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How to Use Jade Gua Sha Pressure Point Tool For Facial Massage

1 225 views | 27 Mar. 2019

How to Use Jade Gua Sha

How to Use Jade Gua Sha Pressure Point Tool For Facial Massage

Ivon Salas

Please make ASMR videos!

Jade tool

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Mitsubishi RVR (1997) rear shock replace Ft.Tool Girl Jade #1622

6 526 views | 21 Sep. 2018

The 3rd job on the long

The 3rd job on the long list of repairs to Tool Girl Jade's car, in this video Jade helps in replacing the left hand rear shock as the original has failed the WoF (inspection) as it was leaking (so they say!).

The replacement is relatively straight forward as it usually is on most vehicles with a separate shock setup - ie, not coil over shock or strut type.

Jade, again, does a great job & is really starting to get to grips with workshop repairs, this been even more fun given it's her own car we are fixing!


Andy Mechanic

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Thanks for all your support, until next time...


Tim Hatcher

Did u check the front ball joint on right


Wow. Getting young girls in no clothes on the channel for views.....

Rusty Wells

Omg those boots are killing me!??❤️

Korben Dallas

Jade is doing an awesome job I don't know how much wrenching(spanner for you Britt's)she has done in her life she looks like a novice at using tools and identifying socket sizes which I have trouble with sometimes.

David K

“Right, its coming up, are you ready”? I shouldnt laugh really but I was brought up on Carry On Films - keep up the good work, cheers

Wayne Campbell

That went well. Jade is getting the hang of working on her car. Have to say tho, those boots look great but they are NOT made to work in like this. Hope she gets some sexy work boots soon.


love how the tool girl's arnt afraid. of a little blood, sweat, and grease. you're definitely a great teacher for these lovely ladies andy.

randy hughes

I change struts and shocks in pairs the look on her face when the car came down was priceless and I am happy with her confidence and knowledge coming along look forward to more videos


I'm new to this channel . Can someone please point out the best porn episode with those girls playing arround the shop ? Thanks !

Rusty Wells

Jade made my month!

Rusty Wells

Andy I think you’ve found a natural she learns how to wrench so quickly!??


Good video, thanks Andy ???

nie wissen

Another good video! Thanks again. Got a very pretty took girl too. Keep up the good work!


Just got to watch this one and I have to say Jade is really putting in the effort and actually looks the most likely to be a mechanic please ask Jade to lend some energy to some of the other tool girls as she has loads to spare!

maico 490

Hi Andy another great video and nice to see jade again ????????????????????????????????


9:17 yw

Rusty Wells

I love how Jade gives ? percent and is not afraid too try anything! She did scare the hell out of me with that floor jack!

Matowix Unplugged

Andy could you confirm if on a motorcycle wof in NZ do they check the rear wheel bearing for play and noise as part of the required checklist ? I passed a warrant but I want to eliminate weather a noise I have on my rear scooter is possibly the bearing. Thanks .


So thats what the fake taxi guy does after filming


Great Video again as usual.  Your really lucky working with Jade.

Embree Smith

all of this for an Inspection ..?? NZ sukks !

D-I-Y Mech101

I am new to this channel. damn this channel is the best

Jon Anderson

0:01 hello jiggle
4:47 peekaboo
22:45 cheeky
25:30 jacking

chris david

Need some decent ratchet spanners for those tight jobs


Watching jade's wrist action 7.00 she definitely knows how to work that tool. Thanks Jade and Andy ....keep them coming :)

Jacob Crenshaw

Did she really just unbolt that wheel in a circular fashion? Yikes

Jade tool

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White Jade Beauty Tool

1 546 views | 28 Feb. 2020

Treat yourself to a moment

Treat yourself to a moment of self-care and relaxation with this Eye and Face Massager carved from white jade. Being a naturally cold stone, white jade stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness and soothes the eye area. Meanwhile, the massaging action helps stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage while helping to relax the facial muscles. Facial massage improves skin elasticity, increase absorption of skincare products, and makes your beauty routine even more effective for smoother, brighter and healthier skin.