How to hide a big nose

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FAKE A NOSE JOB! Contouring your nose! | SadiaSlayy

1 998 592 views | 22 Nov. 2017

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Make sure to subscribe & turn on notifications so you don't miss my nose surgery video next week! Love you guys!!

(my nose is still very swollen from the surgery, hence the potato nose lol!)






**BUSINESS: [email protected]


-LA girl pro conceal "chestnut"

-Tarte Shape Tape "light medium"

-Powder brush application:

-Bronzer: Benefit "hoola"

-Highlight brush: Anastasia beverly hills "A14"

-Setting Spray: Morphe (use code SADIASLAY for $ off)

MaeRose Art

I have those same brushes and I adore them! Very beautiful contour job. Thanks for helping me because as a bigger nose bitch, life is a strugggggle

Karen Howard

The Louboutin flex was cringe as fuck. Imagine being so insecure that you have to let everyone know you have a pair of (hideous trashy) designer shoes. I guess i’d be insecure too if I had that face ?

Donaciana Garcia espinoza

Tienes un super talento graba más vídeos

angeles valdez

Your humor is kinda funny lol, so monotoned but I love it ??

Shirley Starsprite

Wow have you ever thought of becoming a professional. You're better than my sister's wedding artist who had 8 years of experience

No clickbait recipes

That's it, first date I'm taking the girl swimming! ???

Faith Pastrano

I really need this one thanks❤


You look like my cousin lol

Leti-Sol M

New Sub!! Your voice is low-key soothing and your pretty funny. ?


No thank you ACACIA I hope I look just like you!

Nelliee Nahla Benkhaoua

that's the only video that explained how to do the nose contour right.. and seemed believable

sulafa taha

ammmmmmazinggggg wow ...astonishing ??????

Nikki Galvez

wow so prettty my nose sucks :((

Ρανια Κρεμμυδα

You're the worst.

rose999 hi

imma just get a nose job

꧁Hannah Quaintrelle꧂

No amount of contour can fix my side profile. ?

Carolina Stevens

U did a great job I don't think I could pull off so much makeup on my face though. Other than that great makeup tutorial


Shimmery highlight is waaay to shiny on tip. Ruins the whole thing.

Lola fun

What about, you get wet?


Kid, you are hilarious and this was GREAT. Thank you


I hate when people with small nose say they have big nose


this is one of the only videos i’ve seen with a person with a commonly shaped nose. most of these other youtubers already have noses that look like they can barely breathe through them.

Sadia Iqbal

Omg we have the same name!

Harsh Singh Bindra

This changed her whole face like wtf..

Shahed Aldarwish

Step one: get a nose job

Nelly Ibarra

You are going to fast

Abrianna velardez-tenorio

Girl u mentioned u used to contour the tip of ur nose cause it went down far my nose is like that can u show me how u did that plz...I sure cant afford the nice nose job u got lmafo

Lesly G

Finally a tutorial that is helpful & actually works !??

Sandeepa S

Pls upload ur eyemakeup Nd lips too...pls...lip so pretty lik plums


You are more beautiful without a makeup. Just a quick comment. Those false eyeashes really pops out like a drag queen dominating your pretty face. Maybe pick one that looks more natural :-)


"How to fake a nose job" *has already had a nose job'


Guys. This why we always say "Who the fuck are you" after a heavy alcoolic night. Buying a badly painted car ?

Sachi H

EXCELLENT video Sadia!! Thank you!! I'm subscribed now. You made it entertaining as well!!


You look like the actress Hannah Marks!

Kristel S

Eyeshadow please?

Destru Xion

is this result permanent?

Faria Tasnuva

She's so sweet

Anaya Samsotha-Cooley

Someone needs to help me contour

Rena Britt

What color is your lipstick/gloss?

J. G. Lewis

I think your nose was beautiful as it was originally, baby...

Amanda Mealer

Was great till the white dot ending

vengeance vengeance


Layal Skeif

Omg what a brat you completely just disgusted me when you said you could just use a Louis Vuitton shoe Ye because everyone has one of those

megan Theeestallion

Omfg I never knew how to do the tip of the nose... I’ve been doing it wrong the past three years of my life. Thank you!!!! ✨☺️

Bryson Godo

This tutorial is great. My nose looks like the iceberg the titanic hit

Madison McMichael

this whole video i was waiting for her to break out the red bottom and blend with it. i feel played

Blazy Molds

F*ck the nose, it's all abt those eyes ❤️

Allannah Morris

How long would it take you to get ready on an average day?

