Makeup with no chemicals

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How I remove Stubborn Makeup With No CHEMICALS At All!

52 views | 22 Sep. 2020


I'm new


I'm new here! WELCOME!! ?I can't wait to hear what y'all have to say once you try this! It's been so helpful to me!

Thank y'all so much for even clicking on this video! Please let me know of somethings you would be interested in!!

FOLLOW ME On my Socials linked here!

Twitter- britkneesbeauty. (Wrong name in the video) new Instagram ?

Instagram- brittany's_beautyblog ( correction name )

***PRODUCTS in video

*Makeup Eraser


*Fractionated Coconut https://amzn.to/3j6qzRi

Brittany is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Amanda Osborne

Love this! And love fractionated coconut oil!




Incredible! I love it! ❤

Makeup with no chemicals

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Watermelon vs Lemonade - Mixing Makeup Eyeshadow Into Slime ASMR 413 Satisfying Slime Video

2 069 794 views | 20 Jun. 2020

Hi! In this ASMR makeup

Hi! In this ASMR makeup destruction video, I'm going to be Mixing Makeup Eyeshadow into Clear Slime with Pink and Yellow colored makeup. I'll be mixing and breaking up makeup and eye shadow into two clear slimes and separating the colors out to make a beautiful swirl slime at the end! I hope you enjoy this satisfying special series slime video. Thank you for watching. All the best!

jaiden larson

not gonna lie but that mustard yellow colour mhmm chefs kiss

Ava OMG 101


Pug and Roll




larissa bricadera



I feel like only people who don't wear makeup would find this stuff satisfying... Idk maybe its just me but if you see this reply to this comment and tell me if you wear makeup and still find stuff like this satisfactory

Bellydance Revolution

Face revile please

Jade' Miller-Collins

why do you have to put makeup in slime bat

Camille Hyatt


Zeynep Gokce

Çoooooooooooooooook israf


i watched a tiktok on how girls get their nails done, i cant see anything normal now that was disturbing

Micah Blades

Me ow u good at make ping slime

Natalie Grgich

Me: sO SaTASfiING!!!
Me 2 minutes later: ugh what a waist of MONEY!!!

Edit: JK I love your vids.... but I do wonder how much money goes into these videos?!?!

Emma Gallagher

Everyone else: enjoying the video

Me: watching the first 30 seconds then getting bored and skipping to the end

Albaro Rosas

Me gusta mucho estos vídeos


It kinda a wast of money ???i still like it

Kayla Clay

Also me wondering how much money she put into this vid????

Noor Syifa

Who's you like i like water melon i like it

Samuel Attias


Sydney Beardmore

Go to 10:36 on the video. Do you see it? ?

Sofli xies

I think the title should be called flamingo vs custard bc the lemonade looks more of a custard then lemonade lol

Cheyanne Mendez

The watermelon slime was amazing


Me: oof so much money
Others: oof
Me and others: Sings coffin dance in oofs

That gamer girl

Also me: trying to figure out how much money goes into making this


me: enjoing the video.

my grandpa: this is so anoing and weird!

Ann Thorkelson

I don’t like your Chanel you are wasting make up

Marsha della Della ayuni


Nora Beaver

l don


Ellu Aura

Watermelon is red-??

Sydney W

Yass I want this slime

Jaismin Nichols

am i the only one impressed with how well her mixing as gotten?? like the slime used to be so clumpy but now their like so smooth


Hi its so satisfying

Exotic Cake

You have some manly hands you got there madam


No one:

Literally no one:

No a single soul:

Me: no, no stop! These things are so cute stop wasting them!

Who can relate?!

Overlay Furniture

My mind: gurl no just no

Lily Hallstrom

Me:oOoOo ✨satisfying ✨
Also me: how much mula this girl has?


oops, my face went

Marie-Laurence Constant-Chrétien

Other people : cool
Me: what a waste !

Row's Life

I like the watermelon one more :)

Carina Beatriz



Ты меня понимаешь?


