Vertical forehead

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Vertical Bridge procedure

85 502 views | 21 May. 2016




Music by

Minnesota (Hold Up)

Maria Azevedo

but it is really pretty


Are the dermal punches necessary? And if so is it because there wasn't enough skin to clamp?


This made my stomach hurt

Bee K.

This music is not it ?

Jennifer Dowell

It was pinched and raised a bit between the studs..will that eventually lay flat?

Eleanor Rose

As s fellow body piercer I commend you on this piercing ! It's nice to see someone put so much effort into the piercing , hygiene and positioning in which so many so called piercing professionals fail to show in there videos !



Emily Neu

Honestly watching your videos is like watching art. What is the purpose of the small gauge punch before the piercing? I've never seen it done like that before, it came out beautiful.

Leila Caribbeancoven

How she can stay so calm ?


Absolutely love the dedication to being sanitary & the attention to detail to ensure perfect placement. Wish you were in LA!

Ayanna Burgess

I want this so bad

Bree Alberty

3:12 she's a unicorn ?

Moju sogo

Dónde puedo conseguir ese tipo de Surface

Im Kirsten yo

Shes a unicorn!!

Charleen Garcia

Thoughts on internally threaded and externally threaded?

David B

Who is here cause of lil uzi vert

Yes I know I'm late

Sarah Smith

Will it swell and be deformed like a chance?

Belem Jean

I like the piercer's hair ?

Mauricio Flores Villa

¡Me encantó!
Saludos desde Martínez de la Torre, Veracrúz.

Jordan Madeline

All of that blood freaked me out xD but the jewelry was so pretty!


Beautiful but painful. I literally held my mouth the hole vid

Hilda Cantu

he's super cute


I need a piercer like you in my life ♡♡♡♡.

kayla Tweet

Very well done piercing, and that piercer is fuckin fine as hell. 10/10

Trevor Roper

not the biggest fan of guys with long hair but OH my god that piercer is cute as shit?

Tink Xx

Was that swelling or just skin hasn't relaxed yet?

Bri Lee

It's beautiful but I'm scared. I'm thinking of getting this done.

That Mead With Juniper Berries

It looks almost religious. What religion has the wax dots on their foreheads?

Yamila Borges

ouch no no and no

Azaria Jackson

I wonder if this is how Lil Uzi got his jewel on his forehead?

Doll feet Macchiato

I love this music???

PrettyUniqueBeautifullyCreated Butterfly

I wanted to get this but I think I've changed my mind,,, looks like it freakin hurts.

Tex Mental

How much does it cost to get a vertical bridge? I've been wanting to get this piercing done for awhile now but I haven't had time to find a shop in my city that does this type of piercing.

omar montoya

saludos desde tijuana

Elizabeth Rodriguez


Caite Smith

Where's the room for swelling?

Cherlin Caceres


mikkae winter 冬oliver オリバー

what type of jewelry bar is that called?

Moju sogo


Milena Gellert

wonderful ♡___♡


qué dolor por la ctm pero es tan hermoso el piercing ?

Leezzy Grant

that girl doesnt seem to be the kind of girl who loves piercings and stuffs but hey she's brave

Cherlin Caceres

no pero ella esta muy anestesiada

Shayne Turner

How did she stay so composed throughout the procedure I would've died from the pain

Victoria P.

This was amazing, love how sterile everything is! You are an awesome piercer, made me wish I didn't work at an animal clinic, so I could get this piercing!

Cherlin Caceres


Joyce Ann Tahil

She got teary eyes. I would have cried from the pain omg

senem a.

You are fucking good in your job but I feel disgusting. I guess I am cry

Plastic Replica

this is totally a moonstone !!! anatometal or industrial strength? everytime i see a piercer pop the purple gloves i know i am in the hands of a APP trained person ...Any BVLA goodness?

taya longora

took it like a champ


It just seems like she didn't feel a thing omg, ill get my double nostril in summer and i can already feel how painful how it would be. Great job tho and niiiiice hair

Gönül Öztürk

Allah senin canını almasın ben ne izledim böyle

Kayla Weiser

I love your hair and this piercing looks painful as he'll


Lil uzi

Simply Me, Taylor

I have never seen this piercing before. Love it!

Sofia Garrido

no me gusta como queda

Debbie's Dilemmas

I have to say that this video is great for people planning on getting piercings. The fact that you show all the necessary hygienic procedures will show people what to expect. If they go to get pierced and don't see all the steps that you do they should leave and try somewhere else.

