Pfb vanish chromabright reviews

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PFB Vanish - Product Review

20 024 views | 11 Aug. 2017

PFB Vanish is one of my

PFB Vanish is one of my favorite products for brazilian waxing and bikini waxing! In this video, I will explain why this product is so beneficial and the best way to use it. Read our related blog post by clicking here:


Skin care products work wonders when you use the correct ones after a bikini waxing appointment. Your hair will start to change after you continuously get waxed. The hair will become softer and finer since it is being pulled from the root each time. This means it might have a harder time pushing through the skin which results in an ingrown hair. However, you can help prevent this from happening! AKA, this is when skin care products come into play! Certain acids and ingredients can assist ingrowns and blemishes from ever being a problem for you. But not all products are supposed to be used on your bikini area. So make sure to talk to your Esthetician before using a product to make sure all the ingredients are safe. PFB Vanish is our favorite post brazilian waxing product for multiple reasons. This serum contains 3 of the best acids for eliminating ingrowns, razor burn and bumps: Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid. 1. Glycolic Acid: Glycolic Acid is the holy grail for exfoliation. It will remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, younger skin. Made up of small molecules, glycolic acid can easily penetrate the skin and is very affective for ingrown hairs. 2. Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid is one of acne’s biggest antagonists. The acid will help dissolve the type of debris that clogs pores and causes acne. It also aides in drying out and loosening the pore to help regulate skin cell turnover. 3. Lactic Acid: Lactic Acid is a larger molecule which hydrates the skin. It will stimulate collagen production and encourage the outermost layer of skin to shed quicker. This will help cell turnover to reveal softer skin and prevent the natural oils from escaping. PFB Vanish is best if used after a shower when the pores are warm and open. This makes it easier for the serum to seep into the skin. You can also spot treatment with PFB Vanish if an ingrown or blemish is being more stubborn than normal. It also contains antibacterial ingredients which help keep bacteria and infection away. We truly believe this product is the best post waxing skin care for all hair removal options, not just waxing!

Buy it here (no I don't get paid for it):


You can also call (512) 501-2767

or visit our salon @ HK Wax Center - Austin Arbor:

9333 Research Blvd Suite #280 Studio 18 Austin, Texas 78759

and check us out: http://hkwax.com/google-reviews







Lily Kane

Is it okay if this feels like it burns for a while after the first time of use??

وردة 090

Can you mention the right way of use for the bikini area bcause Some ppl say it might effect you negatively if you use it wrong

Whitney Carter

I have been using the Pfb Ultra version once a day for about two weeks in my bikini area and I have been peeling which is great, but it safe to get a wax with the skin peeling.


Can I have hair and still use the pfb


I just love your videos! I just graduated esthetics school and I can’t stop watching you and you’re so informative! I can’t wait to start my career! you’ve definitely given me tricks that i’m going to incorporate into my waxing skills!!! thank you for making these videos! ❤️❤️❤️

teresa dixon

Where can I buy this?

Destiny Loreal

What’s your routine with it?

Pfb vanish chromabright reviews

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PFB Vanish + Chromabright on Dark Skin I WOC I Review

99 574 views | 29 Aug. 2015

Hey Yall!


Hey Yall!

I just wanted to bring yall this review for PFB Vanish + Chromabright. If you have any questions or any suggestions please drop them below. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!


-PFB Vanish : http://tinyurl.com/mzr2haf

Email me: [email protected]

Send me mail

Monica J

PO Box 3176

Harvey, LA 70059

Music: http://www.bensound.com


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Rea lee

So I order my Pfb it came real quick order it off amazon will let you guys know how it works soon but thanks for the information on this product ?

Rea lee

I really like your review got all the information I needed.order mines and soon will, be using it

Iva Georgieva

For how long are you using one roll on of these if you apply it twice a day the first week?


Hey :) I have a lot of scars and ingrown hairs and I know this is the best option but I was wondering, if I apply it on one area will it make my skin color look uneven compared to different areas or will it look natural?

Audrey S

Do you put deodorant on top of the product

Wasan Alsuhayan

hello thanks for the review , i have been using it for a month on my toes because they are little darker than the rest of my foot , at first it pleached and got a little even but when it it starts to peal i go rub them till the dead skin get removed , then after a while they got darker than before :(( i felt like i did something wrong , please tell me the right way to use it to get an even skin tone .. thanks a lot

Sadiya Shaikh

I loved you!!! <3 you are cool!!


