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How to Improve Your Handwriting

2 144 595 views | 22 Jan. 2019

If your New Year’s

If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your handwriting, we’ve got five handy tips to get your writing back on track. Shop the recommended supplies here: https://to.jetpens.com/2S3k8Ev

▬▬ ✦ T I M E S T A M P S ✦ ▬▬

0:00 Intro


0:34 Make Your Letters Clear

1:30 Be Consistent

2:20 Avoid Tangles

2:42 Keep Connections Tidy

3:26 Slightly Slant Your Writing


4:15 Gel Pen: Uni-ball Signo UM-151

4:27 Ballpoint Pen: Uni Jetstream Standard

4:39 Fountain Pen: LAMY Safari

4:51 Paper: Maruman Mnemosyne

▬▬ ✦ P R O D U C T S ✦ ▬▬

Gel Pen: https://to.jetpens.com/2WcvS6H

Ballpoint Pen: https://to.jetpens.com/2FSHKp2

Fountain Pen: https://to.jetpens.com/2WaLkQT

Paper: https://to.jetpens.com/2Ta71Pk

▬▬ ✦ R E L A T E D V I D E O S ✦ ▬▬

Top 5 Fountain Pens For Beginners: https://youtu.be/UpYj4SRDQUk

Writing Supplies & Tips For Lefties: https://youtu.be/3KRFvceq9y0

Top 5 Brush Lettering Tips For Lefties: https://youtu.be/Qo0NWre1-6I

▬▬ ✦ L I N K S ✦ ▬▬

N E W S L E T T E R : http://www.jetpens.com/newsletter/subscribe

B L O G : http://www.jetpens.com/blog

F A C E B O O K: http://www.facebook.com/JetPens

I N S T A G R A M : http://www.instagram.com/JetPens

T W I T T E R : http://www.twitter.com/JetPens

P I N T E R E S T : http://www.pinterest.com/JetPens

T U M B L R : http://JetPens.tumblr.com

▬▬ ✦ F A Q ✦ ▬▬

What is JetPens?

- We are an online stationery store. We carry unique, high-quality pens, paper, and art supplies from Japan and beyond.

Where can I buy the products?

- You can buy the products from our shop JetPens.com here: https://to.jetpens.com/2S3k8Ev

What currency are your prices listed in? Can I see the prices in my country’s currency?

- Our prices are listed in US dollars. Our website currently does not have the option to use other currencies.

Do you have any offers or promotions?

- We do run promotions for our newsletter subscribers from time to time! Sign up for our newsletter here: https://www.jetpens.com/newsletter/subscribe or find out more here: https://www.jetpens.com/blog/coupons/pt/15

Where are you located?

- Our office and warehouse are located in the United States. While we do not have a physical retail storefront, our online store www.JetPens.com is always open! We fulfill orders Mondays through Fridays except on major US holidays. Find out more about us here: https://www.jetpens.com/AboutUs


Hi everyone! Check the description for what products we used in this video. Did you know that National Handwriting Day is tomorrow? Let us know if any of our tips were helpful!


Omggg thxx my hand writing went soo better

Shodiyahon Shodiyahon

Thank you jetPens this helped me alot in school i could have not done it without you!

ROSÈ 's winter tea

My dad says the same that I have to write equal size ing alphabet and numbers

Blue Guy

Who Else Is left handed and struggles


my hand writing sucks so much so that even i cant understand it..

Daily dose of Treasure


1. Make your letters clear 0:35
2. Be consistent 1:29
3. Avoid Tangles 2:20
4. Keep connections Tidy 2:42
5. Slightly Slant your writing 3:27

Essabell Essabell

My handwriting change everydaya

Agnes Galang

My hand won't cooperate

Kanish Kandari

Who thinks the Thumbnails of this channel are the most attractive

Your Local Ravenclaw

A thing about my handwriting I hate is that, no matter how neat I try to keep it, my style changes as Im writing, even if I am writing at the same pace the whole time.

