Orgasm a day

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Kim Anami Wellness: An Orgasm a Day The Benefits of a Regular Practice

6 817 views | 15 Feb. 2013

Kim Anami Wellness: An

Kim Anami Wellness: An Orgasm a Day The Benefits of a Regular Practice. See full video here ... http://myyoga.tv/v4Hn

Kim Anami discusses the idea that sex ought to be as much a part of your regular routine as eating well, exercising and meditation. In fact, regular sex encompasses all of these activities: it feeds you, creates incredible biochemical highs in your system and has been shown to be the equivalent of meditation for lighting up brain centers. Daily sexercise will change your life.


30 days of orgasm alone: doable. With a partner? Good luck!


Oh yea baby!

Robert Radford

My wifes mother told her before we were married that sex is just like brushing your teeth
It needs to be done once or twice a day. I love my mother in law

Crystal Wings

Damn. Thirty days of sex, "whether you're single or in a relationship"? O_o On my bucket list! lol


Will do!

Orgasm a day

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8 Reasons Why Women Should Orgasm At Least Once A Day

2 510 views | 10 Sep. 2017

We as human beings are

We as human beings are wired to propagate our species, in simpler words, to have sex. It is not uncommon for men to achieve orgasm every time they are doing the deed. However, when it comes to women the bitter truth is we don’t always experience the jaw grinding, lip biting orgasms as often as we would like to. It is hard to argue how orgasm could not be good for your health. Here are 8 reasons why an orgasm a day would keep the doctor away for women.

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