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A Terrifying Nice Girl / Legbeard Let's Not Meet Story

98 073 views | 11 Sep. 2019

Terrifying Nice Girl /

Terrifying Nice Girl / Legbeard Let’s Not Meet Story | a mix of neckbeard stories , nice girl stories, and r/letsnotmeet stories. It’s a doozy. The nice girls just keep getting “nicer”.

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fier huh

This story reminds me a little of something that happened to me last year. Only my story was way more mundane:

*For reference, I am a young woman (21), and I am in a relationship (and have been in the same relationship since well before this occurred)

Last year I received a friend request on Facebook from a girl (trans girl) who I had only known as the "former boyfriend of a school friend/acquaintance that hung out with my group of friends". At the time, she had not identified as trans and went by a different name, so when she added me I was a little confused as to who she was at first.

Fast forward and she decided to start messaging me, getting to know me, etc.
She was very insistent on becoming friends, and I'd describe her as being very forward and overbearing to the point of boundary pushing. I didn't mind talking to her, it felt at times she just wanted someone to express her interests to and talk comfortably with, and considered me a safe person - I didn't want to be her friend, however, as I am very picky with friendships nowadays. She would overshare information about her body, interests, how she was a lesbian (which she seem to have mistaken for a personality). Constantly talking about anime and how she liked girls, often suggestive towards me and it felt as though she was strongly implying that she had a crush on me. I brushed it off and tried to be blunt about being in a committed, monogamous relationship.

Eventually she got more pushy and would say how I was cute, etc, how we should meet eachother in person - I strongly declined and said I wouldnt be comfortable meeting up with her, or anyone for that matter, and reminded her it wasnt personal. Time went by of constantly flooding me with progressively flirtier, weird messages and I started to slow down my responses, reply less, sometimes even leave her on read because I often didn't know how to respond to the overly sexual, bold nature of her messages.

At the time I had a tumblr account still, I rarely checked it and only had it to keep in touch with mutual artist friends, etc (aka I never partook in your typical tumblr culture stuff, I just used it as an art sharing site once in a blue moon). One day I get notified I have a tumblr message, which is unusual, and when I check it it reads: "[My boyfriend] is cheating on you with my friend at [place he studied]", by an anonymous user.

Immediately I knew it was this girl because 1. she had recently asked me for my tumblr, something I didnt give out to people I knew, especially since I didnt really use it... and 2. the phrasing, typing, etc was the same as hers. I asked her about it, she acted like she didnt know what I was talking about but didnt explicitly deny having sent the message, and furious with her lying I blocked her. I have no reason to doubt it was her, its pretty much a given.

As for her motive? I think its fair to say she probably thought I would be crazy and/or stupid enough to take an anonymous tumblr message as fact, break up with my longterm partner who I love, and maybe date her instead? She was aware I'm bicurious for the most part, so she likely thought she'd have a chance. What makes me think this even more so is because the person she dated, who was a mutual friend, is someone who she constantly tried to flirt with while they (the mutual friend) were in a relationship. When that person broke up with their boyfriend, she and that friend almost immediately started dating. So she was probably pretty confident that if she can get that persons attention, she could get mine too. Overall the (presumed) intent, and general cocky vibe of it made me pretty mad. It was a clear case of someone who is incredibly insecure relying on the approval of others, and even going so far as to try to "turn peoples heads" in relationships as a means of validation.



Legbeard? What is that lmao

no one

Umm.. Transgirl? As in formerly a dude? Was this guy in transition, or just saying trans because it's now in? Sounds more like a niceguy who thought he could get some by saying he's trans.

Steve Pensando

Do legbeard refer to "males" as "M'lord"?

Fizzypop Gizmo

I love Layers of Fear.

Daniel Hooper

Just got a pick up artist ad before this, how coincidental

Isabela Bassett

I’m a content hungry gremlin for this channel.



Ight, Imma head out.

Brazen Bull


So you're a female you mean. We don't need all that other fluff.

It's also unclear what you mean by trans girl. I'm assuming a female that yearns to grow a penis. Some people like to flip flop that shit and I'm now forced to confirm intended meaning on a case by case basis.

If it's actually a trans guy who yearns for a vagina then this is a Neckbeard story. Keine legbeard..


