Type 3 hairstyles

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NATURAL HAIRSTYLES FOR TYPE 3 & 4 HAIR COMPILATION 2021 [3A - 4C Natural Hairstyles Compilation 2021

780 views | 17 Nov. 2020


NATURAL HAIRSTYLES FOR TYPE 4 HAIR COMPILATION 2020 - 2021 [4A,4B,4C Natural Hairstyles Compilation 2020 - 2021[Hairstyles for type 4 hair 4a,4b,4c

0:00 intro

0:15 3a & 3b hairstyles

2:42 3c & 4a hairstyles

5:52 4b & 4c hairstyles




TYPE 3A: Do you often get compliments on your large, bouncy curls? Welcome to the world of Type 3A hair! This texture sports well-defined curls with a spiral or ringlet shape.

TYPE 3B: If you have a mane full of Type 3B curls, your hair sports a springy and voluminous texture. A step up from Type 3A curls, your strands have a smaller width, which in turn give your mane a fuller appearance.

TYPE 3C: Think your curls resemble tight corkscrews? Then, you're more than likely dealing with Type 3C hair. Featuring thicker strands with a tighter curl pattern, this hair type also amps up the volume to give you tons of body and movement.

You have 4A coily hair if…your strands form S-shape coils that are super small, dense, and springy.

You have 4B coily hair if…your strands are in a “Z” shape, bending at sharp angles. Your mane is also densely packed.

You have 4C coily hair if…your hair has a similar texture to type 4B but has tighter coils that are more fragile.

You can rock these cute 4a,4b,4c natural protective hairstyles at any given time but...This is the best time because we're not going anywhere right? So quarentine & chill with me and get your hair slayed with a touch of black girl magic with one of these cute 4a,4b,4c hairstyles for type 4 hair.


Whether you have short coils or long coily hair, here are our top tips for styling your locks and defining your natural texture, based on your hair length.

If you have short coily hair…try finger coils. This involves twirling or coiling small strands of hair (with the help of plenty of product) around your finger to create defined, lasting coils throughout your mane. These can last quite a few days with the right care. Wear a satin bonnet to bed to keep them in shape!

If you have medium coily hair…try flat-twist outs. The process is similar to that of cornrows but instead involves flat twisting sections to create defined coils. This method can also be used on long hair. As with finger coils, you’ll want to wrap your hair in a satin bonnet before bed.

If you have long coily hair…try a braid out. This involves creating small sections of hair and braiding them, adding more hair as you go. In the morning, remove the braids and show off your coily texture! Repeat nightly. You can do a braid out on medium hair.

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Wanna slay your next hairstyle??!

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Jezelle Rose

You should do a plus size baddie haul..only because some people may feel excluded. All the baddie compilations here are all skinny legends and not everyone is petite yk.

Nichole Hickey

Everything is going to be ok God is in control and he loves you ur going to be ok i promise

Type 3 hairstyles

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Cute Prom Hairstyles For Curly Hair! 3 Curl Types, 3 Lengths, 6 Styles! | BiancaReneeToday

26 709 views | 14 Apr. 2019

Prom is almost here! DON'T

Prom is almost here! DON'T STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR!! Instead of risking heat damage and sweating it out due to dancing. (Trust me, I did this once and hid in the bathroom cuz I was sweating & my curls started to come back!) Just wear it curly!! Here are 6 cute hairstyles for Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 curls annnnd for short, medium or long hair! NO EXCUSES ?

Not going to Prom? These are also cute for weddings or any special occasion! Which was your fav?? Comment below!

HUGE thank you to @CurlsOneOnOne stylists @donateladevacurl and @_letmepaintmycurls_ for creating these cute styles and thank you to my 2 #Curlfriends Aubree and Fernanda for being my beautiful models!!

My models were chosen from INSTAGRAM! Now you see why it's important to follow me! You just might get chosen to hang out with me and get your hair done at the best curly hair salon in Beverly Hills! ? hehe Follow me @MzBiancaRenee and keep up with my IG stories!

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Conscious Beaut

Hey gorge!

Emma Van Aarde


honeybunabby 2002

hi queen! ❤️?



Julia Nell

I have a video like this on my channel for prom curly hairstyles if you wanna see three more ♥️♥️ beautiful looks Bianca

Sinthia Soriano

thanks so much for this video omgggg


Great idea! As Lorraine Massey says, there is no reason to straighten your hair for "special occasions", what's so special about bone straight hair? Everyone has it everyday! I think it's really important to showcase how many beautiful styles you can create with textured hair!
And you don't risk the chance of assholes saying you look better straight ?

Julissa DC

Fernanda looks like she came from a fantasy world

Lacey Admore

Hi Bianca, I just started following you recently when I was looking for tips on using coconut oil for detangling hair. I really like your videos and I was wondering if you have any tips for doing some hairstyles similar to prom but for work/professional life. I feel like I always put my hair up in an "ugly ponytail" because I feel too self-conscious to let it just rest, it gets really frizzy and it tangles easily. I've only just started binge watching all of your videos so I'm starting to practice a lot of your hair routines that you've recommended. That could be why I just feel frustrated/self conscious with my hair but I know I'm also a 3b type.

