Ingrown hair puss

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Gross Compilation of Plucking Roots, Puss, and Goo on Ingrown Hair

3 252 views | 17 Feb. 2019

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Patrick Star

the best thint ive ever seen and whats all of over the surface of this skin?

Ingrown hair puss

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Ingrown hair pus pocket being lanced

143 918 views | 5 Oct. 2017

My husband getting a huge

My husband getting a huge sebaceous cyst drained


How does a dr get to be this old and not learn a god damn thing?

Deborah Beaulieu

No anesthetic? How would you like someone to operate on you like that? This poor man!!!

Mary Ann Anderson

Poor dude!!


The worst doctor and nurses! How do you keep your sterile gauze and instruments right next to your patient pamphlets? The poor man isn't numb and you clearly don't know what you're doing! Completely uneducated and disgusting!!!!


What a hack! For a Dr. You're a quack...


I have. He is OLD OLD school

Kimberly Merket

Was there an ingrown hair. Terrible technique!

Boots Smith

Are you high? Numb it and finish your job correctly!

Donia Ecker

Poor guy! ?

Lone Wolf

Looks like doc has had a few before the procedure. I'm not sure hes aware of whats going on or where he is at all.

Amelia Mae

Good idea to jump around when someone has a sharp instrument in ur back.....plus u would think a man talking about having this done with NO lidocaine he wouldnt jump around like a child.......lidocaine doesnt help that much because of the infection.....google it before u start making comments about the dr doing his job........like I've said I'd rather have them go fast then slowly torture me

Fearless Kitten

It's called a field block. Look it up Dr. I think you missed that day of Med. school.

Lady Bubbs

This made me squirm. I could feel his pain

paisley tie


GlockParty TV

Isnt this the same guy from the other viral popping video with the guy who said the pus draining from his back pooled down his neck felt warm and smelled like rotten month old Beef. ??

Janica Moore

Pretty sure patient didn't want numbing meds.

Lori Rubush

What a squirmer.

J.L. Nelson

My jaw just hit the ground as this guy is screaming and the "doctor" is digging in trying to break up pockets of pus while the wife is saying it's going to hurt. No it's NOT supposed to hurt if properly numbed. They should've seen Dr. Lee or Dr. John Gilmore. They know to numb people. Take this "doc's" license away!

Karla Church

Hope you didn’t pay this weirdo. OMG he’s terrible. Did you still have your kidneys or did he remove them and put them on black market. He scares me.

Annette Masden

The Doctor gave him plenty , he's a wussy . Did this for 25 years . Poor wife , he is definitely going to milk it . LOL

Elizabeth Boyd

Wow that poor man ? the doctor could've given him more pain medicine. ?

Jacquie Hayes

Also.... Did anyone else notice at the beginning... He took that packing OUT OF THE STERILE BOTTLE and just laid out on table...? Then put it in him! I've worked in the medical field.... You don't take that out BEFORE... You take it out of the bottle as you are putting it in the patient! SMH.... HORRIBLE horrible doctor!

Rojico tube


Says Who?

What is your name and where is your office?
I need to make sure I NEVER make an appointment to be tortured by this guy!!
I think he stabbed that guy in his kidneys! Jeez!


I never want to see this torture king. You can clearly hear the man in pain. Shame on him for not stopping and making the patient comfortable.

Wendye Crain

That was so cool. I liked the cold spray. I would rather have that cold spray instead of a needle anytime.

Marcia M

He should've gone to see Dr. Sandra Lee. And someone should've stuffed the mouth of the woman off camera that just kept telling him to "hang on, hang on". This "doctor" (and I use the word very lightly) needs to go back to school and learn to 1st do no harm, bedside manor 101 and compassion!!!


QUACK. Malpractice suit coming right up.

Big Blue Truck

Tell him to shut the blank up!!!!

Jacqui Hampson

I wish people would only start filming when they're ready to pop... All this numbing, wiping, dabbing & faffing about drives me CRAZY

Jerry Geromino

Poor Guy. He is in pain.