Elisabeta Marina

Is it true for everyone? In real life nose contour looks like it s a dirty nose? I tried lighter shades and it looks like you have something on your nose and makes the nose stand out more.

How Not To

What the duck oh my god your face scared me

Joe Donnelly

Beautiful. But you ruined it with the very last bit. No need for that white dot on the end of the nose.

Nikki M

LOL I was having the worst day but you are so fucking funny and made me laugh. thanks I needed that

Teresa Maurizi

What kind of powder did you use when you let it settle 6minutes?

Ruhi Sagri

Thank god my nose is sharp and straight

Ariel Hernandez

Beautiful job! Amazing!!!

Dee Dee

My husband: Are you trying to do that to your nose?
Me: Yes...??
My husband: You have a baby nose, if you do that, your nose gonna disappear.
Wish he understood the pressure of being a lady.

Kiara Barathlal

I thought she was joking when she said she was going to use a Louis Vuitton ?

Caviyahero Vlog

You're so pretty, amazing video ?

Sammie Roberts

What do I do if I don’t have all the stuff to do this, as I’m in lockdown❤️

sadaf Abid


shanmukha priya

Love from India such beautifull girl ur sis love you best vedio I had never seen but the only thing is be little energetic which makes people watch more love u

Zahraa Mohamed

تغييير فضييع هههههههه

Ashwini Ingale

Ahhh I found you super cute. I wish to meet you one day. You look so beautiful without make up. And trust me even before nose surgery you were looking gorgeous. Love you.


Watch that setting spray with contact lenses. It's so hot in Florida I'd like to set make up.
But I don't throw away my contacts that much if only worn two hours. Love this video. Amazing. I'm dorathi Catalano facebook Sub to me here. I'm older I know lots of things. Yay!!! Thanks Starmaker on twitter I'll be sharing this video many places. Thank you

Katie Powell

Don’t u just love vanity lol ?

Stephanie Anderson

Ok now can you help me with my hooded eyes. Help me fake an eye hood job. :) But seriously help

Melissa Wolf

What lashes are you wearing in this video, they're so perfect!

Safa Sheikh

Love this tutorial it was so easy to follow along ?


flashee q era sofi maure

Dee Dee

So...She got a nose job done before but didn’t ask for what she wanted or what?

Md Naushad


mommy & Nylah

Wow I honestly like your natural nose better but that's just me your very beautiful

iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

Thumbnail had me shook

Food Corner

Amazing ??????

Nadia Mian

Nice makeup. But why get a nose job if you still end up having to contour and spend that much time on it?

Whit Rhoe



You are funny. "Contour the hell out if it." Lol.

Zibiah Suhail Suri

Which highlight palette did you use??

Smarika Basnet

Who else got that big ass nose?

die_südländerin *

my nose is SOOO BAD i’m crying

Nikita Davis

Super good tutorial ??‍♀️

Shama Alt


Me.Myshelf and I

Let's be honest we are all insecure about our nose

Jade Keller

This is the best tutorial for nose contouring i've seen! It looks natural!

Safiyya Fatima

This is your first video that I've watched, and I absolutely love you ❤️

Mikaela Angel

It still looks like it did befote

Sonam Zam Rinzin

gets a real nose job and shows people how to fake one no hate this helped a lot!!!

Anaya Samsotha-Cooley

U kinda look like gabi

Ellie A

People with small noses are soooo lucky.


I cannot contour my nose. I watched like 100 tutorials and I still can’t do it. Periodt•

J Dawg

Bitch contoured with a Louis Vuitton and I’m living

Desirie Plaatjies

Contour the hell out of it I like,I like

tiggyxoom wumpkus

I can't breathe with tht nose

Leia Gordon

This was amazing!


Wait, what powder did you use?


Tysm I have everything except your type of nose.

toe crusts

i have a huge nose? ?

No clickbait recipes

That's amazing! An unflaterring nose to a stunning nose in minutes! You are very talented.


You’re amazing and beautiful!