"Howdy heckin hello h-2-hos, and roller bros, and beato-meatos alike!"


When people (regardless of gender) use their size to take advantage of someone, it irks me on a personal level. I'm a large woman. My dad was 6"5 and I'm built like him. I'm just shy of 6" and have legs for days, very broad shoulders (for a woman) and basically just a wide set skeleton. Because of that and horrible stories like the one mentioned here, I have a hard time letting people touch m. I worry. I like physical contact but my head/anxiety gets in the way.
I'm so sorry this happened, Monroe. I'm glad you found you could, at least, learn from it so you can avoid a possible similar situation.

Little Smoke

My mom did the same but she make me take my gummy vitamins

The Golden Moon

Non-binaries need to grow the fuck up and transgenders really need to do something about the sexual predators running rampant among them. (i.e. Johnathan "Jessica" Yaniv)

Sincerely, a bisexual woman who is tired of the LGBT "community" as a whole

Jason Motionless

Jesus this made me realise that my last relationship was very similar to this. Glad I got out.


TL;DW: Dude in a dress mouthrapes gay chick, tries to diddle her, gets banished to the shadow realm


This really isnt such a definite case if you ask me?‍♂️

Big Mama Hope

Did you just quote freaking the goosebumps shows opening? ??? nice


"Proving girls can do it to.
And by it I mean touch your cousin,
was it worth it? No it wasn't."

Kairo Schmitz

That human is actually terrifying, This is why I am nonhuman I hope monroe is okay


Oh boy, can't wait to read all the comments of people using Jane as an excuse to be transphobic.
Real talk though, Jane was a piece of shit and should not be allowed around people.

Sklaventreiber Gisrow

U mean r/niceguy


So does that mean Jane was xx or xy?


Trans girls like that give the rest of us a bad name. This story makes me mad af

i’m disappointed in you son

If you don’t give me your first born you’re gay ???

Wolfette Plays

I honestly get the vibe that Jane was pre-HRT. That’s the only explanation for her behavior tbh.


Lmao I stopped drinking because of similar behaviour from a friend, I'd been touched multiple times and kissed while drunk, all because he was 'stuck in the friend zone'

DeeJay Develop

Nonbinary. Lmao.

cas charles



Hey cue, you taking submissions for these stories? where do we send them?

Ross Vegas

I have to say I’m surprisingly satisfied with the comments on this video. I was afraid that the comments would all say things like “see, proof that the transes are predators!” Or similar. I’ve scrolled through a lot and none of them are like that. They all talk about how Jane is creepy with no mention of her gender identity and... I’m just glad people aren’t using this story, Monroe’s experience, to validate their transphobia. Nice job, cue. I don’t know how but it looks like you’ve weeded out undesirables in your audience.

All that being said, Jane is fucking creepy

Nothing Cheeseburger

but...but...but believe women.

Suzanne Lessard

That's so fucking gross. I'm so sorry anon


I wonder if Jane became a Jane Doe after this?

Brenden Barnett

When I read the thumbnail I thought he meant he literally didn’t like her BACK, as in shoulder blades and whatnot. I was thinking “well that’s a rude thing to tell someone” ?


Using all these preferred pronouns has me more confused than they are about their gender

Hell's Princess

Here's hoping Cuestar continues in the creepier subreddits and such. Really love listening to you read them at midnight when I need a fear vibe.

skye drake

yasss hit me with the rl stein

Mirza Munif

Hears none binary, closes the video


hey! come watch me get spooked by some layers of fear LIVE tonight at 9 PM EST! https://www.twitch.tv/yourcue

Gabrielle Albert

Damn...and just when I thought that my own nice person story was weird


Ooh, legbeard. Thats a new term to me

cassandra bennett

Bruh. This could be a whole neck beard in disguise.

Stephen Bartkowski

Que my goal today is to drink at least 2 gallons of water today.

Jessica Bitchwhore

Please don't stigmatize female body hair.


A heckbeard that turns his dick into a banana split is still a neckbeard. I thought we were gunna get a real, legit niceGIRL here lol


"non binary"

Lol nigga what the fuck

Tide Pod Pad Thai

I always wondered what a female neckbeard was called.
Thanks for the info.

stan talent stan onewe

OK so I'm always confused does Trans girl mean, he became she or she became he?

