Skin washing

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Skin Whitening Tomato Facial Cleanser | Get Fair, Glowing, Spotless Skin

4 089 090 views | 2 Jan. 2017

An amazing homemade

An amazing homemade tomato facial cleanser, Get fair, bright, glowing, spotless skin instantly. Try this today and get visible result.

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Sneh Rocks

Milk chor kar kuch nhi use kar sakete hai plzzzzzzz realpy

Jolina Mary Omingle

What kind of milk dide you used?

Payal Ghosh

may i use milk powder instead of milk

jyoti yadav

awesome video

Kadeeja Suhana

12year girl can apply

Indian foods and Tips


Ritu Kumar

how many time we store this mixture

Leenard Tud

Fresh milk? Can I use blended powder milk?

Harram Chaudhary

Is moisturizer necessary if you have oily skin?

Sanjit Debbarma

did it make destroy to face

Winfrida Kobero

I don't speak hindi so I don't understand.. For how long can I store it in the refrigerator??


For how long can we store tomato juice in the fridge. Because i notice that on the 2nd day it turns a bit dark.

Ansari Ansari

Milk khrab to nhi ho jyga

Babli Debbarma

Is it work for permanently

Juan Russo

Hello, this process seems to be very tough, there is a very easy method. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You'll find ample of unknown facts given here.

Fatin Idayu

what milk shoul we use to make it?

Nausheen Yousaf

As se face ke spots khtam ho jy ge??? Plz ans me.

technical earner

can i use this facial that i am 14 year old

Dream CreationZ

I think if we want an effective result this should use for a long long time ...

Reshma khan

Kitne din store kr skte h khrab to nh hoga

Krishan thakur


Sunita Ghodke

to lose partition of hand

Meenati Mohanty

App kitne sal ki ho

Meme Meme

Noo !! Please avoid tomato ,limon and cinamon they are so harmful fot the skin

Barsha Budhathoki

How long can i keep this plz u reply me

Selfish World

Skin shine use karo 7din ma ap log ka face white hoga but samalka lagana bro nd sist......

Paramjit Singh

mam I ask u One ques mera Face p pimples h kaisa remove kru tamara s


guysss!!! it works! i do this overnight and use it like a facemask and my pimples gonee!

sãñdhyà rani

Ye cleanser ko kitne din use karsakte hain bataie

Sanjit Debbarma

this will make me white

Amsterdam's Mehak

Thanks your tips are good my skin its Just White dis mask are good dis thing help me to make my skin White its working !!!

Naimat Ali Qureshi

tomato cleanser kitana dino tak rakhsagta han

its Franniee

What kind of milk?

imti ayang

Can we use verka milk?

Fahad Ahmed

Can you use any milk

Himanshu Gangwar

2nd day isme se smell aane lgi to tb bhi use kr skte h and kya hm ise refrigerator me rkh skh te h kya

Sennpaii LUL

I'm gonna try this tmrw and I'll update you guys after a week

Sunita Ghodke

to lose partition of hand

Surekha Swami

I try it yeh remedy thoda fair karti hai thank u so much

Patricia Murillo

What kind of milk can I use???, reply please

tarun roy

Mere beti 14 years old wo istemal karsakte hai ya ????

Harsh Raj

ye skin ko kharab to nahi karega

Talita M

omg it works good on me bt i do it before i sleep den apply aloe vera gel frm de plant as a mostureriser den rinse it of nxt morning....my marks are lightening too my skin is glowing flawless been usin fr 2 weeks thanx alot?

Pramita Choudhury Sadhukhan

Tomato is sour, so won't it just turn the milk to curd? Won't the Cleanser get spoiled?


I put it in a air tight container, the milk rottened

Beauty Home Remedies घरेलु उपाय


simply Japanese

Ooo write this video is very nice ?????

Sahil Pandit

Mam mixi me grind kar sakte h

Maan Thakur

very nise

premila shukla

kitne time tak fair rahe ga

Zana Zana

Do we have to keep it in a refrigerator when not in use ? And how Long can we store it

Sultan Shah

kya sari rat laga sakty hain

Shezie Faizul

can you leave it over night???


can I store it I fridge? please reply


I dont have cotten what can i do

Diganta Deka

thnk u yr i will defeneatly try and i hope it will work for me.

Salma Rehman

Channel Ka Naam Kaaaa Hai

Lakshman singh Hada

Kya isko chote bacche 11 years ke bhi use kar sakte hein

Aaron Dani

we can apply in face also

Naimat Ali Qureshi

mara ek our sawal ha kia homade rose water useful ha skin our body ka liya

ᗪ?ꫀꪁⲙ 彡

My Skin is sensitive

Pawan Kumar mohanpuriya


Chanda Pretty

Aoa kia oily skin k liyea v ya thik hy ?