Liana Soares

"Contour the Hell out of it." I laughed.

How to hide a big nose

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1 249 830 views | 31 Mar. 2020

How to contour your nose,

How to contour your nose, with a detailed video and explanation!

Hope you guys enjoy x


Products used:

La girl pro concealer in: fawn & medium beige

Laura mercier translucent setting powder

Sacha buttercup powder

Makeup revolution vintage intense metallic cream powder highlighter

Makeup revolution x Patriciabright Face palette (dusk til dawn)

Niré makeup brushes

Real technique makeup brushes

Beauty blender


My eyebrow tutorial: ‪(UPDATED) HOW TO: EYEBROW TUTORIAL REVERSED | VanessaK7 https://youtu.be/sql0NQ2J5TM ‬


Check out Wayne Goss Nose contour video which helped me: https://youtu.be/jeze5ypOE7c

‪'I HATE MY BLACK FEATURES' ......Y'ALL WON ................................: https://youtu.be/tBAF7I3GXwA ‬

Keep up with VanessaK7:

Instagram: _vanessak7

Snapchat: nessa7xx

Twitter: _vanessak7

Business/ Collab’s: [email protected]

Ps. I did wear a turtle neck which probably wasn’t a good idea cos a lot of people think my foundation doesn’t match, it does but I admit I did go overboard with concealer! Check out my other tutorials though!

tracey C

Very nice i seen the beauty in you b4 the nose job . that's right do you ?

Caren Rogers

Omg girl u use tones of highlighter. ?‍♀️but love love.

Miya J

You look better with ur nose not contoured

lina lina

اذا انت عربي حط لايك ????????❤️❤️❤️


If I gotta go through this 3-7 days a week, I'll just get the surgery.

Queen of The Crossroads

Her nose is rather “strong” but still a pretty girl!


You look stunning in the beginning of the video, before adding any makeup. I can tell that you have talent with makeup, but you really are a natural beauty. No makeup is needed. And it could just be the lighting, or camera, but the makeup diminishes your natural beauty. Again, I can tell that you have talent with makeup, and you by no means look bad when wearing makeup, but you're so gorgeous naturally, makeup can not improve anything.

Latoya James

Is it better to apply makeup before or after a wig install ? Or it doesn’t matter ?

Bootgang girl2

Why do people say having a big nose as a black person is an ethnic feature as if all black people have gigantic noses I don't have a big nose there are people in all Races who have different types of features it just sounds like a racial stereotype to me

Ajah Alexus

I have a big ass nose too?? I get it from my dad & I hate it it’s so wide

Azam Adnan

you cute ✨

Leah Allen

WTH did I just watch. You're a magician. Loved that you're artistic enough not to need or want plastic surgery. Ya got my vote and subscription. Beautiful lady! Thanks for all the help.

ام عبدالله

احبك يا خشمي الحلو، الحمدالله عالنعمه?وانا قاعده اقول خشمي كبير، لا والله تره حجمه ما يساوي صرصور?????

Kimmie Browne

Wayne Goss is amazing..:but this is a no fornme

Talk with Drea & Friends PODCAST

Luv this check my channel out


Your nose is wide. Not a lot of people will people as confident. Well then again just because you contour it to be so thin shows your insecurities. I respect that you don’t want to go under the knife tho. But learn to love yourself.

Mihya Paris

Your nose is still beautiful ❤️

Sacha Manuel

There’s nothing wrong with your nose. It’s actually beautiful. The contouring is pretty awesome though but it looks unreal and robot like.

Yandere. xo

tbh i think her nose looks amazing


your nose is already banging. for everyone who needs to hear this your nose is already perfect so if someone makes you feel like you need to do this don't. if you want to do this just to try something new then do it

Lauren Robbs



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
As for me, you are gorgeous.

Anonymously Unknown

Nose looks better after but it looks weird and doesn't fit since her nose is fat and then it's skinny going down the middle with the bosses contour

kiara rodriguez

Why tf you had to make yourself look 2 shades lighter?? No wonder this video got hella ? .

Dr Nazir salloum

AmaZing ...relooking

Cassidy DonShae


Shanice Farrell

What contour stick did you use?

willy lala

Your eyebrows are ?

Dorothy Nanteza

This is a ?