April B.

Everyone looked beautiful ???. Those girls are so cute ?

Nneka Okeke


Candalyn Hope

Wow, the first girl's hair is the exact same type as mine. Can you do another video where you all show us your wash and go routines??


Wow all of the styles turned out beautiful! ???

Bella Rose

I'm only 13 but I'll do some of these hairstyles when I'm in high school????


I really need more of this, I’m getting married and I need ideas like this ?

Program P

Hi Bianca I love all your videos and I was wondering if you could do another video for beginners because I don't exactly understand what to do with my curly hair and I have really been thinking about giving up on my natural journey and going back to flat ironing my hair so once again could you please do a video on transitioning and fully understanding curly hair.Thank You.

Amy Acosta

Girl sadly my prom was yesterday


Girl i already had my prom. I couldve used this 2 weeks ago?

Sofia Lepe

Love the different hair types!


I needed this video yesterday!! ?

Samantha Rivera

Just watched a 5 minute ad for you! ???? Love these styles!

Ariana Anderson

Wondering if you did a video about the best leave in conditioners for curly hair. Or If anyone could give me some names. Im trying to learn how to take care of my hair and in need of a good leave in conditioner.

Veronica Vatter

Cute! But good luck finding all those Bobby pins again!

Sinndy Morr


Princess Chanel

this is much needed cs idk what to for prom ?❤️

Hattie McClain

Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Shayla Craft

With an upcoming formal, perfect timing.

Dejanai Hampton

My prom is coming up ???

Cheryl Anne

Love the waterfall Style and I can see a bride wearing that. Can't imagine going to prom like that because really, how could you dance?

Leah Stancliff

Beautiful models?

Zarah Bocaletti

Do you have any idea how much I wished someone to take i consideration us, curlies, when presenting hair styles? Thank you, Bianca, for all the teenagers who didn't know how to do this! And thank you internet!

Monica Nessim

Love these ideas!! Please make a video on curly styles for graduation day, the struggle is real on how I'll fit my hair under that cap looool thankyou xx

Tirso Caraballo


Avery Tano

Sadly my curly hair is so so short it can’t even form a bun ? but this video is cute!

Curly Yoshi Vibes

Love all the styles! I need to start jazzing up my curls ?

Raizel C

I distinctly remember having to hold back on getting down on the dance floor because I was scared about my hair frizzing. UGH! I wish I could've loved my curls back then instead of straightening it all the time.

Carressa Hatley

Aubrey hair kinda looks 3b/3c is idk about type 4

Natural J

All these styles are so beautiful! My favorites are 3 and 4. ?

Tina Fielf

Omg lovely hair styles thank you sooo much.

Melena Boney


Worshiper of the Yeet Gods

The type 2 girl is both 2 and 3

Jessica Brewster

Awww! This was so fun to watch ? What about wedding hairstyles ? I’m getting married in 3 months and don’t know how to get away with no my heat styling my hair.


Thank youuuu! Do you think you could do a video like this for wedding hairstyles too? Prom hairstyles are pretty similar already, but I have 3-4 type hair and whenever I google "curly wedding hairstyles" its ALWAYS type 1-2 hair. And "black wedding hairstyles" almost always include heat styling. I just don't know what I'm going to do when I get married!!!

Fernanda Beverido

I loved filming this with you, it was so much fun. Thank you for inviting me ?

Lauren J

These are all pretty cute, but me personally, I tend to just straighten my hair for special events, because I don’t want to have to worry about how my hair will turn out, or getting frizzy.

Emaja Blackwell

I needed this video 3 years ago

Cassandra Izquierdo

I wore my hair straight to my prom 5 years ago ??. Now I know to embrace my curls. Thank you for this video for the current generation!

Sinndy Morr

Thumbs up to the ladies in the salon! Although they styled and manipulated the hair they did not distort the curl pattern :)


Only information I got from this is. .. if you have curly hair and in doubt braid and pineapple and shove flowers in your hair.

Is that me being rude or did I just expect a little more... I dunno.. still cute tho.


OMG!! I Really needed this I really wanted to wear my hair curly and was STRESSING!!!!!

Pisces Blessings

This is super cute ?

Imgoingbackto 505


Joyce Lima

Love the use of flowers? these are all super cute and I could definitely do this in my bathroom?? thank youuuuu

Darbie Jones

I am getting married in the fall and have been wondering what styles I could do to show off my curls. Thank you for sharing! I have hard water at my house, is there any good shampoos you know of that can remove hard water build up? All the clarifying shampoos I have tried don't seem to work very well. Thanks!

Kerry Fenton

I love this so much! Can you do a video about graduation hairstyles? I'm struggling to figure out a style that will survive the cap!

Chaunique Martinez

Love the first hair style !!!!

Indy Nadeau

Morning gorgeous I just love all this ❤

Tiffany Marquez

I have a wedding to go to this summer, and I have no idea what to do with my hair ? Thank you for posting these hairstyle ideas! I will definitely be practicing them ??

