My face broke out

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299 views | 8 Nov. 2018

It's a new day and it's

It's a new day and it's a new breakout. I can't wait for the day my face can just be happy.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

► https://amzn.to/2DsyG9U

Anew Rejuvenate 30+

► https://amzn.to/2PNBB2K

Irie Rock Witch Hazel Deep Pore Acne Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

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Simply Jah-nette

I tried Apple cider vinegar once on my face as a toner, externally and it caused breakout as well ... hopefully it all clears out fast with the products you got :)

kc.willis TV

i want to try a vegan lifestyle to see how it will impact my health

JoAnna Johnson

Thanks for sharing this Jo! It's so important that people understand that even though something is natural, it still comes with risks and side effects for some people. Especially with detoxing agents like ACV, depending on your system and how much you be detoxing, you will definitely break out!!! It's the same for some skincare products as well, especially some of the AHA's, BHA's and PHA's because they promote cell turnover in the skin. As the skin is rejuvenating you can and will often see breakouts initially and many people mistake it for a bad reaction but it's not. You might want to look into some of those while you are detoxing. They will have great benefits for your skin! ?glycolic acid is a great AHA and really helps with cleansing oil and debris from the skin that you can't see. For me it minimizes any acne that has popped up. Salicylic acid is a BHA and though it will dry out acne, you have to be careful how you use it because it can dry out your skin and irritate it over time. Whatever you decide, I'm glad you've found the culprit and have found something that is minimizing and clearing it up for you. Always nice to see you Jo! ?

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

Oh no sorry about the break out. Glad you determined the issue. I have never tried Thayers Witch Hazel Toner before. I like eating vegetables like spinach and I talked about what I eat for my hair in some of my videos.


Oils caused breakouts for me, they were too strong .

My face broke out

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My Skin Broke Out !! | Current Skin Care Routine | Drey Cheekz

237 views | 9 Aug. 2020

Hey People,

Hey People,

I am back with another vid :)

Since Lockdown, I’ve been going through some skin issues that have absolutely made me feel shit & insecure. Hormonal acne is a Bissh. Some people I have spoken to have actually mentioned my acne is not that bad and I agree .... but as this is new to me I am still struggling to get over it ?

I wasn’t going to share this but I thought hey, maybe someone will relate and I wanted to document this with the intention of providing an update as I am on this journey to get my skin back to how it was before.

Please Subscribe. Thank you ???

P.s - this vid gave me stress to edit omg! ? the audio might be a little off..... act like you can’t see it ?

Instagram: https://bit.ly/2XgZ9iR

Twitter: https://bit.ly/2P9iSN8

TikTok: Drey.Cheekz

Lucy C

The memes had me crying ? soon back to skin popping! ?

Amira Storm

Loveeee it next next next

Tasha Chilombo

I loved this! Deffo gonna try the black girl sunscreen ?

Naomie Samarou

Awwwwrrrr girl, you're SUPER BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup! ?????

Rachel Dixon

??? a whole snack regardless ?

Bianca Bee


Jobey Job

From your biggest fan. ❤️



Chish K

Ho-mo-na ??loving this x??


Oh yes. Your skin is everything mannnn

My face broke out

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable [Official Music Video]

215 003 393 views | 30 May. 2017

YoungBoy Never Broke

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Untouchable [Official Music Video]

Still Flexin, Still Steppin OUT NOW!

Stream/Download: https://youngboy.lnk.to/StillFlexinStillSteppinID

AI YoungBoy available now!

Stream/Download: https://lnk.to/AIYoungBoyID

AI YoungBoy Merch http://smarturl.it/YoungBoyMerchDrop

Connect with YoungBoy Never Broke Again:






Big W Zlitss

Whole lot of nights when I went to sleep I ain’t have no food hit


Who still here

Isaiah_the _goaty


Daniel Owusu

Who is still listening to this in 2021

Ava H

38 baby

Michael Jordan

This song untouchable


When everything stayed down til I came up wit my niggas

Marcus Williams

Dropped outta school gotta chase my dream I have for to prove??

Antwanett Davis

One of my fav song from him

Neko Whymark

He sound like Kodak black in this

Jaynia Gray

He’s a clone

DCTrini Shooter

Meek Mill advice is??


never gonna get old???

brian allen



I remember I wanted fa to quit so many times ?

Tre'Qwan Milord

my dumbahh ain een kno dat was meek otp


Can’t believe it’s been 3 years


we untouchable come run that money up w me nigga

hoodraps vids

Who’s fw with this 2021?

Dan W

this hard


you should drop this again in lyrics or something for them numbers!!


It sad i came back here and see Nba youngboy and dump Rip Dump...

Vexify on ipad



Who listening February 2021?

Daryel Slim

This song never gonna get old


Anybody ever notice that he was talkin to meek?


best rapper ever

Amiyjsha Durden

I like this song

collin maboya



Please everyone dont take the vaccin warn people it can be the mark of the beast please dont be afraid to warn people ,

daily gamer

Still his best song



YoutubeAaron 704

This song still raw asf

Panther 123

to dis day dis slaps old yb

Davis Gotnext

All his songs goeted

youngboy never broke again

did he worte this song in jail or out of jail

Annie Roberts

The funny aluminium equally open because stream isely love afore a zany toad. eatable, private news

YNK_Elly music

Gotta make up for all the nights that my mama cried


50000.5000€ ¥∆¥™™™℅

BaddestBitch Jackie

Dis song never get old


he made dis soneg the day he got ouda jaou

Trent Kelley

?my dreams coming true???