Asha Freeman

Wait this is a finished look?


You have beautiful features. Love your nose!


You have a natural beautiful nose its not huge and your beautiful


Oh my God
you're awesome I really really
I love it

Dasia Gray

I think it would turn out a lot better if you were to incorporate what you are saying as how you love you nose into your makeup. I would embrace the size more and shade down a bit more rather than conceal up. It makes it look unnatural in Public and I feel personally it would shape your face a lot better to shadow the nose more down instead of trying to conceal it. Just a little bit and then add the concealer to the rest of the nose. But that’s too skinny to look natural with such a beautiful nose like yours.

Sarah Givens

I got a big nose also. Your beautiful. It's our unique feature

Erza Jean

I would actually love ur help. I’ve been so down and sad about my nose trying to get this RIGHT!!! Using and buying all kinds makeup and brushes wasting money like crazy idk if I’m doing it wrong or if I don’t have the right makeup! Please girl u did amazing ur beautiful HELP ME!!!

Wayne Jenkins

Girl your nose is not BIG!!!!!pleeeeeaaaase stawp it!! LOL I love you tho for this vid! Thanks! Using my bf acc....hehehe

Ziyah Ziah

When you have your nose contoured you actually reminded me of stefflon don

Gale Monterio

Thank you ,that was amazing .......it was magical......

Dee Dee

?? looks great ??

Anne Walker-Ramirez

you're wearing an extremely too light make up I am a lot lighter than you and I don't even think I'd wear that. Your skin is a beautiful color without that color tint of foundation

The Best of TikTok

Her nose looks too big for her face though

It’s Kayki Babe

Your eyebrows are so pretty!!

Nimrah khan zai

U r sOoo beautiful and unique ❤️
Love from Pakistan ??


OMG??i have the same nose as yours ....this video has inspired me to love myself just the way i am??


Your nose is sooo pretty


Wow! You really are an artist, aren’t you?! Great job.

Pete S.

It’s interesting your nose looks beautiful with and without makeup.


HEY If you try out this nose contour, show me your before and after result and tag me, I’d love to see people’s results! AND if you are a youtuber we,d love to see you follow this tutorial and show us your finished look!!????? #ifollowedvanessak7nosecontour

Emily Monroe

I'm not going to lie, when I first watched this I was thinking, this is so strange I don't think she know's what she's doing. So I went to other video's, needless to say that I was SO wrong, this woman here is on point. So I'm sticking with her for everything now.

Ajah Alexus

I needed this cause my honker is HUGE !!!!!!

Liz bth

If you want to learn how to minimize your nose watch jackie aina or wayne goss or ali art but this is a hot mess.

Reem m

You are so cute ❤️?

María ANTONIA Ebuale Buale



Beautiful girl, beautiful nose. You look unique, I love it.

Ooo Yeah

Idek why I'm watching this I have an average looking nose

Rakhi Dhavale

Awesome ?

Naomi Mae

I love her nose, youre soooo pretty❤️

Htm Lm

I prefer how she looks with her natural nose...that contour makes her look like Latoya Jackson

Zaina Shaikh

Ewwwwww her nosee

Josephine vlogss

Wow ????❤️?

Scoopity Poop

These are european beauty standards. Love yourself, bro ?

pretty brown thing

What’s the name of the contour stick?


Its quite scary what makeup can do. Lol I dont think I have that big of a nose but I love a good contoured face. Great video.


Did u put foundation before doing the contour ?


It's not big. It's shallow. It's lovely. Really honestly.

It connects to your cheekbones, so you just have a nice soft curve to your profile.

Edit: I just saw your response video about how you love your facial features. Ok cool I don't want u to think this is a hate message, makeup is fun and u have a right to explore your vision with makeup. (I do still think your nose is really beautiful with its "eastern" shallow bridge)

Emefa Akator

This was too skilled



Rajesh Rajesh

I am from Tamilnadu ❤️

Why r u applying paint on ur face
It's ugly

colombian Mocha

Wow! Looks really good

Patrice Williams

you didnt give the name of any Products....so whats the use of the video, no color suggestions, so annoying


definitely have the base down you just have to blend the nose and the face more and maybe add some more warmth back to it to so it transitions better.