Nicole Baugh

This helps A LOT THANK YOU ??♥️

Miscellaneous Chaotic Lab

I always have problems with consistency, even with my signature. I've practice for years but every time I go to bank, they don't accept my signature and request my identification documents. I might have some sort of motion control sickness.


when I write or do calligraphy and this year 2021 is my 3rd year of doing that but I have carpal tunnel so my blood flow makes it harder for mr

uchiha joy

Thanks my teacher tells me you have bad handwriting and rips the paper and throws in the trash

ROSÈ 's winter tea

I am right handed and I right with my paper kind of vertical so I have got a habit

ismail sabri

My teacher : hey, y'all know what. I have the ambition to be a doctor thats why my handwriting is like this.

His handwriting : H--y of m'sia(history of Malaysia) writes in calligraphy style and skip lots of alphabet

midomap yt

lol lier

Oretha Kerkula

In school it was hard for friends to cope from me cause i only could understand what i wrote. Mostly my teachers used to tell me to do nursing cause ??

Procreate Art

thank you now ill have great handwriting in no time

ROSÈ 's winter tea

Sooo useful

Jessy Zelaya

No like me

PedroAk jr

5:05 If I did would I be here?

Ananya Singh

I turn the paper to left (as I am righty) but 90 degree ?

Belajar Baik

I like your style hand writing..
What it font do you

samruddhi meeting

wow and thank

Mya Robertson

I think to improve your handwriting write the same sentence 4 times with pen and pencil. This would be 8 sentences. Also don't use the same pencil or pen so it won't affect your handwriting.

Sathiyaseelan Sithambaram

loud music then the talking

Roblox girl star plays

Can we have the link for the pen??

Anthony Mina

I came here because I couldn’t read my notes

Muhammad Afaq

can you send me this font style for paractic

Isaac S

I will consider myself in handwriting heaven if I could write as 'inconsistently' as the hand that demonstrated examples of irregular handwriting.

mehek maru

Lol my handwriting looks like a child is supposed to do his homework with his mom keeping a sandal beside him


please show this to my doctor he prescribed me with something and wrote down where to get it but i can’t read what it says


i was 4th grade since 2019 and 2020 jan-march
when i do that while my teacher let the whole class copy the powerpoint

Dr.Uzma kauser Khan

M i the onlyone here

Maureen Yabot

I just love her handwriting

Axel Blaze

did they just write left handed and write handed

Zenitsu Playz

can i just use microsoft word

Mahh Noob

Nice and Thanks ?

Ashley griffiS

But we need to write fast in school because they move on too quickly

StingrayKitten 179

"when writing in cursive"

? I'm dumb I can't write in cursive

But I'm all seriousness this did help me, thank you very much ?

Mallory Derrick

I now have ink all my over my hands

Will Pongase

the thing is my handwriting is inconsistent so my handwriting be looking like it got hit by an earthquake

mardanette tan

too lowkey classic i-

Lwurlyy QwQ

Her "Illegible" Cursive handwriting still looks wayyy better than mine ;-;

Ohk Jay

I'm tired of teachers saying that 'your handwriting depicts your character' it's so insulting and depressing because i know deep down i'm not a bad person... I hope this video can make it slightly better because i'm tired of using handwriting guides meant for toddlers

Adrian James Pardo

Your video is helpful to students who is needed to help for their writes

sunitha kumari ks


Green Apple


ツω ι и т α є_вєαя αυтнσяиιм

My handwriting is like BTS!
Never ever in serious mode !
Always goes like crack ?
But I loved this..and BTS is the best friend?


The slower I write the more painful. I get an extreme amount of pain in my middle finger on the left side of the finger beside the nail. I even have a bumb there. ? I also start to get extremely shaky and may even kind of sharply stutter that cause me to shoot a longer line then I wanted. Do I need to spend hours practicing as an adult to reprogram myself, or am I just not physically capable of writting property ever, and should I give up and stick to typing?

The nezuko Weeb

The fact that I was going to write how to draw,this came up before and it feels like a personal attack.

