Mud vs clay

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How to Make a Dorodango (Japanese Polished Clay Ball)

511 297 views | 19 May. 2018

Hikaru Dorodango (mud

Hikaru Dorodango (mud dumpling) is a Japanese art form in which earth and water are molded to create a delicate shiny sphere.

There are many ways to make a dorodango, this is one method I have come up with which has worked pretty well for me, but also take look

at this common method if you're interested.


Dorodango core Mix:

You only need to add sand if your soil is too rich in clay and wants to crack.

1 clay

1 sand

1/2 water

1/8-1/4 straw, very finely chopped

Alternative recipe using only bagged pottery or mortar clay:

1 clay

2 sand

1/2 water

My video on polishing clay goes more in-depth with materials and technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTY6arzNs24&t=21s

Filming and Graphic Design - Kalin Steen

Subtitles - Athena Steen

Set Design - Bill Steen

Music by Unclebories


[email protected]



I feel like maybe your sun is too close or something. The lighting definitely gives off 'hurtling into a cosmic fusion reactor' vibes.

Fabiola Palop

i like how theres a 'brown?' bucket


4:30 Brown?
Like, might be brown, might be poo - who knows!


Neat video! Be sure you get to make many more by wearing a respirator for the dry sifting process. Especially for sandy soils. Silicosis can kill you.


Amazing work, they almost look like miniature planets!


back in the 70's I used to make balls out if the raw clay mud in my back yard.. then fire them in a camp fire for a week or more. when they were done they were perfectly round balls of "tile" that rang out when struck. I had planned to sting some together and make wind chimes but I never got around to it.

Roedy Green

They don't fire them? Don't they easily fall apart? What are the finished balls for?

Enver Boyaalici

muhteşem olmuş


You should quit smoking now before it's too late. I've seen the endgame of that up close twice and no one should suffer like that. Almost as bad for the family.


This looks like it would take awhile, but I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty...


ok, I was sitting here thinking, "just get a rolling pin and mortar and pestle already", but at least you've good taste in ginger beer

Gary Ciaramella

That was some seriously dirty water...


Inner child in me : Smash it on the ground..

Gary Kuyat

But why?


As a Ceramics professor, I have done this for years, encouraging my students / collecting different soils from all over the world as I travel making dorodangos that represents the specifics of each place visited. A better memento than any item you could buy. They are much more personal and I promise if you take the time to make one you will never forget the details of the place and people and the memories that go with it. Excellent video


I watched the whole video and I found it interesting but for the life of me I can't understand why anyone would want to make these dirt balls and keep a bunch of them. around. To me, all of those balls represent a colossal waste of time.

Tayf Hassan

That's so pretty and I'm excited to try making it, thank you for sharing

Little Brook Reader

Works of art. Wonderful.

Ultra Delete

Keep getting this video as a recommendation for almost 30 times now, started to feel annoyed that it won't go away. So I decide to watch it so Youtube knows I watched this and will leave me alone.


what holds the together?


Should wear a very good dust mask to avoid damaging lungs, how do you avoid cracking?

Flex Gunship

So are these being made to be sold?


OK but what do you do with them

Soul Asia


Elijah Traylor

nice balls bro!


Man, you made this way more complicated than it needed to be. I have made these by hand with much simpler process and came out equally round, beautiful. No jars, no sieves, nothing else. The whole point is that you can make something beautiful from a ball of dirt. That it's a simple old fashioned process. All this artsy fartsy stuff, you might as well just buy clay and kiln and do ceramics. ...And wax!? Effectively cheating the whole process. Mine gleamed on their own from just me sitting and polishing in the dirt in my yard. Heck.


Beautifully crafted clay spheres, but these are NOT hikaru dorodango. Nearly everything about the process shown was wrong. You are probably thinking, "so what? The outcome is the same!" True, to a degree. However, the primary focus of the art of dorodango isn't the resulting polished ball, but the process of making it. It would be similar to someone saying, "I want a hand painted work of art, but I have no painting talent, so I'll just print out a copy of an existing artwork I like, and paint over it." Yes, you might well end up with a beautiful painting, but is it really your work? Is it the same as if you had painted it from your own mind? That's the thing with dorodango; it's as much about the process as the product. Let the flaming begin, I just wanted to share this for those who think they are watching this video to learn how to do authentic dorodango.

Emilie Ravens

The amount of dust O_o


You want to get silicosis? Wear a mask when sifting your dry clay!

Jen Exopie

why am i watching this at 3am...