Divalisha Lehman

can you use powder contour too ??? idk

Bailey Spelt Beefy

Way too harsh
It honestly looks like you either forgot to blend or barely blended your nose... you are gorgeous and it is a great shape but it would look so so much better if you either blend it out better or use a lighter contour shade and used less contour as well so the lines aren’t so harsh

Salma Shahab

She is a real talent.??

M.S. Bowen

Sweetie I feel so badly for you! (HUGS) Not because of your nose shape! Not because of anything to do with your face prior to the make up. You truly feel you cannot be pretty! Because of a nose? I am so sorry! I have a round face and a big nose! But I refuse to do this tutorial. I have nothing to hide and neither should you! Your faked nose looks just that fake...

It's just sad that you like so many people on youtube seem to think Contour is the answer when it's so unnatural looking when you play with make up. It feels stupid and foolish and it's just not the pleasant thing people think. I'm round faced and I don't care! I am lovely as I am! YOU are lovely as you are!

The Stally Show

The contour needs more work and using a concealer closer to your skin tone would’ve been better but ok overall.

Jamar Lunchin

Gtfoh your nose doesn't need to look pointy like a white girl. Smfh. Omfg

Tina Jackson

excellent job on the illusion would you are pretty either way

Bernadett Toth


Crystal Duron



I’m a grown woman and I believe in magic after watching this video

Vanessa Cruell

You go girl. I have a big nose too that I got from dear old dad, and I am not having surgery either. You don't need to have ANY work - You are FREAKING GORGEOUS....

Jenny Girl


dilek kmsdr


anime thighs save lives

No hate but.
I really wish people would stop contouring their nose so much to the point where it's the only facial feature anyone notices.

فوائد وعلاجات نجوى

احسنتي ياريت ترجمة عربي

Real Talk New York With Janique

Great job ?

Cat F

You aren’t fooling anyone. I think your natural nose is beautiful?

إبداعات أم العيال H&R&Y


juliet onuoha

Wow , thanks for this ???????


I think your nose is your most striking feature. It's just really unusual, in a good way.

Raquel Pape

Very talented and beautiful young woman. Thanks for sharing ?

Rosslyn Ann Brebnor

Hi you are Beautiful your nose are special ?

Aunya Rose

Yes love your face. Your nose contoured or not
Thank u


I mean why get a nose job if you’re good at makeup ? a lot cheaper

sharon poosson officiel


daisy smith

Best nose contour I have seen so far


What is the powder


I’m white. I contour my nose because it’s not the tiny little thing all the girls are wearing has nothing to do with my heritage. It’s not a race thing it’s a fashion thing people. When big ole’ noses come back around I’ll sport my beak with pride.

How to hide a big nose

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The 'Nose Job' Nose Contour | How to Contour a Big + Crooked Nose

130 583 views | 19 Jun. 2020

Hopefully this stops the

Hopefully this stops the rumours that i’ve had a nose job (& lied about it!) I’m just really good at contouring my nose lol! My nose is wide and the tip curves down (especially when I laugh), so I contour it in a way that makes my nose look thinner and more lifted. My nose is also a bit crooked and slopes off to the right, so when i contour it i take that into account too, and try to make it look straighter. It’s all about shade and light, so hopefully this video will help you guys! I wouldn't say i ‘love’ my nose, but i’m trying to like it for what it is, as a nose job would be expensive and sore lol! x

#nosejobnosecontour #nosecontour #crueltyfree

P R O D U C T S F E A T U R E D I N V I D E O:

KEVYN AUCOIN Sculpting Powder ‘Light’ https://bit.ly/3fErXbL

THE BALM Bahama Mama Powder https://amzn.to/3hD6kdM

SIGMA E27 Brush https://bit.ly/2zQsJU2 (use: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off!)

OFRA Rodeo Drive Highlight https://bit.ly/2UXBbYf (use: STEPHANIE for 20% off)

SIGMA Domed Utility E34 Brush https://bit.ly/2N9ild4 (use: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off!)

