Punch excision before and after

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Punch Excision! Cysts, Warts, Pimple Pops and Dermatology Videos!

12 687 views | 11 Apr. 2019

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Dec Magnet

Nice job! Where was your dabbed? I enjoyed the squirt! Hee hee

Jacqui Bossier

I so enjoy you and your crew thank you so much Dr. Gillmore!!

Punch excision before and after

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Acne Scar Removal - Forever Young BBL & Punch Excision

3 585 views | 8 Nov. 2019

Adam’s story is a

Adam’s story is a touching one! Adam is a gymnastics coach and a cancer survivor. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and is from La Habra, CA. After being diagnosed with cancer, he developed painful cystic acne in all over his body. Adam researched for years, looking for the right medical spa for his needs. After seeing experience with acne scar removal, he made the move and booked a consultation.

With years of experience and industry knowledge, South Coast MedSpa’s practitioners recommended the Forever Young BBL (BroadBand Light) and Punch Excision, for Adam’s singular, deeper scars.

The Forever Young BBL helped treat Adam’s redness all over his face and neck. It can also help to treat years of sun damage, active acne, acne scars, rosacea, dark spots & pigmentation.

The idea of Punch Excision is to replace a deeper singular scar, with a smaller, less noticeable scar. During punch excision, the practitioner uses a sharp circular tool, the same exact size of the scar, to remove it. The practitioner then closes the scar up with stitches, that will be removed within 7 to 10 days.

To schedule a free consultation at any of locations in

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Arun Kumar

Cost of per scar

Jhonn Alacon

How about the scar? Can we see the update?


Do you have before and after photos?

koleksi squishy

Frist like and coment from Indonesia♥♥♥♥

Kevin Sauceda

What the heck was wrong with his nose? ?

Punch excision before and after

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LOBOTOMY: Before and After, Female Patients. 1944

424 915 views | 30 Jan. 2020

See also "My Lobotomy: A

See also "My Lobotomy: A memoir" : https://amzn.to/3iwjv0P

I transcribed the title cards in the film because they were jumpy and of poor quality in the film, but they are copied from the original.

Film description (from the time of publishing): This film shows the improvement that can result from prefrontal lobotomy in chronic psychotics. Two patients are shown before and after the operation; one 25-year-old female, and a 50 year old female who had been catatonic for five years. Patients appeared calmer and more sociable after surgery. The five-year catatonic female, although improved, had to continue hospitalization after the lobotomy.

Sarah JLA

"One man's meat is another man's poison".


And there you have the history of women :(




0:48 She was clearly intelligent and obviously didn't want to be there, cut to 1:08 after she's had her fucking brain poked in thinking "Ooo! What's this thing?"

Roanoke Wanderer

Not sure why, but the way the staff look at them after their lobotomy says "abuse behind closed doors".

Amanda Brower

Just scramble someone's brains just as easy as a chemical srtaightjacket huh...

Slim Olson

This video feels haunted.


How to mentally cripple somebody 101

Hayley Dryden

My good freind worked in care homes.. There was women in there that had this done to them due to post natal depression...

Ricky C

We need to bring this back. The humans today are out of control and must be dealt with accordingly

uppercut grandma

This is like watching "before and after they became fans of sonic".



Nicole reid

Could you imagine nurse or doctor chocking patient tofay

Garrison Nichols

The US government doesn't do lobotomies anymore because they found better ways to control us



Engel Paulino

This is fucking insane. Btw Shutter Island brought me here


Is anyone here from Ratched because they didn’t know this treatment was real?

President Elect Trent Brocato

I can't watch this. Makes me sick to my stomach what some so-called "humans" can do to other humans just because they don't fit into some box of social normality and convenience...

Hoodxo Calum

Working in health care and with people like this on a daily at 24 years old myself.....these people need love and affection. Not to be held in a room 24/7 without human contact


Just thinking ... Covid-19.
When the Governor announced:
"... the law provides immunity to healthcare facilities, professionals and volunteer organizations from civil liability for any damages allegedly sustained by an act or omission in the course of providing care during the COVID-19 emergency ..."
It gave me chills ... what a opportunity was created ... when there are lazy, mean and liars humans in any profession.
Nursing homes victims was a tragedy.