Stephen Boyd

wow, those things are pretty.

Mister Joe

So awesome. How about making a solar system set.

Your super sexy boogeyman slayer

looks like a big ball of hash lol. i wish i had a ball of hash that big, that'd be fuckin awesome.

Richard Flores

As a Ceramics professor, I have done this for years, encouraging my students / collecting different soils from all over the world as I travel making dorodangos that represents the specifics of each place visited. A better memento than any item you could buy. They are much more personal and I promise if you take the time to make one you will never forget the details of the place and people and the memories that go with it. Excellent video

doctir daddy

does a video about balls of dirt have to be so pretentious

Peter Tampsett

Drinks Fentimans ?

Brandon Burr

Where do you get the dry clay dirt from. I don't have clay or good dirt in my area is all topsoil ive tried to make one out of that but it just to soft


The plastic bag at the beginning has traveled a long way! I wonder how it ended up to Arizona if that's where this was filmed...




Beautiful film but I can’t help but wonder how a bag from a Finnish supermarket chain end up in the first scene.


Nice balls


i wonder if u skipped the wax and straw and fired it at the end until glowing hot how it would come out.

Hey Cin

I could watch this all day.


Mistäs oot tuon pussin saanu?


Great, now'll have to add "make shiny mudball" to my list of things I want to do :(

Thomas Beck

Okay so now you spent all that time and effort... To make clay balls... What do you do with them now? Not being a smart-ass but just curious.

Jay Pearce

Whats behind the trend in US to make polished clay balls? Is it the pleasure of making

Tobie Tyler

What do you do with them??????

Triggered Gibson

What kind of dog is that at the very beginning of the video?

Deerheart Studio Arts

awesome! I shared with 2 friends before I had watched it all. Luv the pictures of the studio. Luv the tidy grunge. The balls are amazing. Wondering if some crumble over time. no firing?

Its Crystal Clear

All I can think is, "I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt!" falls down stairs

Qui-Gon Jinn

I have to admit he is quite good at it but you should buy always the original Polish ones instead of copycat Japanese!


whoa this is some boutique dorodango making... neat!

Big Bollocks

So it’s not an ancient art then? Glass bottles with rims weren’t really around 200 years ago. What is the point of this? Total crap.

all things gumball

how about you wash that dog




Que chido video compa ?

Thanos :D

un poco de todo :v

11 111

this is cultural appreciation

marc machado

after each layer you put on do u let it dry?

Duct Tape

I like ur videos wayyyyy to much

John Lyon

"shines with pressure and drying" -_- and then he pulled out polish.... right...

Simonetta Genova


Crispy Bacon

I don't understand the point of these. It's not that I don't like balls, I have two myself. I'm just confused on the point of having these other than the joy of making them.

Also.... whoever is the next comment will be 666....

Sergio Gael

Vengo por un poco de todo


God, what a loser. This video is so boring, pretentious music just adds to it. You completely missed the point of Dorodango (泥だんご), at the very least you sholudn't have waxed it, the dirt itself should be polished


Are these fired in a kiln or jsut left dry

Gustavo Andrade

wow. beautifull balls


Your workspace is so cozy and charming.




Now make polish polished balls

Steve Rose

Arts and crafts for hipsters.

Eyw Enn

i dont understand what for is that


What do you do for a living ? "Oh I paint balls professionally."

Peeter Vahtra

How do you have a finnish grocery bag?

Steve Thorne

And what use of this clay sphere, hunting waterfowl ??

julio salgado

Blender texture 101.


I like that's its basically what Adam Savage did when he was doing it on Mythbusters.... The tools originally used are hand crafted insanity but you can use simple jars and bottles just as efficiently, if not better.
Very Cool.... I wish I would have known about this when I traveled, I would have made one from everywhere I visited. ?

Вячеслав Опалев

Black balls - food for Lord Nibbler :)

Wolf Thorn

Dude really likes to play with his balls.


ilmeeni kun kmarketin pussi.


What do you do for living?
"I make dirt balls" ?

Really interesting. Nice work?

Günther Huemer

This guy have balls!!!!??

Pran Phu

Looks like a collection of tiny planets ?

liza french


Affection of Spice and Life

what do they do with it

Heikki Mäenpää

How did you get K-markets plastic bag?

José Manuel

super cool!!!!!


I guess you could literally polish a turd.


you can indeed polish a turd

Aditya Darmadi

Funny thing, i just read Jagaaaaaaan manga online last night, and then get youtube recomended this for me.