Mouse King

Someone from the South told me keep listening to "untouchable"



Gulf coast keelo Filmz

But switched on tbg?? fuckkkk yb


? can’t believe I’m still listening to this song?

Brazza Records

Spamming this song in 2021

J Jon

To people watching this in 2050 this man is a goat ?

YNK_Elly music

I never jeopardized and lose it all again

Alfonso Brown

when it all started ?

Dranco 2M

1:27 Nba YoungBoy gon step on that fingers


I remember I wanted for to quit for so many times
But I know this moment'd come, now it's my time
I gotta make up for all them nights that my Mama cried
I'm goin' in, I'm puttin' everything on the line
Dropped out of school to chase my dream, I had some for to prove
I put my all into this shit, man I can't fuckin' lose
They smile up in my face but they don't know what I been through
Whole lotta nights I went to sleep and I ain't had no food
But now I'm up and I'm just thinking about my next move
Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through
I do this shit for my Mama and my lil' brother, too
Ain't no more problems now I might as well go back to school
Gotta maintain, stay on my grind no I can't be no fool
No, I can't slip, no, I can't fumble, gotta stick and move
Get out BR, move to LA, where I ain't gotta keep a tool
Surprise, but I knew my dreams coming true
We ain't have nothing, stayed down 'til I came up with my niggas
Right or wrong, forever right, you know wassup with me, nigga
Never change on my gang, yeah, I'm stuck with my niggas
We untouchable, come run that money up with me, nigga
We here next day, stayed down 'til I came up with my niggas
Right or wrong, forever right, you know wassup with me, nigga
Never change on my gang, yeah, I'm stuck with my niggas
We untouchable, come run that money up with me, nigga
Now that I made it, ain't none the same, it all changed
When I'm in public people see me, they screaming my name
Just a few days ago I was locked up in them chains
Now I'm in back of the Maybach with a lot of bands
I ain't worry 'bout 'em dissin' naw, I don't hear a thing they sayin'
This for sons in Montana, can't forget Lil Ben
I never jeopardize this and lose it all again
This for that North, 38 baby, they know I ain't playing
From the heart, I appreciate all of my fans
This for Monique for loving me and bein' my helping hand
I really did it, this for for mom's, Three, Trey and Aaron
Can't nobody tell me nothing I'm like what you sayin'
We ain't have nothing, stayed down 'til I came up with my niggas
Right or wrong, forever right, you know wassup with me, nigga
Never change on my gang, yeah, I'm stuck with my niggas
We untouchable, come run that money up with me, nigga
We here next day, stayed down 'til I came up with my niggas
Right or wrong, forever right, you know wassup with me, nigga
Never change on my gang, yeah, I'm stuck with my niggas
We untouchable, come run that money up with me, nigga, yeah

Thulani Vilakazi


Quincy Duarte

Only real niggas still listen to dis?

Yana Beezy

got released from jail then released his top song: UNTOUCHABLE

Demar Gordon

3 year and going leave a like it you are here at the moment

Thilo Kaminsky

"from my heart I preced all my fans" ♡ we preceded u maaan all this songs all ur feelin's are so authentic in comparison with real fuckin life.. thank u so much. Every fuckin situation I listen ur songs.. when I'm depressed when I drive with bus to work, and shit like that u know what I mean.

Thank u so much from heart!♡


Three years later and this song still slaps hard asf

dea dea squad

Yb that some real shit

Jaynia Gray

This the real young boy they killed him

Lil Kam_G

His old songs are just a vibe Ong

Christopher Durant

2021-10:23pm sun,Feb,7

Kristina Schepiel


DabratKarma DabratJohnson

2021? Anyone?‼️?

yoboi crayons001

Still bumpin in 2021 brings back all the memories

giliana ortega

Gotta do this shit myself ain't got no family

Kylar Hamm

If y’all still listening to this in 2021 y’all real ones

Daniel Owusu

Who is still listening to this in 2021


I don know if YB will ever top this, timeless!

4xggz 4

Classic slapper ??

jacob u

this song never gonna stop bein ah banger n thas me ?

Jay Young

Young boy a clone now

Gabriel Santos

Nba gang

Aj Alexander

who still listening to this 2021


Ima real Yb fan if he die Ian no fake fan all love 4kt ain’t no body safe????best rapper alive

YNK_Elly music

I do this shit for my mama and lil brother too


Made me shed a tear

Dan Tarakanov



2021 still untouchable


how tf u dislike dis video ??

Huncho Ford

2021 fans still here???


Anyone know the kind of maybach that is?

Hoodie Moneyyy

This was the first song I listen to YB and now he a GOAT

Galaxyy YT

Such an amazing song never gets old

Joey Robinson

Yo 0:35 is when this song starts to be fire

Esteban Dominguez

saludos desde mexico compa me gusta tu musica

Justin Lewis


Dee Too_Goated

Yk wats up with me niga

Erik DaYoungn

This song will always be hard ??

King barri


Blake Smith

I love you


Gee money was hating after this video



Goated -happy

Mannn I love dis song even though it was 3 years ago it’s still a hit it’s fye ?

Ari Smith

back in 2021



L3 invx

Miss this time?

Jack Levitt

This song reminds me of good times


We liked this youngboy the new one is garbage