Sugar wax no strips

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DIY Sugar Wax // No strips required

296 views | 3 Jul. 2020


1 cup white


1 cup white sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice or you can use lime

1/4 cup water

Cook at medium heat until it turns golden color

you can use the wax on your bikini, legs, hands, everywhere in short haha......apply aloe Vera or tend skin after waxing to prevent any ingrown hairs

shepherd Sitenta

Sweet and strawberry youth!?

Nabanji Syabbalo

Love to try this....so helpful!!

Sugar wax no strips

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DIY Homemade Sugar Wax (NO STRIPS)

335 758 views | 8 Sep. 2012

Today I'm showing you all

Today I'm showing you all how I made homemade sugar wax and used it as a puddy-like consistancy that you can epilate body hair and not need any strips. It was kinda painful but I think its because I didn't use any powder before beginning. idk but hopefully this helps.


Sugar wax no strips

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1 308 views | 12 Apr. 2020

Hey, PYT Squad. I know

Hey, PYT Squad. I know that we're all getting a little hairy and we're starting to miss our biweekly or monthly waxes (depending on which part of your body you wax and how frequently your hair grows). I thought this video would be helpful considering that most people have these three common ingredients at home. #QuarantineLife #StayHome #FlattentheCurve

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Interact with me... let me know if you've tried sugar wax. Is it a staple in your hair removal regimen?


Ingredients/Items Used

1. 1/2 cup of white, granulated sugar. Brown sugar can be used as well. Powered sugar will NOT work.

2. 1/16 cup of lemon juice

3. 1/16 cup of water

4. Measuring Cup

5. Baby Powder


✨If you would like to make more wax, double, triple, or quadruple the ingredients to get your desired amount. If you have wax left over, you can store it in the fridge and microwave it when you are ready to use it again.✨


Equipment Used:

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Have you tried sugar waxing? Is it a staple in your hair removal regimen?

Hassane Boubacar

This really interesting

Shan Rich

I want to try this but you know me when it comes to shaving ?


I tried but my mixture didn’t solidify. I’ll try again soon. Thanks for a great video !