Micra Pubg

Oily skin me work kare ga ?

vaishali marne


Нелли Крылова

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Shoukat Ali


Sana Rahman

face e use kora jabe na???

Jinnatara Ahmed

Plzzzzzz rplyyyyy Di plzzzzz konsa moisturizer bst hy, I m 19 yrs

Naimat Ali Qureshi


Jaanvi Singh

Help Plzzz tatto removal bata dijiye

Irene Gumiho Lardizabal

what kind of milk

Sasmita Kar

Kya face pe lagasakte hai

Marlon Mercado

Is this for girls only?
Can we try because we are a boy

Pawan Kumar mohanpuriya


Naimat Ali Qureshi

Hello main farzana ap ki biggest fan hon kia boil potato curt and lemon juice full body par apply kar na ka bad yea treatment kar sagti hon Kew ka mari shadi hona wali ha is liya ap ki help chati ho

Murli Muralidharan

I think it's good

Kamal Bangai

how many days

Pradipta Das


el zinnirah

english subtitle pleaseeeeee

Nanotte Raphael

what kind the milk? please

Folake Subuloye

Thanks I use it twrice yesterday and it really works

Tasneem Shaikh

Can 12 year girl use say...


She's using a fake thumbnail. First, It was not her face. Second, she did not apply it on her face. Third, she did not make a follow-up video if it really worked on her face. ???

Saara Khan

Does it is real work

Rani Nazir

Thanks bhudhi nikami orat

Meena Patil

I am trying it from 15 days it doesn't work

Babli Debbarma

Is it work for permanently

Tiff Grant

Hey, it doesn't matter if you want to whiten your whole body, or maybe a dark patch, you can easily do it without having to suffer the process. Just google Kandy Lumizore's website. It shows you a method you can use to see results starting within the first week.

karamdeep Singh

Kya esse bache use kar sakte hai plz


What kind of milk do you use?

sudha rani

how many days it will work

Crush hole

Ye permanent White krta he

Vijaya Laxmi S

It really works

Diganta Deka

thnk u yr i will defeneatly try and i hope it will work for me.

Diganta Deka

thnk u yr i will defeneatly try and i hope it will work for me.

Irish Heindzel Fojas

Any milk?

piyush Gidde

If we do not apply moisture any result will be there please reply fast I have do this but I do not have moisture I am requesting you reply fast

Maan Thakur


maahi salman

Ye cleanser k baad scrub kr sakti Hun kya plz batw

Skin washing

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8 211 views | 5 Dec. 2019

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kaka o

Shes at a spa enjoying her self


Does this thing work immediately? Like I’m confused


Relaxer?? I'm hearing this for the first time

Cilla Steele

Thanks hun for being truthful. ❤️?

Bankole Eniola

Some women are too desperate to get white. The person inside the water is a mad fellow and she will regret that for the rest of her life.You need to see that woman, she's not even remorseful at all. Her skin sef is rubbish. She looks like roasted chicken.

kamalu gloria

This is madness. Some Women are really going crazy jeeeeez. God have mercy. Soaking yourself in a bleaching bath chai chai all in the name of beauty abi. Are you kidding meeeee?

grace sento

I wonder what kind of ingredients it contains

maire 16

I would love to do this ? my skin is slowly evening out but I want to instantly have even skin I love being black I love my race I just don't like my color

Ace Hardy


Beauty Glory

I saw it on Facebook oh my God it was so irritating

Joanne Urmelda

Her virginal I’m worried about ?

Afolaby Arogundade

You are also lightning

Temmy Johnson

This is absolute despiration, it's not worth it.

Queeneth kayfrosh

I knew it, I knew it was Fongicide she used. I told one of my friend, Chai! The way people are going about bleaching these days ehn, it's overwhelming. What it's meant to treat your Knuckles are now used on the skin directly ??
Someone said the process was done on her personal self, even if that it is, her skin is not clean enough to convince someone into skin lightening let alone bleaching

Syrenity Morris

All colors are beautiful ??

Arthur Pendragon

You are very pretty and thanks for your advice.. I really enjoyed your video❤️❤️


Looking forward to seeing some more of your videos! I really think that you deserve more views. Do you know about SMZeus!!? You could use it to promote your videos!

Its fuN

Exactly you don't know whee this chemical is 'entering'... I don't think she cared because she hopes it would make her kids come out white.

Kenya Jae

I think that is dangerous but I also think people should be more concern with what they put IN their body ..People eat bad food and smoke all the time yes Cancer is real...But also Diabetes and other illness are to...I think this should only be used on specific areas like elbows knees and inner thighs where it tends to get dark ..I don’t think it should be for your whole body

Skin washing

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"INSTANT WHITENING WASH" INDEED!?? | Skin Bleaching in Nigeria

54 423 views | 26 Nov. 2019

Hi guys,


Hi guys,

I know you guys have seen the infamous "instant whitening body wash" video circling the internet. I watched the video and simply felt sad that someone actually decided to undergo such a harmful skin procedure all in a bid to lighten her skin. Even more sad is the fact that there are most likely people queuing up to sample such procedures.