Shuroma D

Thanks this really helps! ⓎⓄⓊⓇ ⒶⓃⒶⓏⒾⓃⒼ


3:29 And I took that literally


Just clicked on this video to say what the heck kinda pen is that and where can I get one? ?

Jack Man 13

Can you send this to my doctor

Snehitha A

send this to you doctor with no context passive-aggressively

Raven Albacite

cries in left handed?

Raj Kesarwani

If you want to write neatly my suggestion is to write by touching the bottom line and not touching the upper line mine turned out very beautiful even my my mom praised me


I don't know any good pens or books I am a child with 9years

Marilou Amba


Roblox girl star plays

Can we have the link for the pen??

Shy PG3D

My old handwriting was like just human heartbeats

joseph stockman

You gonna show me how to hold the pen?

Focus Kendo

When spacing
The space should be the length of an n

Bendys Nightmare

I can't even read what your writing !

Purushottam Kumar

Hey guys,
suggest a friend whom you will want to suggest this video ??

Allan Rimorin

Paano po kung pasmado?

lie. yoonie


Liv Herman

lefties have left the chat

Nashad PLAYZ

Me who cant hear a single thing because the blender is on


How in the world do you hold your pen? Especially that person: 4:05

You can't even see what you're writing.

bonnie nadine newman

Excellent show!

Robinson Bright

If I write the word "look" the 2 o's will be different


first step: be a girl

Kamelia Morong

In school we are put to write in cursive, and the final exam needs to be in cursive cause if not then it's considered a sign and you fail the exam

Xatuna Gugava


A Mar

u made my handwiting suck


tell this to me when I can write in cursive and natural messy writing ??


okay, why does her bad handwriting look like my best handwriting??

John Kennedy

My handwriting changes mid-???????? also ???? ?? ???????????

Lael And Yohan

I'm gonna go to Harvard one day (i'm 11) and thought this would help lmao

Focus Kendo

I have a neat hand righting but Im here to watch
Uni jetsteam is my first pen I write at school it is very good :)

Владимир Ленин

This really helped, thank you so very much!

Daddy AF

The person in the demo has better hand writing than I do even when they are demonstrating poor penmanship. ?

God is love Dayany

Who here gots a writer’s bump ??‍♀️

The Jebroni

Am I the only one that is irritated that she didnt mention if a pun was intended or not?

Kamal kumari Thanapati

op what a handriting

Alfie Sargent


Maymuna Begum

The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog

Ramandeep Kaur


Ron Paulo Ogalesco

My problems with my hand is that I'm kind of like lack of control instead of drawing the circle right there's is gonna be a bit of slant upon it


Mine looks like I was writing on a moving truck that was going up on a rocky mountain

Gxcha_XOreo :3

I can write decent BUT I'm not consistent with my letters ;-;


This was on my recommendation page..im very offended

ismail sabri

When i was 7, we need to write in a book that will keeps alphabet on their line. And i messed that up for the whole 2 years. Or is it 3 years(?). I just cant follow the line.

Some Crazee

May God Bless You All and your loved ones

Brian Mbale

This really helps me to improve my hand writing because I truggle a lot do Thank you so much


My handwriting is so ugly, i'm starting again with school after 3 years. From grade school untill now, i still can't write good.

Pretty in ink prices

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CHARMing Heart Bookmark - Free Pattern....LIVE video Let's Hang out!

5 150 views | 4 Feb. 2021

Today we will be making

Today we will be making the CHARMing Heart Bookmark together during this live hangout time. I'm gonna make 2 versions....one with batting and one without. Grab your free pattern below & come spend some time with us!

