Mineral oil for babies hair

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How to get rid of/remove cradle cap!! ( And grow your baby hair back)

31 043 views | 14 Oct. 2018

Georgia Rose cradle cap

Georgia Rose cradle cap removal!! In this video I show you how I got rid of/removed my baby cradle cap!! I removed her cradle cap with just olive oil and our special hair care oil! The website link to purchase Georgia’s hair care oil will be below⬇️ Make sure you SUBSCRIBE!!

For any questions, business inquiries, and sponsorships email: [email protected]

Georgia’s Instagram- @georgiaroseblake


Here is Georgia’s website link to purchase her hair growth oil⬇️ https://www.georgiarosehaircare.com/

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Omg, thank you! I was freaking out because my baby face broke out like this. I thought something was wrong.

Caylor and Brandy Watson

Shes Beautiful❤

Georgia Rose

Monica Jones here is my video on what I did to get rid of her cradle cap!

L.T. Chosen

She is such a beautiful baby! I know this may sound harsh but it absolutely works and softens the hair as well..my baby mommi is 2 1/2 months and her cradle cap is completely gone after 2 separate washes. Apple cider vinegar kills the fungus and bacteria cradle cap produce..dries it right up! I dnt use anything but aloe vera leaf and castor or argan oil on her hair. I diluted 1 cap full of the acv with about 1\2 to almost full cup of water and let that sit on her hair a few minutes, massage with the pads of my fingertips then gently comb the flakes out. It was super easy to get them off and literally dried everything on the scalp up. Moisturizing in between wash day and repeated that a second time. I haven't seen any more and wash day is 1x a week.

Χρυσαυγή Παπαδόπουλού Μαυροειδή

I knew this cause it’s common sense sorry, it makes sense to me, good job, she’s a cutie!!

Zakela Mickens

How often can you use the oil on Baby’s hair within a week


Just subscribed! She is too cute! Good Job growing her hair back!! :)

Lekeshia Miller

I meant to ask do you have to rinse the oil out? Would rinsing make her dry? How do you do it? Just apply daily and rinse mornings? Also, how do you feel about jojoba oil? Does it promote hair growth like olive oil? I was told jojoba oil can be used daily without rinsing out. ?

Kasturi Madhu

Plz tell what oil I don't understand

Paulina Glez

She is so cute ! ? glad I found this cause my baby’s head got really dry around 3 weeks so much so when I would burp him his skin would end up on my shoulder I thought I had dandruff lol

Leonard Blake

Great job with growing her hair back very informative video!!

Mo Jo

About how long did it take for you to notice it starting to come back in?

Eri Payne

I just ordered your hair oil for my baby boy! his hair loss looked just like hers due to cradle cap and although I know it’ll grow back I just want to see if it’s something I can do to speed the process up just a little bit lol


Thank you.. Out of all the video s i watched on cradle cap, you are the only one who mention soft spots and what to do on new born ..


Do you wash it out later in the day or something? I've tried a couple different oils on my daughter's scalp/hair to try to get rid of the cradle cap (I even tried using her skin lotion on her head, and surprisingly that's worked better than anything else so far, but she still has pretty bad dry skin on her scalp, so it's not working well enough, but it's better than it was) - and I can't just leave the oil on her head because it looks like I just poured cooking grease on her head lol - because she has really fine and straight hair. I have no idea how she ended up with super fine, straight hair because mine's not like that at all, but my husband has straight hair so I guess she just got lucky and didn't get my crazy curly frizzy hair. But yeah, so even if I use just a tiny tiny bit, it looks like I just POURED oil on her and it looks really strange and gets all over everything, she's not sitting up on her own yet so there will just be oil all over the bed or wherever she's laying.
I'm excited to try the olive oil though because I know this dry scalp thing has to be super itchy, it makes me itchy just looking at it and her doctor just told me to use baby oil and that hasn't worked at all. It helps temporarily, but as soon as I wash it out a few hours later, it goes right back to being dry.
Anyway, thanks for the tip, and your daughter is so cute! And she really seems to like mommy rubbing her head like that ^_^ Adorable.

Tykeria Gilmore

Will coconut oil work ?

Barbara Carr

She's absolutely adorable

Ronda Herbert

Wow great!! New subbie here!!

Dr. Hen #TIsipper

So you not suppose to wash the oil out? I'm seeing so many different things. I'm lost

Mineral oil for babies hair

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Mineral oil for babies hair

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Dealing with Cradle Cap| How I Removed My Baby's Cradle Cap and Products I Used

24 225 views | 13 Dec. 2019

My baby had a bad case of

My baby had a bad case of cradle cap, aka mugrita lol this is what I did to clear her scalp.

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Dealing with Cradle Cap| How I Removed My Baby's Cradle Cap and Products I Used

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Tory C

The Bobby pin is a good idea! Even though she has cradle cap her hair still looks very healthy. She is too cute and you did a good job with maintaining her hair and that pony tail looks amazing- I need that!

Jocelyn C

Great job ??. Your a sweet mommy ❤️

Marilyn Hobson

You need to put the teeth on the scalp not the hair. Place some pressure.

Marilyn Hobson

You need to apply a little more pressure

Fahim Sayed

My daughter is 2year old she have craddle cap in her hair what to do

Marilyn Hobson

Just try using a meds comb. It works great

Na Na

Buy the frida cradle cap after one use my baby’s cradle cap was gone. I got mine from target

Marilyn Hobson

If you use a men's pocket come, that will remove alot more

Martin Awortwi

waste of time, just go straight to the point

josh honaker

Looks like salad topping

Pamela Morris

Because you were

very gently with comb on your baby’s head

Your baby stayed asleep while you removed the flakes good job

Chris Marks

I never thought about a Bobby pin.... will do

Jewell W.

The main cause of cradle cap are those so-called gentle baby shampoos and conditioners. All they do is stripped away a baby’s protective coating, disturbed the pH balance which causes dryness (cradle cap). Cradle cap can spread to the face and the rest of the body. Which sometimes can be mistaken for baby acne. Although I see the larger bumps on your babies face I also noticed those little tiny fine too. I am a 65 year old African-American mother of six children. I am also the family grandma and babysitter. So it took me a baby or two to learn these important truths.
1. For a baby’s first year there is no good reason a parent to put a commercial product on their babies head or body. Water will do just fine. If you really need to seal moisture into your baby skin just use some plain old olive oil. Think about your body and how dry your skin is after a shower or a bath. Now take a bath or shower and wash your hair with one of those so-called gentle baby soap or shampoos and see if you get the same result.
2. Another cause for baby acne is heating your babies milk in a microwave. I have seen this over and over again.
3. Get rid of those baby combs and brushes. A babies hair is not strong enough to be combed, brushed or manipulate on a daily.

CHALLENGE: I challenge any new mom’s to only wash your baby’s hair and body with water only and do not to comb or brush your babies hair for one year. Watch how healthy thick and long it will be. Think about the singer Beyoncé, every time you saw her with her baby in the first year, her hair was never comb or pulled up or braided in any style now look at her daughters hair now.

Marilyn Hobson

You should get a fine tooth and try that

Marilyn Hobson

Use a baby comb, scrape a bit harder

Kay Hillman

So good! Ima try the Bobby pin!

josh honaker

U did great job