Hyaluronic acid anti aging

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Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Skin Injection? Getting Profhilo in Singapore

1 105 views | 17 Dec. 2020

Can it really fade

Can it really fade wrinkles and turn back the clock? Zhenia got the Profhilo injection from Mizu Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore. The Profhilo injection is a bio-remodelling injectable that will give you a more hydrated, volumized, and glowing appearance.

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About Mizu Aesthetics

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard # B2-12 Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore 018984

Whatsapp Contact: +65 9384 8915

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Claudia Goh

The name is not familiar, but very tempting! ✨ How long is it expected to last?

Grateful Princess of God

All the models all started with very good looking skin ???


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Monize Monize

any ideas on how to purchase this product for us in the US

Hyaluronic acid anti aging

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The Ordinary Buffet Serum Review / Matrixyl / Hyaluronic Acid / Anti-Aging

3 420 views | 28 Apr. 2019

I am so thrilled to have

I am so thrilled to have found a product, The Ordinary Buffet, that I can use on a daily basis for anti-aging! It has improved my skin texture, pores and fine line s and wrinkles!

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CK Beauty

?❤great review

Sparkly Lynnette

I find all serums tacky but like you I always add other products so it doesn’t bother me and amazing you have no irritation guess what’s going on my shopping list now thanks x

AMY 007

Good 2 know...thank u for the info.


Anti aging!! My ears are open

Kathrin McCarty

I just can't tell you how excited I am to have found a Serum I can use! What's your favorite Serum? Have you tried The Ordinary?

Nancy Goo

Your skin in beautiful!

Christy's Makeup Vlogs & FunTimes

Nice Review ??

Michelle Phillips

I have had that in my sephora cart for ages... I need to get it the next time I order I guess. I really want to try it. I'm happy you love it!

linda ackerman

Your skin glows, is this possibly from the buffet?...I just started using this and also bought the 15% vitamin c serum too, but I want to try this first and then incorporate the vit c a little later.

abdulkhafar media

368 sub done subb back dear friend stay connected

Cristina Lara Nightingale

Been thinking of getting this, There’s a lot of nice reviews about this. By the way I would love to support your channel hope you support back I would appreciate it. Thank you and keep in touch xoxo ?

Gina Loves to craft

Thank you for this review ?

Bonitavlog Bonita

I’m so obsessed with this kind of serum. This is great. I can get that when we visit America this summer, I can get it online and I am VIB there but I want to wait so I can get more than that. I love your review Thank you for sharing.


Like 14, very cool!!

Robin's Beauty Over 50

Hey Kathrin..I love The Ordinary products, but I haven’t tried the buffet. This is the first in-depth review of this particular product. Thanks for sharing this..??❤️

Shantelle Lace WithThePrettyFace

Nice I've never tried any ordinary products. But I will definitely picking this up. Thanks for the video ??


Sub #357 my new friend :)


Please, what is a beauty insider? How does someone become/prove their 'insidership'. lol. Thank you!

Barbara Make Love Not War mack

I love my The Ordinary skin care routine...I use the "B" oil the caffeine soultion for my eyes (YES such a difference in my dark circles it is s bit dry feeling but I just use an eye cream since I have them from boxes or just my moisturizer) also use the Retinol from them too..I switch using the "B" oil and the Sunday Riley Vitamin C oil we got on a box but not when I use the retinol...just so you know they revommend only up to 3 products of theirs in your skin care ay a time..but you csn do this...use 3 on morn and 3 different ones at night..I am gonna add the Matrixyl10% HA into my routine..I do see a difference with the "B" pil but really think I need the Matrixyl or the Buffet...then I will be adding the peel...and really need to find something to clean out my pores cause the masks I have aint doing sheit lol ok book over..much huggies


great serum, so jelly? your skin looks flawless??

Spanglish Life

Thank you so much for this review ???

Kat Nord

I am interested to see your impressions of this one! I have this love-hate relationship with The Ordinary. when I first learned about them I was so hooked, I loved the brand and the concept and of course the price is amazing for the products! But they were sold out everywhere and it was really hard to find them and I actually had to have my friend send me some from Canada. All of the ones I actually wanted did NOT work for me and I was really disappointed. My friend also sent me Buffet, but I had no interest in it (I like single ingredient products I don't like mixing too many active ingredients in one product) but eventually I got over my disappointment in the ordinary and gave it a try and I think (so far) this is the best thing I have tried from them! It's not bad at all, especially for the price! Thanks for sharing your experience, glad you found a serum that works for you, it can be hard for people with sensitive skin!

Ana's Makeup

I love the Ordinary. Has changed my skincare game

Sparkly Lynnette

I’ve just discovered this for myself the ordinary and love it so interested in hearing your reviews on this one x

Sarah Kathleen

New subscriber here and love your channel!! Would love if we could support each other!!! xoxo

Shivangi Sharma

I am 26 plus. Nd my skin is loosing its firmness. Should I use this or the ordinary retinol series from low to high concentration??

Kyla Granger

Been thinking of getting this, I use to use the ordinary a long while back, your skin looks great girly!

Hyaluronic acid anti aging

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Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for anti-ageing

12 598 views | 3 May. 2018

Hyaluronic acid is a type

Hyaluronic acid is a type of dermal filler, that can be used to improve the skin's contour and dramatically improve: acne scars, crow's feet, smile lines, frown lines, scarring and worry lines that run across the forehead. Dr JJ Masani explains how it works...

Book an appointment to see Dr JJ Masani: https://www.topdoctors.co.uk/doctor/jj-masani

Jane Kirkwood

Does anyone know why when I make my hyaluronic acid mixture for my face after a few days it goes back to runny consistency?