Barbara Bazin

These poor people, I wish they found the peace they deserved that they did not get on earth somewhere,heaven or whereever ,I am a special Ed teacher ,for 34 years and sometimes I see these videos and wonder if some had developmental delays instead of mental illness. My mother told me about her brother my uncle and it was around the 1940s and he was treated for mental issues,but with my experience of working with developmentally delayed children I think he was in the spectrum of autism rather then mental problems and was being treat for the wrong thing.

Barbara Lamson

Does anyone else find it funny the sound is off?

Christine Weeden

Omg thats so sad.Them meds werent making her happy you can see it in her face shes just going aling with whats shes told.You should never push a person to their limits.Le how they wete trying to pull her face up and arms when she wouldn't move.I think them meds have long term effects.Make them into a zombie. God bless the people who really cate for these people from their heart.Also the families.


Very interesting on so many levels in 2021


watched a few of these lobotomy videos it just ignites a deep heartache for the people who went through this procedure. It really is nightmare fuel and almost unbelivable this happened to so many people. I can't even imagine what that moment of getting your identity, your self your mind get destroyed like that would be like, I can't even put it into words.

CJ7 girl

A simple thing as the Human touch. Kindness and love will open people up. These, not cruel surgeries will bring people hope and to life! The inhumane lobotomy treatment had NOTHING to do with her recovery!! In fact, it probably made things worse.

Ştēphēຖ ຟithคr໐Şē

0:15 Sugar and shock therapy for some reason didn't work so we drilled a hole in the head.

Waugy 370z

I cant imagine how many people were ruined like this. Its sad.

Joseph Stalin Biden

Lobotomies were like Tylenol at the time lol

CJ7 girl

I would say she is "happier" because of the positive reinforcement NOT the cruel lobotomy treatment!
Some people should NEVER become doctors!

Mells Mukbang

No way!


I would rather have a bottle in front of me than to have a frontal lobotomy.

Cotton Top

"I had rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"


To think that my grandmother could have had this done to her if her parents did care for her as they did is horrifying.

Darren Swift

Oh, those fabulous forties. When stalwart Americans were righteously bombarding the German Menace. I can think of more than a few world leaders and captains of industry who could benefit from undergoing this procedure....

Jeanine L. Fardette

No sound


I’m sure there’s things we do today that in 60 years they’ll call us “inhumane” for doing to people. You just do what you think is right for the person at the time. ??‍♂️

hubert bouquet

Je suis un ancien malade psychiatrisé dans un asile .... c'est le terme employé autemps ou des personnes j'en ai connu un particulièrement errait dans l'hopital à la recherche de bouteilles pleines d'eau minérale qu'il allait chercher en vitesse et regagnait sa chambre en disant en marmonnant oui tout de suite j'y vais obéissant aux ordres des infirmiers qui ne voulaient sans doute pas qu'on l'observe de trop près cet etre bizarre ancien mineur qui parlait quand il parlait de tonnes de charbon de milliers de tonnes de charbon de milliers de millions de tonnes de charbon de milliards peut etre de tonnes de charbon lui le stakhanoviste de la pensée qu'il creusait recreusait sans cesse pour essayer de retrouver ses souvenirs d'une vie qui s'était arreté quand dernier souvenir du viavant le rendez vous du docteur ....le professeur appelons le machin qui l'avait lobotomisé il devait ressembler à mon père agé quand celui ci venait me voir dans la salle d'attente du pavillon et que par hasard Henri Bossart le mineur bosseur avec ses yeux percants de loup blessé à mort ses yeux morts brillants que je n'oublierai jamais venait demander à mon père de sa voix insistante c vous le professeur ...machin bonjour docteur il restait là les bras dans le dos la tete baissée attendant une réponse puis s'en allit retournait à sa chambre disant à mon père un peu amusé bonsoir docteur au revoir docteur....qu'est ce qui est le plus terrible la lobotomie ou la silicose lui il est surement mort des deux deux fois une avant et l'autre après on ne meurt que deux fois...