What do you think of this procedure? Leave all your thoughts and comments in the section below.



My Night Time Routine for kinky Nigerian hair: https://youtu.be/fYLdf39weKA

How I massage my natural hair for maximum softness and moisture retention: https://youtu.be/Bx2-VFduPi4

Red palm oil protein mask for hair growth: https://youtu.be/bFI62Im5vO4

How to achieve the perfect uneven fro: https://youtu.be/TzPf6U3fcAs

Quick moisture routine for lazy naturals: https://youtu.be/1WADknANYUk


Connect with me:

Instagram: @evehogban_


Facebook: https://m.facebook. com/EVonLush?ref=bookmarks

Mrs. Halo English teacher


yuya ent_

In fact the lady doing the spa is dark this means she may know the side effect

Kali McElhannon

This looks sooo painful


Ahhhhh... So that's what happened to the Joker.

AquanettA Baker

Want to order this , have no one to remove the melatonin , I remember when this product first came out,please send me more details and information about ordering the whitening beauty tablets ??‍???? why do many biased negative opinionated comments truth is if she’s living now made it out the ?☠️few shadows of shades lighter successfully inventions,; like why in a country like A freak A wood they really want to ban a miracle product like this they get so hot, dark, grimy,rotten looking this product should be praised because what the dark skinned humans go through the comfort conditions the ??spiritual ?air??‍?of ??creation of skin we’re human so many things comes against this factor so living on the edge isn’t exactly what there doing it’s balance ?☠️???

Radhika Singh Sejwal

A drug-dealer never consumes... The lady providing the service certainly has equally darker skin tone,...why the heck she didn't tried the product on herself before using it on her customers!

My Opinions

This is scary AF!

Sylviah Alexer Zhang Sandari

When you go black you don't go back, y'all seriously need to have this stamped on your foreheads??


Her skin, her money, and her problems (if any). None of our business.

common sense need to be practice.


yanice goodman

Who wanna look like a uncultured swine with no PIGment .....

Unapologetically Me

Looks like boiling potatoes. Smdh self hate
Scraping off skin to become light.
I can't fathom the burning sensation once she gets out that tub.

Rayo K

Even The spa attendant is dark lmao

chiedza chimhanda

I feel this will be very painful afterwards

C.R. Patterson & Sons

WOW this is messed up and sad. I love dark skin black women how can this sort of thing happen. Dark skin on a woman is beautiful.


Im not against skin bleaching but that clearly is not safe

Franky JNR

Sorry that I disliked your video I just did that purposely for the woman bleaching her skin


??noooooooooooooo this ain't for me , heavens no, I'm sorry ? I can't.

Eve Tats

Respectfully, please name one positive effect!!! Honestly, seems ludicrous to say bleaching is “more detrimental than it is beneficial”... There is not one benefit I can think of... not one.

Roasting Royalty 2

Why the in between her legs bubblin like that?

Abduallah Mohamed

What is that in bath ?
Any 1 could tell ??

ZiniTevio Ki

Mad people

The Blue Whale



$30,000 Nira = $80 USD...... no way

Neshll Burnett

This is crazy all of that for what ?

Bless Gang

Bro it’s never that serious to be Lightskin or what ever like whatttttt?????????

AmbioAuora Sooth

This is sad ? ? ?. There skin is already beautiful. The self hate among themselves stems from white supremacy basically saying “the whiter of skin, the better”. It’s even worse that this kind of mentality is also being taught to children to. Why does the world seem to hate black and indigenous woman so much but love to profit off there culture?


People can dislike this but she will make a shit load of money from this


I can't finish even watching this God forgive us.

Amira Amirah

The skin cancer with join her soon ??‍♀️ people are not scare to die .

Kay I

U have a beautiful accent

Lala K

Goshhhhh that’s acid

Honest Gem

Well I HOPE she will be able to still have children after this!! ?


The woman doing the acid bath has notably darker skin. She is not using that shyt on herself.

She’s not stupid.

Debbie keenan

??Omg that must burn your tulla off ??

Nar beauty Cosmetics in more

Sexy ??? That’s disgusting ?? melanin is the best ion care what nobody gotta say it’s not natural at all

Farhiya A

This is nasty ? getting peeled like a boiled potatoe. Black is beautiful.

pienke _123

OMG you must be kidding me this is insane,you must be very low down!!

