Should sesame oil be refrigerated after opening

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5 845 views | 2 Sep. 2020

Today I want to share my

Today I want to share my three frozen ONIGIRI recipes that you can bring to your school or office straight from the freezer as your lunch.

You can make ahead, and you can cut the preparation time in the busy morning.

Because Onigiri is eaten room temperature, five to six hours after its made, we should be careful how to keep in a good condition.

I did an experimented and it went successful, and I wanted to share it with you!

〈Cha-Han Onigiri〉makes 3

300g cooked rice

1 large egg

50g Cha-Shaw (chashu)

20g scallion

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1 teaspoon chicken soup powder (Chinese sytle)

1 teaspoon soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

〈Omu-Rice Onigiri〉makes 3

300g cooked rice

2 sausages

20g onion

10g carrot

10g green bell pepper

1 teaspoon chicken or beef soup powder

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon ketchup

salt and pepper to taste

・thin omelet

1 large egg

1/2 teaspoon potato starch (or corn starch)

1 teaspoon water

a pinch of salt

〈Dry Curry Onigiri〉makes 3

300g cooked rice

2 slices ham

20g onion

10g carrot

10g green bell pepper

1 teaspoon chicken or beef soup powder

1 heaping tablespoon Hellmann's mayo ※any kind of mayo is OK

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon curry powder

1/5 teaspoon black pepper

Full Recipe:


Check out my store on Amazon!

You will find what I am using in my video.


※Kitchen Princess Bamboo earn small amount of commission from the store. The profit is saved for "Give Away"!





Ingredients for this recipe:


Check out my store on Amazon!

You will find what I am using in my video.


※Kitchen Princess Bamboo earn small amount of commission from the store. The profit is saved for "Give Away"!

music:youtube music library

Sharing output get better skills.

Thanks! Love from Japan♡



Great recipes! Thank you for being so thorough and clear.

Sher Ling

I like the idea of freezing onigiri but I will skip using microwave. We normally freeze rice in Japan.

Elis Riet Braz da Costa

Muito obrigada por sua receita

Lisa N

I have been watching you for awhile now and I appreciate the thought and detail in your videos. You show care in explaining the science and reasons why you add certain ingredients and the methods of preparation. Keep up the great work! I also enjoyed seeing you at the end of this video!

Thor Stormbreaker

How to make shinobi udaan

Nicole Palmer vlogs

You are so good at onigiri ??

Anna K

Thank you. I'm trying this for sure.

Elis Riet Braz da Costa

Vou tentar fazer

Joanna Julep

Omg you’re pretty ❤️❤️

Perabot Juragan & Sudacu

Can we saute those ingredients on stove???

Emily Williams

Yum! Onigiri are my favorite Japanese food, I’m so glad to have more recipes and to know how to make them ahead of time ??

Thor Stormbreaker

First comment


Your son is the luckiest person on the planet.

Jasper Fen

This is great! It will make it a lot easier for me to enjoy onigiri for lunch. Thanks!

Lainy Legion

seeing you smile was the most satisfying part! you are beautiful! my husband and I can't wait to try them tysm ?


You are the best! Thank you!

Anthony Blignaut

Lovely thank you.

Thtondonba khuman

After takeout from freezer can I use oven for warm onigiri

Sophie Vanderbilt

The curry one would probably be my favorite, too! I can't wait to try these. Thank you for the recipes.

Futurama Simpson

Thank you for an easy and delicious recipe! ??

King's Regime

The most beautiful and delicious onigiri i've seen, bless you

Hal Ryder

Wow, I'm definitely gonna use some of these once i start working again

Peter Engström

Now my lunchbox prep is decided for this week! :D I love your little experiments and they always turns out great. At least those you tell us about. ? I will try out that method tomorrow and see the result. I have always thought that frozen food taste bland and are mostly wet, like potatoes and rice so I don't use them in lunchboxes I plan to put in the freezer. This will be fun to try! Thank you again and take care in the coming typhoon. ???


What a smart idea! I think many people are afraid to experiment in the kitchen but if you do, and you have some basics of food science under your belt, you can come up with wonderful inventions like this. Arigato, Akino-san!


Serious question, how long can these be kept in the freezer then? Like if I did prep-work for week or more, will it still be safe? Or is it overnight in the freezer only?

Skyfall uno

How long can you keep the onigiri in a freezer

Troye Sivan

So adorable ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

Thor Stormbreaker

How to use chopsticks sister.

Hamsterita Hams

It's so nice to hear about this from a real Japanese. I had asked several times on Japanese channels if you could storage rice and rice preparations (as onigiri) on the freezer/fridge, and it was like I was insulting them ?? most of them said it was impossible to do it without making it uneatable. I had heard about the trick of cooking it with oil but I wasn't sure if it would be the same. I am glad to hear from you that in your opinion is ok

Should sesame oil be refrigerated after opening

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Healthy Aldi Meal Prep for the Week & Haul! + INSTANT POT recipe!