Mallory's Outlet

hahahaha legbeard. That's a new one for me.


You should do more leg beard stories. Not a lot of channels do separate videos for only leg beards.

tyler zhou

I like to think that even if the friend didn’t tell her to get out the leg beard wouldn’t have done anything else crazy apart from the non-consensual-f**k

Zeke Grier

Soo this is technically a neckbeard story

Dj the turtle

It's nice that you posted a story that you found interesting or needed to be heard even if it's not good for making money, love a genuine youtuber


What a surprise! Women with mental health issues! So that would be most of them!!

Ilai Wilson

Try to pronounce my name lmao

sky light

This story makes me sick


Stay sober, ladies. You may think it's not fair that you have to, and you may think (wrongly) that guys don't have to worry about bad things happening to them if they get drunk. But that is just how it is. Stay sober, keep your wits about you, and stay safe.


Bought a New lamp and doesn't give enough light for my room :(

Alexis Mycah

Ok so the first one is still a nice guy story essentially

DemonTeddy bear

This story is another sexual predator who falsely claims to be Trans for the blanket of protection given. If they didn't claim to be Trans many of their actions would of been reported and they would of been (at the least) kicked out of the school.
What happened to equal responsibility for ones actions. It shouldn't matter what gender or sexually one associates as. That person is a creep and I wonder how many other girls they did this to that have gone unreported.


My neck, my back, stay the fuck away from me legbeard


Bruh I literally got a pickup artist ad before this video


Yeah that’s assault. Yikes. Big gross. Do not want.

Thicc thighs Save lifes

“Viewer beware you’re in for a scare!” DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN DELELELE

Prodigal Manifest

Got a pickup artist ad before this...

Miss Sanchez

? shock react

Tem Tem

Stories like this one make me appreciate my friends who actually make me feel safe and whom I can ask for help. Best of luck to Monroe tho

Wolfette Plays

0:48 it’s ironic because “non-binary” people are the biggest attention whores and legbeards as it is, so it’s kinda weird to see one trying to punch down


What editing system do you use?

Chris G

God damn the new gen are a bunch of weird pussies

Anthony Ferguson

I didn’t even know that “Legbeards” was a thing.

Moose Man


Jaden J.

Jane is a guy. A disgusting neckbeard one, nonetheless.

Musa Maka

Does Cuestar watch Rory??? "_____Beware your in for a scare" is his thing

Nowi screaming

Now we know cue isn't gay because of that intro comment

Pocket Shark

Am i a leg beard if i don't like shaving my legs but dont fit the profile?

Dysney the Cat

Oof. That "a little too touchy" comment really hit home. People like who ignore boundaries like that don't have your best interests at heart. Jane is such a creep and I'm glad a friend protected Monroe from Jane.


I'd blame jane, but this story is fake, made by a mentally ill person who "doesn't have a gender" doing everything for attention. This girl is such a tool.


Dont get me wrong, this story is creepy, but... being too drunk is no excuse for continuously putting your mouth and tongue onto and into another person's mouth.. js. If you dont want to do something, you dont, or you stop. If you want to do something, you stay, and you do it. Unless you are being, or feel, threatened to do so. Fukkin kids..

Gabrielle Boilard

I can't help to imagine Jane as the Steve's ugly girlfriend in American Dad.


I wish the person in this story should go to the police, this abuser likely will do it to others and needs to be stopped. That abuser needs to have the law dropped on them like a bag of hammers.

I hope OP gets through this and comes out okay, its a truly horrible long term issue to get though and wish them the best.


What a BS manipulator this Monroe is, don’t be a sucker.

Lame excuses for everything they went along with.

Everyone else though, well - they know better.

Pathetic person.

First massive red flag is you both remembering every small thing to blame others for, BUT at the same time want to pretend you were too intoxicated to make decisions for yourself.

Not saying the girl is innocent. Saying we’re looking at 2 toxic people feeding into each other perfectly.

One likes to control.

One allows themselves to be controlled because later they can play victim for attention.

A_Frame Pleasantries

"I'm non-binary".....

rolls eyes

narnia sherlock

bruh legbeards

Kathleen Tatman

Not a girl.


Nasty ass bitch, nobody is into that bunk shit.

Gusto St. Cool

LMFAO! Yeah "she" was a lot bigger! She's a dude!