Mica verbag


Emmanuel Villa otalvaro

hola Rubén tengo una pregunta que es el blue gel anestesiaste a la chica gracias

Dakota Hayes

Dude she got her therd eye pierced

Paddy Arthur Mudd

As a piercer this was done beautiful. But I may of opted to add micro dermals than the bar, however again. Technique used is perfect

brandi s

All the work you put in everything to make it all perfect turns me on. Like its SO good

Alba Loves Beauty

muy buen trabajo! me encantan los piercings me gustaria hacerme un piercing contigo!? Pero por ahorra tengo suficientes!?
5 on each ear lobe✔
triple forward helix✔
solo me falta el Rook ?

Tila Wolf

Eu queroooo!

Skittle Gutts¡


AnnettePhillipsboop Ethan5646

Super ugly. Its crooked too. ???

Rachel Lawson

I love this so much. I'd love one but I'm a baby with piercings. Tattoos I have no problem with though.


Awesome!! It's flawless!! I need to come to you...

syed sabir Gillani 1

so butefull

Donya Hanna


The neon enthusiast

I NEED To get pierced there yo!...BY THAT GUY?

Vertical forehead

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Jazz Spiry

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These remind me of the olden days when we just acsended from apes ahh.

America Weber

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Just chew on tiege Hanley and you’ll be good ?

Hajji Oumaima

bravoooo high purposes only what matter

Sumit Sahu

Hi My face is little small compared to my body what should i do

Queen Sheep

I have the worst jaw shape ever

priyanshu dhawan

Where's the link of other vid?

777 One

Fix your eye area. Upper eyelid exposure break your face

Elizabeth Reyna

I'm really skinny but I still don't have a chiseled jaw ?


I can’t stop looking at his eye

Anitha sherubai

Bro please upload long face excercise

jc denton

ive been mewing since 2019 and nothings changed

Will Levey

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dumb bell

your shoulders are narrow.. level up sucka.. rebirth with broad shoulder frame or something shouldercel.

RoSh JaiSoN

You are look alike of Logic...!!!?

Red-Fox YT

Why do you remind me of Rafe from uncharted 4

Kelsey Yaldo

Thanks your the best!

Anand Sinha

i will try it if blazing cardio and workouts does not work


Dude I have 4% body fat. My face looks okay but the thing is my jawline isn't noticable


I'm 14 1 month and 20 days in 9th grade well about to be in 1 month I have been mewing for 1 year and I idk not see any improvement yes my tongues is in the roof of my mouth and when I try to breathe through my mouth when mewing it won't work I did that just to make sure I mew right I have an overbite I think I'm going to get a Invisalign and I don't do facial exercise cuz wtf is that is pretty much useless I'm gonna start to eating a better diet do cardio exercise do have a better facial structure and I want to be tall too cuz for my age I'm just 5'5 or 5'6 I don't remember


Will mewing give me more square face?

waseem waseem khan

better look in before rather than in after

Anitha sherubai

Please brother can show me height face excercise pls..pls...pls...pls..

Nakatakda Na

Turns out i gotta be attractive for someone to like me

Mario Ventura

Luv u dre......

Dhrumin Rajput



do you want to get a perfect jaw line ???

chuw atleast 2 gums
it is a good work out to your jaw

Claire Divas

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Yugesh Biswa

Bro how do I make my chin longer ?

Hilda is cool and good

Tried becoming the manliness man ever by chewing on rocks.

Broke all my teeth and now girls won't date me.

Pls help

Ocine Ahirwar


280 Anuja11ARTS

Fuck m already skinny now what should I do ....bye m going

dawson carpenter

I have chewed food for 12 years lol but seriously I want to change my face shape to a more attractive one because my face is an egg shape upside down

Amman Shariar

Who came here just FOR having small head than the body

Guinness book of shit Crossx

Your last words made me confident thank you very much.

Ghitza 07


Big man

0:47 that’s really mean and stop making fun of people’s looks

Miguel Eduardo

Subliminal jk

rajendra choudhary

Please tell me my face shape measurement like that. Length of forehead. 19cm Length of cheekbones. 15cm Length of Left and right jaw line. 11+11
Length of face. 20cm

Kaeden Guzman

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Neha Dutta

My face is long in shape i want it to look circular what should i do for it? Plz reply sir

Tuhin Yadav

Astro sky

SamiJay 5000

I've found that mewing gave me constant headaches so I stopped and that's what I thought I did but I had already built that habit and didn't realise I was still doing it but the headaches had stopped.


TBH y people try to change their appearance...idk when will they realise they r beautiful the way they are ?

