Modified brazilian wax

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bikini waxing making from hair to brazilian bikini bare

930 views | 13 Dec. 2020


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lga SJ xVirg

Oh yeah. Do you love me? ?? ??❤️

Modified brazilian wax

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Waxing My Cousin's Pt. 2

93 views | 29 Jan. 2021


I remember when I did your nails and got in so much trouble

Modified brazilian wax

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Brazilian Wax Studio

297 635 views | 13 Dec. 2016

Brazilian wax studio,

Brazilian wax studio, Franklin TN offering the best wax in town! Affordable prices and top of the line natural hard wax, because your skin deserves the best! For more information visit our website brazilianwaxstudio.com

Tracy Gass

This is stupid

Googlesucks100 Ballsandshafts

Is there any connection between the term Brazilian Wax and the fact Brazilians love to eat ass??


Poki in the thumbnail?


Is she trans?

Gigantis the Fire Monster

But I don’t have a pussy. How do I get my pussy waxed if I don’t have a pussy? I could tell my girlfriend’s pussy about it, but seeing as it’s her pussy, not my personal pussy, it’ll be hard to remember bc I’m not always thinking about grooming my pussy seeing that I don’t have a pussy on my body. Plus her pussy is sleeping, I could wake her up to ask pussy questions to her pussy, but then she’ll be mad at me for waking her up just to talk about pussy stuff. Then she’ll bring up old fights where she accused me of liking her pussy more than her, but I already told her that’s not true, I just like her pussy so much for obvious reasons. I would play with my own pussy if I had my own pussy but since I don’t have my own pussy, I have to touch her pussy, and see what household objects fit inside her pussy. It’s like a fun pussy game we play with her pussy, but when her pussy isn’t waxed, it’s not as pleasant to look at her pussy, so maybe I should tell her and her pussy about the pussy waxing place where they wax pussies so we can get her pussy waxed so it can be a pretty pussy the next time I ask her pussy to come out and play the pussy game. Then she’ll get her pussy out and show me her pussy to display the excellent pussy waxing she had done to her pussy at the pussy waxing pussy palace, then I’ll pound her pussy with the hairdryer.

Will Bradley

Why does this add pop up constantly on YouTube

Hunter Riley

Damn that girl in the checkered shirt is hot !!!??

Joseph Deffendoll

I would like a job at your studio please. Do you have a location in Murfreesboro TN? Or the Nashville TN area?

Super Cracker

Mmmmm my ass feels so much better and there’s not Godzilla’s chest in my ass anymore I feel so relaxed????

B Cal

Nobody gives af if you're Brazilian

Joseph Deffendoll

Hey baby !!! I will was that ass for jou.....
Guarantee no itch after....If jou get another jou come see me again!!!!!!

Harry Griffin



U know I wanted to see a cootch get waxed ?

Wehr Wolf

Wax dat ass

tory nichols

I guess it would be hard to come up with a commercial for Brazilian wax

One Wheel Appeal

I want a job there as an inspector

Sub to me for uno reverse card

that girl looks like pokimane

wolf garou


Shannon Hairr

Why would someone like this

Robert Phelps

Only a woman is foolish enough to piss away good money on this completely unnecessary craziness


Tbh it have to be done by someone that knows wat they doin


Cluck Cluck said the chicken ?

CD Binkley

Do you wax transgender?

Vermont Jeff

I rather have a chick with a hairy one . Than a 10 year old looking one with sagging lips and bumps

Robert Phelps

Do you notice they always direct these ads at women? The reason is because they know only women are going to be stupid enough to piss away money on this foolishness

Charles Roberts

I will give you a wax

Super Cracker

I hope this makes my pussy not itch anymore??

joe smith

Damn. Hoping to see the end product

Electro Mech

Do you price by the job or square foot?



Ronnie Smith



Oh okay