Curly Mckee

I love this, I paid a lot to have my hair curled for my proms. What a great video Bianca!

Tatyanna Hayward

I don’t know why in the world the lady put a phone cord in her type 4 hair. ?? #CANCELLED

Alexandra M.

Thanks for this video?


Yesss morning vlog from the Curl Queen ??

Tatyanna Hayward

All these curls ????. The hair looks good, but the take down trying to find all those damn Bobby pins. ??

Beautiful Fails

Love these ???? and you all are gorgeous

Fatima Malpica

This was fabulous ? Wedding styles next!! ?

Nikki Lopé

These were really great! With wedding and graduation season coming these were some beautiful ideas! Thanks girl! ?

Catrina Paul

Where was this video when I had prom?☹️?

Walkidia Fradera

The hairstyles were great but the small flowers look more for a wedding than prom

Sunnygirlrai Rai

My prom is next week I’m really excited thanks for making the video now I have ideas for my curly hair

La NaNa

Would be nice to dp one for men with curly hair ... that top knot isnt for all occasions. ?

Amanda Summers

I'm an adult but I can do this on a regular basis ?

Program P

Plus I don't live near any of the salons you recommended on your Instagram or the devacurl salon.

Gypsy Love

These were not cute for prom these are regular everyday hairstyles that you just added a flower to ?????????‍♀️

Mattea 27

Omg I needed this so bad because I have my first prom in a few weeks! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Ta'Miya Crockett

Great video! Love it! ?

Jenny Torres

I have a question. Hopefully you see this an answer. Or anyone sees this and can help I have 3A 3B type curls and I’ve noticed that when I do my hair I get nice curls... but they’re under the top layer of my hair. Is there anything I can do to get the top of my hair to curl as well?????

alex chadwick

where is the gel???? the hairstyles looked a little messy. but they still slayed!!!! love you Bianca!

Leona Forde

These are just perfect! Wish this video was around 4years ago?

Daniela Marius

loved this video. it reminded me of how much i love doing hairstyles. since being curly i have found it hard to do anything fun with my hair. love youuuuu

Fine Curls

Good morning!! Thank you for sharing ?

jose martin chilet

beautiful hairstylees... definitely my curly friends are gonna love this for our prom party at the end of the year...we love an amazing team such as donatela and emily... thanks for the video yeyyy ♡♡♡

Shutterbug _713

Poor, poor Bianca, from what Swoop did 2 your beautiful curls. ?????????????????????
This song's 4 U:

Dani Parducci

Please make a collab with the curl ninja


Bianca is soo amazing and has inspired me too make my own Chanel if you wouldn’t mind could you look at my most recent video


Loads of people have been telling me to straighten my 3b/c hair for prom, but one of these styles would be perfect! Can't wait to try them out

Jackie Hansen

awesome!!! both....... all 3 ladies are beautiful!!!! <3
now since you plan on living til 100 and i am half way there..........can you show my age hair styles? but still hip and young at heart? ;D


Beautiful! ?

Daniel Johnson

Thanks for the video I’m for certain am going to share this video to anyone I know who’s looking for a prom hairstyle #Snapfam #IGFam

gennie louisy

Could help but notice the definition of ur arms and abs in that top. Going straight to ur working out with curly hair video. I do need to know what to do with my wash and go and beable to work up a good sweat.

o a

Biancaaa I beg u to review the whole innersens natural hair care line

Brooke A

Not sure how I missed this video, but maybe it’s because I’m way past my prom days lol. This video is actually very helpful for wedding guest ideas too!!!

Elisayra Padilla

I don't understand why ppl press the dislike button on your videos. They are ? crazy. All of your content is amazing. You should have been over a million follower by now.

Everything Courtney


John Natuzzi

Yes!!! More of this please!!! I’m terrible at styling my hair. I just end up putting it up in a bun cuz I don’t know what to do with it. I’m learning to braid but I can only do one down the middle or the two on the side an they always look uneven but I don’t care ?

Alaina Grace



Man I wish this had been around when I went to prom in the early 2000s

eirinika girl

The girl with type 4 hair is just?

Erica TM得

Highkey just jammin out to Bianca's music??

Jalale Moti

I’m prolly straightening my hair for prom tbh

Patricia T

Is Jessicurl curly hair friendly? I was looking to see if you had done a video for their products. I am curious on the rocking ringlets and spiralicious styling gel.

Type 3 hairstyles

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Hairstyles For Type 3 | TRY THESE

4 640 views | 13 Feb. 2020

⬇⬇Best Shampoo For Type 3

⬇⬇Best Shampoo For Type 3 Hair⬇⬇

















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jathiah massop

。    •   ゚  。  .   .     .     。   。 . .   。  。  . •.
ඞ . Blue was NOT The Imposter  。 .    。      ゚   .     .,    .  .   .


Blacc Chai

I jus luv ur into. It's like a teaser, then the show begins???

Yudelkys Cenelis

Min 4:02?

Shayla Cull

10:10 braids were awesome and very neat.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Most of these aren't 3 type but it's ok