CHARMing Heart Bookmark: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zGS2_bbbyKvtp9Yg4p7cuGkY2eRJkxOE/view?usp=sharing

Supplies I'm using today:

Ibotti Heat Erasing Pen: https://amzn.to/3jdVOuF

HeatnBond Lite: https://amzn.to/2YFGfCD

HeatnBond Ultra: https://amzn.to/39LAkT4

Come join the fun in the Creative Squad! This is a membership based group with some really fun and exclusive perks like free patterns, zooms & more! https://www.patreon.com/creativesquadbylcq

All the ways to get in touch:

Link to my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaCapenQuilts

Join me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lisacapenquilts

Join the Creative Crew Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/129494611213562

To view some of my most favorite quilting and journaling supplies, check out my Amazon page here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/lisacapenquilts *** I am an Amazon Affiliate and purchasing products through provided links may result In a small commission which helps makes these videos possible, thank you!!

San Dan

When I try to print the instructions it comes up blank.

Linda DeChow

These will make great gifts, thank you for the demo I like your channel, you have a really interesting variety of projects

sylvia back

Missed live but catching up now

Marilyn Vires

Super cute Lisa

John George

Sew cute you are clever thankyou for the pattern ❤Carol from Australia

Ann Philbeck

Mine was 800. top of the line. I think they start out at 300 now for what Lisa has. the CM350. that's what I had too. love the scan n cut works perfect with Simply Applique software. turns any design into applique with your embroidery machine.


Adorable! Thanks for the video - I had to watch it after the stream but glad I did. I can’t wait to see what The Crew comes up with and posts on FB!

Yvonne Moretti

24 inches in Maybrook NY

Busy Beaver

Thank you Lisa for the video. I bought the latest Scan N Cut DX. It was offered as a promo locally here in Ontario, Canada. I debated because the cost was still higher than the Cricut Maker but I figured it would never be offered again at this price. $200 to $300 less! I ordered it the end of November and had to wait. It finally arrived this week after delays. I need to unbox it. I will need to re-watch your earlier videos on how to use it.

Karen Champion

Yes theres snow on ground

Sleepless In Scandia

You could also use freezer paper for template and iron it on then sew around it. I love freezer paper❤️


What a wonderful video-----thank you!!

Kathy Hewitt

Kathy Northern Wisconsin 20 below zero this morning

Connie King

Missed it. I have to watch replay.

Ann Philbeck

2 inches of snow up the road from you Lisa!!

Anita Husband

Lisa this is a lovely project thank you. Missed the live but love this x


Dang it I missed it again!??‍♀️ Had to run errands but at least I can catch the replay! Thank you Lisa!

Helen Bartosek

These are so cute! I would like to make them for my great grandkids in their favorite colors. Of course, they will have to have goodies in the pockets. Thank you for the free pattern and the tutorial on how to do them 2 different ways.

Roberta McKenna

how do you get pattern?

Patricia Bennett

I watch on replay and really enjoyed making this. It IS a great gift idea for my book readers! Thank you, thank you!

Marilyn Vires

I bought 5 irons at Target that do not have the auto off feature. A class teacher told me about them and I bought 5 for just over $60 which will be enough to last for the rest of my life.

sherrill young

I love it. Thanks so much

Linda Jones

This was wonderful Lisa. Thank you! I love hearts!

Pretty in ink prices

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KBD75v2 Mechanical Keyboard Build with Gateron Ink Silent Switches!

351 489 views | 23 Nov. 2019

Sydney Mech Meet 2019 :

Sydney Mech Meet 2019 : https://bit.ly/2O8NiPX

Today we build the KBD75v2 from KBDfans. Great little 75% custom kit, which slightly improves upon the original.

Find out more : https://kbdfans.com

Still Awake by Ghostrifter Official https://soundcloud.com/ghostrifter-of...

Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/still-awake

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/6s1z_r_kVjU

Hot Coffee by Ghostrifter Official https://soundcloud.com/ghostrifter-of...

Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

Free Download / Stream: http://bit.ly/2CMqiz0

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Y30VQPGtxOs

Official website : https://www.taekeyboards.com/

My Gear : https://kit.com/TaeKeyboards

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TaeKeyboards/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/taekeyboards/

Walter Palmer

I'd love a keyboard like that without the need to build it...

Patrick O'Connor

Are there diy kits anywhere where I wouldn’t have to solder?