Yeah, that's all I ever wanted...a shiny clay ball sitting on my desk. How worthless.

Alice Storm

I have done so much research and cant find out what the purpose of this is. WHAT IS ITS USE


yeah so Ai automation is going to take almost every job but Human Handmade craft jobs like this. your child right now if you want them to have any sort of future, they best be developing and learning craft skills like this, our whole post scarcity economy will be based on them. could we build a machine to make dirt balls like these, of course we could do that now. but they would not have the same human aspect put in to them. so try to discourage being a doctor, lawyer, or stock broker, ornamental balls of dirt that's where the real money's at!


Ok sure, but why?

Agroforestry from Paradigmshiftfilm Sweden

Beautiful and inspiring, thank you!!! May I ask you what camera equipment you've used?

Eric Smith

Fentimans Ginger Beer is the best! Good use of the bottle!

dave blake

whats the point?

Daniel Gomez

This is a bullshit video ..... no real info into making those balls ......

Lucario Guy

Who else is here because of the Game Grumps?

Mud vs clay

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How to extract CLAY from soil | Pottery clay making at home

2 743 812 views | 12 Feb. 2020

How to extract CLAY from

How to extract CLAY from soil | Pottery clay making at home | Make clay from dirt

We can make pottery clay from any soil. Mix soil and water nicely and keep it soaked for 10 minutes. Then filter it to remove small stones from sand. After filtering, leave it for 30 minutes to deposit sand at bottom. Water will be stored at top, then remove water and leave it for 12 hours to dry. Now clay is ready for pottery work.

#makeclay #potteryclay #diy #clayathome

#clay #claycrafts

Palanivel1981 Palanivel1981

v can use any soil




Sir does it need it to be hot outside for it to work

master gaming


Attitude Girl

Super but it take more time

Shalni Shalni

Today I am this clay make

sankar seetha

Super I am going to try this bro/sis???

Nathan and Kolbi Show


Joytirmoyee Army forever

I want it a little thin so I will try to leave it for 10 hours and see or else may add a little water to make it smooth for pottery! Thank you



Bharathi Panner

Please reply please please

Latha velamarthi

But ok you tried

K.sambooranam Samboo

It will not working what doo sir please reply me

Kids Zone

Only use sand if you are not having it total time waste

Rajesh Gangotri

Sadu mitti chalegi

Rajesh Gangotri

Koi bhi soil chalega kya

By akshaya muise

Not like clay

Craftezo crafts

Hit a like if you love the smell of soil
Edit:- thanks for the likes

Aajemi Aajemi

If no sunlight no clay if no sun light no problem

Hema bala

Looking goood

Chandra Gunasekaran

Don't believe this

Harsh urfh Ballveer

Mere ghar ana



Anushka Sharma

Wow he is good at making this kind of clay

Reena Mandhan

Can we also grow plant from this clay



•Burnt Potato•

It work you make good clay!

Latha velamarthi

It is an verrast video?


Good video

Karthik Venkatesh

we will use this clay for making miniature cooking things also or no

XianGenard S. Nunag

is it ok to skip the drying process with a microwave ?

Asha Asha 11


ASMR Soft Crush

Amazing ?

Anonya Adhikary Roll 7


Myth-ter Moth

This is only going to work if the soil you start with has a high clay content and very little sand. You need to add a step where the sand is allowed to settle and is removed.

Saaniyaa Fathmath

Too stiky

Namrta Athare

Supper bro


In my home soil also not have

Shalini Shalini

It's amazing

Sir. Boris

Any soil?

Sri’s toys and more fun stuff And since

Can we put in home for 12 hours

Art and craft with Ragaaa

Noo it's not a clay


Love this! Will definitely try it next quarantine

Gurale V.K

Very nice

Jaimini patel

The satisfying part was at 2:49 where he scoops the wet dirt into the filter white cloth
Idk if it’s just me


I don’t even need to do this, the ground is a layer of dirt and under it is pure red clay, I could sculpt something straight from the ground xd


Am I the only one doing this so I can make those trippy aesthetic ash trays? Yes? Ok.

Go For Green

Sir can I use construction sand in soil to make it loose

Shalni Shalni

Today I am this clay make

karnsu basnet

it will crack after it dry

Ponnuminnu Ponnuminnu

It's working


Step one. Live on clay soil

Vào Timbanvn xyz VÂN ANH 400k

34:10 Tên cậu giống hệt tên 1 người mà đặt cạnh tên tớ ở…” “Ở đâu ?” – “Ở giấy đăng kí kết hôn”. ?