Cassie Smart

LMAO! U start poking that into his back and all the sudden u could be a ventriloquist!


Not nearly enough lidocaine
Not enuff packing at all
Ok i get that the patient is alil on the sensative side but i know this shit hurt him like hell.. Wonder if it got infected ...

Carol Ilse Anne

I would not be reassured by this lot working on me, minor op or not! ??


Oh that poor man!! Doc went beyond the numbed area! First time I've seen that.

observer of madness

Apparently they were out of "cold spray", and didn't have any more of it. The person assisting kept holding the can even after it was obviously empty. WTF, ever heard of numbing a patient. I would have got off that table and punched both the doctor, and the assistant right in the face, and walked out.

Cassie Smart

?‍♀️ what a job at setting up ur sterile field DR.!

Good lord.

Bea Ell

Dr. Sandra Lee (Pimple Popper) never lets her patients suffer like this. Torture video!! Yikes.


That is the worst dressing ever!!! He is easily over 220 pounds!!!

Katherine Wilkins

Glad he's NOT my Doctor. WTH

Moonie Moon

I'd be hittin that doc.


Wow this was horrible work smh poor guy

mike owens


Ken Laursen

“GOOD GREIF!” What the hell! Is this doctor a old horse doctor from the civil war? How about a bit more numbing? I wouldn’t have this doctor do so much as a circumsision.

Ana Zamora

this is soo unethical and medically wrong where is the numbing medicine this is ridicoulous and wrong in soo many ways this is mal practice and dirty and packing really wow



Jennifer Gervase

So gross that the doctor used his gloved hand to wipe his nose. Health Care 101: if you are wearing gloves and touch your body anywhere your gloves are contaminated and you need a clean pair.

Driveway STAR

I read it as "ingrown hair pus pocket being launched" and got excited

Beautiful Jai

This was worst then watching shock treatment in the 1930's. Where is Dr. LEE!!!!

Mrs. Mack

Where is Dr Lee when you need her. I've never seen anything so brutal from a "doctor"


Where in the hell is the lidocaine? There is no excuse for the pain that this quack is causing him. Geez.

Amber Afeman

The Dr could have done more to control his pain, imo. I mean hell, his wife could have sliced it open and squeezed it like that at home, with the same amount of pain as he endured at the hands of this guy. That Dr needs to be evaluated by the hospital, because he didn't give a shit about the pain he was causing, or even PRETEND to.

Lisa Posey

That Doctor had no mercy and enjoyed it....

cynthia stauffer

Poor guy...

Nothing but love Stay safe

Is this a joke or a place for people that has no insurance. I have never seen someone get this done at the doctors and still have so much pain. This is crazy. If this mofo say it may come back after all that I would slap the shit out of him. There's no way I would ever want to have anyone go to this guy.

Sherrie O'Dowdy

You could be more generous with numbing. Why would you want your patients to writhe in pain. Dr. Lee takes much better care of her patients.

Shelly Abrashoff

This is an I & D of an abscessed cyst. (I & D means Incision & Drainage. They do this because some trauma happened to his cyst.) By the way, this is an Epidermoid Cyst, not a Sebaceous Cyst. Not trying to be mean or troll, just trying to educate everyone. Have a good day!!

Jacquie Hayes

Dude! Fucking give him MORE LIDOCAINE! Jesus Christ... This doctor SUCKS! And as his wife...I would have been telling the doctor to give him more medicine! Not just watch! Sheesh! Poor guy!

Diana A

this guy is a quack. you gonna be cutting an infected area, put on a surgical gown, take off the damn stethoscope. and give that patient pain med. what a damn fool that guy pretending to be a dr

Nothing but love Stay safe

Around 1:35 or 1:37 Did you guys see some of the medicine spray out




God dam the dr needs to retire


Dr put the lidocaine on the other side of the cyst, then put the incision in the non-numb spot! I don’t get that...