Long Nguyen

Can you suggest a 75% layout custom one with Mac / Win compatible and Bluetooth connection?


Does anyone know where the Chupa chups art is from at 0:08?


Do I have to pay taxes myself when I order from KBDFans or do they do that for me? Edit: And do they ship at all while Corona is all around?


My man did say shipping is cheap

Thylaric MTG

how do i order one keyboard like so you can build it because i dont have a solder and i want a kbd75v2


What kind of solder do you use?


it sounds kinda mushy tho

Michael Heyward

Just ordered the kit, can I just not use that acrylic bit and gave it as all alu?


Hi taekeyboards, is this gray or black?

PunkieDudie Channel

Sounds like water...


Can you do ISO layout on this board?

Atom Dragons

How tf do you change the lights on this keeb


not really a thocc. more of a cloncc

Sam Smith

can i use the switches with the 3 pins since this has that brass plate?


is it common to have uneven lighting on kbd75v2?? because my current one is dimmer on the right side.

Roan Tucker

is there a meet in 2020

nathanael 123

Is that pub hot swap?

Huy Ngo

Could you compare Gateron Black Ink vs Novelkeys Cream? Which is better linear (both unlube and lubed)? Thank you so much!


Hotswap all the way.


did he say "majority of KBDfans is mostly in stock"?!?!?! i don't think we're going to the same site


How much for a build


Is there anywhere you can buy this exact keyboard built? I love it, it’s exactly what I’m after :)

max rubenstein

So wait to these work with the GMMK compact?


I take my precious second to give you a like

Erik Vasauez

Gotta say I love both hot swap and solder only, I buy way too many switches but not enough keebs to just have all these switches laying around. Love being able to swap out some linears for some nice thocky tactiles & then maybe having some lubed silent keys on the mods. I actually prefer hot swap more for this reason BUT I still love soldering, it's a neat skill to have & practice at but desoldering is a nightmare & i'd rather lube 300 switches than desolder a full build

elizabeth garcia

Whats the link for the keycaps


Throwback to when we thought the Australian wildfires were going to be the defining moment of 2020

BIG moss nih

what did you lube the switches with?


I would love to get this kit but with hots swap rgb pcb


Amazing. There are actually keyboard fetishists. The more you know.


will support kalih


so I went on to this website to look for a 60% aluminum casing I joined the Discord link to ask for assistance because I really don't know anything about keyboards I wanted to build my own while I was waiting in the Discord Channel some of the admins were treating me like I was stupid and private messaging me calling me a retard I don't advise anyone to buy anything off this website in less you know what you're talkin about or they're just going to bully you

Alex Alonso

Total price???


How did you make the led solid blue? mine is a rainbow fade and I'm not a fan :(


like the original version does the PCB support key led and if yes would it support RGB led for key back lighting

Himmat Garcha

does the acrylic piece come with the board?

vintage keyboards

hot swap: the way u parents let u build a keyboard with out putting a thousand fans around you making the room Antartica

Marina Michaels

I love the clean 1950s vibe of the key colors.

Phillip Thomsen

i want some leds on the kbd75v2. Which size do i need? 10mm, or what? thanks


Hi Tae, can you suggest some more kits that are equally as good and within the same budget as this one? I'm trying to find a kit to start my mechanical keyboard journey since I got inspired so much by your vids! Thank you so much for the quality content!

Just Josh

i love those keycaps i want them


How do you tell what switches would fit on this PCB, are there compatibility issues with certain switches to PCBs like there is keycaps to switches?


very nice build. how did you get the RGBs to do that?


Can you build me a clean gaming keyboard??


a good thing i like to do for tray mount keyboards is to just put a teensy amount of blu tach on the screws to stick them onto the screwdriver and once you screw them in you can just remove the screwdriver from the blu tach.