THARUN shivakumar kunthur

it is fake


Not clay IT IS MUUUD

m i a

All right, first step is to wait till summer. Then we can do it? but it’s also pouring outside to the mud is already clay lol

Chatur Bhai

Omg it's works

Devanathan Gurusamy

It's not good

ᴍᴏʜᴀɴ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ ᴛᴀᴍɪʟ


sweeney 21

This is bullshit, your result is mud+argila

Vijayakumar Vijayakumar

Ithu kayatha

Qariha Ahmed

Can anyone tell it is working????

Bhagya Lakshmi

If you try this I have a tip you do not need to hang it for 12 hours it depends on how much sunlight you have. No sun-no clay

Flashy doge

I found natural clay at the beach is chunky

Rishi Raj

Maha faltu


All now how to make it


Gu kha le clay vale teti lele


Thank you for this video

Alex Avilez

will an dirt or sand work?

Palanivel1981 Palanivel1981

i tryed this but its not coming for me what to do

Viren Vasava

This can't work. Soil must be kneaded to get stickyness.


But thanks ? ☺

Laxmi bai art

Super exlent bro ?

Hamsini Trijal


Rohan Zener

If you're getting it from a planosol, you just need to go deeper.

Priti Bagrecha

How to bake it?

Venba balaji

Awesome ! l like your idea

master art and crafts .

Is the clay again become soil after some time ?

vinod v

I always just make a cookie dough and play with it hahha

Sapna Aggarwal

I am a boy

Ajay.a 8-c

Sir in this method we have do it in cement please reply sir


this video is so satisfying

Góc Nghệ Thuật

I love your video.  It is very useful.  Everyone please support my channel. I also do art


Thanks for this video

Jafar Hundekari


Muhammad Abdullah

okey...now how can we use it??

Praveen kumar

Super super?


Thank you for the ceramic video?

Vaishali Bansal

I try. It made good but then I make a pot. It made good but when I keep for drying, it forms into soil, then I was very sad ??


Yeh toh dry Ho jaye gi tommorow tak ?

Shobana R

Ivlolam kashtapadave vendam manna nondi yeduthingala adha apdiye jalichi thanni Konjam kalandhu pesanja easy yean ivlo kastapadringa

Devil's Gaming

Kunjater mati lage

Chokkala Sujatha

Super star ⭐

Bharathi Panner

You hanging bag is cotton bag or plastic bag

CJ Gaming

"Rosies are red"
"Violates are blue"
"Who is scrolling down to see if it is true"

Nargis Luqman

How yaa yaar really mashallah?

Aarti Pandey

I have made

Lyidia Godfrey

Is this suitable for hair detox?

Fun with Lavishka

This is not clay it is just vet soil

Mud vs clay

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2 337 669 views | 30 Jul. 2020





"Please let me go!!"



[Seoul Broadcasting System]

Copyrightⓒ 2017-2020 By SBS. All rights reserved.


LoL I rewatch this scene many times..and still can't stop laughing..I hope jae sook is fine..it looks really nasty when the mud goes into your mouth and nose ..I hope he's not hurt..


Jae Suk in mud is so legendary haha it reminds me of the episode in Family outing, when he was planted in mud XD

Valeria González

I laughed so hard!!


굿 !!

abrar MS

But let’s speak facts.. Garryy waass underrated AF on running man

Elsa Ros

why did Jihyo win?? her back touched the floor? does someone know?


3:41 ah, here we go again ?

Donny Arjuna

Jaesuk is the best comedian ever.....

mi chan

Jihyo ???

An Trax






yolivia mayang

At this episode ji hyo guess fifth without wrong , it’s still impossible even i think 10000000 x

Amber Curtis

Jong kook destroying people for 11 mins

tinx 2ü

My stomach hurt so much?

Bennie Ag

When Sukjin said "I love EXO" I can totally relate.


Funniest ever ???????

Sneha mahato

All kookies are the same ???

Ana Júlia Azevedo

O Kookie gosta de traumatizar o povo né ??


Ay çok komikti? ama exo üyeleride keşke camur duşu alsaydı :( daha eğlenceli olurdu


I cant stop launghing. Jaesok look


I laughed until cried even i turn off the sub HAHAHAHAAHAHAA

Arianne Manlangit

When jaesuk said "I'm so mad" I just dying laughing here


Unpopular opinion: this is one of the episodes where I really hated Kim Jong Kook.