Almeda Hardy

This is a dead body

Jåñÿîå Båbë

Wait what about her face

Elon Mask

Wtf is this??

sanelisiwe dlamini


Ilovesesshomaru sama

Wtf are they using????

Medhane Mekonnen

but why go through all this pain God made each individual for a reason

103 subs without any videos

Like she's being skinned alive

Favour Rita

I need ur number pls

Rayo K

Wow likes and dislikes 50-50 that's not good enough

Vee Daisy


Elsa Aita

So many things are going to take people to hell. Is that money worth it if you've sold your soul to the devil.

Tolulope Glory

From the woman's shape it's obvious she's been alternating her body cause that hip looks fake as well. Now my question is, with the way the Nigerian sun is so hot,how can someone even want to be fair and not even in a natural way?

Cheikh Lam

What's going on with our black women?

dixiii d

I would love to see the bathtub after she got out let alone what she looked like. I don’t understand how this is even possible? Wouldn’t the layer of her now exposed skin harden and even scab? I just can’t wrap my head around literally being able to scrape the colour off your skin.

Riri Ta

Is that a plastic spoon?

Fauzi Filawan

what is the name of the product?



Julien Arbor

I can’t even imagine what her skin looked like after this procedure...I’m guessing this is a TCA peel and her skin is being chemically burned off!


I hate this so much but I'll make it my mission one day to be a part of the movement to rid this disgusting and disgraceful practice FOR GOOD. That's a promise. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!✨✨

Lilaløve :D

Uh what about the private area...



Can you see this can you see this can see this... YEAH GIRL DAMN ?

Johnnie James

Nigeria women bleach to look white black ppl it's very different we do it because of hyperpigmentation

Gods Klanof

Black is Beautiful, Lovely and Godly - *The Bible*

Sakira Coplin


Marissa Wooten

When I first saw this video I thought that woman was shitting in the tub or detoxing her ass or something???‍♀️


Omg why, just why mess up beautiful melanin to have no color..??

Gods Klanof

*Melanin deficiency leads to:*
•Getting Sick or Infected Often.
•Fatigue and Tiredness. 
•Bone and Back Pain.
•Impaired Wound Healing.
•Bone Loss.
•Muscle Pain.

Pons xl

Yasss queen bleach it off!!!!

melanin fantasy chic

It looks like a pig in hot water

Methane Gummybear

This is legitimately horrifying. Everything about whatever that liquid is screams toxic

Prithviraj Chavan

Omg! This is just disgusting.......

Kendra W


I will drag you hoe on thee skeerts

This is not healthy for her skin she's going to be on ???

Andrea Woodson

This is self hatred on its highest level.

Taisha Bodkin

What is this called.

Chelsea Aneke

Nigerians always gotta embarrass Africa smh.

Jisoo is my bias sorry not sorry UwU

Girl how is she so calm?! I would be screaming my ass off there is no way that doesnt hurt.

Gods Klanof

She's a peeled banana; she won't stay long; because peeled banana has very short life!


I really don't understand people who skin bleach. Be proud of ur melanin. You African. Love it. ❤


For real?

Adji Diatta

thats what i saw we I accidentally cut myself with scissors, that is flesh lol

Ekow.m Beidoo

What at all will fair skin do to you?
Just be neat and dress decently. Aaaaba!

Afua Adoo

This is a disgrace and very dangerous

Renaldo Roshan

This what happened to Harley Quinn

Audrey Holder

Cancer is definitely in her future. Smh

Echo Rockmore

Bathing in toxins just to bleach skin? That sounds so illogical and I know there has to be some bad side effects from that.

Roses n Scissors

It kinda reminds me of what happened to Joker when he feel into boiling chemicals and turned pale white....

Ruthie R

Self-hate at its finest, but it’s men’s preferences that are making women resort to such things ?


Mmmmm black skin is beautiful

BlackBerry Molasses



Shame on you ???????


Are those gas bubbles coming out of her .... LOL!

Janik B

When people of color die the melanin part of their skin peels off. This is basically what is being done, THEYRE NOT bleaching they’re literally scraping off a layer of her skin ?

Lillie Teel

Yes it looks horrible but u know really wen I thought about it it's no worse than a chemical peel. Its really the same thing u just get the top layered of instantly instead of waiting for the skin to shed on its own. The chemical peel is actually very healthy for ur skin I don't know what the chemical are that they using but it doesn't hurt ur body to peel off the top layer. Many white people get chemical peel not for lightening but for younger looking skin.


no way ppl are that stupid

mildred mbonjani

This is sick


The self hate oh my LORD

Lucas Manhaes

What chemical is that?

Sky Queen

Your location please

Lucky Ducky

What chemical is this??? Askon for a friend ?

Stefstef Christophe

This is self hate she should stop trying to be white

malik _

OMG shes going to put her face in there?