Janae Chavez

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Marquina Family

What if your already low in fat should I just start mewing


i always hated my square face, i dint even know this was a thing ?? why

Black Shadow

Here's a thing my face got a jawline the problem is my face is alot like a square. I wanna make it look longer, any tips for that though?

Agata Nowak

How old are you?

Aishwarya Joshi

Loved the way u explained ❤️❤️

Sathya moorthy

I've diamond face shape, can i change ot to oval face shape or its not possible?pls reply ???

Alexis Cruz

My face look big in a mirror but in a car window my face looks smaller like wtf going on

holy animator

Photoshop ?

Tom T

I grind my teeth at night so I naturally have a nice jawline. The down side is that I have to wear a night guard otherwise it's terrible for your teeth.

Diamond Zieman

FAKE. As a photographer its the camera zoom. The closer you are the more your face looks thinner. Who will agree

j the 2nd

Sometimes It just comes down to the angles .


my face is so wide...how can I get a more narrow shaped face naturally? It's not that I'm fat, my skull is just wide.

Amrut Katigar

06:12 what's the song running in background

Tamia Hanson

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Joe Joe

Trickster with Hollywood thumbnail

Somi Singh

I don't know why I am feeling giddy by looking at you


I would love to get a face shape, which has a combination oval and heart.

Marshall Urban

Self improvement can be a coping mechanism for sadness

sir shrulu

And no fap with lifting works cause your testerone shoots through the roof


Legit loose fat only way

Tikha Gamer

? - Before

? - After

Kevin .anime.x

i really feel its a certain amount of facial features, like my nose is a bit long and so my face looks kind of dragged down and i hated it but i really want to shift certain features and lengths

rajendra choudhary

Please tell me my face shape measurement like that. Length of forehead. 19cm Length of cheekbones. 15cm Length of Left and right jaw line. 11+11
Length of face. 20cm


I mew but I absolutely hate my face shape no matter what. It's oval, and I've always hated myself because of this. :( There's this buff chinese guy on twitter, with a body type you could use "bear" to describe, and he is literally completely beautiful. From his body to his round faceshape, etc. I mew but I still have an oval shape. It sucks because I can't have short hair styles unlike that guy, because my face looks too long. medium and long hair styles and hats kind of hide it or make illusions though by capturing your attention with the hair.


i swear kids these days r either fat / bad posture (sitting infront of the computer) or they look like steroid/juice ridden artificial bods. scarrryyyyy

Jaimie Mcphee

I just realized I watched a Dre Drexler video without realizing it was a Dre Drexler video.

Michael st00

What if you're already skinny but with a fat face ?

Bassing Basics

Yeah considering DK Metcalf is actually around 9 percent body fat the celebs you showed are not even close to 6 percent the average man in shape has around 16-20

Jacob Raj

Dude its not mewing its genioplasty... celebrities don't mew all day long comeon man

Mohit Joshi

Woww man ... I like your mentality dude ... i genuinely feel that everyone should think like that ♥️


I love the before video...

Edgar G.

Don’t you feel dizzy dropping your body fat that much?

Sanjay Kumar

Ur video is soooooo long I have not much time to watch ur whole video

Beautifully Blessed

Just lose weight ..

IG Whatsbriandoing

Best video I’ve seen on this topic. Love this guy ??

Charles T

It feels whenever I get a haircut my head is wide but I figure I haven’t been working out so this makes sense

Dulce Sipriano

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Jikochy Jr

Tur mar heda madarircud ber ber hesi goror


I love the before video...

June Lam

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francis jones

You speak Spanish

Filip Friedrich

Can anybody help me I have no idea what’s my face shape

Forehead 16cm
Cheekbones 15 cm
Jawline 22cm
Length 21cm


+1 subscribe from me...
love from India❣️

Shehan Wijekoon


Acoustic_sj 7

I hav underbite. Can my face length increased?

Yajnaseni Kalta

Maxilla not maxima

Skinny Bob

Bruhhhh, it’s not “maxima” it’s maxilla, and it’s not “mandibles” (the mandible is the jaw bone) it’s masseters lmao but still a good video tho, you got a new subscriber.

Anneliese Mendez

I just accidentally clicked on a dre drexler video, I’m so sorry cody and Noel

Nba Topics

People these Days


best video to get a better jaw line and the best thing is about selflove

Akira Villarreal

It's still amaze me just how lots of people do not know about Penlargerem System even though many people get permanent enlargement using it. Thanks to my pal who told me about it. I've increase my size when erections by using natural ways.

md is craizy

Sir thank you so much ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️??❤️?????❤️?❤️❤️??


is your jawline genetic

Vertical forehead

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Vertical bridge surface bar procedure by Luis Garcia (me)

56 353 views | 6 Aug. 2015

Vertical bridge surface

Vertical bridge surface bar procedure done via O needle and blade needle technique, also shows adjusting the bar to match the curvature of the area.