Grima's My Dad

Uhhh it's *you're Beato Meato

Amie SilentHill

I have never even been to Twitch but I am going to watch you play Layers of Fear, it's a great game! They have a sequel i believe as well. <3


Cuestar how do you feel about nigahigas nice guys finish last song?

Sunny Jims

If u don’t put me in the video then I will not be in the video




This is someone with a penis trying to rape/groom/manipulate someone with a vagina. I know this happened within the context of a friend group, but this is shockingly common among LGBTQ+ groups and I experienced it firsthand with people in my school's LGBTQ+ community. The predators would never be treated as harshly as they deserved and would always be given more access to vulnerable people to victimize because of their gender/sexuality status. If this were a cis hetero man displaying these behaviors they would be dealt with appropriately according to their gross behavior. Many predators do hide behind their identidies not only to get sympathy from people with good intentions but also to get access to vulnerable people who may be going through difficult situations and also trying to do good by other people. I think the LGBTQ+ community should do more to address abusive behavior from anyone, regardless of their identity.

If you see someone being abusive, be like the friend in this story and protect those being harassed and speak up about it, regardless of the abuser's gender identity, sexuality, etc.. ANYONE is capable of being a predator.


I mean, "she" was transgender. Meaning she was a dude. AND he exhibited all the typical signs of being a neckbeard. SO it makes sense that all that creepiness happened.


Poke Chann

It disgusts me how much transphobic shit is in the comments. Yes Jane is a terrible person, but she is not an it or a he, or a nice guy. Her grossness has nothing to do with the fact she’s trans, and even if you think “well, she doesn’t deserve to be called by her pronouns now”, there’s smth wrong with you if you think pronouns are deserved. You don’t call someone by their pronouns because they haven’t done anything that gives you an excuse to use whatever you want, you use them because they’re their pronouns.

Bendy Straw

Man...I feel so bad..I want to give this person candy ;-;

Your Local Tomboy, Marzzy

“Her hair smelled like sweat and wet grass most of the time”
wet grass? Lmao

New Movement Games

This “non-binary” person aka confused straight girl, has issues. So the chick made out with her. Monroe was drunk but she chose to drink that much; she makes it sound like she was forced to drink. Also what kind of friends does she have if she truly didn’t want to make out with Jane her friends should have stopped it like the one friend who went to the dorm with her. I smell bullshit. She’s exaggerating the story because like most millennials she is a professional victim. Non binary, right, I bet she says the dr violated her by naming her a girl because she has a vagina... fucking idiot

Anthop Anino

What a charming neckbeard. Hopefully Monroe has learned a very valuable lesson and can now spot those red flags before things get out of hand again

Pepper Mint

beato meato got his way via threats of being gay lol

Leg beard

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Moonhorse Reads: Neckbeard Stories - "Toxic Legbeard "Friend""

2 369 views | 25 Mar. 2020

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Trish Riley

tank girl great movie and comic.


When I was in high school I did a report for psy101 on therenthropy where people think they are born with the soul of a animal, lions and tigers and bears oh my! All I can say is YIKES!

Claudia Rose

DUDE I KNEW A CHICK IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO THOUGHT SHE WAS A WEREWOLF! At a sleepover she crawled on all fours, and growled

Aaron Harrison

Oh no, is this the female version of Wolfbeard? Gotta say, as someone who as at one point in their life not slept for 4 days straight, I can confirm that I was barely functioning by that point. I highly doubt that a person could last a week without sleep without at the very least suffering critical health problems, I'd wager possible brain damage if not death. But the degree of oneupsmanship-syndrome here is just so annoying to see, downplying other people's actual problems by inventing fake problems that are worse situations is something I hate and is the hallmark of a crappy person and a sign to just cut them off immediately. Great video Moonhorse!

The Grimm Raven

You should tell some otherkin stories. I want to meet an otherkin who thinks they're a blue footed booby.

Cheebscast Cheebs

Otherkin, people who watched too much Bojack Horseman and wanted to be a human animal hybrid

Love Senerio

I've been drawing for 9 years, traceing isn't a crime. Especially if you admit that you traced it.


@10:13 "...I have George Washington in me now..."
That's what Martha Washington said ?

