girl. Your hair is not fine.

Antoinette Miller

Wow I like your hair this is my second time using this and I hope it works again?

cochon du69

J'ai tésté ce produit sur mes cheveux il a ruiné ma vie capillaire

Sarah Foster

where are your gloves tho


This dryed my hair out what products did u use to kerp your hair moisturizes?

Mrs.Michael Jackson

That perm burned my head

Nelly Diaz


Not Peachy Keen

I'm sorry about the accident ? get well soon

Just for me perm

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Just For Me Hair Relaxer Application For Back To School Hair Manageability

31 106 views | 16 Aug. 2019

How to Vlog

How to Vlog

Just for me perm

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How I relax my daughter's hair at home tutorial using "Just for me relaxer kit (Regular ) for childr

8 780 views | 23 Jul. 2019

Hello welcome back to my

Hello welcome back to my channel and thanks for coming. Subscribe, like and share with friends don't forget to turn the notification bell button on so that you will be the first to know when I upload new video. Your comments also needed below on the comments section. This video is about how I relax my daughter's hair at home tutorial using " Just for me hair Relaxer kit (Regular) for children. The conditioner and hair treatment I used will listed below .


Just for me hair relaxer kit (Regular)for children.


Garnier Fructis ( Hydra Ricci) Balsamo.

Garnier Fructis (Hydra Liss) Balsamo.

Garnier Fructis (Hydra Ricci) Maschera.

Garnier Fructis (Hydra Liss) Maschera.

Garnier Fructis (Hydra Ricci) Shampoo.

This video was not sponsored.

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Contact : gmail.

[email protected]

[email protected]

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