Enlightened Jazz

I love the jewelry that you choose. I have the same piercing but just a bit higher above the brows. Great video!

Elizabeth Alcantar

<3 hermoso trabajo


Thats way too small it will swell and it will eat that bar up... you need it longer bar


awesome walk through!

basim on 60 fps

who’s here to see how uzi got his piercing done?

Anya Winkelman V

damn i want this so bad! i feel like i’m way too much of a weenie to get it done though lmao

Jess Vega

Hi wjere are you located? I'm from CA but I would love to get my vertical bridge done by you!

Kayla Peckham

So happy to find an actually certified piercer on youtube!!! Great piercing, gorgeous choice of jewelry! Fantastic job, very satisfying.

Kelsey Sradeja

This guy actually seems like he knows what he's doing. Unlike a million other piercing videos on YouTube


When I grow up I want to do tattoos and piercings but I wouldn't be able to do what you just did it's such a long procedure unlike a simple lip piercing. Respect dude you earned a new subscriber you clearly know what you're doing!

jessica gurlofconfusion

Lol, that's really fucking gross, but really fucking awesome!

Deanna Soto

That was fascinating


Really nice work. Where can I see more? You don't seem to have so many videos on youtube..?


This is so dope!

LeBonBon V2

The piercer knows what he's doing but I can't help but say the piercing looks like a massive zit

Aleigha Newkirk

Sick ?


So give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff
Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough
So give them blood, blood, blood
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood

Kacey Smith

I can tell you know what your doing also this looks very painful but otherwise great video! ❤


Me searching up forhead piercing to see how lil uzi got his


you can tell when a piercer knows what they are doing.......this guy is a good example of this

Chuck E. Cheese

What perc was you poppin’ to not feel nothin’? ?

Mardely Ryz

I love his voice so relaxing. Good for the viewer and the client ?


I love watching your videos
So clean and well done
Hopefully you have many more in the future

Your use of jewlery as well gets me all excited ;-;

Teee Chincx

I want this so bad but fuckkkkk?

MoMo Gray

flat surface barbell? or regular?

Alek Green

I'm guessing this is the type of piercing you don't want to change out?

Jade Arthur

What does it look like when you take it out? When others have the other bridge it looks terrible when it’s out.. the holes are huge


I love piercing videos, well I love good piercing videos, and just stumbled on your channel. I love it, subscribing. I'm looking for a good piercer in my area to do my vertical labret but I want to make sure I go to someone that won't make it crooked lol. I've considered doing it myself but I'm just not too sure so I think I'll keep searching ?? anyway, love the videos!!

shane rogers

Love your videos bro subscribed today


Awesome job
Both of them
But I couldn't help saying ouch as the needle went through

Danaka Schneider

Im OVERLY pleased with how this piercer did this. Amazing job. Would love to pierce like you one day.


Can we talk about man's perfect eyebrows though?

maisha mkali

How much does it cost?


That looks like it would hurt a looot :( Do you get numbing cream or something for this type piercing?

Brooke Worrall

While this is not a piercing I intend on getting, this is a great example of an incredible piercer. An ease to watch!

Ed Underwood

Excellent procedure!!! I actually learned something new, thank you..... I'll look forward to seeing more....

Carolyn M

love your videos. you have very nice jewelry BTW

Kk Gracey

It's gunna hurt to get confused ??


Great video! I would expect the bar to be longer, is there room for swelling? Or can't the skin swell on that place?


How long does it typically stay puffy? I want mine done so badly. Great video, by the way! Thank you for making this, it's super helpful when considering a new piercing,

maisha mkali

What's the difference between this technique and the one that pierce it at once?

Shel Elizabeth

Doesn't it need room to swell? Great job that looks like it freaking hurts!

brandi s

Never disappointed watching you. I'm entertained and I learn a lot, thank you for sharing what you do!

Carlos muñoz

great, but O-needle ? anatometal ?

Aaliyah Kylie

i actually want to get this. does this tend to reject? i got recommended this over the dermals

Rayne Blackwater

for how bad that looked like it hurt he definitely took that like a true boss, aside from that I really hope my piercer talks me through it and it's as caring as you are about getting it all done right, seems far too painful for me to do it twice

Amber Agelink

I want this piercing so bad ?

Turtle Time


Dezzo Doozo

how much does this cost?


I would trust you with my life - big probs ??