Why does that look like a piece of a hot dog

Agnie Raymond

I love slime

Косmо Stars TV Show


Marmotte RPG

Yeah such a waste

Julius Ramos

Not cool girl

sahar Qasimi

this is literally so not cool ?

Teagan Frost

No one:

Not a single soul

Not a damn person

Me: tHaTs LiKe My WhOlE mAkEuP cOlLeCtIoN

Erich Avery Barretto

Can I have the yellow slime?

kezia rizty A

Plis bt21 cooky and chimmy

Hesti Aisah

Green vs orange plis?

Jessica Betts

You make such good slimes x

Lily Warminger

the QUEEN of satisfaction! my fav has to be the eyeshadow scraping, also, dats alooooooot of makeup there giiirl

Paula Still

That must be a lot of effort

Dariusz Woźniak

Love this pinks and yellow?

Meryem Mustapha

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a give away.

Sevinc Niyazova


Laila M

3:15 hotdog

Marmotte RPG

And why would u even do that

Faruk Yıldırım


Gameri 06

That is how popular girl lose weight

Javi Crausaz

2021 anyone?

natalia grekova


Cheyanne Mendez


MaryBridget Donoghue

Soo good

kirby mouton

Hope this is old make up

Draco Malfoy

Ok, but those nails ??

Rebecca Holmes

Me staring at the screen the whole time ??? btw i love these

Ramfeb Ramfeb

Money hits white❤️

Aaliyah Henderson

So satisfying!!!


it would be so yummyyyyyyyy


Hi !!!!! Beautiful

Sadie Byrd

The face powder just goes everywere like it don't care

Aloe V

What happens when you let someone use your makeup ?


Tentando achar um comentario Br ;---;

Cass the puppy!

This girl is the definition of “I’m pretty as I am”

Tewarie Sunil

It is so relaxing
But it was much money to make this videos

Alex Vesey


Amanda S

the colours for your next video can be white pink and orange plzzzz :3

robhe tuazon

sayang na naman po ??

Lilah Butterfly

Watermelon?: like
Lemonade?: reply to my comment

Chloe Sullivan

Pink is my favorite color

زينب عباس

أكثر الحب

Pro gamer 640

At 3:30 it is so so satisifying

Xbox Legend


Sasha Nagam Swarna(Student)

man so satisfying
also me: what a waste of makeup

Tailey Eatherton

that must be a lot of money going to the makeup

•Gacha Mice•

I dont even know how to make an actual STRECHY slime ☹️☹️

Kayla Clay

Me asking my self why I’m so frickin obsessed with these??

Tailey Eatherton

i like the pink slime better

Joseph Bode


Alice Ellis

The pink one looked like you were playing with a fresh organ kind of creepy....

night_fricken dinosaur

Other people: sooo satisfying and cool
Me: Noo that's makeup not slime coloring
Ps. Those palettes were so cool and why did you destroy them!

Sunset Stables Horse tack

Feels like your over loading the lemon more than the watermelon

Jennifer Lipner



Jestem ciekawa ile ona pieniedzy zmarnowała na ten film

TL - 03MR 855756 Mineola PS

i like the lemonade cuz its yellow ( oop i made a big space )

Jamilla Worsley

Cool video ❤️?

Queen Bear

Сколько же вы косметики для этого видео испортили.....

Audrey W

It hurt to see her destroy this make up

Makeup with no chemicals

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"NO MAKEUP" MAKEUP LOOK FOR COLLEGE/ OFFICE | Without Foundation | Manasi Mau

2 621 079 views | 30 Oct. 2018


Hi guys!

Back with a video which was highly requested and it's the no makeup makeup look, just in 15 min! That too without using any foundation!