Lady Manticore

Had a slight concern that I would be considered an “other kin.” Then realized I just pretended to be a cat a lot when I was little, not actually believing I was a cat. I still purr and meow on occasion but only around family or directed at my pet cats.


Moon Horse, I will let you know Other Kin has expanded to fictional people and real life people living or dead.

Eshray the Grey

Just a bit about Otherkin, all cringe aside, there's always so many missed opportunities because Otherkin only pick "Cool" or "Badass" animals to choose as their spirit animal when there's probably a bunch of otherwise unconventional -kin types that would be far more interesting.

I for one want to see a Bird-of-paradisekin, running around in the brightest, most colorful shit you can find and be as obnoxious as possible. Or Bowerbirdkin with a massive hoard of random objects that happen to be blue.

Slothkin would be kinda cool though, just chill without a worry in the world. Not unlike The Dude in some aspects.

The Grimm Raven

She wouldn't be dead from not sleeping for a month. She would be constantly hallucinating though because her brain will take waking naps.


Well my Kin is a platypus. (Makes Perry noises)

Hello Luni

I kin goldfish and I'm very offended.


I get it that acting like an animal IS kinda cringe, but like...

Who can resist the primal urge to run up the stairs on all fours?


I followed a pretty cool artist but then she started in about how she was a dragon and kept getting upset with people for not accepting that. I blocked her because no

Tiera Baker

I saw someone who's other kin was a hamster


Otherkins being only cool animals? It is like reincarnation- every chick was Cleopatra or Nefertiti. No one was ever a slave building the pyramids.


Can you imagine Twilight if instead of a vampire Edward was some schmo possessed by the soul of George Washington? It’d be waaaaay more entertaining than The Host was, I think.

Rocky.S Roger

"I can hear the demons talking okay let's hang out" now that's a certified bruh moment

Brass Tacks

My otherkin is a galactic system.

Leg beard

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8 624 views | 1 Feb. 2021

In this episode of

In this episode of r/legbeardstories we meet a pink haired legbeard that has completely blurred the lines between anime and reality. She ends up going after a high school boy only to embarrass herself by pretending to be an anime character. OP might have dated this legbeard if she just could've acted normal... Legbeard dating is never a good idea, and today we are reminded exactly why in this legbeard story.

It doesn't matter what your background is, you always need to treat people like people and not use them simply to get off. Neckbeards seem to learn this lesson particularly slow and it really does make my blood boil... So we must bring it to light so others don't suffer alone.

For your fill of neckbeard stories we've got you covered with the freshest weeaboo, niceguy, and neckbeard happenings on reddit. Stick with ReddX for your daily dose of cringe with a side-dish of relatability. You might even feel good for dessert... But who can say?

#reddit #legbeard #anime

Join me on Discord dude: https://discord.gg/fmfCdmP

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Stalk me on the Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/daytondoes

Visit me over on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReddXD/

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Have you ever met a neckbeard or a legbeard? They are frustrating to deal with, but luckily you aren't alone! These r/legbeardstories from Reddit are among the top posts of all time and include some of the funniest Reddit stories ever posted on the legbeard stories subreddit! rSlash LegbeardStories have all kinds of funny legbeards in them, but especially the nice girl. And the weeaboo. There is a wide spectrum of neckbeards, and this is but a small slice of it.

Listening to ReddX's legbeard stories playlist is a great experience! These neckbeard stories Top Posts of All Time from Reddit are made for you to enjoy any time you feel like it, so be sure to save my rSlash legbeard stories playlist to your favorites!

While there are many rslash channels that read r/legbeard stories and r/prorevenge from reddit, each channel has their own way of performing them.

Some of the top rSlash subreddit narration channels I recommend checking out are the original rSlash, Redditor, fresh, r/Bumfries, VoiceyHere, Mr Reddit, Storytime and Darkfluff. These Reddit story channels inspired me to start my own Reddit story channel, with a focus on legbeard stories and at times going into the r/pettyrevenge and r/choosingbeggars subreddit as well.

Because most of my audience prefers Neckbeard Stories of Reddit, I tend to just stick with reading the r/EntitleParents Top Posts of All Time. But I also enjoy getting up close and personal with legbeards and weeaboos from time to time.