You're doing good , ur doing good ....

Dragon Masters

The camera is too far away! You can't see anything!

mike owens


Barb Repko

This guy is a butcher!,! And the packing was contaminated the moment the nurse took it out of the bottle And laid it on the towel!!! Idiots!!

Faith Taylor

Wow what a terrible job. Definitely could've done more to help the patient to be in less pain and not be sloppy smh

Terrie Mann

Lidocaine is Very cheap and you should have used a bunch of it for that size abscess. You should have your MD yanked away with a hemostat 2” into your nut sack.

alyce. dexter

Dude, you took it like a champ. Kudos to you!

Sibel Duman

This was absolutely brutal ffs why did you not give him more pain relief

Paris Scott

Why didn’t they give him Lidocaine? ? This dr was brutal for NO reason!

Pamela Rickers

Is he even a doctor! ? He is so rough! ?

Caroline Gillen

Poor guy!

Sarah Metzgar

Is that guy a doctor??? The patient should’ve punched him in the face...with a chair.

Denise Boycik

There is no way that idiot is a doctor! How can he dig and dig causing more pain than necessary. I couldn't even finish watching this. That idiot should be charged for impersonation of a doctor!

Rebecca G. Day

Mrs. Mitchell, if this infection ever reoccurs, please take your husband to a different doctor. Your husband shouldn’t be in this much pain. The doctor should have injected numbing medicine in a big circle all the way around the outside of the abscess but all he did was numb once into the middle and spray a little bit of cold spray where he was going to cut. The problem with that is as soon as starts squeezing out the first cup of pus that numbing med leaves his body and left him feeling every jab, poke, stab, and squeeze. It’s no wonder he was practically jumping off the table! That doctor needs a refresher course in medicine as well as empathy. A first year med student could have done a better job.

Jimmie McInnis

I am an RN and that doctor does not know how to excise a cyst. There is no excuse for not giving the patient more pain med. I would never go back to him. Poor medical care..

Jerri Tompkins

wheres the hair????

Jinx the Great

When did he found he was the janitor,not a doctor.

Gail LeDuc

Why are men such wusses?


What about numbing or putting him under!

Penny Wooten

No it doesn't have to hurt, not enough numbing and he's to ruff ???

Kitty Mama

He should have used much more numbing. He also cut the packing before knowing how deep the wound was. I hope you got wound care afterwards and it healed properly.

Emily. Lets end BSL in the UK

This Dr used to (don't know if he still has) his own popping channel on here and like many of the popping drs had quite a big following (I once went and called him a quack and said he needed to go learn up to date medicine from Dr Lee and got well and truly told off and trolled by his followers lmao) x

Sheryl McNeice

Am I the only one who finds the patient really annoying???

Barbara Maas

He didn't remove the sac! Poor man is going to have this done over and over again because the cyst will fill back up. Remove the sac, but go to a different doctor, not this wacky guy!


Old school

Katta S.

Thats sooo unprofessional horrible !!!!!???

Tony G.

For heaven's sake Doc!! Give him a circumferential block, you would have caused him much less pain!

Heather Raines

I just don’t see why he couldn’t have give him more numbing medicine???!! Like really ??? What the hell !!!!!!!!!

Melissa Tubbs

Why in the hell didnntu numb him dumbSs

Jennie Kreiner

I was watching with the volume off and could tell the guy was in pain

Nancy Deis

oh my gosh..i have never heard anyone else but me say I can't walk in my glasses. I look like a drunk person trying to step up on a curb

Russell E Simonetta

This guys a butcher

Lori Ormsby

He hardly numbed him it was in just one spot that dr. Was horrible


Half assed job

Tina Zlotnick

In all seriousness, that doc is a disgrace.

Laura Crawford

Worst doctor ever

Susan B Hayes

Where the heck are you and who is that quack calling himself a Dr. I never wanna run into him for a simple procedure!?????