Products used :

1. The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel on Nykaa


2. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer - Light/ Med Beige on Nykaa


3. NYX lip cream (Zurich) 

Can't find it on nykaa :(

4. Miss Claire pressed Powder (02)


5.Check out Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Dark Grey on Nykaa



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Manasi Mau :

1. What's my age : 21

2. What's my height : 5'4

3. What's the camera I film with : Canon 700D

4. Editing software : Adobe premiere Pro cc 

5. My education : Computer science Engineer

6. My current haircut : Bob with layers


1. Top that m wearing :


2. Earings :


3. Choker :


4. watch :

from Titan, bought it from their shop.

5. Nails :

nykaa nail paint (earl tea grey cake)



Instagram : manasi_mau1

Gmail : [email protected]

FB : Manasi Mau


You look beautiful without any thing. I mean without using aloe vera gel


This can actually be called as a no makeup makeup look ❤️

Samriddhi Srivastava

she's so cute ?????

Abrar Ansari

Mam apki skin kis type ki hai?
Mean dry, oily.........?

Deepika Hilim

Aapne jo sprey bottle main serum liya, uske bare me detail batao na....plz...
Muze vo smzme nhi aaya

Durgesh Singh

Aap bolti bohot ho di


the fact is she is naturally beautiful..

Nikita Dalvi

You look so beautiful ❤️



Annz Valentina M

The way u explain is awsm gorl❤??

Ankita Gurav

I like your attitude body language

Preity Siddique

My hair was so bad, but a little big. But I went to beauty parlors so short. It has been cut to pieces. Saying that the hair has become very bad. I can't do any style in the hair.I am in a lot of tension?????????????????

48.Damanjot Kour

Ds is one of the bst vdos i watched n u r soo cute didi❣️......n ur no make-up look is jst vry natural

Radhika Shravgi

I am here after lakshya chaudharis roast??

The Shadow

What abt sunscreen and moisturizer

Khushpreet Kaur

Please tell your lipstick shade..

Radhika Shravgi

I am here after lakshya chaudharis roast??

48.Damanjot Kour

Jst wanna know ur secret of Bright and glowing skin .. so can u plz share some ideas abt Daily routine to make our skin healthy at home naturally wdout any Cosmetic ?

Priya Hunnur

I want your video tutorial for dark complexion as i have a dark complexion ??..

Nazia I Burney

A thumbs up for spray gel bottle tip...

Anil Tiwari

In thumbnail you look like rhea Chakraborty

Rachel Jason

Why serum from sheet mask you can use normal serum as well. Can't you?


Please do a collabe video with Mridul sharma , Yashita Rai and Shreya Jain

saumya srivastava

i dont know why but you somewhat looks like disha parmar (i feel that)

Sushila Rani

Too much talk

siddhkala gaurav

2.3 m ??

Amrutha .R

Sisyo ur hair style is to gud ?❤️???

Bangtan Army

Didi without makeup bhi dope lgte ho aap to?

Trishna Mallick

It's really great make up for those who are not like makeup ? like me? and thanks to you?
And here I've a question! I want to know that which concealer best for beginners with reasonable price??

Biswabandita Swain

You are my favourite ❤️ and you are so beautiful ??

Yogita s.

Nice video

Rifat Yaqoob

area around my mouthhh 100 br bol thi toubaaa irritating ????

ankita srivastav

Mind blowing makeup tutorial link is here https://youtu.be/AvIr8A-7MBw

Raveena S

Watching again in oct,2020. ALSO,this was the first ever video that I watched on your channel. I found your channel in my suggestions and its about 2 years completed of mine on your channel???????

Aashika Sharma

Very informative video ?

lubika tips

Are serum ok for oily faces too ?

AfRo_Zaa AhMeD

You r so beautiful

Anjali Karada

Can u mix two different facemasks one aloe Vera and another like rose??

Jiya's Kitchen

Nice look dear thanks for sharing it

Hash Mua

Hi Dear....I appreciate your work...amazing video ?
I am also a budding mua getting inspired by you.... Can you please have a look at my work and support me by liking and subscribing my channel. I would be highly obliged for the same. ?