Thank you

Rose Ali

This I have what dose use

Yo Daddy

Hey, great vid! Appreciate your honesty and taking the time to put yourself out there and helping a guy that is dealing with this issue....Will try this product on my neck and hope for clear skin once more...Thanks MonicaJ!


should i exfoliate a day before or right before i roll it on?

sam delurantes

Hey, so I’ve been using this for a week now in bikini area, but no peeling!! Is it normal? Or it’s not working for me? Please Someone tell me.


I just purchased the PFB after watching your review and wanted to know if I can use the product for any part of my body with dark spots such as my shoulders ?

Kiekee Putnam

whens the best time to use it?

rzk12345 rzk12345

how do you deal with the peeling? :/

Martina Mcborrough

I have a question on my bikini area , I have a tons of razor bumps like a lot of bumps plus a lot of dark spots and if I do put this on would it remove all the bumps from my bikini area ? & could I contact you so like I can talk about it because I've been suffering from this and I'm only 14 years old and I do be insecure about my bikini areas
So like when my friend be like having on there swim suits and like yeah I be kinda insecure because of the bumps and the dark spots around it as well so I hope this could remove the bumps completely . Hope to get my question answered thanks !

Meagan J

Thanx you so much for making this video!

Lionel Graham

Peels a lot? So not good to use for around my neck and beard area?

zoeep pov

do you get waxed while you’re peeling?

Maureen Thomas

Where can you the product to buy

Drusilla Shay

Hey! Since this product dries skin, when would you recommend moisturizing the area it's applied to? Esp if I use the product twice a day?

Deliciously Raw

Great info video, I will be takig your advice and I'll post a vid on my results, quick question, Do you have sensitive skin or fairly average? What have been your cons' in using this product?


just bought it. excited!

Celebrity Fad

hi can I use this for my armpit?


I just purchased PFB after watching your review and wanted to know if I can use this for any part of my body with dark spots such as my shoulders ?

Nia M

Hey can you use it on your vaginal area if you have hair there?

J Sturkey

Good to know!!!
Thank u girl ! ??


Awesome information. Thanks for it. love the video

Stephanie Ledford

Great video ty so much I was looking for a good product to use on dark spots on bikini area..you're awesome thx again for sharing


Love this product as well! I noticed a difference within a few days of using this product on my bikini area and armpits. Still looking for possible side effects because this product is just too good to be true!!!


I just purchased the PFB after watching your review and wanted to know if I can use the product for any part of my body with dark spots such as my shoulders ?

Khalia Jennings

Do you have to get a wax to use this?

Nailah Renee

How do you deal with the pain of the waxes ?

Customer Service

We carry PFB Vanish & its our top seller! Definitely works & worth a try.


how long did it take for your skin to start peeling?

m -

If it works with acne scars and marks, I'll buy it right away. I've suffered from acne scars in my back and face for soooo long, I'll turn 30 the next two months and All I want is just a clear skin. Girl I will comeback and give you an update ???


Thanks girl I purchased it and got it in the mail today! Your review gives me high hopes ?

nekeisha warren

hi, did the area get dark before it began working??

Luminous Glory

Thank you so, so much!!! Going to go buy this!! I've been desperate for an option!! Thank you!!


Great review ❤️! Will definitely be picking this product up!

c c

thank you so much!

Danielle Denise

Just got mine!! Let me know if it works for y'all. I will make a video of my results after 2 months

Sugar Hill

Hi...I just received my order today. I have hirsutism and I have to shave my face every other day. I was wondering,once I apply it and it dries can I put a moisturizer over it? I normally use raw organic Shea butter. Please let me know,thanks.


I'm a A.A. male and I've been trying this product on my facial shaving area for about a month. I can report that my razor bumps immediately went away! I still have scaring from years of shaving but hoping that over time that will go away as well.

Nelsy Martinez

I'm using this and my skin is GETTING DARKER!!?????????!!!!!!! First it peeled and I kept adding it and kept doing and it got dark???!!! I'm so mad !!!!


So this won't help with dark underarms? I don't really have ingrowns or bumps, just darker skin.

Starr Prater

soooooo many thanks! i get the same scars and ingrown hairs in the happy trail/bikini area and NOTHING i have done has helped. Best believe i am buying this on amazon as we speak. Thanks for the video!!

Cleo Ade

I have ingrown hairs so I am trying to take a break from shaving while I heal/ while the hair grows out. Can I only use this if the pubic area is shaved ?

Rocky Rock

Thanks for such an honest review. Because I've been wanting to buy this on Amazon for the bikini area. Definitely going to purchase this.


just got some today, hope it works wonders!