What a terrible thing to do to a person. Whats even more terrifying is that it can be done at all.

Eric Schamell

This is wildly unsettling. Horrible “treatment” for anyone to go through. Good thing we in the modern age have all the answers to everything...


3:30 when someone pass gas and you smell it

Nich Hodge

Could be worse they could have been living in Germany in which she wouldn’t have reached 1944 since they started killing adults in the 1930’s from asylums. Then children where in included in 1940 (if I remember right). In fact you didn’t have to be mentally ill you could have been disabled and you were killed. To start off they were killed by morphine overdoses but then they started killing them with carbon monoxide gas with the old “it’s time to take a shower” trick


Fuck you to the people who pioneered this and those who practiced this. If there is a God, may they rot in hell.


Lobotomy was invented after america absorbed the mad scientist from the nazi´s in operation paperclip after WW2 into the leading positions of americas science and medical institutions... Yea, and i know the timeline doesn´t fit!


I want one. Where do i have to sign?

Narex Moravian

im so fucking glad that this "lobotomy" things can be now replaced with medicaments

Chipper ChelseaKay

The Lobotomist is a great documentary for anyone who wants to know more about the horrors of Lobotomies. We watched it in my psychology program. I hope these patients ended up having positive long term effects ? There were many cases that it did work for. The many it didn’t work for though were heartbreaking.


So sad to watch. I’ve witnessed the benefit of Electro convulsive therapy and I’ve had patients beg for it because they believe it works for them. And it usually does. People are sedated and it’s painless, they wake up tired but feel better. Usually it takes a few sessions. But a lobotomy, seems taking it too far. And why give an adult a soft toy. They are not children and even if they are mentally ill does not mean they are mentally retarded.

Christina Alexandria

I work with schizophrenic clients and this is devastating to watch. We still have a long way to go when it comes to mental health but I’m so thankful brutal and cruel practices like the lobotomy are no longer administered. I pray these victims are at peace now, I feel so sorry that they experienced this. ?

Dan Chandler

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy , I'd rather be in Penn State than the State Pen and I'd rather be under six feet than be six feet Under !!!

Chloe Richey

TBH “at times sarcastic and irritable other times readily affable and friendly” can describe me on any given day.

Olivia Gomes

So why did they do lobotomies on these women? What was the purpose?

Amy Zamora

Where's the sound? !

Kelly Patterson

Forced into submission by men.

Ma K

So awful?? did she kida recover from the lobotomia littlebit the brain can maybe heal from it

Jo B

Fck me I wonder how they manhandled the 2nd woman when the camera wasn't there, as they sure done a fine job for the video ???????


Could We PLEASE Utilize This AWSOME Procedure On All BLM Members ? No - Really

Sieg 02

Jesus christ that is horrible!


So this is what JEFFERY dahmer was aiming for fkn crazy


Absolutely barbaric.


i don't believe in hell but i hope wherever dr. walter freeman is now, he's burning


This is so sad???

Aaron Kintzer

Oh you don't like being forced all over the place and having your head yanked on? lets just give that brain of yours a little snip here, a little snip there. Oh those nerves control your inhibitions and movement control? yeah lets just get rid of those for yah

pp eater

“Friendly and cooperative”
Did you mean: “literally retarded and unaware”

Sugar Free

I wonder what would have happened in this day and age with modern medicine. They probably be as normal as apple pie without a lot of interventions especially invasive ones

Christian Prinoth

Failure to improve after several courses of both insulin and convulsive shock.
Who the fuck thinks that would be an improvement for ANYTHING o_O
Those were doctors not even 100 years ago ffs ^^

Melissa Stclair

Prior to this, they electroshocked a womens ovaries or restrained her in a adult size bbay crib and left her there to where she couldnt walk when she got out and some died. Also why are you depicting white women as his patients when if you do some research youll find most of his patients where african american women as for whatever reason he said they where the "most sucessful" Women where the majority of his patients, he chose by race and gender. Mental hospitals in general during this time kept women longer then they kept men. I want to know what happened to these women. Why are there no books written about them?