623 872 views | 14 Feb. 2019

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I went to Aldi for my groceries, and did a meal prep for the week with my haul! I had to get creative, and tried to keep it healthy, but sustainable.

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lady Lane

Potatoes should not be pre maid. You should not eat them few hours after they've cooked. I dont know why but its common knowledge in my country.

Christina B

I just want to say thank you for the inspiring things you say! I get so overwhelmed with meal prepping and trying to shop healthy for my husband and I. I love how you say to do the best you can and know that if you cant it's ok. Thank you. I was getting so overwhelmed because food is so expensive and my husband has nafld and I just want to help him be healthy and heal his liver but it seems so impossible when you cant buy organic food. I've been on a search to try and buy more organic but right now it's just not in our budget. But I will continue to do the best I can ♡


More instant pot meals please and family meal prep

Jayda Home-Teillard d'Eyry

People in the US are lucky. Groceries in Canada are so expensive.

Lynn Hamps

Nice ideas...never heard Worcestershire sauce called English Sauce before though (I'm British) :)

xxnicxx xx

Dont we need to reheat the sauteed bbq chicken too before eating it?


These recipes all look delicious and easy. I'm curious about how the coconut sugar doesn't count as added sugar?

loji'snails I

I loved this video and all of your ideas and I want to consider them to my lifestyle but I want to know the calories of each meal? if that's possible it would be really helpful thank you ?????


OMG! The pizza rolls video was the first video I ever saw of you. What a throwback!

Réka Mohay

It is very dangerous to use raw eggs in mayo, especially to store them for days. It is dangerous even in the fridge, it can make you sick with salmonella...


Why do you add lemon juice to the mash potatoes? Just wondering never seen that before

Robert Kay

Do you have meal pans with no meat,oil, no dairy.


One of the best meal prep videos Ive ever seen!!!!


More instant pot recipes. Thank you!

me heretoday

so your week s prep is really a four day prep... mmm click bait really

Josselin Acosta

Ugh I purchased the immersion blender and tried to make homemade mayo with it and it was a big fail:(

Edit: nvm I fixed it:) I had to turn it to the faster button

ivette moux

Where is the list of items?

Cadence James

I thought it was really expensive until I realised. £7 = $10. She said it could be $40. So about £28

Brenda Flores

I love and enjoyed this video so much and these meals have the best photographer I enjoy the details too as much as the food ?

Lucy Olivia Harding

Where did you get your containers from??

Nata Zara

Asperges taste better than green beans anyways :d ur really into that bento style i like it :). I never cook with ketchup cause i hate the taste and i dont like the amount of sugar in my meals.

Dannii X

Over in .uk we say the l in Aldi weird hearing it another way

Deborah John

I got tested of herpes early this year, I experienced dark urine and ribs pain so I went to the hospital for treatment and I was diagnosed of Herpes. The doctor gave me anti-retroviral drugs to slowdown the viral load which later worsens the ailment because the drugs weren’t effective and I was so scared because they say it has no cure, out of frustration I told my friend about it and luckily he told me he ones battled same problem in the past but he was saved by Dr. Abumere. He gave me his contact and reached him and I became well and tested negative after the treatment. Here is his contact if you have such case. contact: +2349021975055, ([email protected])


I never really realized you can eat cooked chicken cold... I’m so slow lol


Piece of advice on the sloppy joe meat, use lean ground beef. Turkey is actually super high in Cholesterol. I often see people supplement beef with ground turkey, or pork sausages with turkey sausages, but turkey is actually worse for you health than any other meat. Less calories, and in some cases less fat, isn’t worth the massive Cholesterol boost.

Ashley Hairston Doughty

That Instant Pot trick blew my mind! ?

M Nik

Yes to more instant pot videos?


$55 for 2 people to eat for 4 days. My max shopping budget is $140/month, for one person to function
for 30 days. I love Aldi's as well. You can find some nice choices there without breaking the bank for
those of us on fixed budgets.

Leen Jokhdar

I love your video It’s got so much information and super useful


This is the best meal prep video I have ever seen

David Rubino

Japanese vowels are like those in Spanish:
A - like father
I - like seed
U - like boot
E - like hay (with out the y sound at the end)
O - like oats



Lol, I came here b/c I was on the "$50 Whole Foods" video and I thought, eesh, family of 5...times $50...that's still almost $300/wk which is $1200 a month. The pinned post there was like, "Go here for a family..." and it's for 2 people. I guess we're just going with the very loosest definition of family, then...k...