Subscribe to ReddX for the freshest daily Reddit content. I post relatable readings of Reddit posts and Reddit stories every single day! Journey with me as I relate these amazing Reddit stories to my personal life journey. I’m greatly inspired by the top reddit posts of all time videos and reddit stories on YouTube which is why I started doing them myself.

Mini Milk

We must burn the legbeards and neckbeard at dawn to the God's


I guess 'red flags' get a lot clearer as we age, but when you meed someone that identifies as 'yandere' you should head for the hills ASAP.

Easter Chu

You sound like my father talking about your daughter. I'm glad I'm subscribe to you

reb TM

Third! Thanks for having legbeards again!

Lark Haven

"I also have a fucking daughter, nine years old-"
me, who somehow always just imagines people as being my age: wat (I'm 22 lmao)

Merriest Dawning Everyone

Ok just putting it out there pink hair, psychotic, and calls herself a Yandere yeahhh she's basically doing a full time yuno gasai impression and it sounds like op was her Yukiteru ??


The title makes me think of a tumblr user who has died her leg hair pink.

James Cook

I feel like of the two leg beards are more dangerous.


Bruh you won me over even more with the whitest kids u know edit! Love it!! ?

Nikkove Wolfe

2:13 it's always Fairy Tale


I think "Candy" and Jaden were the same person

Rebecca Dunn

13:56 no, you are not a helicopter parent. Thats good parenting in my book.

As long as your child is aware of WHY you're going through their electronics and have a seriously good reason for it, I dont see any issue with it.

We just found out we're pregnant, not sure if its a boy or girl yet, but we are both hoping for a boy. Regardless, boy or girl, of course we just care that its a healthy baby. However, its stories like this one that makes us both hope is a boy.

Goat Loops

You are NOT being a helicopter parent. You are being a RESPONSIBLE parent who knows how to keep their child safe in this crazy online-world we have. It gives me hope to hear that there are parents who let their children explore the internet, but under great supervision.

The wolf

Hi, I hope you're having a good day

pastel farts

Thanks for the amazing content as always!!

Nikkove Wolfe

Happy early birthday to your daughter!

Puppycat Demon

I honestly needed this lol

Harman Kang

9:25 King Jaden? Does she mean Supreme King Jaden?


as a legbeard myself, these stories hit close to home, but are crazy hilarious.. its a good thing that im good at cosplaying as a normal person..

Raven Fox

I told my kid Very early on -with detailed, Vivid descriptions - all the types of horrible/creepy people (on the net and face to face) that will try to Slime their way into his life and to get me or his dad if one pops up.
So far, I've only had to threaten three creepers with a long, painful death or castration.

Jon Evans

Get in there husband, its her birthday! I was fucking dying bro

Moctezuma Vargas

Turtle .. .

weird Lan.D

I'm not going to lie I love your videos and I've been watching a whole lot more of you but like in the videos where the men harass ladies and the ladies just go along with whatever or the creepy neck beards do you say they are the bad people I'm so sorry that you had to go through that Opie that dude gets harassed by lady and you're going off into how suspicious it was. PS sorry for run-on sentence


A lot of the passivity of the male OP'S in these Legbeard stories likely has a lot to do with double standards. If a woman tells off an unwanted suitor who happens to be a smelly, visually unappealing, obnoxious bastard; people cheer her on, but if a man does it, he's a shallow dick for having standards because "men ALWAYS want it." Double standards hurt both sides.

Rebecca H

Dam it. I decided no harm could come out of my listening to you while I work on a puppet. Everything was fine until the leg beard voice. I laughed so F-ing hard I missed a jab with my felting needle and it went right into my leg... if you google felting needles you will see how they grab skin and meat .so lesson learned , I will listen to you while doing anything but work. I now have a war scar from being a fan . ; ) .

Vince Cronk

Hey Reddx. Please check out Tom Macdonald. Amazing artist who is not afraid to speak his mind. Specifically his songs "fake woke" "no lives matter" and "whiteboy" the names may sound ominous but i assure you his messages are good. Just would like to hear your opinions on him.

Kalel Tatum


some guy named Trevor

Why is tom nook asserting his dominance while slowing spinning in a circle?

BioGamer Productions

But thicc with how many extra c's

Robert Waits



The minute the pink haired chick said kawaii, and sugoi..i just made a face of pure horror and fear, and cringe o________________o GIRL YOU NOT IN AN ANIME! STAHP!