FRECK Fake Freckles thing https://bit.ly/30O4j8D


❤ S U B S C R I B E


❤ I N S T A G R A M


❤ S N A P C H A T


❤ T W I T T E R


❤ F A C E B O O K



❤ E M A I L (business only contact)[email protected]

un kiy

I never had to contour my nose but I'm here to learn for my bff. She's beautiful but a bit insecure about her nose. I will do her makeup for engagement party ? I'm a bit nervous tho


My problem is snatching the tip of my nose! And nostrils! Could you show how to do that? Everyone always only concentrated on the bridge and sides....


aye, saw you on a Alice in chains comment. rock on

Laura Canon

WOW is like an instant rhinoplasty


I know I’m really late to comment on this video, but I just want to say thank you for doing this video. I have a very Spanish nose with a wide bridge and a bump, and it’s been broken so it’s a tiny bit crooked. I’m also in my mid 30s so a lot of the beauty videos don’t necessarily apply to my skin, but the videos for mature skin are usually several years older than me. I’ve never been able to contour my nose to look good. It always looks dirty and you definitely helped me with this problem. Thank you! ❤️

Seren Hughes

Your nose is literally perfect ?! Great tutorial! Do you have any tips for unsymmetrical eyes and eyebrows? I have really obvious unsymmetrical features I’ve been trying to figure out a way to soften x

Zoy r

Omg, I've watched your other videos. And I'm about to speak from my heart. You are truly beautiful, all of these nonsense people go claim that you're not beautiful, or attractive without makeup must be seeing things. You also have talented makeup skills which a lot of people struggle with. To add on, you're one of the most beautiful people I've seen on youtube. I can tell the difference between you with makeup, and you without makeup. And your personality....oh.My.Goodness. Is completely welcoming and gorgeous, a beautiful women with the most caring heart. I seriously mean this. Your the type of person I'd love to be friends with, I'd probably love to even have you as my aunt ????! But for real, overall you're completely beautiful, gorgeous, and have the cutest smile, and a 10/10 personality! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!


But the freckles don’t look like freckles ?

Rose A

I loved this it was so helpful thank youuu :)

J Marrello

I love this!! Honestly I think your natural nose is beautiful, and I don't see how it is crooked?!? I have a very big nose (with a wide bridge and big nostrils) and my nose is SUPER crooked because I broke it when I was younger. I have never been able to find a video that shows you how to contour both a crooked and wide nose so THANK YOU! <3


I like your Nose! Youre so beautiful ?

Charlie Yeah

the way she says "here" at 7:15


I have a fat nose so liked this very much! I always liked your eyeshadow tutorials back in the day. Can you do a video of the easiest way to do flattering eyeshadow (without like 10 colours though lol) cxx


https://prnt.sc/tslxx9 can someone tell me how to contour my nose?

Sharon M

I end up making my nose look wider, its a real talent. :/


You suit the nose you have

mel Brown

Good video but slow down your talking a bit and watch how many times you use the word “like”


Amazing video? I can't wait to tryout some of these tips. I've had my nose broke a few times & nose jobs r expensive.

Anne Walker-Ramirez

I have a hard time with contour the way you're doing it is the only way I find it works especially under my nostrils

Danielle Nicole

You have the most beautiful face. It reminds me of a cheetah, absolutely gorgeous. Guess we all want what we don't have lol still appreciate how we are naturally born, just saying you are gorgeous ?

Michele Airbrush

I've been contouring my nose for many, many years, but that X trick on the bridge just brought it to a new level. The in-depths are great!

Jillian Manning

Loved this!! Such a great tutorial ? thank you!

jane doe

shawty sound insecure about her nose

Nicole Sargsyan

I don't know why you don't have more subscribers. You are the best, most honest, most helpful and real person on all of YouTube! I love how you aren't fake and you don't beat around the bush on things... you tell it like it is! You are, and always have been, my favorite Youtuber! Love you girl.♥


I struggle sooo hard with my nose and it too is wide yet i have a small bulby tip for a nose. First influencer to make me not feel alone bc i too would go on Instagram and literally be so depressed about myself and I’m upset makeup is the only thing that makes me feel pretty sometimes and the other times i just see right through it. Im going on almost two years break from social media o: i try not to look at the females on Instagram i dont really go on there much bc of it and it used to be my favorite app. Thats crazy

Lucy Lang

Can you do one for like upturned button noses? It’s hard to do as most people are contouring bigger longer noses but I still wan5 mine to look naturally slimmer and I wan5 to add dimension back in after foundation, as my nose usually gets red quite easily through heat exercise or cold


omg i’ve been doing the freckle thing for so long

Jes Meyer

You got that young Angelina Jolie look in this video! Also as someone who also has a wide and crooked nose ... thank you for this!