Afia Mensah

thank you!!!

Tashany Brown

Great review! And I bought this product a few months ago for my dark inner thigh, and I'm just starting to use it, so when the skin starts to peel that's when you'll see a difference ?

Latoria Bass

Would you use this before the wax or just right after?


I CAN AGREE WITH EVERY WORD SHE SAID IN THIS REVIEW. It does work quicker on the arm pits as well ? . Love you.


Thank you! Something like this is exactly what I've been looking for. Hopefully it works for me too!


I've been using it on my facial shaving area for 3 months now. While it has done a great job at clearing up and controlling razor bumps, it hasn't really done anything to remove the shaving scars and hyperpigmantation....(african-american male)


What brush and product do you use for the exfoliating part??

jennifer jordan

great video


This product is the truth! I have been dealing with ingrown chin hairs for about 5 years and I started laser hair removal a few weeks ago, as well as a chemical peel. This product has cleared up the ingrown bumps within TWO days!! I will continue with laser hair removal every 6 weeks but will continue this. I’m using it on my bikini area and legs as well.

Erika McCall

I've been using this for two weeks and already see a difference. Great review!

saja sos

how much does it cost plz ?!
so after using it .. do the black marks returns ?!

Erika Bang

Lol wish I could finish watching this video. My dog was getting upset with the smoke detector beeping in the background.


This is perfect and just in time
I have pretty bag dark spots in my bikini area but I'm going on vacation in 6 months!


puts in Amazon wish list~~

Sharedie Letecia

I love this product! It’s a must have!

Ness G

I just started epulatulaing like 4 months ago and :/ I have ingrown hairs. I'm gonna try this out ?

frank russ

Hey can it be applied n left overnight

Pfb vanish chromabright reviews

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6 874 views | 13 Jun. 2020

Hi all, I hope this review

Hi all, I hope this review helps.

Thanks for stopping by.

Links to products mentioned in this video:

Blackhead Remover Kit:https://amzn.to/3cZqOKb

PFB VANISH ULTRA:pfb-vanish-120-ml.html

PFB VANISH: pfb-vanish-chromabright-120-ml.html


hi! for ur armpits, do u use deodorant after applying the pbf product or do u only use moisturizer?
also, do u use this product every single day or do u take breaks? great review btw!

Kelsey Janelle

I’m dying ?? I looked up all 3 brands like a lunatic as well. Thank you soooo much for this video ???

Damira Jolie

Thank you so much!!! Your beautiful


I just got mine

Monique G

Yes i definitely recommend the ultra!!

Choc_ G

Hey you described the pfb vanish (your first bottle) instead of pfb ultra can you clear up the first bottle you used ?(I want fast results) also did it brighten the area as well as get rid of the dark spots and ingrowns?

Hunchoo liyahh

Soo when the area is dry I put water on it ?????

Mohagandy Burrus

So when the skin peels .. can i just use cocoa butter on the area ?

Rachel Oduwole

What is the difference between pfb ultra and pfb+chromabright? And which do you think is better?

Ebube Enweani

Heyy. How did you go about moisturising? Did you do it right after using the pfb vanish or you let it dry ? Thank you

Kirah diamond

You’re so pretty !!

Khadeisia Sutton

Got ingrown tweezers from Superdrug for £2, look just like the ones you showed, might be a cheaper alternative

NIA Jones

Finally a uk babe. Even got mine from the same website. I got the ultra seeing as it said fast results and that’s what I’m trying to see. I was hesitant at first though because on the website It didn’t have much reviews. Hopefully I get the same results.
Funny enough all the products you said you used before allot of American youtubers raved about I searched for but just never bought ?.

Grace Ezeji

Hi thanks for your review! I just wanted to clear something up so the dark blue bottle that I see does not say ultra on it but it is what you described as far as being dark blue with a yellowish symbol on it but then there’s another PFB that says ultra on it but that one is dark gray so I was wondering exactly which one did you use the first time because I want fast results


Truly you are so beautiful

Just D

You're gorgeous


Thank you soooooooooo much for finding a website that supplies Pfb and ships internationally so I can finally try this product! Sending you so many blessings, dear ? I’m glad it worked out for you. You’re very beautiful too?

Sis Tasha

You're beautiful. Thanks for the review.

Christin Mogese

Tens skin didn’t work for me either ?

Miciah Leanne

You’re gorgeous ?

Francis Stevenson

Will this work on strawberry legs ?