Why is this on my playlist for Kardashian Deepfake KyleDunnigan???


The first girl just looked like she had bipolar disorder, I know because sometimes my friends personality and action are just like hers.

Jenny Campbell

Who can ever know the conditions and treatment they received to put them in that state. The people put in mental institutions even today can be confined at the whim of a family member or anyone else in power. That in itself will make a person crazy. Then they start filling the person with drugs like a lab rat.

Tiffany T

The second woman was likely so rigid due to the constant shock therapy. It’s so sad that this was considered medical care back then


You should have seen it in color.

Md Rezwan Amir Rafi

Shutter island brought me here??

Grete Ann

they were probably uncooperative after the nurses treated them like that

Roy Carvana

Lobotomy should be practised at chronic sex offenders, Sociopaths, and aby kind of violent criminials.

Little Plank

God I wish I could get one of these

Soft Girl

If I had been born 80 years before the period I was actually born in, I would have surely got a lobotomy.

When people ask me "if you had a time machine, which era of the past would you visit first?" I always respond "I'm a woman, I'm going to the future".

L. Castillo A.

Es una medida radical

Stephen Fielding

Can you still opt for a lobotomization? I might need one.

janna kraye

What is the bbb to differential therapy discovered in begrudging each portion of the limbic system it's own identy and respect ing all mitigating circumstances such as undeclared chemicals. Bi-polar and pulmonary disease can take years to surface lithium is still employed yet Na denied is what makes the case for Nobel peace prize winners from Japan & Sweden argue against blanket application given prostaglandin synthesis and complications and solutions prostaglandin envy contains. Therefore describe modern lobotomy in the absence of antipsychotics


I critisized Klaus Schwab, the leader of The World Economic Forum, and this came up in my YT.

Sometimes Snarky

Remember folks....when Communism comes to America .....this is what happens to people with ...ideas.

zack brown

Unable to adjust outside hospital... yeah no duh because you took the part of her brain that can make any meaningfull and emotinal jusgement and put it into a tray

Maria Banaszak

i just can't stop thinking how they purposely gave them TBI's

ian matteson

Came here curious from shutter island

Dirt eater

The way they pulling and grabbing the second women made me so upset

Violeta Madrid López

Dejen a la gente en paz por la chucha


Am I going to be the only person to say they could do this today as an out patient with no pain and no limited function? They had the right idea but it’s a barbaric procedure. Schizophrenia and severe ocd or conduct disorder has to be a prison and something better can be done today. Problem is no one cares to actually see these patients improve

Outy Man

All you have to do to cure willful combativeness is surgically make them retarded. Fortunately, we made a class of drugs called antipsychotics which does this chemically, and is mostly reversible if you stop taking them. The only good thing in my opinion about them is that they put an end to the lobotomy.


did they do it with a big sharp metal stick or a scalpel who knows

bogey bob

And now a days they lock you in a room for weeks on end in the masquerade of "help" but will force you into a cushy prison for not wanting to be alive or trying to die and it's mandated they do that. How things have gone down a slippery slope of government controlling the us citizens bodies and minds is insane

KneeDeep In Bluegrass

These videos are pissing me off.

badatspeling #1

These people literally had their personality taken from them... ?

Svjetlana ‘78

They loved churning out agreeable women back then.. It’s beyond disturbing, it’s sickening. (4:10 describes me!)

Adam King

Not trying to be funny but at 4:30 to 4:40 that woman looks exactly like Alex Jones. She does the whole time but most in that time frame.

Acid Mana

Lmao these guys have Nobel Prize.


She just didn't want anyone touching her / medicating her / experimenting on her..... I hope these doctors burn in hell

JP Alvarez

"Perfected" ?


So they just stupified her.

Forest Witch Of Gramarye Cottage

Shame on the dr who inventive this cruel barbaric procedure ? Frances Farmer’s movie career was over due to this procedure. Today she would have been treated very differently indeed.