Kathy Czupor

Thank you for this tutorial so much. You did an excellent job of explaining it. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this.

Eva the flower

I personally think you made your nose uglier. ? I love your natural nose, I think a big, wide and downturned nose is totally beautiful and desirable!! People need to stop copying every beauty trend. (I'm not saying you do that, but I feel like most people do. I'll never get it, I love big noses!!).


U r beautiful with nd without contouring luved ur tips.thanks luv frm india


Your so beautiful thank you for this vid ????

Luna B Tek

Thank you so much for this. i have super weird nose from all the beating I got as a kid. Def gonna try this


I just love you so much!! Every video is like magic happening right before my eyes. You are so phenomenal!! You make the world more beautiful!! Thank you for sharing all you share with us!! ?

sPaGeT :D

your nose is literally so cute though


I love the pic of your great grandad

rivki gould

The firs video I saw of you I thought you have a very dutifully nose!

Sandra Later

You have a great nose ! If you think yours is big, giirrrrlll.. you do not want to see mine hahah


Haha I think I got my great grand dads nose too ?


Amazing video? I can't wait to tryout some of these tips. I've had my nose broke a few times & nose jobs r expensive.


I think your face looks nicer without the fake freckles, but beautiful either way <3


How do you contour your nose to get rid of a hump? I like my nose from the front but hate it when I turn to the side


The freckles totally worked


please do the in-depths i actually super appreciate you explaining WHY i'm putting the darker shades vs the lighter shades in their respective places and honestly you're my favourite "beauty guru" cause you're so honest and genuine and really talented!!!

Sheila Sanchez

Great! Loved ur ideas❣

Marlene T

I need to know how to cancel out the shadow on the nosetip like on the side it tilts away from because I have it too and just can't figure it out :(


Great vid. I do like the in-depth tutorials. I’m learning all this to do my daughters makeup for her wedding xx

Sherryhene Daham

thank you for helping me loving my nose ? you are amazing !

Nikki Lyes

Just discovered your videos today and I love them! Excited to continue watching, you are stunning, and talented!!!!

Lil P

You shuld see my nose

Alice H


Joanna M

So confused it's a perfect little nose?

mahee doctor

I am impressed ❤️
And your nose if perfect to me the way you are ?

Krissy Mc

Wow!!! Axl looks EXACTLY like you in that younger pic!!!!!

thisusernameistaken byyomama

I’m confused, her nose is beautiful ??‍♀️


I absolutely hate my nose for as long as I can remember. Gonna give this a go u r fabulous love n hugs xx

Emaan Serghini

Your nose is gorgeous. Please please don't make the mistake of getting a nose job. Its perfect as it is.


It’s not big

Nataj Walker

Wowwwwwza. Her before and after got me for a real one. I also realized I haven’t been doing my nose contour right at all based on her results


Sigh. No amount of contouring is going to hide my Sardinian nose.


I’m 21 now, but I truly learned how to do make up by watching YouTube videos as a kid. But one thing I’ve never been able to get the hang of is nose contour so I really appreciate the continuing to do in-depth make up tutorials!

Priscilla Gurgle

You have taught me so much! You give really good advice.thank you.

sarish khan

Hey would u highlight ur nose if it has a nose bump or not pls reply ❤️


This is so useful! I have a huge nose, its bulbous and crooked :( I still struggle with feeling self conscious but I'm much happier than I was when I was younger. I thought about surgery but I thought if I have children one day and they inherit the nose and I've had surgery they would feel awful. Thank you for posting this!

Miss Flat Chest

Anyone without nose bridge?xd


She looks like Poppy.
Hi Poppy.

alaina may

what mascara do you use love!

Angelic Corpse 1

Omg finally a person with the same nose as me

L. Schwallier

I have been waiting for this video my entire life! Thank you!! My nose is long, skinny, and WAY crooked. It points down slightly when I smile like you mentioned as well. I don’t often wear a full face of makeup, but for occasions which I do, this is going to be so helpful!


freckles ruined everything!