Kinda hurt to watch all this in one sit


"If you don't do what I say, I'll go back to my ex."
Oh no, such threats! Whatever shall I do?

Nikkove Wolfe

Day 32 of saying: Privyet tam!

Sharolyn Wells

REDD!!!!! Hope you're doing well.

Michael Yzaguirre

The thickness!

Benjamin Williams

Hell yeah!

zoe lewis

Listening to your channel the highlights of my bus ride when I'm on my way home from work / babysitting


Too much chat, not enough story.

Cheyenne Bates

Brother you sound like a great dad. Me and my sis grew up in the age where AOL messenger and MySpace were a thing when we reached oyr preteens and while I was still having stick and airsoft battles with my dumb friends my sister was chatting with people who turned out to be creepers. This day and age has to be so much worse and I salute you for watching out. Haha I'm an introverted mostly calm dude, but if I had a daughter I would be sitting ready with a reaper's sythe for the first man to creep on her

Sharolyn Wells

SMH @ the 13 year old sexting with the 23 yo!!! Oh, my God!! How cringe!!!

Idiot Rat

the legbeard and neckbeard stories make me feel like a better person sometimes, the 1st story especially.

Caffeine Addict

A lot of grooming happened on Geeking, I'm glad the app got shut down. But I do miss some.of the friends I made. You're a good parent too. I wish I wasn't such a stubborn kid.

Chris Wilson

You have made my Mondays my favorite days... I get to work and have 3 videos to watch. Mondays don't suck anymore b


Your leg-beard voice reminds me of the Metroid monster in Sonic for Hire. It’s quite fitting.

Kerosinetinis, anyone? ??

Raven Fox

If you wanna see some CRINGE, check out the Japanese Chicano Subculture. The Burrito Day is particularly horrible (btw, I'm hispanic and we do NOT all make or eat burritos, let alone have a Burrito Day).

Olivia Bean

Some people are just insanely passive regardless of gender.


Bro. I never knew you had a kid.

Dead Vibes

T-Pose Nook wants to know your bank info, zip code, and social security.


As a student of Japanese, that girl in the first story is not using it correctly as natural Japanese doesn't cause my spine to cringe

Raven Fox

BDSM Neckbeards a HUGE moron. In a healthy Dom/Sub relationship, the Submissives are the ones in control.
Clearly, he dosent know shit.

Sharolyn Wells

Doing something I enjoy? About halfway through Chapter 6 of the sci-fi novel I'm rewriting. Onward and upward, my friend!!

Empyrean Knight

What if a legbeard and neckbeard met??? ?




The darkest recesses of Twitter? MAPs will put that they are one on their bio

Koi Fish

Wow I'm here really early :)
Also poor Tom nook

Jake N

Honestly I wouldn't consider heavy monitoring of a child's internet access to be helicopter parenting. Especially considering some of the stuff that goes on. I think you're doing the right thing by keeping tabs on the online interactions, Red

Not SmartBoi

Finally My Dream Does Come True

Cara wolf

yay legbeards ! still as awful as i remember them !!



Dio Brando

Im surprised that this channel has so little subscribers

Calla Pratt

Show your daughter some of these stories when she hits that age, tell her just how bad this kind of thing is and why it’s so incredibly wrong. Arm her with the knowledge and wisdom of who to avoid like the plague


When you post I become a euphoric gentleman


Reddx, you're one of my highlight of my day. I always look forward to all the cringe you bring.

Kathy Beckford

You're not a helicopter parent. You've got to be careful for daughters as well as sons! People like that manipulate kids to do what they want (even get them to not trust their parents) and groom them to the point where they'll meet up with them. Then the kids get trafficked and you may never see them again.
That happened to a family I'm acquainted with. Thankfully they discovered what was happening just before their child was going to meet up with the creep!

Tara Martin

My daughter's 6 and I am so stressed about when she'll be online. That story about the 13 year old is an example as to why.

Great Mind

Kinda late kinda early all I know is that this is a great video


"what's the alternative?"
Uhhhhh...maybe idk, working with your kids? Snooping leads to them further not trusting you.
Not tryna be a bitch, just gotta be straight with you man, you seem like a good well intentioned person!