It might be funny but for me it was very humiliating; not to mention that jaesuk is still his sunbaenim and hyung that needs respect. Dropping him in mud to tease jaesuk is fine but dipping his face several times is very rude. Look at jaesuk's reaction afterwards, it somehow portrays how he really feel.

I think this was also the episode where jongkook got a lot of hate comments

Nicolas Lee

I died laughing at the scene when Jae Suk washed himself with mud and when he tried to wash himself, there is no water coming out of the tape. That's the best and funny part of this video.


Miss you Gary oppa ?

Ifra Ahoor

If chanyeol was there he should dying from laughing...I can imagine???this is really best ep?????

Hazel mae Aso

What ep?

Aylen Martínez

Bueno al menos Lee hwang soo dió la cara xd 12:08

Zarhlyan Maung


Opal Nakchaiya

Sehun Kai exo

Berak Di Air Deras

This is among my fav RM moment to watch on YouTube along with wet towel , Gary Hey this is money, KwangSoo Paboo Ondal, and Jihyo Saying Honey to JongKook......

dimentux L

I think this time is 6th time i am watching it kkkkkk


One of the funniest. Everytime I watch this, It's impossible not to laugh!



Thuyan nguyen



Watching 2021 running man is the best variety show I ever watch.

inv47id name


JM Tuburan

i love how jongkook man-handled jaesuk??? totally hilarious?


Rei a mas no poder,

Yuni09 Hk


Nabila Nazifa

Which episode is it

Cute. Ko

It's 12:51 am here and I can't stop laughing HAHAHAHA

Priscilla Vay

the way jong kook kept on throwing kwang soo in the mud!! I CANT ?


this is my first running man episode


??????? عليهم أشكل ????



Day Lan

Yang milih Allah SWT like.


14:49 tô passada chocada, meu Deus, devolve minha inocência pliss???????

An Trax


Silma Kaffah

i cant stop watching this over and overrrrr, idk how many times i watched this alreadyyy XD

5HINee World

Lol how funny hao and jam jam appa fighting over jihyo???



Wynda Tindaon

Ji hyo is the Best ???

hikaru Minamoto

I misunderstood as jungkook

Rirei Hiyake

The scene where Jong Kook murders the red team :'))))))

blala ko

Haiz I miss Gary

Paragraf Biru

I watched this episode again and again ???

s u n s e t

14:58 I have found the purpose of my life. BITE KIM JONGKOOK CHEST

Lyana Zainii

7:57 ?????

Shely Zepeda

EXO yay I love this boys ??????????????????????

rini KimSeokjin


Pepsi Dj

Aduh bengek ?

Rashmi Tatkare

The most funniest thing I have ever seen???

Priyanka Choudhary

Can't stop laughing was having tear because of laughing have to watch 3 time still can't stop laughing


Putik na yan??Jihyo?

Jiane Keith

I'll die from laughing HAHAHAHA ?

قبل 7 سنوات

jae suk ??

Mel Pass

This episode should’ve been called Mud Bath Torture by Jong Kook. So funny!

oxy more

Merci pour les sub Français!! best tv show!

Youhent Youheng


Peach Blossom



불법 아님?

storm fire


Ronald Ron

I see gery

Pragia Minhas


Karlan Oke

Guyu nganti wetengku loro..

Arlyn Albior

A perfect example of a man trying to be a deep fried tempura??

Sunshine Luna

Thanks for the English sub. I enjoyed it very well. Please keep it with Eng sub. Your fan.???????



Eliscia DM

What eps

loco coca

The ready rabbi enzymatically shelter because worm impressively nod against a placid ferryboat. thick, bizarre philosophy


15:07 jihyo fell on her back so why did she win

Light Cassiopeia

I almost tear up while watching this. This is one of the best episodes of running man

Alifa Hani

Jaesuk so funny. And only kwangsoo helped and took care of him.

Yun Kyoung Yang

문돼지 보기싫어


14:58 savage

ᆞ원준이 매니저

Iam korea
So korea is a fun:)


Anyone else here to see Kwangsoo’s never ending dive in mud?


Oh god!!!!thats so funny???i watch many time this video but im still laugh?????

Roman ronquillo

Two words that Jae Suk will only say:

SO MADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7:48 ㅇㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋ 편집 ㄹㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋ 핰ㅋㅋ


Imagine yourself as jae suk getting drag like a mop and your crush is watching ???


I miss old running man ??

Rus Amalia

I laughed to death i swear

Md Saifuddin Ahmed

Ppl find this entertaining??

yolivia mayang

I miss gary so muchhhh

Nuur Hasyimah


ow w