Where are those dishes and containers from though?

nadia Ko

What do you mean 2 hours in the fridge?

Lisa Hjortsberg

Great video!
Your link for the 3 compartment containers isnt working anymore, would you mind updating it?

Kate Magnigoue

Here in Germany Aldi is great for those on a budget which I love but like you said sometimws it don't have have you want. Its not a one stop shop for me. I always have to go somewhere else like Rewe to get rest of my groceries which sucks because I usually just want to buy everything at a go. Other than that I love Aldi for its reasonable prices

Cadence James

If you’re going to be eating a lot of rice, please, please, buy in bulk. It’s such a waste of money to just buy small pouches

Gregory Hink

I will be signing up for your meal planning course. I'd like to offer a tip for your viewers, if you wanted your chicken heated up without having your salad heated, just put the chicken in seran wrap/baggie and heat it separately. Easy peezy

Space Llama

The potato salad look artery clogging

Patricia Clarkson

Love those glass containers with the compartments!!
All that food looks delicious!

Christine Sharland

I live the idea and the recipes but eight days in the fridge seems long. Doesnt it go off? I don't even like eating prepared food after three days. Lol. That's just me maybe

رزو الحق

If you’re going to make the homemade mayonnaise do not use a regular blender it won’t give you the same consistency , color and taste of mayo

Your Little Shop

What an annoying voice!!!!

Imene Laz

I like all your videos your the best


Do you ever notice that Aldi's quality isn't always that great? The veggies and fruits, sure. But their meats makes me think twice. I wonder if its just the store by me.

Cortney Kimmelmann

I have a question for a substitute. I have PCOS and am not supposed to eat potatoes. Is there something I could sub for it instead??

Sophia Witkowski

How long do you keep your meals when you have made them x

B Mtz

Lol I like that random pineapple ?

Dallas Tackett

okay i actually loved this video compared to everything else that i watch! my boyfriend always has to eat his lunches cold and its hard to switch it up. i like that you also used good food and everything wasn't kale lol


Im unexpectedly a housewife now so these vids really help.

Anais Guillaume

I have a question many weight loss recepices has almond, nut, but, like peanut butter ... but the probleme is with what can it be replace when you are allergic to peanut, nut almond it's quite sad

Laurie's Story

Thank goodness for this video!! You are AWESOME! I only shop at Aldi as a young single mom and this helped me SO much! ❤️❤️❤️

Keke Jo

Little concerned about the raw egg "mayonnaise " in the potato salad

Stuff & Places

I want air fryer meals!!!

Bez Imienny

Woow can you see that yin and yang on 4:24?

This frame shows how much effort she is putting into her videos

Amanda Redmond

Mind Over Munch, I have just watched your video and just wanted to compliment you on doing such a great job on it - keep up the good work! I'm actually starting a new job in the next couple of weeks and know that I'm going to be tight for time when it comes to cooking. I used to love cooking from scratch when I was younger and will find that meal prepping will save an awful lot of time for me with it all (finishing training this week to start working towards becoming a professional Home Care Assistant). Already subscribed. You doing a fantastic job, MOM! x

Lukkie Charm

I use taco filling and stuff Cubanelle peppers to avoid the carbs from taco shells. Thanks for the Sloppy Joe idea!

Patricia King

I enjoyed that video more of them would be good

CoolDaddy BBQ

You eat the same lunch every day?


Do you have to use the mirin/sherry in the marinade? It isn't something that would get used enough for me to justify buying.

Maryann O'Connor

Would you please do a meal prep video for 1-2 people.


I can't stand ground turkey. I'll replace with extra lean ground meat.

Jennifer Ikelman

I make Sloppy Joe's using lentils instead of meat. Even my kids like it.

Josselin Acosta

Which immersion blender do to have? The 2017 or 2018 model?

Alex Torres

Good morning Miha check this prep meal video damn all that food looks hell a good and I’m starving right now check it out tell me what you think all right miss you love you say hi to the girls for me tell him I love them and tell them I got presents for them to and for Diego talk to you soon

Julian Yu

Wait what’s the difference between ketchup and tomato sauce? Is it an American language difference? We have tomato sauce and tomato paste, but the ketchup doesn’t look like paste?


I like the food container you used, where can I find something similar to yours?

Linda Sacks

Oats and potatoes? Really?

Jose Antonio Plaza

If you try to eat that mayo made with raw egg 4 days later, you will greet our old friend salmonella for sure. Good luck


Awesome. The potato salad looks sooo divine. The oat and raisin squares are far from healthy though

Maryann O'Connor

What is english sauce?

Marisa Lopez

Could I substitute raisins for blueberries? ?