Saibu Sbi

U look so nic

naina fatima

Bolti zyada ho dikhati thora ho

Trupti sahoo

What hair cut cut in your hair


Love the way u describe urself in description❤❤?

Hima Gandhi

Which lipstick did you used??

Jagraj Singh

O my godd diii u r so beautiful ♥

Nandita Sahoo

Even I do this jugaad? squeezing the sheet masks in a spray bottle? n this helps me alot

sarika singh

Finally i got something good regarding makeup after searching a lot i really hate 2km long makeup on my face ..??

megha jain

Sheet mask se serum kaise nikalu or eye brow ko properly fill up kaise kre...ek video bna do..


Super sister

Vasant Kelkar

Aap to vese hi sunder ho makeup ki kya jarurat hai apko

Professor Dumbledore

She said priming the skin is very important but she didn't use any primer... Or did I not see it?

Munmun Mandal

Really it's is a good suggestion

Pooja Kaiwart

I never do makeup and actually i dont know how to makeup whenever i done it it was worst only..... So i never want to do makeup thanks for this vodeo

Priya Chaudhary

Dii aap bhut bhut pretty hn but jada

Muskan Khan

This is the real definition of no make up...make up look..


What can we use instead of using concealer? Must reply

Ravendra singh Baghel

What is name your hair cut mam


Ur the Queen of my Heart; Love uu??????????????

Rajan Mishra

I have oily skin

Priyansh Ranjan

This is the best no makeup makeup look ??

User Google

Seems i am listening Alia bhatt voice?

Samir Rao

As a guy, it gets very awkward for me to apply makeup but I have really bad acne scars and have no issue with wearing makeup, but, log kya kahenge? :P Hence, thanks for this!

Light Yagami

Can we use light pink concealer

Anjali sain

Can u plz tell me which shade u applied on your nails???

Muskan Singh

ma'am please make a video on how to use just bb cream thing with a lipstick.

Secret Star

Which hair cut you have done di

Uroba Khan

which type sheet makes u used?

sanju reddi

I did this look on my cousin's wedding, everyone thought I am a natural beauty ?.also This is perfect for people like me who doesn't like to do heavy makeup .?

Namita nghhs singh

Can you tell me your hair cut name


Hay dii ,aap ka kon sa hair style h ..plzz tell me

Kamalakara rao Manikonda

You are so beautiful without makeup

Babu Menino

Thank you so much you r look so beautiful

Suman Govind

Mam what can we do when we have pimples on face plz make video on this topic mam plz❤

seema singh

Di plz Make a video on teenagers no makeup look

rasula manjula

Yay! This vedio crosses 2.4m views
And 46k likes ❤? #MauFam ??

lizz Joseph

Watching in 2020 december


You look similar to Rachitha Ram (kannada actress)

Farheen Ghani

She s cute❤..

Lineysha Dayal



Please make a video on how to select perfect shade of concealer

Angel heart

Mam apka hair cut konsa h????

Gowtami Gouda

N this was perfect ??

Pro Tamizhan

Can I suggest one powder for sensitive combinations skin sister

Manpreet Kaur

Good ideas

Sakkeena Abdullah

Naturally you are so beautiful

Sruti Nayak

Doesn't she sounds so similar like Sonia Garg

Asmita Patil

7:9 ???

Sowdamini Vanamali

Our computer science batch?


Tq soo much for tutorial ma'am sure I'm gonna try this ..????

sufia khan

Ye india h hindi m bataye english m bolengi to aadhe to smjh aayegi aadhe ko nhi hindi m bolengi to sbko smjh aayegi aapki baat

Nanda Kumar

God, please stick to Hindi

Sanjana Chauhan

Di i am 14 year old can i do it

Rishika Kumari


teena Antony

Ladki kitni sundar he


You look so beautiful

hanshu dahiya

Nice Hack (facemask)✌️ impressive ✌️

Abhinav sagar XII A

I came here all credit goes to lakshay?

Vandana Sharma

Plz tell me ur haircut name