Serious skincare egg microcurrent reviews

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Serious Skincare Micro-Current Tutorial

1 643 views | 29 Jun. 2015

Serious skincare egg microcurrent reviews

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Serious Skin Care 1/1 Microcurrent + Facial Toning System

27 935 views | 18 Sep. 2012

Lou Ann Slider

Have used a similar product by Connie Stevens for 20+ years and it does truly work. Am 63 and my skin is that of a 40 year-old with no lines or wrinkles or crows feet or neck problems. Have used SSC for 22 years. Worth every penny.

Mina Cassidy

fake before and after pics!

Liliana B. Escobedo

Thanks for the video. I thought i would never lighten my skin but despite my doctor's prediction, i brightened my skin pigmentations naturally, without any medicines & just in a few weeks, after years of trying another treatments. you can too! here's how.. beauty1.us/skin-whitening

claire keesey

this woman Cecilia has the worst voice I have ever heard


Question: are you supposed to "feel" anything or is the device supposed to make any sound?? Mine does neither.


i think i can lift only my left eyebrow too :) so fake it's funny.

Monica Snyder

Guys, I am/WAS a total sceptic! This thing is INCREDIBLE. I was looking at the NuSkin system but at about 700.00, that was a bit much. Plus the cost of the gels, etc I just did my face, for the FIRST time, and holy crap!! Dd half my face, and the cheek and eyebrow were lifted on one side so much, I am so happy. I just turned 46 and have tried EVERYTHING. These work guys. Just make sure you keep the gel, and I'm talking just Aloe Gel from Walmart works, but it burns on dry skin. Try it!


There are many good reasons besides vanity to want to lighten your skin.

Serious skincare egg microcurrent reviews

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My Skin Care Routine Using Serious Skin Care

7 679 views | 24 Oct. 2012

It's the best! I think

It's the best! I think Serious Skin Care is an affordable line of skin care. They have an enormous array of products from Vitamin A to Olive Oil. Please check out their web site at www.seriousskincare.com

For more info please check out my blog at


On my nails: Berlin There Done That by OPI Germany Collection with Shocking Pink from Barry M as an accent nail. Remember I can sell any OPI, China Glaze or Venique polish you may be looking for and hopefully at a great price! PM for more info. Thanks so much for watching! Xoxo

Judi T

lease 6 months to give her skin time to heal. I appreciate your outlook on it and I am sorry if I offended you with my opinion of it/ My dentist has told me that he has had to ask people to stop using the sonic tooth brush becuause they dont use it properly. the people that bougfht theirs from you are the lucky ones because Im sure you educated them on the proper way to use. thanks for the comment Patti. xoxo

Judi T

Yes, it is a good brand. They have something for all types of skin. They do different packaging all the time. I'm glad you like it too! xoxo


Just a thought. Your sunscreen should be put on last otherwise u are diluting it. Its also thicker than the serums so the serums won't really penetrate through the heavy sunscreen. :)

Stephanie James

I love SSC too!


Great video, Judi! Very good information and advice:) Thanks for doing this!


Very interesting video

Judi T

thanks Diana, Im so glad you watched, I appreciate it! I hope you have a great week. xoxo PS: I'm sending you an e-mail

Judi T

Thanks so much Char!

Diana's Make up World

What a good skin care routine you have :) I didn't know the trick with the back of the neck. I use all the samples or things I want to use up on my neckline because my neckline is very different than my face and luckily not as sensitive.


Thanks for showing your skincare routine, Judi! Very nice! Such cute earrings! Have a nice Thursday! Hugs... Vickie

Judi T

Thanks, and I think you will be really happy with their line of products. I appreciate watching and commenting! xoxo


That's what I use too

Judi T

Thanks Marie, Im glad you watched. xoxo

Judi T

hi Jamers! Im glad you liked the video! xoxo

Judi T

Yes, I use Exfolikate about once a week. but also by using the brush day and night is a form or exfoliation. Even if you used a wash rag, that would be a form of exfoliation. I think it is so important to really clean your face in the morning because at night is when your skin sloughs off the dead skin cells, plus the sebum and the other stuff that winds up on your pillow is on your face. I do not use a toner or astringent. I have normal skin, Ive never had to deal with oily skin.xoxo

Judi T

Hi Lisa, i think anytime something is water based it should be okay to add a little water to it to make it last longer. thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate the support. xoxo

Judi T

Thanks for watching Elizabeth, Im glad you like that little tip! xoxo

Judi T

Thanks Brenda, i appreciate it. xoxo

Jamie Lyn Barton

i wish you would enable ratings lol habit of pressing like


In a different bottle though serious skin care is awesome

Judi T

thank you for watching Vickie. I hope you have a great week. xoxo

Kate Shaw

Great tips, thank you!


Great tip about sunscreen on back of neck. I have never done that, will now. ~Elizabeth


i do that adding water thing to shampoo and conditioner sometimes. i love my sonic cleanser tool but don't use it every day because you can damage skin using it too much. i got some of them clensing brush you have H2O brand.

Judi T

They do sell a line of strictly Glycolic Acid products and I believe they have a six day peel system. I've never used that one though. I had on Berlin There Done That from OPI Germany collection. You know I can sell OPI now so if you want one let me know! Ha! I dont remember what I had on as an accent color. I've been trying to wear pink every day for Breast Cancer Awareness. thanks for watching and let me know if you need some opi! :)