Mika Turtle

Omg FINALLY. We have pretty much the same nose type. Mine is actually a bit worse. Like yours looks fine but I just... I hate my nose XD but contouring made it worse so I hope this one helps

Laura Bolen

I have to say looking at your nose it doesn't look big at all! But you do you girl. If you don't like it then fix it. :)


I have the same problems with my nose. I apparently have a “severely deviated septum” per a ear, nose, & throat specialist which I never knew until I was a young adult like in my 20s. No wonder I always mouth breathed! Great video!

Gypsy Rose


Kathe Navarro

How would you contour to make the area around your nostrils thinner. My nose is what my mom used to call a "button" nose. Slightly upturned with the tip rounded.

Wiktoria Ś.

You are so beautiful!!
And your makeup is flawless ♡♡♡

Blu Jack

We both have same nose!?

Lexy Baird

Thank you for making this video. It really does help people ♥️

Valeria Fabian

You're last contouring video is why I started following you. I do have a thinner nose on the bridge but it widens at the bottom plus drops when I smile ? so this is the closest to getting it to look a bit nicer!

Marla Anderson

I have the opposite problem of a down turned nose. Mine turns up. Do you have any contouring tips I could use to lessen the severity of my upturned nose?


I think your nose looks really elegant and regal looking even without the contour.

Adriana Bozzi

Hey, new subscriber here ?? I really like ur channel, and I liked this tutorial. It was different esp since u showed how to do the tip. Usually all the other videos referring to this are the same way and obviously not everyone has a ‘universal nose.’ I have been dealing with this big nose/tip issue forever. Mine is much worse than urs. Ugh I hate my nose so much and I have been trying to figure out how to contour it. My tip comes sticks out so much. I wish I could send u a pic so u can tell me where u think I should contour to slim it out as much as possible? like even draw where u think I should apply contour. That would be so awesome but, I know that is a stretch. Lol. Yea the struggle is R E A L!?

Mad M

I subscribed, I've been looking for a tutorial for my type of nose so long ago!
You're gorgeous & your explanation was so easy to understand (english is not my mother tongue)
Thank you so much for this video ✨✨✨

Reyna Celeste W

Your nose is so beautiful. Not sure why people have to be so incredibly critical.

Danielle Coen

Does this technique work with cream contour product? Would blending it be a thing? Thank you!!

Jasmine Torres

I love your rings ❤️

Sahar2 Mohamed

Please do a video on how to know your angles

kryst light

Best contor for nose ever!!!

Jamie Faith Tan

Please still do in-depth tutorials! This has been super helpful!!!

Danielle Monty ASMR

STEPHANIE LANGE! You and your channel are so great! You are like a fresh glass of water, a chefs kiss!! You are exactly what the beauty community needs. I stopped using social media a year ago because I noticed it was making me hate myself! And your videos are exactly what I was looking for!!! Just down home REALNESS. I absolutely adore you and appreciate you and I want you to be the biggest beauty influencer so your viewpoints and lovely way of making people feel empowered and beautiful reaches an even bigger audience. Just wanted to say thank you, truly :) ?


Your great granddad was a classy looking dude!

Roaming Stylist

You are absolutely the best at teaching aesthetic artistry❤️

Sherri Schreiber

This was fabulous, Thank you Stephanie! btw, you are adorable with your nose just as it is naturally... but 'damn' you are great at contouring. I wondered if you blend it out at all... sometimes when I do the contour lines, you can still see the line. (not the look I'm going for! lol) Maybe it's the color I'm using. Keep them coming.. this was really informative!

Nikki Marie Therrien

Hi Stephanie I was wondering if you knew that there was a commercial with your voice in it? Everytime I hear it I know it’s you because I’ve been watching your you tube videos for years now.

Julia goette

Beautifull contour! But the eyebrows brushed so up are super weird


You have a good family to make you happy. You dont need to ever change your nose! Xxx

Alison Vergara

the power of MAYKUP BIETCHH

be praud with chouchou

I have a long nose and that make me so sad ???

Danjele Bowles

I literally watched this as I had a septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to be able to breathe like a human again and this will help me hide the swelling a bit as it takes quite some time to go down. Thanks for the vid ?

Alisa Friel

Do the freckles help?