How to make black soap liquid

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19 017 views | 6 Sep. 2018

Hi everyone....


Hi everyone....

So this video is basically how I make my liquid black soap at home ...

All you need ;

Africa black soap

Turmeric powder

Coconut oil

Blackcastle oil

Warm water

You can add any other oil of your choice if you want..

How I make my body scrub: https://youtu.be/rZBzuxW4EtQ

Thanks for watching and before you go, don't forget to subscribe... Thanks.

Oluchi Oshinowo

Lovely skin ?


You look like the singer Natalie

Elizabeth anyanwu

I came across your video n liked it... Pls if you want to make in large quantity to resale, will there be need for preservative..thank u

Prestige Hanie

What cream do you use?, or it doesn't matter?

Enyinkem Angel

Beautiful skin please can I add essential oils to this

marie noella

How Much quantity of soap do u use to make the bottle of it .....

Ogechi Ezigbo

Nice one sis. I order the crunchy type just like yours. I can't wait to get it to mix just the way you did

Kehinde Amure

Please what's the best body/face cream to use with black soap?

VJ Prince

Does this stain towels?

Olusola Pamilerin

Is it for all skin types?

My Precious Life



Does liquid black soap still clear skin like solid one?

Tiwaa Abena

Do you need preservatives? How long is the life span without preservatives

Barnabas Daberechukwu

nice one thanks

Madumere Kelechi

Your skin is goals

sarah yunana

I really love your skin

Julie Juliette

Good morning pls can I blend the black soap called dudu-osun to do it

Mazuba Mwale

What product do you use on your body

deji ayo

Sorry please the name of the last oil u mentioned

Zainab Damilola

This is awesome and u will give it a try.

Florence Kanu


Gladys Dotson

Please tell what you are and how much you are using.

How to make black soap liquid

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55 173 views | 14 Oct. 2014

Ingredients purchased

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Dooshima Agur

Please what type of preservatives can i use for this soap if i want it stay for a longer period

k fatima

Hey Hey! Gabe from The Gabe Fix sent me.  Subscribed :)

Blessing Olusegun

ao can u preserve it

Just Jamie

I'm allergic to coconut oil as well does the bar contain coconut

Rie Moses

I went to Ghana recently and I brought back lots of black soap. now I know what do with it, lol

Aisha girl

I love your skin colour

monstertruckfan 3

What is this used for?

Hair Like God

looks like meat loaf after slicing yum yum lol

Monalisa Brown

Great video

Mariana Skafidas

Toni I got my earrings and headwrap in the mail today! I love them!!! ???


guar gum instead of glyserine works brilliant

Sir Ken

When all the black soap has melted and everything is liquid, put it in a pot and reduce it to make it way more creamy like the soap you but in stores. It takes some time but it's worth it.
Don't let it boil, just heat it to the point where steam is coming from it and then be patient, check up on it from time to time and stir it. Totally worth it!

Akosua Koranteng

Hi Do you know the shelf life on this?


How mush black soap

Adonya Wong

Those beautiful ingredients deserve to be stored in an amber glass container. <3



Ashley Then

Thank You beautiful! <3


Love this, this is such a good idea :)

Anj P

I also got a free ebook by lisa maliga african black soap from Barnes and Noble

Ola Aja

Thanks for fixing the video:)xox

Beach Vibes

Great video! What can I sub the coconut oil for? I'm allergic:(

Shawn Martin

Wow! Must try!


Thank you for this vid!!!
I purchase my block of soap from Madina in Brooklyn, NY which lasts me forever.
You have introduced me to a new way of breaking down the soap with coconut oil.

Gloria Jefferson

Too watery


Awesome hand model at the end lol


Do you use black soap as a shampoo for your hair? 


I just made some liquid black soap, but i didn't think to add glycerin.


Silly question, but does the coconut oil solidify later or will it stay in the liquid form?  Would it be better to use liquid coconut oil to start with?


Thank you for re-uploading this. I appreciate all you do for your subbies.


Black soap is the only thing I use!! I love it!


What you website can I buy ur earring

Angelina Appeanima

After 3days I love to see it before Ur put into the bottle how liquid ii, anyway good job sis ????

Jasmin Andrews

Omg!!! lol....I thought you were grating a spice bun.....on the thumbnail. Thanks for the tip tho.