Ha Gottem

10:08 buddy whats on the TV lmaoo


Anyone know if this case or anything like it is available in a 65% layout? I love the strip light accent that goes around the metal plate tbh

Atticus Andrews

I know you probably won’t see this comment but I live in Australia too and I was wondering if the kbd fans website is in aud or usd

Jonathan Rousseau

Here's a quick tip for your screw issue: if you don't have a magnetic screwdriver, just grab a magnet from your bridge/whiteboard/whatever, slap it on your screwdriver's shank, and voilà, you have a makeshift magnetic screwdriver :)


Is this build hot swappable?


does this come with keycaps.switches?

or does this only includes case,PCB,plate?


I cant figure out how to change the lights on mine I pressed the buttons you pressed in the video put it doesnt work. what do I do ?


Zoffy won fair and square.


does it have rgb in the keys?

Fernando Torres

Is it this set compatible for ISO-Layout?


I'm confused, does the case come with the pcb? Where can I go to buy difference cases? Also does anyone know a rough estimate as to how much this build cost him?


kbd prices are in usd correct?


I cant swap the alu weight out on my case, its pretty stuck in there...
Any ideas on how to get it off ?

yakiitoru • 60 years ago

I was wondering, do any of you guys know here to get a 75% hotswap pcb, if you know please tell me. Tysm!


wait this is literally the exact build I'm doing just different keycaps :D


how much ?

Alexis Murs

do u only need keycaps if u buy the set or is sth else missing?

Sawyer Shreckengost



i want a 80% custom but i seem can't find one

Jack Parr

Great videos Tae. Any recommendations for similar 75% boards but with a more spaced out/grouped keys design?

Marvin Grey

How heavy is this?

Fahad Ward

00:09 I don't have a proper setup!!!

Ilham Safri

hi dude. what software you used for pcb testing?

Илья Витцев

while everybody is watching the video, i am trying to guess which plugins were used to make the background music
saxophone is definitely from DVS Saxophone plugin.

Don Draper

Such overpriced shit!


me and the boys building keyboards for youtubers

non of them respond

the boy keep spaming


From someone who does microminiature soldering for a living, you're not bad at soldering!


Aluminum is spelled aluminum but you say it aluminium.


Could I glue 2-3 plates together so its SUPER THICCCCC

Wicked Custom Baits

I ordered mines today. I would have a QWERTZ layout for German Layout. Is there a way to do this?

Carlos Zurita

Are there any of these that have another windows key instead of an fn key? That would be the perfect keyboard :)

Mc lovin

Is there a hotswap pcb for this keyboard ?


Just put blu tach on the screws 4head


How long is the shipping time, want to get Gateron Blacks from there, I am in US East

Sarthak Shrivastava

Can I get this pre built?


9:55 just jizzed my pants

Trenton Moonias

Was that a tech deck screwdriver haha

KRitical Plays

does building keyboard cheaper than buying?

Hyun Ho Lee

were the switches lubed at all?


I just... can't get enough of your vids. ?

Unfortunately Californian

Your name too close to Taeha

Finn William

is the acrylic midpiece essential

Simon henrotte

This build made me build the kbd75. This is a real nice keyboard you have there! Really like it :).


"hotswap is for newbs"

Slayter YT

10:55 the sticky keys noise lol

Not My Name

When a keyboard costs more than your pc ?


If you're in the area on the 30th of November! Sydney Mech Meet 2019 : https://bit.ly/2O8NiPX


i prefer hotswap since i dont want custom layouts (usually only really expensive high quality double shot abs keycap sets have keys for these) and i dont have a solder station or a solder sucker

Ariel Arguello

Hi! Is the brass plate worth the $30 upgrade? How much difference will it make compared to the aluminum one.
Great video! Thanks for such great content!

Jabe Tajones

Guys i have a question does the kbd75v2 kit have the v2 pcb bc it says on the products its only the v1


bruh,could you please help me.I am Russian myself and for me is pretty hard to find SIDE keycaps and not that expensive 60% keyboard.Maybe I can pm you somewhere and you help me out a bit with some tips ?THANK YOU MAN!


Shipping is cheap. Sad austria europe noises


11:11 9:58