Amy thuman

So I’m wondering if the oily stuff running no the wooden bowls...? Like they mayo and potato salad

Mascha und der Bär

Didnt know that does Aldi excists out of Germany

Fernanda Flores

Love your videos! Super easy to follow!

Sapphire Pearl


Laure De Saeger

more crockpot recipes pleaseeeeeeeeee

Mind Over Munch

Do you want more videos like this? Where should I go next!?

lea powell

yummy all foods

sharon anderson

Wht is English sauce? That a new one for me.


Laughed out loud when you said that 170gram bag of slivered almonds was a more expensive item, at $2.89. I just paid $6 for a 110gram pack. Even with exchange rates, I’m getting ripped off. Love grocery shopping in Australia ?‍♀️

k.c. Bake

Grateful to have an Aldi very near me... though mine still has too much junk... but that narrows it down... fewer healthy options, cuts time...

Renata Rena

do you really believe this is all healthy?


New Subbie! Needed this inspiration!

Mary Hopkins

I love these types of videos. I’m saving this one???❤️

Chiara Santoro

I like your down to earth approach! thank you!

Camilla Truques de Beleza

You cut down in dishes but you polude the environment with an extra plastic bag... :-(

Marquis de Hoto

It's so funny how everyone is freaking out about Aldi and germans are like.... well it's just Aldi xD

terri arheghan

Alot of great ideas!! Thank you. I'm a meal prepping fiend now!!

Logan Evan

OMG, I've feed 2 people for $25 - $28.00 a week From Aldi's when I lived in Florida !


I live in the Netherlands and we have oatmeal at the aldi for 45 euro cents!


what would you suggest as a replacement for tomatoes in that salad? it looks delicious, but I'm allergic to tomatoes.

Kerry Daniel

I really love this, thank you!


There is a fallacy in that the alcohol cooks out. It does not fully cook out. Those allergic or addicted are still at risk.


I love the idea of no bake raisin bars, but I don't eat peanut butter. Do you have a tip where I could replace the peanut butter with?

Tim Reynders

Her : food prep for the week.
Also her : full prep for 4 days.
Me : Wth and here i'm thinking a week is still 7 days.


I don't know how I've watched at least 10 of your videos before realizing I wasn't subscribed :(
Definitely subscribed

terri arheghan

Nice video. Great foods

Richard Robertson

Never done a full brek/lunch/din meal prep, but I'm using these videos to build up hype and courage for my first try. I'm just scared to commit to a full week of same food, especially given that if I don't eat that one day, I'll have wasted a lot of effort, but it definitely looks so convenient in the end.

Should sesame oil be refrigerated after opening

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Teriyaki Beef with Rainbow Vegetables | Yan Can Cook | KQED

6 089 views | 8 Feb. 2021

In this episode of Yan Can

In this episode of Yan Can Cook, Martin shows us how to make three different high quality meals when you're pressed for time including teriyaki beef with rainbow vegetables (1:00), sweet and sour fish with pineapple fried rice (10:10), clear lettuce soup with poached chicken wing (20:05).

For those times you don't have time to cook, swing by a Chinese deli for stuffed fuzzy melon, BBQ pork, braised tofu or chow mein. (8:31)

#MartinYanMondays #teriyakibeef #chinesefood

Subscribe to watch a newly released classic episode of Yan Can Cook every Monday: https://www.youtube.com/kqed?sub_confirmation=1

About Yan Can Cook:

After receiving his formal restaurant training in Hong Kong, Chef Martin Yan immigrated to Calgary, Canada where he was asked to appear in a daytime news program to demonstrate Chinese cooking. The rest, as they say, is television history. In 1978, he launched the groundbreaking Chinese cooking series 'Yan Can Cook' on public television. Infused with Martin's signature humor and energy, Yan Can Cook has gone on to become a global phenomenon and has won multiple James Beard Awards.

See what Martin is up to now on his website: https://yancancook.com/home/

Discover more fun with food on KQED: https://www.kqed.org/food


I miss those old-style takeout containers... its been in plastic for some time now.

miniature cooking star


Emily Dong

If you guys say anything about Martin Yan being bad or something please I will report you and you should say something nice about this channel.


Emily Dong

Happy Early Chinese New Year everyone!! I’m celebrating on Friday and this weekend.

Sir. Tony Blair. jr

Great job.. we need him now . he's show is need. It would okay. We need to see some of the old shoes. GREAT..

chris keanie

Martin Yan ftw with the slurry in a hurry


That thumbnail lmao

Boris Sorkov



He put the raw chicken wings in the broth for only 1 minute!!! From 21:00 to 22:00 There is no way the wings cooked in that time.

If these truly were raw chicken wings (and not pre cooked ones) this is VERY DANGEROUS.

Даниил Соболев