Anonymous User

What makes black soap foam? Can’t find that answer anywhere.

Natasha NBeautyBasics

Love black soap.  I have been using it for years.  I love making a mask with black soap and honey.  

Shubila K

Toni, I find that when I use black soap it leaves heavy scum in the tub or sink and that is one thing I cannot stand. Does this happen with the liquid version, or what can you suggest to combat that?
Thanks in advance  :)

varsha joshi

Black soap recipe in gujarati

Trusting in Jesus

I have been using black soap for almost twenty.years now. I am on an natural health journey and feeling terrific at 49.

Katrina Mur

I just mixed soap with coconut oil. Do I really hace to wait for 3 days before it is ready ?

Love Yebs

gabe fix just rocked one of your wigs and i am digging it! is the price in us dollars or canadian dollars? just subscribed.

Elsbeth Steele

Thanks for making this. I subbed!


Cool! I was about to get rid of my glycerin That looks very nice (almost like a cooking recipe :)
p.s: I love DuchessGabrielle as well 

Quantina Williams

You didn't show the texture of product

Jenn Jackson

Thanks for the video. How do you use it Toni? xx 

How to make black soap liquid

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Kudirat Adeniyi

Did u use any thickener

precious osayemwenre

Pls you dint add their measurement?

Girl Tribe

You have some amazing knowledge. My daughter has that hyperpigmentation and i never realised she might be able to help fix it. Thanks for the add as im so glad you directed me to your channel.

chitalu banda

Do you use this daily?

Precious Bassey

Pls next time try and write on the screen cos you are to fast

Alexis T

Hey new subbie here showing you some love ?.. yasssss I have to try this thanks for sharing.

Chinyere Joseph

When can I get the products in making the soap?

Sue's journal Media

Lk2 nice upload. Got to try the black soap ?

Adela Fleming

congratulations on 1.2k subs! <3 sending love all the way from Texas!

The Lady Stella

Did you use preservative?



Chenai Lynn TV

Omg your skin is sooo pretty...i need that... Im def going through your channel now lol

Blessing Onoja

Can we add jermal plus to thicken it

rosay rozzet

Could u please list the ingredients. Thanks girl??

Olusola Pamilerin

Hello dear..is this for all skin typea

Oluwafisayomi Abidemi

Ghana white soap
Nigeria black soap
Bio carbonate soda
Sandalwood powder
Gluta C &E
B.b clear soap
Coconut oi
Almond oil
Crude kenacol
Rosemary oil
Peppermint oil
Rosehips seed oil
Vitamin E oil
Carrot juice
Carrot oil

Adusu Ohui

We understand that you can't change the way you talk completely so try other ways to keep followers and subscribers interested. that being said you could add subtitles to make it easier for your followers to understand and keep coming them coming back.
Personally I couldn't even get through 3 minutes of this video.



Hey what can I do to clear up my skin first ???

Fofana Nake

Hi can u write all the ingredients please

Chinyere Phinaline Ada Odoh

You did not share the ingredients and you were talking way too fast, then at the end you talked slow ????

Delphine stone

Pls am interested in the quantity

Nwaaka Isodje

Nice video. In place of the bar soaps, can raw extracts or powders be used eg gluta powder?

Jennifer John

TBH I like your voice ??? one can add ozone soaps right

Gallia Kelly Ngoyela

Hi! I loved it but can I get the measurements please?

Leke Mary

Does this soap work on caramel skin

Clinton princess craft

Can I turn my already made soap to liquid soap without any effect on my skin

Sequena Scott

Slow down! Great info though.

Nneka Mbakwe

Pls, drop d measurements used

ada obeh

Pls am interested in knowing the quantity measurement you use for this

Miri Lazure

You talk way too fast I barely could understand a thing you said ??‍♀️ I literally gave up I couldn’t watch the video all the way through it just got so bad and I was really looking forward to it ?

Melly Mels

Niceee I have to try this. I know the BB clear is really good

Chridah Mwilachridah

Thx but why do I use for preservative


Can u also sell this on ebay

Dr To Be

Wowwwwww thanks YouTube for recommending this video thank you for sharing queen amazing content ??

Soya Cincau

Sending back ❤

Merciful eric

Please can you list the ingredients here?